Friday Favorites Round Up

January 29, 2016
Happy Friday everyone!! I really don't like being that person that asks where the month went or how time is flying by so fast (again) but this is actually my favorite time of year...we have a jam packed next few weeks and nothing on the agenda for this weekend (yet) so let's just right into some favorites with Amanda and April.

Favorite Recipe

Last week I posted about these taquitos that we ended up making on Monday - seriously make them, their delicious. We have some chicken breasts left over from that recipe, so I found this Crispy Cheddar Chicken and I can't wait to try it!! Looks so tasty! 

Favorite Home Reveal

Ashley did a home reveal on her blog this week and was it ever dreamy! Everything was so light and airy and can we just talk about how swoon worthy her office is! 

Favorite New Blog Business Cards

I've had my current blog business cards for almost two years and I'm finally out of them!! I'm looking for a re-do and really love all the options that Zazzle has. Leaning towards the above design - what do you think?

Favorite Treat

The sweet (pun intended) folks at Shari's Berrie's sent me some of their chocolate covered strawberries as an early Valentine's Day treat! I wont share how many I ate on the first night, but I will say some special people can expect a delivery soon! 

Favorite Links

//There are few things quite as perfect as fresh flowers - really want to try this party DIY out
//I love reading about financial plans and budgeting and this article does a great job of breaking it down. 
//Starting a business & family at the same time - read this

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!! See you back here Monday for weekending! 

Apple Watch | First Month Review

January 27, 2016
Review of the Apple Watch
When the Apple Watch first came out I wasn't really sure I would need something as high tech as this watch...then they released the Rose Gold Aluminum Case with Lavender Sport Band and I immediately wanted to try it on! I went to the Apple Store and was fitted to see how it would look on my wrist - I shouldn't have been surprised with how sleek the watch was and how much I loved it immediately! I will be the first to admit that I am not using it to it's full capabilities, but from the month that I've had the watch, I've already been more comfortable wearing it and changing out the bands - sharing the ones I've picked up from Amazon at the end of the post! 

The Basics//

As with any Apple product the set up is extremely easy! You actually do most of the programming on your phone. You can decide the layout of how you want the apps to appear and there is even a way to make sure all your favorite ones are grouped together so that they are easy to get to. Gary is the master of this - so he's basically been coerced with dinners to fix mine up! All the apps I have on my watch are below!
You can customize the face of your watch to be pretty much anything - an actual watch face that shows weather or if there is a full moon (not that I need to know that) or you can have a picture background and plenty of other things too. 

Apps I Use Most//

Fitness/Activity App

Without a doubt I use the activity app the most! I keep an eye out on how many steps I've taken, if I've hit my move goal for the day and also my standing goal - if you are sitting idle too much then it'll give you a little tap on the wrist to let you know it's time to stand! Perfect for those of us that sit for work A LOT! These are actually my stats from this past Monday taken after a lunch workout -didn't want anyone to see me on my lazy day!

The workout app lets me pick from indoor cycle (which no other fitness tracker I've used has done), running, walking, elliptical, rower, step climber & other (which I use for Tabata's and at home workouts). You also don't need to have your phone on you to track information - it will auto connect when it pairs again - I don't normally workout with my phone! 

Transit App//

I use the transit app most in the morning when I'm leaving the house - mostly because I don't want to wait outside when it's too cold. This is great for letting me know when the next three trains at my stop are expected - so if I just missed one, I look at the app and know that I have X amount of minutes before I need to be outside! It's also good because it shows how close Ubers are - so at night if I don't want to wait for the train, I can just do that! Speaking of - I can actually get an Uber from my watch too! 


You can set up favorites that are the same as on your phone, but you can also add people that have an Apple Watch so that you can send them your heartbeat (a lot harder to master than expected) sketches & little taps throughout the day. I mostly just ping Gary, but we've come up with a little code for "I love you, or I'm thinking of you" - cheesy I know! 

