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Boston Breweries & Distilleries | Series

I wouldn't say that Boston is a "drinking" city by any means, but we do have our fair share of breweries & distilleries in the area. While I'm certainly not the biggest drinker in the world, I do enjoy the occasional tour & tasting. Boston has plenty to choose from and it makes for the best weekend activity, especially when the weather is less than stellar outside. 
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Bantam Cider

boston breweries, brewery in boston,distillery in boston, brewery tour boston
boston breweries, brewery in boston,distillery in boston, brewery tour boston
Cider just screams Fall to me & to know we have a few great ciders locally made makes it that much better! Bantam Cider has a tap room located in Somerville, but I wouldn't waste your time on the tour since there really isn't much to it - they even say so on their website! Their flights are only $10 and have enough variety that you can share! We had a fun day date here with my business partner & her husband!

Bully Boy

boston breweries, brewery in boston,distillery in boston, brewery tour boston
Gary and I randomly stumbled upon Bully Boy after seeing them in a corner store last year. The tour is reasonably priced for the amount of "tasting" you get to do! When we were there, you actually got a greeter drink before the tour. My favorite was the Boston Rum & Gary loved the pre-made old fashioned! These are also probably my favorite bottles to keep on our bar cart! Tip: You'll want to take an uber here since it's not close to public transport!

Short Path Distillery 

boston breweries, brewery in boston,distillery in boston, brewery tour boston
We did a styled wedding shoot at Short Path Distillery earlier this year and I think one of the highlights for us was that we were able to taste test some of the delicious drinks that one of the owners created for us. The old factory, turned distillery is the best place to relax & unwind with friends. They have a large tasting room & their season spirits are some of the best I've ever tasted. Every time we went for a "venue visit" I picked up a bottle of their rum for Gary. 

Sam Adams Brewery

boston breweries, brewery in boston,distillery in boston, brewery tour boston
Admittedly this the first ever brewery tour that I did and it's a staple in Boston! I've only toured once when I had a few girlfriends visit after first moving here, so I'm not sure how the tour is now, but considering it's one of the oldest in Boston, it rarely changes. This is probably the most comprehensive tour & you taste test quite a bit towards the end. Since I'm not the biggest fan of beer, I gravitated toward more of the lighter brews, but my friends all had a great time! The tour is FREE and you do get a nifty little tasting glass to take home as a souvenir as well. 

Harpoon Brewery

I think Harpoon is probably the most fun brewery we have - it's massive and there is always some event taking place on their grounds! A few years ago their beer hall opened so don't have to tour the brewery if you just want to enjoy their beer. I also think this is the easiest tour to get to since it's in the Waterfront! The photo is from one of their many events - the Harpoon 5 miler - you're treated to a nice cold beer as soon as you complete the race! 

Downeast Cider 

boston breweries, brewery in boston,distillery in boston, brewery tour boston
I've yet to visit Downeast Cider, but with a new location in East Boston, this will definitely be on the weekend to-do list very soon! They probably have my favorite variety of ciders & the pumpkin one is not to be missed! Side note, whoever runs their social media is a genius, because their captions on Instagram are just hilarious! 

Night Shift Brewing 

boston breweries, brewery in boston,distillery in boston, brewery tour boston
Another brewery that I have not yet visited but from their website and social looks like so much fun! They also offer a free tour & take donations for the Greater Boston Food Bank in return. They also win for most fun cans - so colorful!

I guess after reading this back, maybe Boston is a drinking city 😀 Those are just a few of my picks for Boston Breweries & Distilleries to visit! Do you like to do these types of tours when you're visiting a new city? Are you more of a beer or cider fan?

Sunflower Field Fun

sunflower farm, colby farm newbury, farm sunflowers, wild sunflowers
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Happy Monday friends! This was definitely one of those late in the season summer weekends that G & I are going to remember! Since Saturday was only a day of coordination for Bespoke, we were able to sneak in a date night & have a full day left to enjoy the weekend! I think making a list of anything I want to do and putting it on this blog holds me accountable and I actually get things done - we were able to check off the sunflower fields at Colby Farm that I mentioned in a post last week
 Earrings are new & they aren't heavy at all!

