September Favorites | Mixed Bag

September 30, 2015
Ah, how did we find ourselves on the last day of the month already? September seriously flew by, between two weddings and a weekend away - I'm 100% ready for a relaxing weekend coming up! Even with a hectic month and starting a new job, I tested out a few new things this month and I'm excited to share these favorites with you!
September Favorites

YSL Rouge Pur Coture Lipstick

Who doesn't love a silky smooth lipstick? Getting chosen for the YSL Influentster box is like hitting the lottery! I was sent two colors to test out - Fuscia & Rose Stiletto. The one I will be getting the most use out of is definitely Rose Stiletto since it's more of an every day shade and a shade that looks really gorgeous on different skin tones, my sister tried it this past weekend and has a much fairer complexion than I do. You don't need to over apply the lipstick either - the color is extremely pigmented and very hydrating. So if you're feeling like your lips are a little dry it wont show with this lipstick! 
There are 42 different shades in the collection and with a price point of $36 for this high end lipstick you're sure to find a color that you like! 

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer

True story I bought a Maybelline primer at CVS at the start of the month and somehow in that same weekend managed to lose it -in my own house? I had used up my ELF primer, so I quickly stopped by Sephora to pick up a travel size of the smashbox photo finisher and absolutely loved it! The green color aides in color correcting and smoothing away the appearance of redness, completely fades to a smooth finish and it felt very similar to the blur primer from YSL I raved about it my empties video

St. Tropez One Night Only Wash Off Body Lotion

I'm a self tanning novice and hate when I find myself applying a self tanner that leaves streaks. Even worse when the tan fades at different times. Enter in this one night only wash off body lotion! It's an instant bronzing lotion that provides you with just enough glow to fake a tan! I bought the only size they offer which also happens to be easy to travel with! I've used it about a dozen times and cant rave enough about how easy it is to apply and in case you make a mistake it completely washes off without any problems!

Paper Source Gold Agenda

So - I may or may not have picked up another planner...I have a problem and I admit it! But I was having a hard time carrying my bigger Bando planner to and from work and basically in every bag I own so I scooped up this perfectly sized gold agenda and I'm so happy I did! It has the perfect amount of space for me to write in any plans I have for the day or appointments and still see the full week view. I don't use this as my to-do list or anything just more so a quick glance to see my week and coming weeks on the go!

Pilot FriXion Erasable Pen

I think its been stated that I like pens and paper it should come as no surprise that I found my new favorite pens!! I love writing in ink but also like the ability to erase instead of having to scratch out what I wrote (especially in my planner) so these pens have been a life saver! My friend Jackie convinced me to try them and now I have them in the colorful pack :)

Have you tried any of these before? What was our favorite product of the month?

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Influenster sent me the YSL lipsticks in exchange for an honest review - all opinions are 100% my own. 

A Big Fat Russian Wedding

September 28, 2015
What a weekend!! That print below is 100% needed this morning! Starting a fresh week after a full 48 hours with friends and family really makes a world of a difference!! The weekend was all sorts of amazing and ended with the marriage of a beautiful couple and we all welcomed Kathy into our family with open arms!!
Even though we had a slight hiccup with a flight delay (seriously its only 43 minutes of actual flight time to NY from Boston yet we were delayed wahh!!!) we decided to start the weekend off with some drinks because what else are you supposed to do when you're delayed?!
We knew Friday would be a wash since we were both working, but we more than made up for missing that afternoon on Saturday! The weather was pure perfection and we explored parts of Brooklyn we've never been to. Since our time is usually spent in the city it was a nice change to explore Brooklyn Heights, Dumbo & the areas that surround it.
The views of the New York skyline are truly amazing from the other side of the bridge! We took our time exploring and really took every opportunity for photos! It also happened to be my nephews 8th birthday so it was such a treat to get to spend it all together!!
It's always amazing when the whole family is together for a weekend - lots of photos had to be taken! 
Before heading back to the hotel to get relax & get ready - Gary and I popped into Rocco's Tacos. We honestly picked it because it was so close to our hotel, but the food was really good and they have a few other locations scattered across the South! 
A few tacos later and we were ready to take a nap!! Seriously though - if you make it to Brooklyn, this place is really fun and the decor is gorgeous! You may have seen snippets from my snapchat (@blovedboston!)
I love any excuse to get all dolled up! May have even snagged our holiday card photo!
Never been to a Russian wedding? Let me set the scene and then I'll let the pictures do the talking! More food than you know what to do with, flowing alcohol & a band playing music that just wont quit!! Throw in lots of toasts with people screaming "gorka" - which means bitter in Russian, but when the bride and groom kiss all is sweet again - and you've got yourselves one Big Fat Russian Wedding!!
Side note - my mom looked HOT! 
Adore this photo of the newlyweds - her dress was pure perfection!
Like I said - more food than we knew what to do with! 
With the beautiful newlyweds! 
With my cousin and yes that would be a vodka luge behind us! 
Such a beautiful and fun night!!
The second day was more of the same just in a different location! At one point Gary looked over and asked how many more courses would be coming!! We left the weekend full, happy & looking forward to a relaxing weekend ahead...we think!
Excuse me while I down about 3 cups of coffee to make it through my Monday!! Hope you all have a great start to your week and link up below to share your weekend!

