Friday Favorites

May 30, 2014
This was my kind of week - a little play, a little work and we're back at Friday! I look forward to this post because all through the week I send myself links, pictures and other things I want to include and I love reading what everyone else has found throughout the week! Linking up with my girl Amanda and Christina.
But don't we all?!
 I was going to list this dress as my favorite look of the week, but afraid of all the groans I'd get - so instead you can click on {this} link if you'd like and let me know your thoughts...I personally LOVED it! 

Favorite Song
When this song came on the radio I had no clue it was Ed Sheeran! Wasn't a fan before - but I love this song! 

Favorite Workout 
I finally got back into my favorite workout at Equinox this week and it left me so sore - the best feeling ever!! It's called Whipped and you can watch a video here (not the best quality) but all I could find to help demonstrate it. In a nutshell - it's 11 stations with two workouts at each station for 45 seconds each and you repeat 2 times before rotating to the next station.

Favorite Find
They look black in the photo but are actually dark navy
I've said it before and I'll say it again but sometimes working in a building near the mall can be dangerous! Case in point - these new shorts that came home with me on Wednesday. At least I know I will get a ton of wear out of them this summer! 

Favorite Recipe
I can't even begin to describe the level of excitement I have over this recipe! I'm a huge Bonefish Grill fan and sadly there are none here in this will have to be made soon!! 

Favorite Links
+This dad surprising his daughter at her high school graduation
+These 25 signs you're succeeding at life - spoiler we're all successful!
+Reading anything and everything on The Everygirl - including this interview of the editor of Rue Magazine

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Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


YouTube Beauty Blogger Favorites

May 29, 2014
I have a confession - I'm slightly obsessed with watching YouTube tutorials and videos! The reason I love watching the videos is that you can really see the steps that they take to achieve the looks. I've learned a few techniques that are really good and not to mention it's a great guide to products that work and those that don't! I'm sure you've heard of some of these ladies - but hopefully I'll be introducing you to a few you haven't heard of!!
She is hands down my favorite beauty guru on YouTube - her tutorials are easy to follow and she is just stunning with or without make-up!! I started watching her thanks to my sister who found her smoky eye tutorial when we were practicing my wedding day make-up look! I have watched all 85 videos that she has and all of them are awesome!

I recently started following Annie's blog and then found out she had a YouTube channel as well! She's got the fresh faced beauty look down!! I like her videos because she throws in a lot of tips including diet, exercise and make-up! I really enjoy haul videos and she always has great ones! 
We all remember Lo from her days on The Hills and she has really fun and down to earth tutorials! She also posts a ton of fun recipes to try (not beauty related but we all love food)!!

She uses a lot of the same products that I have/use so it's really fun for me to try to tackle her tutorials - we have similar coloring so I find that if it looks good on her - then maybe it will look good on me!! That is if I can get her technique down! 

I have to thank my friend Erica for introducing me to Jaclyn's YouTube videos. Her tutorials are amazing and I love that she really takes some risks with the colors - just really fun to watch her apply her make-up and the way she contours is amazing!! 

Mimi & Leyla started their own hair extension company Luxy Hair after Mimi couldn't find affordable and pretty hair extensions for her wedding!! Their tutorials are amazing - they like to do a lot of braids and curling videos - but really easy to follow!! Some of their up-do's are seriously wedding worthy!

Elle is super peppy - that's sort of the best way to describe her. I watch her videos more so for the products that she buys not necessarily for her tutorials. She also does a ton of tours of her closet, make-up collection & apt, which I love! 

So there you have it - my seven favorite beauty girls on YouTube. Do you have any that are a must watch?



Fresh Face | Skin Care Products

May 28, 2014
The first step to flawless make-up is a clean and fresh face!! My skincare routine is pretty minimal and I don't like to use too many products on my face - no need to overwhelm it and possibly breakout. These are products that work for me and with the exception of the Clairsonic, are very reasonably priced!!
1. We're all pretty much aware of the Clairsonic and it's powers at this point. The key in my mind with this - is to not overuse it. I think it can do more harm than good if used too often which is why I tend to stick to twice a week! 
2. Along with the Clairsonic I use the Fresh Soy Face Exfoliant. I started using this as a sample I got in one of the 100 point rewards from Sephora and really liked how, for lack of a better word, fresh my face felt after use! 
3. The St. Ives Apricot Scrub has been my go-to drug store buy for years!! In my opinion it's the best facial scrub out there and always keeps the blackheads at bay!! For the price and how long it lasts - you really can't go wrong!! 
4. Another long time favorite is the Ponds Moisturizer. The big bottle lasts me up to 4 months and I apply after the shower and first thing in the morning!! The one I use is for dry skin - but I have very normal skin and it doesn't cause me to be oily or anything like that. 
5. Now that I'm in my late 20's (ahhh not even sure how that happened) I need to take care of my eyes and ensure that those fine lines and crows feet stay away as long as possible. Origins GinZing Eye Cream certainly lives up to it's refreshing name and hydrates the eye area really well! The caffeine extracts from coffee beans is said to remove dark circles and perk up your eyes after a long night!! 

