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April 01, 2014

I have been a faithful BB cream user for the past 2 years - specifically using Garnier's BB Cream and had never tried a CC cream! Through the Brand Backer program I was able to try out Studio Gear's CC Cream. To say I'm obsessed, would be an understatement.
*SPF 20 
*Hydra-extend technology for up to 72 hours of moisture
*Minimizes fine lines & wrinkles
*Corrects & maintains youthful complexion

As you can see from the photo - the color comes out white and when rubbed together comes to a close color match for your skin tone. The CC Cream is one of their best seller's and I can see why. It goes on smooth and applying with your fingertips works best to get full coverage. It's light and airy and I honestly don't even feel like I'm wearing make-up.

Where I see the biggest difference between the CC & BB creams is that the color match is true to my skin - something I don't have with the BB cream. I also think it helps my make-up stay on longer!!

Before trying the CC cream I wasn't sure what the difference was - now I think it's the coverage you get. I definitely feel like this CC cream is a true skin color corrector, where as the BB cream has  heavier coverage. I'm a CC cream convert!! 

 Have you ever tried a CC Cream? Do you prefer one over the other?

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This is a sponsored post by Brand Backer - but all opinions are my own. 


  1. That is so crazy to me how BB Creams start out white and then do such a great job at matching to your skin tone. I only used a BB cream once and it was something I had gotten in my Birchbox and it broke my face out like crazy. I am always on the hunt for a new one. Thanks for the introduction girl! xoxoxo

  2. My review on this is going up tomorrow, I loved it too!!

  3. That product looks awesome! I just got Oil of Olay's eye brightening cc cream, it is so good.(A little pricey, but so worth it!) I don't think I could live without it now. It really works to brighten, depuff and correct any dark pigmentation.

  4. I've never tried a CC cream but if it's lighter than a BB cream I'm totally down to give it a try! I hate that heavy feeling some makeups give you. I definitely don't want to feel like I've got an extra layer on my skin! I'm definitely going to have to check out this CC cream now, thanks for the review!

    <3, Pamela

  5. I prefer CC over BB cream too! Smashbox makes a great one, but when that runs out I might need to try this one!

  6. I prefer CC over BB too - I currently use Supergoop but I'll have to try this one - thanks for sharing!


  7. I've never tried bb or cc creams but now after your review I definitely want to try out the cc cream! Anything that makes you have an airbrush look without it feeling like you have make up on I'm sold! :)

    <3 Shannon

  8. I also am a faithful user of Garnier's BB cream, but I think I may have to give this a try! I also have heard IT Cosmetics' CC cream is great.

  9. I have got to find a good CC cream too because I have been unhappy with the BB cream lately! Thanks for sharing :) Xx.

  10. I'm going to try this! Like order it today ahaha Thanks for sharing!

  11. Never tried a CC cream. That's awesome it smooths out so well.

  12. yup I heard that cc cream is better than bb cream
    it helps to correct the skin colour thus it makes it looks more natural!
    never try any cc cream and would like to try it too ^^
    would you like to follow each other to keep in touch?
    Please, let me know! ;)
    Follow me and I will follow you back for certain
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  13. i can't wear any sort of liquid foundation/tinted moisturizer because it always makes me break out :( but i wish i could try it! i have to stick to mineral face powder instead.

  14. I've never tried a CC cream on my face-- though I've sampled them on my hand haha and I'm always amazed at how the color changes! Katie recommended the SuperGoop CC cream, I've been thinking of trying for like three months now-- but this one looks like a good option as well!

  15. I haven't used a BB or a CC cream but I will have to check it out.

  16. Ooh! Thanks for the review! I'm going to have to check this out, especially now that it's getting warmer I want some lighter-feeling foundation.

    1. Ya it's definitely perfect for the warmer could seriously go with this some blush and mascara and be perfect!

  17. I haven't tried CC cream. I found BB cream was too light & didn't provide enough coverage on my face. That's pretty amazing how the color changes.

  18. I haven't forayed into the world of CC Creams yet but I have a list of a few I'm dying to try. Thanks so much for this review!

  19. I tried a BB cream once and it made me break out! Maybe I need to try a CC cream next time! Great review!

  20. I looove CC creams, especially in the summer when my skin is constantly changing shades due to being outdoors! Supergoop is my favorite so far - I've never heard of Studio Gear before!

  21. I will definitely have to try this. I love how it blends in with your skin tone. I haven't been very successful with BB Creams, so I would like to try this. Excellent review.

  22. Love discovering new products! Thanks for the tip! :-)

  23. I currently don't use either one so maybe this is a silly question but do you wear this under your makeup?


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