April 21, 2014
For those of you living in Massachusetts happy Patriot's Day & for those every where else...Happy Monday!! I mentioned last week today is the Boston Marathon & I'm so excited to watch and see the runners cross that finish line!!

We went hiking this weekend...I'm not really an outdoorsy girl - the extent of being one with nature is going for a hike - something I love to do when we go back to visit Gary's family!!

 I'm happy we were pretty active on Saturday because we ate our weight in ham on Sunday and destroyed this delicious tart from a bakery near our house!!

On our way back to Boston on Sunday I decided to do a little Q&A with Mr. BlovedBoston!! Katie along with a few other ladies in the blogoshphere have been doing these and I love reading about the man behind the blog and what they think we write about- so without further adieu here are you go!

Me: What is the name of my blog?
G: B~Loved Boston
{phew that would have been awkward}

Me: What do I typically write about?
G: Fashion & current events...no not current events, super cute stuff.

Me: What's a popular fashion item for women right now?
G: Jean Jackets & Rompers 
{Someone has read my last few posts}

Me: What's the best place for a woman to shop?
G: Depends on the woman. But Marshalls or TJMaxx because she's a maxanista! 

Me: What do you know about Pinterest?
G: Laughter...50% of our wedding came from there! Women share and look at cute pretty pictures 

Me: What are Hunter Wellies:
G: What on earth...oh wait those are your blue rain boots!

Me: What does YOLO stand for?
G: You Only Live Once - YOLO Bro! Is Yolo still popular? I feel bad for all those people that got YOLO tattooed on them! 

Me: What do you and I like to do together?
G: Watch TV and eat M&M's, go for runs, talk and have fun
{In my defense watching tv with M&M's is usually on Friday nights}

Me: Am I good at staying on Budget?
G: Yes - very proud to say you are

Me: What is the Pantone color of the year?
G: Oh I know this - Tiffany Blue! 
Me: NO - not even close it's Radiant Orchid
G: Like I was ever going to get that

Me: What do women carry in their purse?
G: Their entire lives...It's a toolbox for a glamorous mechanic
{lots of giggling from me}

Me: What's my favorite accessory?
G: Purses...lots of purses

Me: What jewelry do I wear everyday?
G: Your wedding rings & your necklaces...the one that has your new monogram

Me: What's an acceptable amount of money to pay for makeup 
G: $20 
{no comment from me}

Me: What is my favorite show?
G: There are too many...right now...Mindy Project, Real Housewives of Any City, Homeland, The Voice

Me: What's a clairsonic?
G: Easy...that's the face scrubber thingy

Me: Anything else you want to share about me?
G:  About what?
Me: Well me...
G: You love blogging, you're just super fun and a scoop of sunshine!
{totally didn't pay him to say that}

So there you have it - I think he did pretty well!! 
Working on all of these this week...and every day!!




  1. I'm not a big nature person either but I love a good hike as well! And this is totally random, but what type of hair ties do you use?? I'm so impressed with your ponytail :) Your husbands comment about what you keep in your purse is too funny-- and pretty accurate for most girls, haha.

  2. Sending happy vibes to Boston today. Wave at the runners for me!

    Yay for hiking, so much fun!

    Speaking of fun, what a cute quiz, loved it!

  3. Wow he did really good! You trained him well! Haha

  4. HAhahahaha $20 on makeup. ..Men... haha Happy marathon watching!!

  5. Hahaha I LOVE the Q&A session! I totally need to do that soon! Your hiking pics are awesome! Loving those bright shoes! That tart looks absolutely delish too. So jealous!

    <3, Pamela

  6. Love this post - literally loled at some of the answers! Hope you enjoy the marathon today - I'm sure it will be very inspiring!


  7. sounds like a fab weekend! i seriously laughed out loud at some of the answers - tiffany blue! lol and the acceptable amount for makeup. thanks for sharing!

