Five on Friday | Giddy Over March

February 28, 2014
This is totally how I feel about today!! Tomorrow is the first day of March and the start of my favorite month of the year!! Every weekend is packed solid and that makes me so happy - because spring is coming I don't care what Al Roker says about the polar vortex!!

Here's why I'm giddy over March...

This happy couple is coming to visit us next weekend and I can not be more excited!! I mentioned in this post when we visited them in NJ for Kathy's birthday - so I couldn't be happier to see these too lovely faces!! 

One of my best friends is marrying the love of her life in a couple of weeks and I so thrilled to stand by her side when she becomes a Mrs!! 

Which means I am headed to the beautiful city of Charleston in a few weeks for the first time and couldn't be more excited. Ally from Life As I Know It has been sending me her recommendations for a few days now and I am so thankful!! So if you've been to Charleston before or live there, please let me know what we should do/where we should eat for the few days we are there!! 

Baby Biana
March 10th happens to be my birthday and while turning 27 is a bit daunting...I'm really thrilled to be in a good place with my life. Do I have it all together - definitely not! Do I feel like I could - sure do!! 

The biggest reason to be super excited for March... we will be celebrating our one year anniversary on March 23rd!!  
How on earth one whole year has almost gone by is beyond me...this time last year I was anxiously anticipating our wedding!! This year...I'm eagerly waiting on defrosting the top layer of our wedding cake and digging in!! 

Along with a whole host of other things - ready for March! 

Hope you have a lovely weekend!! 



Oscar Fashion

February 27, 2014
This Sunday, Hollywood will be out in full swing celebrating the 86th Annual Academy Awards. I am certainly not a fashion guru, stylist or even aspiring stylist, but I'm into fashion enough to know that sometimes celebrities have really bad misses! I think we all remember this monstrosity...
Haute Couture, Yes...Golden Globes choice - NO! Some looks just don't translate all that well from Runway to Red Carpet. Side Note: I think she looked beyond stunning at last year's Oscar's when she won!! 

I thought it would be fun to "dress" the stars (presenters and nominees) in looks I'd love to see them in!

Jessica Biel

Kate Hudson

Amy Adams 
Marchesa Pre-Fall 2014 - the safe choice
Reem Acra Fall 2014 - the more daring choice

Naomi Watts
If this dress can be fitted more to the body - I think she'd look amazing in it! 

Sandra Bullock

Penelope Cruz

Lupita Nyong'o
This girl is not afraid of color - and I think she would look fantastic in this Ralph Lauren dress! 

Now playing the game of - If I was able to go to the Oscars...I'd wear 
Monique Lhuillier Spring/Summer 2014- can you imagine having that roll off your tongue to Giuliana Rancic?

Monique Lhuiller Resort 2014  - Follow the link to check out this gown #38!  

What designer do you think you'd wear to an award show?



Spotlight | Brands That Give Back

February 26, 2014
As time goes on - brands and companies are becoming more socially responsible and giving back. We, as the consumer are now able to feel good about our purchases and not compromise on the quality of the piece that we are getting. There are quite a few brands that have successfully done this, one being Tom's "One for One Movement."

I was recently contacted by two brands that are hoping to spread the word on their collections and their missions!! I, for one, am always up for learning about new brands, so without further adieu...
Angela & Roi are a husband and wife duo that create a perfectly constructed handbag to match the individuality of a women and her many needs. They have created a "Donate by Color" campaign in which they have partnered with 11 non-profit organizations that get a portion of the purchase price. If you haven't figured it out yet - I have a slight obsession with purses and if by purchasing one I am also helping someone - well then, it's most certainly a win-win! 

Their minimal design with the classic flair has been showcased in Refinery29, Ladies Home Journal and Boston Globe- Fashion Edition. As the new kids on the block, I'm sure they are destined for great things...I mean we've all heard of Stella McCartney and her amazing handbag line - no leather - no problem!! 

Warby Parker is quickly gaining in on the market share of luxury eye and sunglass producers. Their company foundation is strong and pretty simple - for every pair of glasses sold - they donate a pair to someone in need through their non-profit sponsors! 
At the start of 2014 they launched their new Spring line...if you're like me then you don't wear prescription glasses - but secretly always want to because you like the look - well not to worry because you can get the frames without the prescription! They also offer a home try on - where you test out 5 frames for 5 days and it's 100% free - well unless you like one and then you buy that frame!! 

Have you heard of either of these brands before? When you shop - do you think about the company's mission at all? 
Disclosure: I was not gifted any products through this review. These are my own opinions.

P.S. Have you entered the giveaway yet?! 

Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday! 


Commuter Tales

February 25, 2014

I, like many people, commute to work by train everyday!! In Boston it's known as the "T." Taking the train to work is really easy and for the most part doesn't really bother me. I enjoy not having to worry about parking and whether there will be traffic that day. My commute door to door is at most 30 minutes, like I said - pretty easy!

 I've recently started to pay attention to the people around me on the train (I probably should be paying attention all the time...) and have found myself either shaking my head in disbelief that someone can do such things in public or screaming silently to myself, willing my stop to arrive! Below are some of my favorite infractions that commuters and train operators make! 

The person that does not have enough time in their morning routine to put their make-up on AT HOME!! The best is watching a girl attempt to put liquid eyeliner on - good luck getting a straight line with all the stops! 
via - not me although sort of looks like it! 