What I Love// 

  • With every other fit watch/product I've used I was always missing something...whether it was the time, accurately counting steps/calories or recording workouts correctly - I don't have that issue with the apple watch. It's sleek enough that it matches every outfit I wear - except when I'm dressing for a special event like a wedding, but I don't normally wear a watch anyway! I also really love that it's tied to your phone, so this means that if it's off your wrist and isn't near your phone there is no way to get into it (at least that's what I've been told). It's also pin enabled so the first time you put it on during the day you enter your pin and it's unlocked - but if at any point during the day you take it off your pin needs to be re-entered.
  • I also really enjoy being able to answer calls from my watch when I'm cooking or doing other things around the house without having to be attached to my phone. You can also send quick texts back to people or even record the text and send it as a voice message or text.
  • I no longer keep my phone on the table while I'm at dinner or out with people because the watch lets me know if I have a text or call coming - I can discreetly look at my watch and silence if needed. I actually keep it on silent mode during the day since I'm in and out of meetings - that way I'm not distracting other people. 

Other Bands Purchased//

Band 1//Band 2//Band 3//Band 4
Before getting the watch, I was scared that I would be stuck with the band it came with, but it's interchangeable and there are so many sellers of bands on Amazon that you can get an incredible caliber band for a fraction of what they cost at Apple. I've purchased two other bands so far and another for Gary! I'm incredibly impressed with the quality. 

Overall I'm extremely happy that I have the watch. When I think about past watches that cost close to this amount, all they did was tell time, but with this I'm getting so much more. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure I'll still wear regular watches once in a while, but for now, I'm extremely happy with the Apple Watch. This is not a sponsored post, this was a Christmas gift! 

Do you like fitness trackers? What type do you have?


Current Favorites | Beauty & Other Things

January 26, 2016
I realized that I have been using and loving a lot of things recently and wanted to share!! Most are beauty, but there is always something for everyone! 
January Favorites

Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo// You may remember a few weeks ago I made this purchase after waiting months to find it! Well the verdict is - I LOVE IT! Not only is this the best smelling dry shampoo I've ever used, but it's the first one that doesn't look like I have baby powder in my hair! It doesn't come out brown or anything, but it's a lot easier to massage into your hair and did I mention it smells incredible! It actually makes me want to NOT wash my hair!

Ultra Repair Cream// On my winter wish list I mentioned this Ultra Repair Cream, well I ended up buying it and I've used it every day for the last 3 weeks!! It instantly smooths out those dry areas on my hands & even elbows and doesn't have a fragrance at all. That might bother some people, but I like that it doesn't have a smell! For only $12 I actually went back and picked up another tube to have in my purse!

The Balance Project// This was a book that took me a while to start, but I finished in 3 days!! This book was told from the point of view of Lucy - a twenty something working a pretty demanding job. Her boss wrote a book about the balance project and how women really can have it all...well turns out...Just kidding I wont ruin it for you, but I really enjoyed the book! It was something I think we can all relate to! 

Velvet Noir Major Volume by Marc Jacobs// I was lucky enough to be sent this mascara to test out from Influenster and I instantly liked the packaging. I thought it was geometric and really chic! The formula of the mascara is very thick and the wand picks up all your lashes!! I'm pretty obsessed with it and have been exclusively using it for the past month. It's pricey ($26), but it's worth it as it's one of the best higher end mascaras I've tried, so I'll be picking up another tube to selectively use!

L'Oreal Setting Spray// I've professed my love for the Urban Decay setting spray, but after I ran out almost 6 months ago, I decided to go with the drugstore find and try out the L'Oreal one. It's just as good and a little cheaper - I actually always buy the travel size of the Urban Decay setting spray (only $14) so that I can bring it on trips, so that won't change, but for every day use I'll stick with L'Oreal! I use it for days that I know I have an event after work and won't really touch up my makeup or if I plan on having a long day/night wearing makeup! It works! 