  8. My boyfriend would be like "what is a romper?!!" Too funny!

  9. Love the questionnaires. So fun! And gorgeous hike pics.

  10. Your hubs is too cute with those answers. Loved that little quiz

  11. Hikes are the best! Love his answers especially on being a maxanista and a glamorous mechanic!

  12. What a fun weekend!! I wish Florida had views like that or I would hike all the time!! That little interview is so cute! Love that he called you a scoop of sunshine! So adorable! :))

    <3 Shannon

  13. haha! such a cute interview :) he did a good job! xx

  14. Awwwww that is seriously the cutest interview I ever read! Gary is so sweet! I love that he knew what a Pantone color was.....I could only imagine the stare I would get from Mark if I asked him that. Your kicks are so fun in your hiking picture!

  15. eee! Every time I read these I get so excited to do one and then I forget for another week hahaha too funny! Glad you guys had a great weekend! xoxo

  16. Love that picture of you on your hike! Arms stretched out, ready to take on the world!! :)

  17. LOL what a cute Q&A session. I am wayyyy to scared to hear how Levi would answer these. He's a bit of a smart ass! ;)

  18. Hiking totally means being able to eat lots of ham!! ;) I love his answers! The "toolbox for a glamorous mechanic" is pretty genius and that he knew the TJMaxx jingle is priceless!

  19. I am DYING at your husband's comment about maxxinistas - ha! I love reading these posts - so fun!

  20. Love your Q&A! I think Mr. Michigan is still trying to understand what a blog is (bless his heart) never mind the fact that I actually write one.

  21. Oh my goodness...loving the hike and even more loving the Q&A! I had my hubs do it last week and need to get it posted asap...I think it's so fun and their answers are sometimes so ridiculous!

  22. Haha! I love the questionnaire!! Marc wouldn't even know where to begin to answer half of these! He especially has no idea about what is currently in fashion.lol I can't even imagine what he would say..You guys are too cute! XO

  23. Hey Scoop of Sunshine!! haha I love this and am going to have to do this with my hubs soon. These are so fun. I love the "toolbox for a glamorous mechanic" answer! Hilarious!

  24. Love the questions! Too funny and cute!

  25. Awe a scoop of sunshine! Sweet. Pretty sure I would have gotten a much sassier answer to that!

  26. Omg this is hilarious!!!!!! I tried to picture the things M would say but I am not sure his answers would be half as cute!!!!!

  27. What a fun weekend! I love the questionnaire :)


  28. hahah those interviews always crack me up :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  29. Your hubs has a great sense of humor!! Love the interview!! I think he can guest write for you anytime!... or ghost write, lol! :)

  30. Stop it! Your husband has adroable answers! I'm fairly certain David wouldn't even know the name of my blog! Also, I really need to move to Massachusetts to celebrate Patriot's Day! xo

  31. I LOVE this! Hahahaha your Q&A cracked me up and made me realize how much we have in common! You're husband is awesome for participating. Happy Monday B!

  32. Loved reading this, very funny!

  33. Bahahaha... "Oh wait, those are your blue rain boots!" How damn cute is that?! hahaha :)

  34. Love all of this!!! First, you are the cutest dressed hiker I know - I love that zip up!!!! Second - your hubby is pretty dang good!! He knew a lot.. Very impressive! :) I loves his explanation of what women carry in their purse... TRUTH!

  35. His answers are by far my favorite so far! Maxanista and a toolbox for a glamorous mechanic!!! Too funny!

  36. I'm totally going to have to jump on the "boy behind the blog" bandwagon and get Austin to answer these questions - I laugh every time I read one of these! And yum, that tart looks so delish!

  37. Haha!!! Getting caught up on your posts from this week :) Loved this and he did such a good job! I laughed out loud at the maxanista and the "glamorous toolbox"! And so funny that he was so confident with his tiffany blue answer!

  38. this was so cute. my favorite part was "because she's a maxanista!" hahah! can he come to the blogger meet up too!?

  39. haha! This is so cute! I might have to steal this too! :) Love the pictures of you guys hiking! Looks like my kind of party! ;) Lol!

  40. OMG he is too cute!! I am really impressed with his answers!!

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