Friday Favorites Round Up

September 25, 2015
Happy Friday friends! Another weekend is upon us and I'm so excited to be heading to see my cousin get married this weekend!! It's going to be a full out Russian wedding and if you've ever seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding then I've already paining a picture for you! Let's get right to some favorites with Amanda and April

Favorite Recipe 

Baked Parmesan Zucchini crisps - with ranch dipping sauce! Do I have your attention now?! I can't wait to try these as a side or even as a snack during a football game - instead of the chips! 

Favorite New Store

Primark, an Irish retailer, opened it's flagship store in Boston a few weeks ago and I finally had the chance to explore - it's over 70,000 square feet, so it took some time to get through. If you've never heard of Primark (which I hadn't until it was slated to open here) it's like H&M meets Target. The prices are crazy cheap! They sell everything from baby clothes to housewares to makeup! I see myself popping in for more trendier pieces that I don't want to spend as much money on! 

Favorite Nail Polish

It's no secret around these parts that I love to paint my nails, but I hate that they chip so quickly! I've gotten the OPI weekly polish and CND at the salon before, but finally invested in my own top coat and color and I'm obsessed! I basically get a manicure on Sunday and bring my own polish and top coat in and then should anything chip (because I'm really hard on my nails) I can touch it up. It lasts up to 10 days for me (with one or two touch-ups) and it's not even gel - this is seriously unheard of! I'm currently using cake pop and have my eye on Rock Royalty & Asphalt

Favorite Find

I first saw these marble wall mounted shelves in a nursery reveal and after reading the reviews it's been used in just about every room of a house you can think of. From what I've read they are incredibly sturdy and the marble is great quality! If you remeber I wanted to do this DIY next to my dresser, but there wasn't enough room - now this one will definitely fit! 

Favorite Links

//Emmy's Red Carpet Rewind - who was your favorite celeb of the night
//All I want for breakfast are these cinnamon rolls - who's with me?
//Do you do these 4 things after working out? I only do one yikes! 
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! See you back here Monday for Weekending! P.S. Did you watch scandal!? 

Falling for Fall

September 23, 2015
I have been waiting for this link-up with Katie and my girl Pinky since they announced it a few weeks ago and it's finally here - Fall that is! The weather has definitely turned in Boston and it's almost time to bust out the boots and sweaters!While I've already shared my favorite Fall Shows that are premiering, last year I shared a Fall bucket list and I thought it would be fun to do that again along with combining a few Fall Wishlist items I've got my eye on!

Shopping for Fall//

Let's start with the exciting stuff  -shopping! I've already mentioned these boots (by the way they are now 20% off on Amazon with the code FALLSTYLE)  that I've scooped up and picked up this sweater when J.Crew was having a sale (which the still are), but I'm still in the market for some flared jeans and I can always do with more scarves! You'll also notice that I have a darker color palette - really rich colors!

Fall Bucket List

On to some things I'd like to do in the next few months! 
1// Take a day trip to visit a winery. Who knew that Massachusetts was such a wine haven?! I recently found a wine and cheese TRAIL...I mean two of my favorite things! We usually like to go apple & pumpkin picking at the same time so this could even turn into a weekend away! Aiming for October since November starts to get chilly! 

2// Rather than go with my usual apple pie this season, which don't get me wrong I'll still make, I want to try a different approach to all those fresh apples. Either these apple pie bars or these mini apple pie bites

3// I'll definitely be decorating a pumpkin again this year, but I want to take the DIY to the next level. Hoping to attempt either this painted wood slice or the complete other end of the spectrum with this Pumpkin Spice Sugar Scrub.

4// Try a new restaurant out - with a Fall themed menu. There are so many restaurants in Boston, a lot of which offer season menus - so I'm hoping to not only try out new foods, but also a new restaurant for a romantic date night! 

What's on your Fall to-do list?

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Tasty Eats | Tomato & Goat Cheese Pie

September 22, 2015
Over the last few weeks Gary and I have been adjusting to our new schedules, mostly mine since I have a new job. Since we're always on the go, grocery shopping is quickly falling down the list of things we need to do. Enter in Blue Apron! Coming home late and not really wanting to spend time or thought into what we're having for dinner is such a glorious feeling! The ability to have a chef created, gourmet meal at home for under 700 calories, during the week no less, is such a treat! Here's my favorite recipe from our meal delivery last week!