Fall Fun | Things I'm looking forward to

This is hands down my favorite time of year! I walked out of the house yesterday and felt the crispness in the air & actually smiled! Fast forward a few months to the dead of winter and I won't be smiling, but for now - I'm in my happy place! Here are a few things I'm looking forward to this season!


4 Outwear Favorites for Autumn

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Happy Monday lovelies! To my friends in Florida, I have been thinking of everyone all weekend & couldn't believe the unexpected turn it took to the west coast. I know my parents were getting annoyed with my constant barrage of questions & making sure they were prepared! Hoping you all are safe!

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday friends! First and foremost, sending so many prayers to those of you in my home state of Florida that will be dealing with the hurricane this weekend! Hoping everyone stays safe & prepared. I feel like short work weeks are sometimes even more jam packed because you have a full day of stuff to catch up on! Looking forward to our first wedding of September tomorrow! Here are a few favorites from the week! 

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Favorite Movie

Well I can't really say for sure if it's good, but I do have plans after work to see Home Again and somehow bribed Gary to see it with me! There are few Reese Witherspoon movies that I don't like & the fact that the director's mom is Nancy Meyer makes me think it's going to be pretty in line with what we're used to from movies like It's Complicated, The Intern & The Holiday - three of my favorites! Side note, the director Hallie is 30 years old - you go girl! 

Favorite Protein

I was really intrigued when I started to see people I follow on Instagram sharing their experiences with Vital Proteins. The pr team reached out to me a month or so ago to try out their collagen protein that helps with hair, skin & nails as well as promoting joint help and helping with digestions. I went into trying them with very low expectations, but here we are a month later and I have to say I'm hooked. The powder I have is flavorless and dissolves quickly and easily with any liquid. I've mixed in with plain water, my coffee and even a Starbucks refresher! Where I've seen the most noticeable difference is with my nails! I have always had very brittle nails, but they are now stronger and growing so much faster than ever before! When I say that I have baby nails, I really do and nothing has ever worked to get them to grow. I've also seen a bit of improvement in my skin! Overall, I'm a believer and so happy that I have so much of the product left! 

Favorite New Kitchen Gadget

Gary is on a kick to clean up our "junk" drawer in the kitchen and one of the things that causes the most chaos in that drawer are all the different measuring contraptions I have! He found this great measuring spoon that basically got rid of everything else! It's adjustable and can be used from both ends with larger measurements on one end and smaller ones on the other! I absolutely love it and for under $7 it's totally worth it to clean up the drawer! 

Favorite Song 

This French Montana "Unforgettable" song is a few months old, but anytime it comes on my Spotify I immediately feel the need to start dancing, which is sort of embarrassing since most of the time I'm on the train! The video really doesn't have anything to do with the song, which is why I added the lyric video instead! 
That's all friends! Again, praying for everyone in Florida to stay safe & hoping this storm decided to turn away! 
Vital Proteins sent me a few of their protein products for testing purposes. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

Fall Cravings

Hello hello friends! I am dubbing September "coordination" month because we have officially entered busy wedding and event season - both professionally at my full time job & for Bespoke! I'm pretty excited since this means we're growing steadily, but also a bit nervous with how quickly September will fly by! We've had our first little taste of fall-like weather here in Boston - last week we had a few days where it barely hit 70 degrees and it was glorious! This is my absolute favorite time of the year and I am adding to my wishlist, it seems daily! Last year I invested in a great pair of OTK boots that I wore all the time and this year I have a few staples that I am looking forward to adding in as well! 