Taking the train with people that are not normal commuters - for example Red Sox fans that flock into the city during what feels like the entire year - but is really only during baseball season - which somehow lasts an eternity! 
The best part is that almost all trains go to Fenway and they all seem to flock to the train that I'm on!! 

Now we come to the person that has annoyed us all - regardless of where we are!! The loud obnoxious cellphone talker! Even worse when they are talking about private matters! I've witnessed a girl break-up with her boyfriend, a guy find out his girlfriend (i think) was cheating on him and a son getting berated by his mom for not calling enough! 

Number 4 is dedicated to all things train operator related. 
  • The train operator that decides for no particular reason to drive the train like he stole it! I feel bad for people that have motion sickness all the time - because at some points I'm surprised I've made it off the train alive.
  • Why is it that on some days I can stand over the yellow line but other days I have to be behind the yellow line? This one I just don't get! 
  • The train operator that decides to take the train "express" during rush hour when you're coming home exactly one stop before yours!!! 
  • Waiting 20 minutes for the right train to come and then it's packed...this is not the train operators fault, however, due to the lack of trains in service, happens more often than not!  (rant over!)
This perfectly explains how I feel when I make it onto a packed train! 

This is my personal favorite- the person that just can't get enough sleep at home. I don't think you can fully appreciate a commute until someone has fallen asleep on you. I can't find the picture of the girl who fell asleep on me - but I guess we've all had those really long days!

And now I'll leave you with how I feel when I come to the platform and my train is approaching!


Weekend Rewind and a Giveaway

February 24, 2014
Spring finally sprung this weekend in Boston (not to worry Winter is showing it's colors this week) but nevertheless, I didn't have to wear a hat or tights this weekend…WIN!!

I decided it was about that time to get my hair cut. As mentioned in this post, I was still going to keep it long, just needed a little more life. For my Boston peep's I went to Alexander Salon in Coolidge
Corner and they offer 20% off for new clients (which I fully took advantage of since this was my first visit). For as many times a year as I get my hair cut, I usually bounce around to different salons around the area, but was very happy with the service and will probably go back.
Happy to have life back in the hair!! Thankfully I picked the perfect day to get my hair cut because it was time to chow down at Fogo De Chao. 

When the green side is up - it's a free for all with men dressed as Brazilian Gaucho's coming to your table one after the other - the meat that is served is amazing and really great quality!! Word to the wise - this was our second time here and we learned our lesson by not hitting the "salad bar" (which is more like a meal in itself) and focussing all the attention on the meat!

After dinner we went for drinks at OAK Long Bar + Kitchen located in the Fairmont Copley. 

Quickly became my new favorite spot in Boston…so much so that I told Gary I wanted to have my birthday dinner there!! 

Sunday night I wanted to try something a little different for dinner and found this shrimp scampi with linguine recipe on Instagram and followed the link to Bryan Talbott's website. He has a step by step guide on YouTube as well. 
I can't even show you the picture of what ours looked like because we devoured it in record time. I assure you - ours was not nearly as presentable!! 

But, now that the weekend is over - how about some extra cash for the next weekend??
These generous ladies and myself wanted to give you a little lovin' so please enter the giveaway (who doesn't like free money?!) and check out the other fabulous ladies as well!! I'm really excited to be participating in my first giveaway with some pretty wonderful bloggers!! 

Hope you have a wonderful start to the week!! 


Five on Friday

February 21, 2014

"Success" indeed - made it to Friday!! While this most certainly was a short "work" week - it has been so long!! Here are five things that made this week worth it!

I had dinner on Wednesday with three of my former co-workers at Sonsie. This has long been one of my favorite restaurants in Boston. Late night eats, drinks, brunch - you name it & this place does it well! In the summer the retractable front comes up and you can even brunch "outside"!! If you ever find yourself in Boston, highly suggest trying Sonsie out! 

I have been coveting this Burberry bag ever since I saw it at Saks a few months back...come to find out it's actually be discontinued and not even in outlets anymore. My only hope is eBay...lo and behold, I found the bag...authentic, NWT and I just have to justify it/not feel so guilty! 

I'm not even going to lie - when Gary travels for work, like he was doing this week (yep he was away for his birthday) - I eat like a child!! Full on fish sticks or chicken nuggets for dinner. I don't even know when I started to like them & I am fully aware that my parents did not feed me fish sticks as a child, but Trader Joe's has THE BEST fish sticks ever!!

As mentioned previously, Tuesday was a particularly rough day at work. Coming in on Wednesday and seeing these pretty stems in  my office made me smile, feel appreciated and feel like I did my best! 

My teenage (and early 20's heart) was bursting with the news that Seth Cohen and Blair Waldorf tied the knot (a.k.a. Adam Brody & Leighton Meester) 
I'm not sure about any of you - but I was obsessed with The O.C. I really don't think there is anything on T.V. equivalent to it now…maybe real housewives haha…if they showed the lives of their children?!

Side note: I was watching Actor's Studio on Thursday night and Matthew McConaughey was on…he is absolutely hilarious and if you have the chance to watch it - totally should! To see a completely different side of him you HAVE to watch A Time to Kill? One of my all time favorite movies!! 

And with that ~ Wishing you all a very happy Friday and weekend!