These are the five items that I swear by along with a face mask here and there. While I'm certainly not an aesthetician - I can speak to these products and the results I've garnered from them. Just as important as the products we use maintaing a balanced diet with lots of water is equally important!! You can always "fake" great skin with make-up, but if you're skin is glowing on it's own that just means you can use less make-up right?! 

It's your turn - what are your go-to skin care products?

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Three Day Weekend Fun

May 27, 2014
Hello lovelies!!! I am so in love with three day weekends - just when you're about to get the blues on Sunday night - you get your second wind because Monday is a bonus Sunday!! If you were able to find some good buys this weekend - that's awesome! I wasn't that impressed...didn't really see anything that I had to have - so there's always the next sale weekend!! I've got my eye on this Club Monaco dress and waiting for a little more of a price drop!!
Saturday Gary and I went to Legal Sea Foods - which is sort of a staple here in New England.  We had the popcorn shrimp which was amazing and adding sriracha with spicy mayo was the perfect combination - you guys know how I feel about sriracha spicy mayo!!! The wood grilled filet was fantastic as well!!
A lot of you saw this photo on my Instagram on Sunday...we headed to my sister's house where we were spoiled with a fantastic BBQ, niece and nephew cuddles - not to mention perfect weather!!  Thank god for filters that make you look tan!!
Lazy days call for long walks and we weren't the only ones out on Monday!! How cute is this little family outing?! We went to another BBQ on Monday but sadly I totally failed and didn't take any pictures...womp womp! 
It was an overindulgent weekend and we kept the theme going with chocolate chip cookies on Monday night!! Seriously nothing better that cookies fresh out of the oven!! 
So after last week and last night's episode my hands down favorite is Josh M. I just think they make the perfect couple - not to mention he lives in Atlanta now - so they could actually date like a normal couple after the show! Do you guys have a favorite yet? Can we also talk about how gorgeous Andi is...she wore a pretty fantastic black dress that I am on the hunt for now!! 

How did you spend your weekend? Any fantastic finds?



Favorites Round Up!!

May 23, 2014
Much like everyone else - I'm so thrilled to have a three day weekend!! Bring on the BBQ's, sun & extra sleep!!
Meet At The Barre
Let's get right into my favorites for the week!!

Favorite Song
I am seriously obsessed with this song by Nico & Vinz - like my body just starts moving! Apparently I'm really late to the party because this song came out in 2013... 

Favorite Workout
I was not motivated in the least this week to really have a workout at the gym - so Tuesday morning I tried the full body workout and it was great!! It's amazing everything I can accomplish without equipment...makes me wonder why I pay all that money for the gym...

Favorite Links
+I can't thank you all enough for your kind words and well wishes on my guest posts for the Wedding Party Blog - it's been so much fun sharing ideas and even more fun researching them!! If you haven't already - you can read my post here
+This little girls voice will blow you away. 
+ These 20 Bobby Pin hacks that have me itching for some pretty new pins. 

Favorite Night
My girls Amanda and Christina had me in a giggling fit on Monday night as we had a group text going while watching The Bachelorette! Amanda's fiancĂ©, Mark, provided even more color to our conversation with his one-liners!! He's a gem that one!! 

Favorite Inspiration Pin
While we don't have a fireplace in our current apartment - I am in love with turning a non-working fireplace into more functional storage space!! 

Favorite Link-Up
I'm so excited to announce that Meghan and I are teaming up to bring you "Weekending" posts on Mondays!! Due to the long weekend - we'll be starting this link-up on Monday, June 2nd!! As it get's closer we'll have the HTML code and picture available for you all to join ~ we can all use a little weekending in our lives!! 

Hope you guys have a fun and relaxing weekend ahead!



Tried & True Meals

May 22, 2014
Taking a break from the beauty and fashion posts for today and sharing some of my favorite meals with you all.  I guest posted a few weeks back on Becky's blog and wanted to revamp and add a few more from pinterest and other sources! I think you'll see a theme with some of these as I prefer ease and simplicity with meal choices during the week!

BLT Chopped Salad with Corn, Feta & Avocado
I am almost a bit ashamed to admit it - but we have made this salad weekly for the last few months!! I substitute the regular bacon for turkey bacon and it tastes the same! Topped with any dressing or just a little olive oil and you're good to go! 

Lasagna Roll Ups
When I was first looking at trying this recipe I was pretty intimidated because it had Lasagna in it...which I've come to realize is really not that hard to make!! I like to substitute the ground beef for ground turkey. These also taste amazing the next day for lunch! 

Stuffed Peppers
I've shared my stuffed peppers with you guys before - and it's a go-to meal on Sunday night when I have a little more time to prep! 