  • Getting in the fall mood starts first with scent! I have already started burning some fall candles and I think adding essential oils to diffuse at night would be just perfect. 
  • I've been slowly adding wool wide brimmed hats every fall / winter season and have a couple that I love, but grey is one color I could add into the rotation
  • I'm still kicking myself for missing out on the perfect Chole dupe a few months ago & this time I found another great dupe on Goodnight Macaroon's website! 
  • I actually scooped up this J.Crew day coat during a really big sale with thinsulate, meaning it will take me well into winter!! It comes in 6 different colors and I went with a vibrant green they had on sale last season. 
  • So the Gucci Marmont Loafers are just not going to make their way into my closet, but these rust colored Steve Madden ones just might! 
  • As much as I love darker colors in the fall, there is something about the unexpected light tones & having a dark green faux leather jacket, this suede moto jacket is it's perfect compliment. I also really love the shoulder detail! 
  • One thing I 100% will be adding to my closet as soon as possible is a pair of black jeans - I love the way the NYJD brand fits - I have a few other pairs of their jeans and they are insanely comfortable! 
  • Sweater weather is almost fully upon us & since they are all I wear for about 5 months of the year I like it to have cute details

What's on your Fall Wishlist? 


Still Weekending...

Hope you all are enjoying your long weekend!! I'm taking one more day to soak up all the last bits of summer & I hope you are too! 

Recently Read | Long Weekend Books

Happy Friday friends! We are on the heels of a long weekend & I couldn't be more excited! Today marks one year of our move into our current house & I can't tell you how happy I am to not be moving for the foreseeable future! September 1 moves in the city are the worst! It's only been a few weeks since my last book review post, but these were all light reads, with one thriller and I wanted to share my thoughts on the off chance you might need some light reading this weekend! 

First Impressions | Beauty & Other Randoms

First impression videos are some of my favorite to watch on YouTube & there are plenty of products that I try out and then sometimes forget to mention on the blog, but usually will talk about on InstaStories - so I thought I'd share a few first impressions for recent purchases!

Pantene Pro V Dry Shampoo ||

I have raved about my favorite dry shampoo for a couple of years now, but I haven't really found a drug store product that held a candle to it. After my first few uses with the Pantene Pro V Dry Shampoo I think I may have found just that. You definitely have to make sure you shake it well before use, but it comes out without any residue left in your hair. It has a bit of a light hold hairspray texture to it - so it gives my hair a little more body instead of looking oily and sad. 

Weekending | The Last of August

Happy Monday friends! After battling a cold most of last week, I was really looking forward to a relaxing weekend. What I got was a fun filled weekend with not a whole lot of down time! Bright side, the cold is officially gone so I guess I didn't need relaxation after all! 

About Me in Three's

Having seen this post floating around, I thought it would be fun to add in my answers & in the process hopefully share some fun facts about myself! I always love learning more about the bloggers I follow & hopefully you do as well! 

Weekending | Wine Events & Philadelphia

Happy Monday friends!! What a whirlwind weekend spent with one of my dearest friends from college in Philadelphia! Our idea of a fun night out is pretty different than it was back in the day, but we still got ready like we did when we were 21! If you're supposed to have a Philly cheesesteak on your first visit to the city- then I totally failed, but we did have some epic food so as per usual I apologize in advance if this causes any hunger pains!! 

Recent Outfits and Instagram Lately

I don't really do too many blog posts highlighting what I'm wearing, but I do post quite often on Instagram! I shared a few of my Instagram looks a few months ago & wanted to do another one before summer comes to an end! I'm going to miss all the bright colors, but I'll be ready for fall tones, especially with my nails in the next few weeks! 

Staycation Weekend | Aloft Boston Seaport

Thank you to Aloft Boston for providing us with a complimentary stay. Opinions of the hotel & our experience are my own. 

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday friends! I haven't shared a favorites post in a while and there has been a lot of fun this week so let's get right to it! 

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

My skin has never been prone to breakouts, but it seems that turning 30 may have changed that! My sister recommended this drying lotion and it's amazing! I use a q-tip applying it to the "area" and it dries it overnight. It does tingle after application, but it works! 

