Top 15 of 2015 | Instagram Snaps

December 30, 2015
Last year I recounted my top 14 of 2014 & this year I wanted to continue the fun, but showcase it via instagram

15// Wedding Fun
We attended three super fun weddings this year & I clearly did not shy away from color!

14// Celebrated my 28th birthday
13// Was snowed in more times than I care to remember - just hoping the start of 2016 doesn't bring the same!
Notice the bottle of wine - that's how we chilled it :)

12// Took a fabulous trip to my favorite U.S. city with my blogging loves - Pamela & Amanda

11// Had an epic trip with my sister to Florida! 

10/ Knocked another city of my U.S. travel list by visiting New Orleans

9// Baked my first (and let's be quite honest probably only) macaroon and crossed that one off the 30 before 30 list! 

8// Tried my hand at some fashion posts - hoping to incorporate more next year

7// Celebrated this little space with a 2 year blogiversary

6//Celebrated the opening of City Target in Boston - my weekends have been forever changed!

5// Worked with two amazing brides to help plan two incredible weddings

4// Started playing tennis again - if only for the summer! 
Which means I knocked off another one of my 30 before 30!
3// Celebrated Gary graduating with his masters! 

2// Went to Puerto Rico to celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary

1// Launched my event planning business 
My biggest accomplishment this year was launching my dream business - it was a long road, but already having brides for 2016 solidifies that it was the best personal / business decision

What were some of your favorite memories of 2015? Are we following each other on instagram (@blovedboston)? 

Finally - I'd like to wish you all an incredible New Year!! I hope the rest of the week is filled with excitement for everyone!! Thank you so much for all the support in 2015! Looking forward to seeing what everyone got up to in the first Weekending post of 2016 on Monday!! 

2015 Favorites | Purchases & Gifts

December 29, 2015
2015 was a really great year for some of my favorite purchases I've made - whether I bought it as a gift, for myself or was gifted it - these were my favorites of the year! Broken out into easier to go through categories! 

2015 Shoes//

I think this was the first year that I bought myself shoes - usually my mom knows what I like so she picks them up for me - it helps we're the same size, but I couldn't say no to these pretties! 

Probably my favorite of all the shoes were these Vince Camuto wedges I scored from Amazon - I couldn't beat the price and two day shipping :) My pink loafers quickly sold out, but they were restocked in more neutral tones

2015 Purses//

I purchased a few purses this year - if you ask Gary the last thing I need is more purses, but they are my weakness! I purchased a few from TJ Maxx, one of which I've been wearing non-stop and is a great dupe for this Longchamp bag

I adore my blush Rebecca Minkoff Crossbody that I bought as a "Happy Birthday to Me" gift & right before my Charleston trip this summer I picked up Elle Crossbody from GiGi NY - which is on sale again right now! 

2015 Accessories//

I'm sure I'm not alone here when I say accessories is always where I end up buying the most things during the year - they are usually smaller items that are too cute to pass up! 

Hard to pick a favorite from these, but Kate Spade wins because the sunglasses I could not stop wearing this year - and still do & the hot pink wallet is my favorite, it fits absolutely everything! 


I read a lot this year - I had months of non-stop reading & these are some of my favorite books from the year!

Everything Else//

Just a hodge podge of makeup, notebooks & stationary things! 

Favorite Shows//

Even though this wasn't necessarily items purchased - these are the shows we couldn't get enough of in 2015!! The Affair was a new one in the last few weeks - but oh my gosh did we get into it!! Loved the show! Everything on Netflix was a hit to me - I'd watch them all over again! 
Bloodline (Netflix); Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Netflix); Quantico (ABC); House of Cards (Netflix); The Affair (Showtime); The Fall (Netflix) 
Clearly Netflix wins for being the best with shows! I could have probably listed about 10 others, but I don't want to seem like all we do is watch TV haha! 

What were some of your favorite buys of 2015?

Weekending | Last of 2015

December 28, 2015
Happy Monday friends!! Coming off a 4 day weekend is always hard, but the memories made will certainly get us all through Monday and if that doesn't help then another short week should do the trick! 

Christmas Eve

Gary and I spent Christmas Eve at my sister's house and seriously ate more than I care to admit, but that's what Holiday's are for right!? 
An abundance of food, lots of family time & lobster mac & cheese - quite possibly two of my favorite things in the world! 

Christmas Day

We had a super low key, but perfect Christmas day! A breakfast quiche was quickly followed by a run - since it was close to 65 degrees!! Our version of a perfect Christmas dinner - sushi and Gary convinced me to go see Star Wars - and can I just say, very pleasantly surprised!! It was awesome! 

The Rest

There is something so relaxing about having a latte & planning goals for the coming year!! My favorite place to do that - Tatte Bakery
Saturday night, Meg & her husband were in town and we were able to meet up for dinner! It was so nice of them to stop in while they were around the area and of course we never pass up an opportunity to check out a new to us restaurant!! 
Legal Crossing is another part of the Legal Seafood chain, but slightly different menu. We split the wedge salad, my favorite & the linguine with three different types of clams - YUM! 
After saying goodbye to Meg & Mike we made our way to see the show Once
The show was hands down the best performance I've ever seen! The cast was all so talented & having not known anything about the background - we could not have had a better time! You can listen to some of the songs here, but my favorite was Falling Slowly
After the show we were both a little hungry so we went around the corner to one of our favorite places - Sip Wine Bar & Kitchen and if you're ever in town, please stop on to have the mini arancini & mini kobe good! 
Sunday was spent prepping for the week to come and 2016!! I'm so excited for the New Year and new things to come!! 

