Weekending into March

February 29, 2016
Happy Monday and happy leap day friends!! The first weekend back in Boston was a success - equal parts fun and relaxing!! Here's what we were up to!
Along with everyone else, I was pretty pumped that Fuller House was released on Netflix this past Friday - I mean TGIF all over again, and I make no qualms about finishing it all this weekend...each episode was like 24 minutes so that barely counts as binge watching, right? We also watched Leap Year because it's a leap year, so that doesn't need much explanation! 
Most of Saturday was spent getting ready for a gala we had that night!! I was lucky enough to get a last minute appointment at Icon Salon in Newton Center. Not only did Amnon nail the hair cut, but he totally wins for keeping my curls in shape for not one, but two days - you'll see second day hair later in the post! 

Everyone was so friendly & since it was my first time there I was given a tour of the salon. I also noticed that they put an ATM downstairs and I find this to be so smart because I am notorious at forgetting cash for tips and this just makes it so much easier for everyone! 
I haven't been able to find a great hair stylist here in Boston in 6 years...bouncing from salon to salon and finally I can say, I've found THE guy! You know when you say, just take off an inch and they end up getting scissor happy, well that was not the case here! I even talked about perhaps a little balayage hair action so stay tuned for that!  
That night we got all dressed up in the name of charity! Part work, but mostly play - it was a really fun night for a good cause and we were happy to even play a small part in it! 
I'm so happy that I was able to wear this dress again (first seen here) and we won't even discuss how much use I've gotten out of my wedding earrings! It also felt like our own version of the Oscars - who doesn't love getting their hair done, putting on a pretty dress & then dancing the night away! 

Much of the East Coast was blessed with amazing weather on Sunday and we took full advantage of it! A little brunch at Clery's - fun fact, this is where Gary and I had our first date & where he took me before he proposed!
Gary had the Philly Eggs Benedict and I snuck a bite - seriously good! 
Reveling in second day hair! Why is it that when I curl my hair it never looks this good the next day - oh I know why - No patience!
Stopped into Trader Joe's on my weekly Sunday run for flowers and I scooped up pretty pink sunflowers! 
After the sky was on fire, it was time to settle in for the night and watch the Oscars and I have to say the red carpet was really underwhelming for me! But I did think that Charlize Theron absolutely slayed in Dior. Gorgeous! 

Today is a bonus day's of sorts - what are you going to do?! Link up below to share your weekends with us!

I was given a hair cut & style from Icon Salon in exchange for my honest review - the proof is in the second day hair here! :)

Friday Favorites | Last one for February

February 26, 2016
Happy Friday friends! To say this week has been hectic would be an understatement and it's not stopping this weekend either, but no complaints as I'm finally adjusted to the time difference! Happy to be linking up again with Amanda and April this week! 

Favorite Recipe

I was so excited to get back home and start cooking again and the first thing I tackled was this stuffed zucchini recipe. It was light and fresh, exactly what our body was craving after all the food we ate on our vacation! I made it with pasta this first time, but I'm going to make it again and try it with rice next time. 

Favorite Post

Perhaps a bit biased here, but I shared part one of our vacation in India yesterday. If you didn't have a chance to check it out yesterday I hope you'll take a look today

Favorite Event

On Wednesday night, my business partner and I were lucky enough to attend the Boston Magazine Wedding Party at the Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams store. 
The drinks of the evening were provided by Chole Wine Collection and if you're a Prosecco fan like me, you'll love it! I'm also slightly obsessed with their packaging and pretty black bow! 

Favorite Purchase

I did quite a bit of shopping when we were in Dubai and I finally scored a pair of lace up flats! Not only are they on sale (under $40) and comfortable, but they in a fierce red color! 

Favorite Links

// This fun post on how to master the flat lay for Instagram
// A blog action plan for as little as 2 minutes and as much as 30
// DIY Diamond Ring jello shots that would be perfect for a bachelorette party

Will you be watching the Oscars on Sunday? Hope you have a great weekend and come back Monday for some Weekending fun! 


Adventures in India: Mangalore & Bangalore

February 25, 2016
Mangalore and Bangalore adventures
It's hard to come back after a trip like we just took and know where to begin in terms of recapping and also just making sense of everything that happened! I hope this serves as more of a storybook than an actual guide for Mangalore and Bangalore because there is no way for me to truly do justice to everything we saw, but I'll try! Fair warning - this will be long, but it does have lots of pictures!! 