Endurance Pilates and Yoga

On Monday I was invited to Endurance Pilates and Yoga to take a private pilates session with Christie who is a principal pilates instructor at the studio. For 55 minutes Christie took me through what a personal pilates session is like. I've taken a few pilates classes on reformer's before, but I've never had an instructor really work through each movement with me. The session was true to the pilates method, which is not usually the case with other classes I've taken - turns out I've been doing the hundred's all wrong! I jokingly asked Christie if she thought the pilates class or the birth of a child would be harder! If you've ever wondered how the Victoria Secret models get in shape before a shoot - aside from amazing genetics, it's the Endurance Method and the bridal packages make me wish I was still planning my wedding, but I'll just have to share it with all my brides! I judge a workout based on how sore I am the next day - the verdict, I'm happy I worked from home on Tuesday because I was incredibly sore and could barely lift my arms!

Bespoke Boston Weddings New Website

For the last few months, Jackie & I have been working with a designer on revamping our company website and it went live on Monday! We wanted our site to be crisp, clean & inviting for couples and hopefully it is just that! We are excited to continue to expand the site with a blog & showcase our portfolio of past weddings as well! 

Harry's Razors 

When I told Gary that he had blogger mail, you would have thought I told him we just won the lottery, it's the little things friends! The folks at Harry's sent me two of their Truman Set's - one for me & one for Gary! As much as I liked the razors, Gary really liked them! In his words: you get a nice close shave & the balm doesn't leave you with irritation! Funny enough, my dad was here when we opened the boxes & it turns out he uses the razors & loves them too! I prefer men's razors over women's any day & the quality is certainly there with Harry's!

The Last Tycoon 

If you have Amazon Prime then I cannot recommend The Last Tycoon enough! I first watched the pilot episode last year before the other episodes were released and knew it was going to be a show that I was going to love! I'm a huge fan of Matt Bomer from White Collar Crime & Lily Collins is just flawless as a the daughter of a head of a hollywood studio! Based on the unfinished novel by F. Scott Fitgerald - this is everything amazing about old Hollywood with the issues of the 1930's playing center stage in both character development and theme! The final episode of the season was ahhhh...I am ready for season two! If you liked the Great Gatsby & the era of old hollywood - then I'm sure you'll like this! 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! We have some really fun things planned so I hope you'll follow along on Instagram and I'll see you back here Monday for Weekending! 


Office Refresh | Desk Accessories

Admittedly, I am sort of addicted to office supplies - between planners & pens, I could probably open my own supply store. One of the things I miss most about going back to school is the school supply shopping! It's been years since I've gone "back to school," but an office refresh right around back to school time sounds just as fun! 
What to have in your office, desk accessories, pen holders, mini globes, iphone desk chargers. office plants

  • I sometimes forget my portable charger in other purses, so I find myself asking people I work with for their chargers, which I know can get annoying! A cute charger at my desk would help that!
  • There might not be a good reason to have a mini globe at your desk aside from it looking pretty - but that is reason enough for me! 
  • I actually have TWO different pen holders at my desk - one for "pretty" pens and one for boring ones like blue and black ink! <-- I told you, I'm strange when it comes to pens!
  • When it comes to file folders, I can't deal with the plain manilla ones, I need something fun all the paperwork, both at work and at home. They are the perfect pop of color to my desk.
  • Working in marketing and events, I have a tendency to want everything to be pretty, right down to the paperclips I use to give drafts to people! We also have contracts and proposals for our brides so we like to give them everything in pretty packaging! I also might be one of the last people that uses scissors at work, but I'm always piecing materials together in new ways and if I have to use scissors then they are going to be cute! 
  • I'm a very visual person, so I have a dry erase board at my desk for every project we have coming up and the outstanding items. 
  • I'm not very good at keeping plants alive at work, but I have managed to keep my one succulent alive since the day I started over 2 years ago! 
  • My favorite way to give the office a little refresh is by changing up my desk calendar! It's something I look at every day, so I want it to be colorful and pretty! 

Do you miss back to school supply shopping? How do you like to refresh your desk accessories? 