How was your holiday weekend? Link up below to share!

Christmas Ornaments & Questionnaire

December 23, 2015
While we were on our honeymoon, Gary and I were trying to figure out a tradition that we could start as a married couple - little chotskies are always fun to pick up for the house, but we wanted something with a little back story - so we settled on ornaments from all the cities we'd visit together as husband & wife! 
Quickly forgetting our agreement, as soon as our plane took off from Hawaii we both realized we forgot an ornament, so we settled on our second destination for our honeymoon, San Francisco! We did manage to pick up an engraved piece of wood from the luau we went to in Maui so maybe we'll just count that! 
Our first anniversary trip to Paris (forgot to pick up an ornament in London) & our second anniversary trip to Puerto Rico. 
Scooped this pretty different one up from New Orleans this year as well. 
  Of course my favorite ornament doesn't actually come from a place we visited together, but rather the ornament I picked up for our first married Christmas. 

I saw a few Christmas Q&A's floating around so I thought I'd partake in the fun!

What is your favorite tradition?
As far as other traditions go, if we're home - which will only be the second time for us this year I like to make a breakfast quiche. I usually make it the night before and all we have to do is heat it up in the morning. We're also going to be seeing a performance of Once the day after Christmas - a Broadway show (not on Broadway) is always a fun treat! 

What's your favorite Christmas song?
I absolutely love Last Christmas by Wham, with Mariah Carey's All I Want for Christmas in a close second. 

Do you decorate before or after Thanksgiving?
Strict rules over here - not a day before Thanksgiving...usually the next day though because I can't hold out much longer! 

Peppermint or Gingerbread?
I'd have to go with Gingerbread - peppermint is too strong from me, but if we're going with cookie flavors hands down sugar cookies!

Tinsel or Garland?
I'd say Garland...Tinsel seems like more of a headache to clean up! 

Favorite Holiday Cocktail?
My friend made mixed prosecco with cranberry juice and then garnished it with cranberries & mint - it was amazing!

What's your go-to stocking stuffer? 
Ah it's terrible, but I always get Gary a starbucks gift card, it's a win-win because I know he'll use it (within days) and it's an easy buy! 
What's your favorite Christmas Ornament that you own? Any fun family traditions?

New Years Eve Outfit Inspiration

December 22, 2015
Pop, Fizz, Clink - that can only mean one thing...well during this time of year it means New Years is coming and I need this sign to have for the celebrations! New Year's Eve is a really interesting day - it's so full of hope, excitement & of course the possibilities!! But before you can ring it in, you have to know what to wear! This year we have two very different options for how we'll be greeting 2016 - at a friends house with dinner, drinks & games or at a restaurant with an incredible menu for the night...answer of what we picked is at the end!

All images linked

If you take it a little more casual at a friends house, or even at your own place, this sequined top from H&M is great & you can choose to go black/silver or gold/black! Paired with these skinny jeans, which are seriously the most comfortable pair ever! I love these stud earrings - you don't need a lot when your blouse speaks volumes! Finish the look off with a bold red lip - my favorite red from MAC is Ruby WooThis spread for a New Years Eve at home like this one would rival anything you'd find at a restaurant or club!

All pictures are linked - bottom image via

This year I picked up my first ever jumpsuit & I fell in love! I think it's an unexpected take on dressing up! I love this cobalt number from Nordstrom. A pretty necklace is really all you need when the jumpsuit is such a statement piece! You also don't really need a bold lip so I'd wear Kinda Sexy by MAC, a pretty mix of nude, pink and a hint of peach. 

There was really no question of what we would be doing for NYE - celebrating with our friends of course! Even though it'll be a low(er) key night - you better believe I'll still get dressed up!! 

How are you celebrating NYE?

Weekending Around Boston

December 21, 2015
Happy Monday Lovelies!! We're in the home stretch before a super long weekend...that is unless you're one of the lucky ones to have this week off - in which case...I'm slightly jealous!! The weekend before Christmas came down to these fun times!
I'm going to sound like a broken record here, but seeing the city all lit up is just the best!! We had to stop and take a selfie in front of the tree at Faneuil Hall before going to a welcome home party for a friend of ours from London! 
Boston Sugarfina Store
The people at Sugarfina must have known that I was deeply obsessed with their gummy bears because the Boston store opening was on Saturday! I scooped up a few boxes of the champagne gummy bears and it's pretty safe to say if you're on my Christmas List you'll be getting this sweet treat!! 
Oh and if you happen to be in the market for a Tesla you can sign up for a free test drive at the store front...can't wait for ours!! No, we are not buying one for ourselves....LOL!
We had our final Christmas party on Saturday night and our friends hosted us with so much good food!! 
Brother's Restaurant Brookline
Sunday brunch was at a new to us place, Brothers Restuarant! I'm not sure how I made it this far in life without having tried french toast, but challah french toast is amazing and we'll be going back!
Also got to watch my favorite holiday movies - The Elf & The Holiday...this time of year is the best!! 
Starting the week with these two quotes!! How was your weekend? Link up below to share it with us!