Summer Makeup & Skincare Favorites

June 29, 2016
The temperatures have been creeping up here in New England and while we rarely hit the 90° mark - the heat and humidity still cause issues with skin and makeup, like sweating off. I wanted to share a few makeup items that have been lifesavers for me and help keep my sweat at bay and keep my skin looking fresh!

Weekending | The Last of June

June 27, 2016
Welcome back to Monday friends and the official last week of June!! This weekend was all sorts of fun so let's get right into what we got up to! 
Serious house goals spotted this weekend - that deck with flowers is everything! 

Friday Favorites | The Last Before July

June 24, 2016
Happy Friday friends - can we just take a moment and's the last weekend in June...we will be onto the 7th month of the year by next week - that is just nuts!! Recapping a few favorite things from this week! 


Summer Bucket List

June 22, 2016
Summer bucket lists are fun, they give us something to look forward to and are great when we need a little inspiration when we're looking to shake things up a bit on weekends that can become more routine than spontaneous! Here's a few things I wouldn't mind checking off my list! 

Perfect Summer Weekend Moments

June 20, 2016
Welcome back to Monday friends! All my favorite summer moments took place this past weekend!! It was one of those weekends when you have time to soak it all in - the sun, your family & good food - really hoping that the rest of the season follows suit and we can enjoy many more of these perfect times! Here's a few of those summer moments! 

Friday Favorites | 5 Links and 5 Things I'm Loving

June 17, 2016
Happy Friday friends!  We had the most beautiful week here in Boston with the weather cooperating every single day and I was happy to take my gym sessions from inside to outside. The nice weather also helped the week fly by and I'm ready to enjoy the weekend! Sharing my favorites in a different layout with 5 things I'm loving & 5 links I loved reading this week, still linking up with Amanda


Hostess with the Mostess

June 15, 2016
Summer is the season of going to your friends houses for BBQs, pool parties & housewarming parties - with all these fun events you can't show up empty handed! Here's a few hostess gifts to bring along with you!


Luminess Air vs. Everyday Makeup

June 13, 2016
Happy Monday friends! I'm at a loss at how to even begin to start this week off...with the tragic and senseless shooting that took place this past weekend I am sending all my thoughts and prayers to the families, victims & those affected. My heart is with the people of Orlando. With that being said - I did have this post slated to go today and while my weekend was nothing short of relaxing and filled with family time, I wanted to share my review of the Luminess Airbrushed Makeup System. The weekending linkup is still live below and as I  mentioned on Friday, I'm going to be switching up my Monday and Friday posts to give a bit of variety! 

Friday Roundup

June 10, 2016
Hello and happy Friday friends! My posting schedule has been a bit sporadic over the last few months and that's due to work, both my full-time job and my side business, which I'm not complaining about at all because having actual clients that want us to help plan their weddings is a blessing - with that being said, I do want to maintain some sort of consistent blogging schedule so for a while I will be posting Monday, Wednesday & Friday. Since Monday's and Friday's are usually link-up's - I'm going to do my best to change it up and not constantly share favorites on Friday's and if the weekend's just aren't that exciting - I'll have something else planned for that day! So with that little bit of housekeeping out of the way, here are my favorites from the week and linking up with Amanda!


Father's Day Gift Guide

June 07, 2016
Father's day is coming right up (June 19th!) and this year my dad is actually going to be in town to celebrate it with both me and my sister! Dad's are almost as hard to buy for as mom's - at least that's the case with mine! My dad takes incredible care of his things - he has had the same sunglasses for at least 12 years and they are still in impeccable shape, same goes for wallets, shoes and anything else - so I have to get really creative for the man who wants for nothing! Since dad's are practical, here's a gift guide that fits the bill!


Weekend Happenings

June 06, 2016
The first weekend of June is in the books and the weekend flew by as fast as it came! Here's what we got up to! 

Friday Favorites | Getting Started with June

June 03, 2016
Happy Friday friends!! This week flew by thanks to a shortened work week! I'm ready to kick back and enjoy the weekend with a few plans sprinkled in between relaxing! Linking up with Amanda to share some favorites from the week!

Reading Lately

June 01, 2016
Less than a month ago I shared a reading guide for myself more than anything else and I can't even believe it, but I've finished 4/5 books on the list!! I really wanted to review all of them, not thorough enough to give anything away, but give my true honest opinion because actually reading them instead of just the synopsis gave me a different feeling! I'm also sharing three more books that I have on my reading list! Before we get into it I decided to skip By Invitation Only mostly because I've been working really hard on my side business that I didn't feel like that was pleasure reading, so I'll keep this on the back burner until the Fall!