Tomato & Goat Cheese Pie
Blue Apron Tomato & Goat Cheese Pie

What you'll Need //

Blue Apron Tomato & Goat Cheese Pie
1 Pie Crust
4 ounces of sweet peeper 
3 cloves of garlic
2 large tomatoes
1 red onion
1 bunch of basil
1 tablespoon of sherry vinegar
½ cup of crumbled goat cheese
½ cup of grated Parmesan cheese
¼ cup of panko breadcrumbs
1½ cup of pie spice blend
(all purpose flour, ground mustard powder & dried thyme)


1/ Preheat the oven to 425°F. Wash & dry all the produce. 
2/ Mince the garlic and cut out and discard the stem of the sweet pepper, then thinly slice into rings. 
3/ Cut the tomatoes into thick slices
Blue Apron Tomato & Goat Cheese Pie
4/ Heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil until hot. 
5//Toss in the garlic, onion and sweet pepper and season with salt & pepper to taste. Cook for 4 minutes until softened and fragrant. 
Blue Apron Tomato & Goat Cheese Pie

6/ While the aromatics and sweet pepper cook in a small bowl combine the Parmesan cheese,bread crumbs, salt & pepper and add in enough olive oil to moisten the mixture slightly. 
7/Stir in the vinegar; cook and stir frequently for no more than 1 minute. Remove from heat and season with salt and pepper to taste. 
8/ Line the tomatoes onto the bottom of the pie crust in a circular patter. Top with aromatics and sweet pepper, half of the spice blend and half of the goat cheese and basil. Drizzle with olive oil and then repeat with remaining ingredients. Top the pie with the Parmesan bread crumb topping. 
Blue Apron Tomato & Goat Cheese Pie
9/ Place the pie on a sheet pan and bake turning halfway through the 20 - 22 minute time. Remove from the oven and let stand for 5 minutes before enjoying! 
Blue Apron Tomato & Goat Cheese Pie
Once the pie comes out of the oven you taste the fresh ingredients with each bite! The kind of grocery shopping I like to do is browsing the upcoming recipe page on the site. The ability to mix and match your choices is now an option with Blue Apron! It used to be that you could only get the meals that were predetermined, but now there is a crazy amount of variety!

So if you haven't tried Blue Apron yet, here's your chance! The first 25 readers will get two free meals on Blue Apron!  

Have you ever made a Tomato & Goat Cheese Pie? Have you been able to try Blue Apron out?

Thank you to Blue Apron for Sponsoring this post. 

Bespoke Wedding Weekend

September 21, 2015
Happy Monday friends! What a weekend!! Jackie and I were lucky enough to share the weekend with a beautiful couple and see their start as a newly married duo! All our weather prayers were answered because the weather was truly perfect! Jessi & Pat are Boston-based and what's more, Jessi is actually a blogger over at Mascara + Medicine! 
We made our way down to The Cape for their rehearsal on Friday! The venue, Nauticus Marina was beyond words gorgeous! It's a beautiful space that really is quintessential New England! Overlooking the water and boats rolling in, there really is not much more you can ask for in terms of scenery! 
The rehearsal went off without a hitch and thankfully it was more of the same on the day of! 
If you've never been to the Cape, every little town is too cute and looks like it can be in a Nancy Meyers movie! We chose Five Bays Bistro in Osterville for dinner - and they were the caters for the wedding as well! 

The food and ambiance was great and we couldn't be more thankful that they were able to squeeze us in on a Friday night! We like to cheers the night before to a successful wedding - sort of like a little tradition we have! 
Everything that was done for this wedding, was done with love and care - the bride & grooms' family made all the little details a reality, from a reclaimed wood sign to all the flower arrangements- it was elegant, crisp & clean! 
The first look is one of my favorite parts of a wedding day - that initial first glance, it's so special and seeing Pat & Jessi have theirs was very touching! 
Speaking of first looks - check out the dapper groom in his amazing look for the night! 
I felt like the paparazzi trying to get stealth-like photos of them!
After the ceremony it was time to take a minute to breath and of course take a selfie! Side note - these are my favorite sunnies and as you can see - Jackie and I have different face shapes but they compliment both of ours equally! 
The mini lighthouse was a beautiful space for the ceremony, but it also provided a lot of fun for guests, that were able to go up the spiral staircase and enjoy the views from the top! 
Right before it was time to cue Jessi & Pat for their introductions, they shared a special moment and I was lucky to capture it - stealth like again! 
The cake was custom made by the bride's aunt and the cake topper is from Anthropologie's wedding selection. The cake was ceremonial for Jessi & Pat, but they wanted to treat guests to something fun and different - cupcakes from a cupcake truck! 
Something Sweet from Cape Cod pulled up and served guests three different varieties of cupcakes for an hour! It was such a great treat and a great way to break up the night! 
While the guests were dancing and eating cupcakes, the bride & groom snuck away for some sunset photos! 
Jessi had asked us about ideas for an exit in one of our initial meetings and I remembered the DIY Confetti Poppers from Style Me Pretty - well wouldn't you know the bride's 13 year old sister spent so much time creating the perfect poppers for them to have for their exit! They also had some custom converse sneakers made to make dancing the night away a little more fun! 
The dance floor was always packed and the drinks were constantly flowing - I'd call that an incredibly successful wedding! Huge thank you to Jessi & Pat for having Jacki & I as your wedding coordinators for the last few months!! 

Funny enough - Gary and I are going to my cousins wedding next weekend and getting out of wedding planner mode will be very interesting! 

Hope you all have a wonderful start to the week - Link up below to share your weekends!