Bobbi Brown Serum// I first saw this used in action in Zelle's video and kept in mind for the next time I needed a foundation. It is pricey & I was hesitant to buy it, so when I had a gift card to Sephora I decided it was time to pick it up! I can't get over how flawless my skin look and I can wear it alone or with a pressed powder on top to set it. It's 40 SPF and full coverage! If you have oily skin, I would definitely try before buying because it is a bit oilier than other foundations. 

Have you used any of these products? What are some of your recent favorites?

Weekending | A Little Snow & Lots of Downtime

January 25, 2016
Happy Monday everyone!! Hopefully you all were warm and cozy for the storm this weekend, if it was in your area!! I have to admit - it's nice being forced to relax when you just can't go outside!! Here's a few snaps from our weekend...
Flat lay with glasses
Made sure to kick of the weekend with bubbly & candy - Ferrero Rocher is my absolute favorite! 
Flat Lay with notepad
Before the snow made it's way to Boston, I ventured to Target and did some damage buying  lots of dry foods for our trip, but also made sure to check out the dollar spot - get's me every time!
We watched The Martian on Friday night and I was seriously impressed - I usually don't like those types of movies. We also decided to give Orange Is The New Black again and we are totally hooked! Thankfully we can binge on all 3 seasons! 
Sunday was all about getting outside and soaking up the sun...even though it was still pretty cold! First stop was brunch at Joe's on Newbury Street. They revamped their menu a few months back and their barbecue steak flat bread was incredible!! Did a little shopping and picked up these earmuffs from Scoop NYC - they were an extra 60% off so I couldn't pass it up! On Friday I mentioned that I wanted to pick up some clear coffee mugs so I decided to put my William Sonoma gift card to use and scoop them up along with a new cookbook
I did a lot of prepping for our trip this weekend and decided to do my best at packing smart!! I've got four different lists...not including the ones online! Trying to split it out between India, Dubai, General & then the day by day of what I'll need! Just litke that it was time to wrap up and get ready for Monday! Crazy nights over here I tell ya! 

Hope you have an amazing start to your week! How was your weekend? Link up below to share!


Friday Favorites | Snowy Weekend Ahead

January 22, 2016
Happy Friday friends!! This week flew by and I don't think anyone is complaining!! We're ready for the weekend and thankful that the snow isn't going to be nearly as bad as they initially thought for our area. If you're in the affected areas (which is most of the Mid-Atlantic and East Coast) I hope you stay safe, warm and enjoy the forced relaxation. Linking up with Amanda & April to share my favorites from the week! 

Favorite Recipe

I have used my crock-pot for the last three weeks at least twice a week and I love coming home to a cooked dinner! We've been running out of ideas and I found this gem for Crock-pot chicken taquitos!! They look so good I can't wait to try it! 

Favorite Song

I was cleaning on Monday and this song came on iTunes - of course it's Shawn Mendes and it's so catchy. It came out a few months ago, but this was the first time I heard it!! 

Favorite New Mug

Gary and I were having brunch last weekend and they served his coffee in this clear coffee mug. Ever since I've been obsessed with finding a set! For some reason anything clear makes me happy! I also really like these from West Elm too. 

Favorite DIY

Once in a while I spot a DIY that I actually want to make - like this brass handle marble tray! Just look at all the ways you could actually use it! 

Favorite Links

//This was one of the easiest ISO breakdowns I've seen for taking pictures! 
// Quite possibly the sweetest story I've heard of long lost love
//Have you ever struggled to achieve the perfect winged liner -not any more with this tool

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! See you back here Monday for weekending! 

8 Must Haves for the Office

January 21, 2016
So the title of this post can be a little misleading - when I mean office, I'm really talking about your work environment. I also think any of these can & should be carried in your tote bag!!