What a blur! After boarding our flight in Boston we made our way to Dubai only to have completely lost all of Saturday...the beauty of time zones! It took a full 24 hours to make our way to Mangalore, India. To say I was a bit delirious would be an understatement! I did a lot of research in terms of what was okay to eat and drink (steer clear of the water) in India...what I came up with, better safe than sorry and as we all know I packed enough food for our India portion to last more than the time we stayed there, but none of it came back with us, so I'd say that was a success! 
We stayed at the Red Rock Hotel & Residency, a very authentic Indian hotel, which was a 3 minute walk to the beach - perfect since we caught 1 sunrise and 2 sunsets!! 

The staff at the hotel could not have been more accommodating and after seeing how important WiFi was to most of us Americans (typical I know) they were able to set us up! We adjusted to the 10.5 hour time difference quite well and that was due in large part to melatonin! Seriously such a life saver when you're trying to adjust and get on track with your sleep!

Temple Tours & Touristy Things\\

Our first full day in Mangalore started out with a temple tour. We were lucky because Erik and Prassuna (and her family) did a wonderful job of keeping us all entertained and allowing us to see the sights. 
I actually found the outside of the temple to be even more stately than the inside and loved the beautiful art work. We didn't spend too much time here, but once we made our way out wouldn't you know we found an elephant! 

I'm sure this is a tourist trap, but to be up close with an animal of that size is incredible! Gary being the brave one actually interacted with him! One of the best things we saw in Mangalore is a beautiful botanical garden, which is part of an eco-educational program in the city. 
We also visited the temple of the Krishna's. It felt like you walked into another little city - so much color and so much history! It was a sight to be seen! 

When you see a fruit cart you just have to take a picture, the same goes for colorful fishing boats! 

Cocktail & Henna Party\\

Two days before the actual temple ceremony, a cocktail & henna party was held for the couple - friends and family totaling close to 150 all came out to the hotel! There was dancing, toasts and did I mention the dancing!! So much fun!

Wedding Time//

Sorry it's blurry, taken from a friend's facebook page. 

When Erik and Prassuna mentioned that we'd play a small part in the wedding I assumed we would just be handing something off. But this was quite different - this was incredible and something only a married couple is asked to do and is a blessing for us as well as the newlyweds! 
Walking in was unlike anything I have every experienced and we were literally there on the stage with them as they were receiving their blessings! Such and incredible thing to be asked to do and something Gary and I will never forget! 

I think it was quite odd for some of the guests and even temple go-ers to see me in a sari because the amount of times I was asked for my picture (or in some cases not asked) made me feel a bit like an exhibit, but it was all in good fun...I think :) 

Final Days in India

Shangri-la Hotel Bangalore
After the wedding on Wednesday we hopped on a quick 45 minute flight back to Bangalore where we would spend Thursday. Checking into the Shangri-La Hotel was a welcome treat!! 
It's brand new, only a few months old and when I booked it they actually didn't have many pictures online, so it was a bit of a gamble, but it paid off because we had the most incredible 24 hours there!! 
Shangri-la Hotel Bangalore

Shangri-la Hotel Bangalore

We didn't see much of Bangalore - to say the city is huge would be an understatement - close to 4 million residents! Thankfully The Bangalore Palace was within walking distance of our hotel so we made our way there early in the morning!! 

What I found to be most interesting is that there are weddings every single day in India - and not just town hall weddings but super elaborate affairs!! So much fun to see!! 
We had planned to visit some of Gary's co-workers in the Bangalore office and after that we were beat- so we indulged because what else do you do in a 5 star hotel when the dollar is worth so much...you get a massage!! I cant say enough great things about the hotel, but with 8 restaurants to choose from and friendly staff it should come as no surprise that I didn't want to leave!! But, the second part of the trip was coming up and I was beyond excited!! 
If you had asked me if I ever thought I'd make my way to India - my answer would have been NO! It wasn't a country that was ever on my travel list, but after seeing the beauty of the people and the way they live their lives - its truly something special! I had a few eat, pray, love moments...we saw some people living in pretty extreme conditions and it definitely makes you stop and realize what a luxury it is that we live where we do! I wouldn't have traded those few days in India for anything & the best part is NOT getting Delhi Belly (similar to what you get in Mexico if you drink the water)!! 
I warned you that it was going to be quite the post...so thank you for reading this part!! Is India on your travel bucket list?