Thirsty Thursday | Holiday Cocktails

December 19, 2013
Let me start by saying I am not a huge fan of drinking. Honestly, I'm a lightweight!! But... I do enjoy yummy drinks. My brother-in-law is quite the mixologist and is sure to provide something delicious for Christmas - he created an amazing cranberry martini for Thanksgiving! Even though Gary and I are having a low key New Years and I can't wait to try out some of these champagne infused cocktails!

For those of you that don't have a fancy bartender in your family, here are a few recipes for you to try out this holiday season!!

This drink screams Christmas to me
Frozen Cranberry delicousness! 
The Breakers Coco Snowball
A super easy champs recipe - 4 ingredients! 
With a name like Rudolf's Tipsy Spritzer - this is sure to be a hit
My personal go-to and favorite...the Bellini.

Do you have any favorite holiday drinks?! 


  1. I agree I'm not a huge drinker....I love a good glass of red but that champagne recipe is right up my alley!

  2. Hey I just came across your blog via another blogger friend. Love your blog! :) I love cocktails like these! I can't drink hard liquor or anything but these... oh yes please! :) xox

  3. The champagne with the raspberries is so pretty! Now I want to buy glasses like that lol


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