Five on Friday

January 24, 2014
Happy Friday lovelies! Short week around here, but overly excited to greet the weekend! I'm happy to link up with the wonderful ladies of A. Liz AdventuresCarolina Charm & Hello Happiness! for their 5 on Friday! 


One of the perks to where I work is that the building is connected to the mall...yes you read that correctly! On Wednesday I ventured to Banana Republic just to poke around and I purchased this skirt for $12!!! The price marked on the website is higher than in store. It was marked down from $89.50 to $20.99 with an extra 40% off making this a steal of a deal!! Didn't even think twice...

I really hope I am not the last person on the planet to read this article about Martha Stewart's beauty regime, but if I look that good at 72 I'd be a happy lady!! For the most part she uses pretty high end products, but with drug store brands providing similar, if not the same results - maybe we can all achieve that level freshness! 

My friend Erica sent me the link to the curl styler - I was amazed & fascinated watching the video tutorial on Sephora's website...and then I saw the price (womp womp). I did find a cheaper alternative on Amazon, but still sort of pricey!! I'll probably stick to my Wand for now... Please let me know if you have one or have ever used one!! 

With some of the backlash that Wolf of Wall Street is getting in the press and from movie critics, I found this New York Times article to be so interesting. It's a bit of read and at some points you do really question this man's sanity, but it's an interesting take on the "Financial World." 


While I'm certainly no Seattle Seahawks fan (sorry)- this commercial of fullback Derrick Coleman and how he has overcome his disability is truly inspiring! A little bit of the story is also found here. Side note, does anyone else get super emotional watching the Johnson & Johnson commercials for the Olympics...gets me every time!! 

And on that note - hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 


  1. I haven't read the article... so youre not the last one. :) Great read!

  2. I'll be checking out that Martha article as soon as I finish typing this! I tried out that curl styler before and it's amazing how it works but my hair is just too short for it. I looked like Curly Sue, no joke. I was shocked by how expensive it was!

  3. Ok I'm both super jealous and somewhat thankful that I don't work near a mall....I can only imagine the damage that would be done, but on the bright side it DID allow you to grab this amazing find!! Loving that skirt!

  4. Absolutely love the skirt! I'll have to read the Wolf of Wall Street article because I really enjoyed the movie!

  5. I would be in trouble if my building was connected to the mall ;) Happy Friday!

  6. Loved that skirt when you showed it to me! I am so intrigued by those curlers as well but with my thin hair I'm always nervous it would like get all tangled and caught in the machine hahahhaa. I totally love Martha...her OCD tendencies speak directly to me ;-) Happy Friday darling!

  7. That curl wand looks amazing!! I am a good 15 minute walk to the mall from my office. And ever that gets me into trouble!

  8. I've seen those curling wands and I wanted one right away...until I saw how much they were...haha denied. The $20 conical wand will do for now ;) Love your new pink skirt! And you aren't the last one to read that article, I haven't read it yet...but I'm headed there now! xx

  9. That skirt is such a great deal and I love the color!

  10. $12?!! That is amazing!! Such a god deal! Love it!


  11. You definitely aren't the last one to read that article but I think I am! Holy crap, I can't believe she is 72! She looks fabulous! I'd heard she uses Mario Badescu before and luckily that stuff isn't too expensive. Thanks for sharing!!

  12. I would DIE if I worked connected to a mall! Lol. That would be soooo bad for my self control! The skirt is adorable though! Great deal! Have a good weekend!

  13. when I read that martha stewart article I was so depressed I wasn't as rich as her because she looks SO incredible but her routine is SO pricey! great find w that adorable skirt!

  14. Your work is connected to the MALL??? That's just not fair. I'm equally as jealous of that adorable skirt, and for $12...what a deal!!
    Hope you're having a great weekend!
    XO - Samantha


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