1// Tylenol, Aspirin or any pain reliever! I don't get headaches too often, but every once in while staring at a computer for too long or even the weather can cause a headache! I always keep a bottle handy!

2// A few samples of perfume. I can't tell you how many times I've left for work and forgotten to put on perfume! This is why I always carry a sample perfume with me in my purse and at work. I also spritz on a little for after work drinks or dinner! My new favorite scent is Si by Giorgio Armani

3// Along the same lines - mascara! For some reason I forget to apply this more often than not and having one at work really is a life saver!

4// Kind Bars or assorted nuts. I have a confession to make...I'm always hungry - especially at 4:00 PM so having some bars or something to snack on at my desk is just necessary! You can also find something to eat in my purse too! 

5// I keep an extra pair of socks, sneakers & camisole at work. This might sound a little crazy, but I like to workout at lunch whenever possible and I've forgotten my sneakers a lot (sensing a theme of forgetfulness here) so I leave a pair at work along with socks. As for the camisole - on the days that I work out in the morning and forgot to pack a cami (which has happened) saves me from wearing my jacket ALL day long!

6// Tide to go stain remover. For as forgetful as I am, I'm just as clumsy! I've spilled more drinks and sauce on myself than any normal these stain removers are always with me! 

7/ We have tea and coffee at work, but there are certain teas that just hit the spot in the afternoon so I make sure to have package at my desk. 

8// Toothbrush, mints & floss. I'm in a lot more meetings in this role than in previous roles and my biggest fear is walking into a meeting with something in my teeth!! Floss to the rescue! 

Of course I have my fair share of pens, notepads and notebooks...but that's another post! What do you keep with you to make it through the day?

Initial Packing List | India & Dubai

January 20, 2016
I have been doing so much research when it comes to what to pack for our trip - between what makes sense & what is customary to wear, it's not going to be a light packing trip for me!! With the weather being pretty warm and shorts being out of the question- maxi dresses, light weight pants and shirts are pretty much what I've been keeping my eyes on! 

I already picked up a really light chambray shirt, but decided that pairing it with either olive, white or tapered pants would be the best match. 
I really like these belted tapered pants from Target & I could dress them up or down on the trip! I have a pair of J.Crew olive skinnies that will be perfect with the top! 
Maxi Dresses are perfect because of how light weight they are, but I have to be conscious of making sure my shoulders are as covered as possible - so I've already picked up a great colored cardigan, but need a great wrap for going out. 
We'll more than likely have at least two times in both India & Dubai to make our way to the beach and I finally get a chance to wear my new one piece! I picked this up at the end of Summer for such a great deal! 
This tunic is so perfect because it could be dressed up or down, especially with those black pants or the jeans that I know I'll be bringing! 
While my day bag(s) are still up in the air, I'll be bringing my Uber Clutch which can hold everything! 

From past trips I know that Evian Spray mist is the absolute best at hydrating on super hot days and after long flights!
This Naked Basics palette was a new purchase for me, but I didn't want the bulk of carrying a full palette and this has all the colors I need to create beautiful looks. 

I think it might be fun to do a compare post of what I thought I was going to pack with what I actually ended up bringing!! I'm not even tackling shoes...I will be over packing those for sure! What do you think I'm missing?


Long Weekend Delight

January 19, 2016
Happy Tuesday friends!! Three days off sure do give you just enough time to have fun, be productive and relax!! A little peek into what kept us busy this weekend!
Lots of good food//
We ate a variety of food this weekend...but my favorite was probably the crab bites from Cheesecake Factory!! 
Picked out a beautiful sari to wear during our friends wedding in India next month - I'm in love with the color and can't wait to share!
Goodbye party for a friend moving back to France//Dollar Spot wins for Valentine's Day// A Monday spent cleaning...but it's so clean now // Rewarding myself with beautiful flowers
I also picked up a few things for our trip...sharing a packing list with you all tomorrow! 

Always nice starting a week on a Tuesday! Hope today is great for you!