Easy Chicken Parmesan
This is one of the best week night meals - especially when I know both my husband and I will be home late. Enter in the easiest Chicken Parmesan you will ever make!! Pretty much three ingredients and you're done, just add a side! 

Shrimp Scampi with Linguine
 I'm pretty sure my dad will be super proud of me with this one because it is one of the harder ones that I have made, but there is literally a YouTube video giving you a step-by-step guide to get you through! The smell while cooking was enough to make your mouth water - so good!! 

Mini Egg Muffins
These are perfect to grab and go in the mornings!! The best part is you can include anything you want for your muffins. I like to do green onions, cheese & ham! 

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread
While I am not baker - one of my favorite things to make is banana bread. This is the only recipe I have ever used and I just add in my chocolate chips!! Perfection every time!! 

Let me introduce you to my secret weapon on nights when I seriously don't want to cook but want really good food!! Voila are prepared meals found in your freezer section and aren't completely bad for you. These are great and save me a ton of time! 

Do you guys have any go-to meals or special recipes you'd care to share?!



Buy This, Not That | Beauty Edition

May 21, 2014
When it comes to beauty products I try to do my research - but you can't ever be sure how you will actually like the product until you try it. This is sort of new series I'm going to do once a month highlighting things I've tried out that have lived up to the hype or have fallen just a bit short! Obviously my experiences will be different than someone else's - but this is my attempt to add a bit more color on certain products that you may have wanted to try or have never heard of!

Buy This:
Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish: I've been using this scrub ever since I received a sample from an event I attended and after one use I went and bought the smaller 7 oz. size. When you open the bottle you are hit with this invigorating lemon zesty smell. The granulated sugar crystals are infused with different oils and my skin felt so soft after each use. Tip: Buy the smaller bottle if you're a bit hesitant with the large bottles price because you don't need to use this every day of the week - just once or twice to get a great smooth feeling! I'd expect this to be great exfoliant before self tanning as well!

NYX Butter Gloss: It took me a little while to jump on the butter gloss bandwagon, but I'm so happy I did. I have been using Apple Strudel & Strawberry Parfait which I bought from CVS for their BOGO (buy one get one) sale. I mean this totally lives up to it's name and goes on like "buttah!!" It smells really good, but doesn't have a taste which I like because I don't end up eating the lip gloss off. I also really like that that it's true to color from the tube! 

Garnier Fructis Haircare Moroccan OilI honestly think this is a great dupe for Moroccan Oil's brand  for a fraction of the price. The little 3.75 fl. oz. bottle has lasted me over 5 months and you've all seen how long my hair is. A little goes a long way!! I work it into my hair right after the shower and then just style accordingly or let it air dry. It smells fantastic as well!

Gillette Venus Snap Razor: So this little guy is pretty interesting. It's the perfect size for travel or the gym and gives you a seriously close shave! I have been using it all the time and am really impressed with how smooth my legs are! My only qualm is since the handle is smaller than the conventional razor, it takes a little while to not have it slip out of your hands. With that being said, I'll definitely be purchasing the refills and continuing to take it with me on trips and to the gym!! It comes in a really cute carrying case too! 
I received the Gillette Venus Snap Razor complimentary for Influenster for testing purposes, but all all opinions are my own. 

Not That:
Essie No Chips Ahead: I really wanted to like this top coat - but it just didn't live up to the hype to keep the chips away. I've tried it with Essie polishes and other brands and it doesn't really matter - the chips still happen about 1-2 days after painting. 

e.l.f. Makeup Mist and Set: I bought this because I was hesitant to spend the money on the Urban Decay Setting Spray, but after using both products and being able to compare the two - I'd say splurge on the UD Spray because it definitely sets so much better that e.l.f.'s version. Tip: If the price of the UD spray isn't appealing, get the travel size which is half the price!

Have you tried any of these products? Any hits or misses for you lately?

P.S. Have you checked out my post on wedding desserts?! 

Wedding Party Collaboration | Let Them Eat Cake

May 20, 2014
If you have a sweet tooth check out different dessert options for weddings on Wedding Party Blog!!

I really appreciate the support and feedback you all give!! 



Trending Tuesday | Let's Get Nautical

So sorry for the cheesy title but I couldn't help myself!! With the summer upon us I'm constantly thinking about the ocean, pools, Cape houses & cute anchors everywhere...and keeping in with the theme of dreaming - yachts and being aboard one!!
For The Home: 1//2//3//4//5//6//
For You: 1//2//3//4//5//6//7//8//
Whether on trend or not - you can't help but think of nautical elements when envisioning summer. I'm not one to go overboard (ha! pun intended) with trends, but a little accent here and there is always great.

Total inspiration photos of how I'd wear the nautical look.

Not sure I'd go all out for the home - but if I'm ever in the position of buying a summer home - some nautical touches will be seen!

All Images Via Pinterest 

So how do you feel about the Nautical look - are you on board?

 Linking up with with Amanda, Katie, Kristina & Zelle for  #TrendingTuesday