~Top Moments of 2013~

December 31, 2013

With the New Year upon us I thought it would be fitting to go through my top moments of 2013!! Most of these were pre-blog, so apologies for the longish post! You'll see why 2013 will be a pretty tough year to beat!

In January I was lucky enough to be surrounded by some of the most wonderful women in the whole world that showered me with kind words, gifts and most of all their presence! Check out the cutest cake ever!! 

I managed to go to a few concerts this year and these two ladies put on fantastic shows!! Ellie Goulding was one of the best concerts I have ever been to ~ she has since really taken off in the States, but this girl can sing!! If you've never heard of Lindsey Stirling - check out some of her YouTube performances! She was so fun and entertaining! 

On top of celebrating our own nuptials - we were lucky enough to celebrate the wedding of three very special couples!!  

I went to Vegas for the first time to celebrate my cousin's bachelorette party!!

In August I finally got to see Justin Timberlake in Concert - with Jay Z no less!! 

We celebrated our honeymoon in Maui and San Francisco ~ and I can't wait to do a recap post in March!! 

And it's obvious that the highlight of 2013 was marrying my best friend and soul mate!! It was the most amazing day of my life and the best party I have ever been to!!

photo cred: Gwen Tundermann

There are so many other great things that happened this year that were never captured via a photo! I finally started my blog, I switched careers and took calligraphy classes. 

I have been surrounded by so much love this past year and I can't help but be thankful for everyone around me and all the blessings that have led me to where I am. Hoping 2014 is awesome as well!!


  1. What a fun year! I saw JT too, and I would love to see Ellie. Happy New Year!

  2. Your wedding pictures are gorgeous!!! Happy New Year!!!! Can't wait to see pics of your dinner :-)

  3. What an amazing year you had! Love the pictures! :) I wish you and your husband a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year! :)

  4. sounds like you had an amazing year!! your wedding pictures are gorgeous!

  5. Loved this! We had a really similar 2013 with getting married! Can't wait for your honeymoon recap posts! Also, I looved your cake at your shower, so cute! Have a happy New Year!

  6. What a great year you have had. Congratulations! Well wishes for your 2014.

  7. You sure did have an amazing 2013! Marrying your best friend is certainly the cherry on top. Happy new year!

  8. You really did have an amazing year!! I can't wait to see what 2014 has in store for you sweet friend. XO - Samantha

  9. Looks like you had an awesome year! I would love to take calligraphy classes. Did you like them?


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