~Weekend Rewind~

December 09, 2013
How is it Monday already?! I am still recovering from an amazing time in Jersey with great friends, family and food!! If you've never been to a real Russian restaurant before - it's something everyone needs to experience at least once in their lives! There's dancing, live entertainment and an abundance of food!! It was a blast and aside from  8 hours in the car and dinner on Sunday night - it was the only thing picture worthy!!

~with my love~


birthday girl looking hot as ever!!

~all four of us~

Did ya'll have a good weekend?! Be back tomorrow with something exciting!!!

Thanks for reading


  1. Love that hot pink shirt and textured tights. I'll be up north this weekend and the highs in the lows 30's!!!! I'm definitely packing tights lots of layers!
    Meet @ the Barre

    1. Thanks girl!!! It's hard to look cute in the winter when all you want to be is bundled up!!

  2. This looks like an awesome weekend!



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