Weekending by the numbers

October 31, 2016
Happy Halloween & happy Monday friends!! While we didn't dress up this year we still had a really fun weekend and I for one am looking forward to kids coming around our place tonight so I can get rid of all the candy in my house, which just so happens to be candy I wouldn't mind eating if we didn't get as many trick or treaters...anyone else buy the candy that they like just in case. Decided to do a little weekending recap by the numbers! 

Friday Favorites | That Last for October

October 28, 2016
They stay time flies, but it takes on a whole new meaning when you're an adult!! How is it possible that we are in the final weekend of October?! Linking up with Amanda to share a few favorites from the last couple of weeks! 


Sweater Weather

October 26, 2016
Well it's official - sweater weather has hit the northeast! Can I take a moment to pause that anytime someone says sweater weather I immediately think of the song by The Neighborhood...okay now that we have that out of the way...I took stock of my closet a couple days ago and came to realize that while I have a lot of long sleeved shirts, I don't have many sweaters! 
For Work || Color Block Milano Sweater || Ruffle Turtleneck  || Pleated Hem Sweater 
For Fun || Eyelet Lace Up || V-Neck Knot  || Ruffle Trim Fuzzy Sweater

Nashville Travel Guide

October 24, 2016
Happy Monday friends!! What a week AND weekend!! We had an absolute blast in Nashville and I'm excited to share a little travel guide with you! When I first started researching a quick getaway for us, the location needed to tick off just one box - direct and short flight from Boston! Gary and I didn't really have a set plan of what we needed to do and sort of just went with the flow, but through a lot of recommendations and a little luck we had a stellar time in Nashville! Settle in because this is going to be a long one! 


5 Reasons to visit New England in the Fall

October 18, 2016
Okay, so I might be a tad biased here, but living in New England in the Fall makes the harsh winter a bit more bearable! I decided I was going to move to Boston when I was 9 years old - I would visit my sister a few times a year and fall in love with everything that the city offered. I'm not sure if I ever mentioned this here before, but I actually moved here a week after graduating from college - no job, a few friends (like 2) and the support of my sister. I somehow (seriously job searching during 2009 was brutal) landed a full-time job and was able to start my new adventure!! It's hard to believe that I've lived in Boston for over 7 years, but with this city being home now - I thought I'd share a few fun reasons of why Fall here might just be the best! In no particular order...

Weekending | All the Fall Fun

October 17, 2016
Happy Monday friends!! What a weekend - we soaked up all the beautiful weather and did all the Fall things, basically in one day!! I'm pretty pumped for the week - Sia concert tomorrow night & off to Nashville for an extended long weekend, but before that - here's how we took advantage of the beautiful weather this weekend! 

Currently Loving

October 14, 2016
Happy Friday friends!! This week was treat because of the midweek day off - we had the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur (Yom Kipps for anyone that watches Odd Mom Out - I linked to the hilarious episode) and I spent the day with my sister, nieces and nephew. The service we attended was for kids, but the underlying principles for what the Rabbi said, everyone could take with them regardless of age!  
It's been a while since I shared some of the recent products / things I've been loving - so here's a run down! 

My thoughts on acupuncture

October 12, 2016
Since having mentioned that I was going to try acupuncture out, it was the most requested blog post for me to write, so here I am a little over 1 month later and 3 sessions completed ready to dish! I wanted to do this in a sort of Frequently Asked Questions style and you'll have to excuse that there really aren't any photos from my sessions because truth be told if I saw someone's post with needles sticking out of them I would be too freaked out to give it a try! 


Weekending | Dream Wedding at the Park Plaza

October 10, 2016
Happy Monday friends! If you have today off, I'm pretty jealous because after this weekend, there have never been more truer words spoken after a weekend as those on the mug below! 
Before recapping, my thoughts are with all of those impacted by Hurricane Matthew. I'm pretty sure I annoyed my parents and friends to no end with the constant texts and calls, but this didn't just hit close to home, it hit my hometown. There are really no words that will be able to convey my feelings - but I'm so thankful and grateful that my friends and family are all safe and I hope the same is true for those of you in the affected areas. After looking back on the weekend, I told Gary that I really want to bottle it up - all the excitement from our first wedding at the Boston Park Plaza - the feeling of - holy crap I coordinated a wedding at one of my dream venues and that's just what this post will be! 

Five Recent Reads

October 07, 2016
Happy Friday everyone! For everyone in Florida, Georgia & the Carolina's - hoping you all stay safe and have all the supplies you need to make it through the storm! I've called my parents way too many times making sure they have enough gas, food, water & all of their stuff charged just in case! 

I've briefly mentioned that we don't have a television in our bedroom anymore - it was actually Gary's idea and one that I'm glad he sort of felt strongly enough about to make sure it happened. Because of this change instead of watching TV before bed, I read! These extra 20-30 minutes have given me the opportunity to fly through books! I also read on my 20 minute train ride to work, so if I'm really into a book (which I have been recently) I'll finish it in about two - three days! Here's a few that I've read with some reviews and a few more that I have on my list!

B~Inspired | Lauren Sherman Owner Pure Barre Boston

October 05, 2016
Four years ago a friend of mine asked me to take a new workout class with her. She said my legs and arms would never burn or shake as much as they did with this workout and I wouldn't be able to sit / walk for the next day or so. Obviously with a description like that why wouldn't I want to try that workout! She and I went to the newest (and at the time only) Pure Barre location in Boston on Newbury Street and I was immediately hooked! I signed up right then for the new client special and haven't looked back since! 
This is the eighth installment of B~Inspired - a series that was started to fuel my own passions. The women featured have shown that hard work, determination and a little bit of creativity can propel you into your dream career! I hope you enjoy this Q&A with Lauren Sherman, owner of not one, but two studios here! 

Happy Weekend Moments

October 03, 2016
Back to Monday friends!! This weekend was nonstop, but it was so rewarding! Seeing something that you've been working on for the last year come to life was amazing - this weekend Jackie & I were able to see our clients enjoy their first wedding and next weekend we get to do it all over again with them! That's right - they are having two weddings!
Here are a few things that made this weekend perfect...