4 Books Worth the Read

Happy Monday friends! I've haven't had the best luck with books recently- I started a couple that I couldn't finish, but the ones that I'm sharing today are all great reads and could not be more different from one another! Before I get into the reviews, I wanted to share a dress I wore to a baby shower over the weekend. This Loft dress is similar to the jeans from sisterhood of the traveling pants- it fits everyone! I think the neckline is so flattering & you get the off the shoulder trend with the ability to move your arms- win,win! 
Dress || Sunglasses || Purse 

Yes Way Rosé | Series

If you follow me on Instagram, then you might have seen that since the summer started I've been trying to find all the frosé that Boston restaurants and lounges have to offer! Trust me, this has been no easy task because it's not as widely popular here as it is in other cities like Chicago or New York! Since googling - "where can I find frosé in Boston" didn't work, I decided I would do my own post and highlight some of my favorite spots that I've found and keep this as a running list for those visiting Boston in the Summer and Boston locals on the hunt for the drink! First things first - what is frosé? It's basically a rosé slushy - perfect refreshment for the summer heat! It might look sweet, but it's wine based, so it doesn't have much sweetness to it at all.
where to find frose in boston, eataly, summer drinks, outdoor drinks


Currently | Life Updates

Happy Monday friends! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Mine was filled with tons of family time and a little bit of shopping- pretty perfect if you ask me!! I'm not sure how we got to the last day of July, but there's lots to look forward to and I wanted to share a little life update, mixed in with some of the recent things we've been getting up to! 

Wish list Wednesday

I've been trying to be "good" these last few months and not buy too much- but there have been a few sales (I think you all know which one I'm talking about) that have been too good to pass up!! A few things that have made their way to my wish list & perhaps to my mailbox! 

Easy Summer Dinners

Happy Monday friends! Hope you're coming off of a great summer weekend! Switching things up this week and sharing a few easy summer dinners with you! If I can find a dinner that minimizes the amount of time I spend in the kitchen but adds time to enjoy the daylight, then I'll cook it! Even better when it's under 20 minutes and tastes fresh! This isn't a recipe post because these are that simple to make!
fresh dinner, healthy dinner recipes,


Designer looks for less | Save vs Splurge

I think we can all agree that designer items are a nice to have, but not necessarily in the budget, read - super expensive! The summer sunnies for less post was pretty well received so I thought I'd do another round with some shoes & purses (my favorite)! If it's a pair of jeans or a closet staple then I certainly don't mind paying a little more to have it for a long time, but when it comes to trendier pieces where I like the design, but don't want to spend a fortune for something that might not be "in style" in a year! 

I can't even get over how similar some of these pieces are! When I was putting the collage together I had a hard time figuring out which one was which at first glance!

  • I've really gotten into loafers and I love how clean it looks with a pair of skinny jeans. Gucci loafers come in at $650 vs a save option for $24! Of course it is slightly different with a pointed toe vs. rounded and the save option isn't real leather, but it's pretty close at first glance! I also really like these pink ones for $26 - actually ordered them so I hope they fit! 
  • If there was a shoe that I was seriously considering splurging on it would be these Gucci mules but at $795 I think I'll pass and opt for these metallic ones for $37!  I really hope they get restocked in my size in black because I know I'd get a ton of wear out of them! 
  • I had the hardest time telling the difference between these wedge espadrilles - if it wasn't in the correct column I don't think you'd be able to tell either! Biggest difference - price! One is $37 and one is $160
  • Scrolled through Instagram lately?! If so then you've probably seen the Cult Gaia bag because to be honest the price point isn't as high as other designer bags at $228, but this is definitely a trendier item and I'm not 100% sure how things don't fall out, but I found a dupe on Amazon for $63!
  • The Chole "Faye" handbag has been around for a couple of years now, but the price is STEEP and I'm not sure it's a forever bag for me so when I saw this almost identical dupe in a pretty grey I was pretty excited. I read the reviews and it says that the suede catches color pretty easily - so it would be smart to safe guard it like you would with suede shoes. 


If you see me sporting any of the above, then you know it's the "save" option😂! What do you normally opt to splurge on vs. save? 

7 Date Ideas in the City | Series

What to do in boston, date ideas for boston, blovedboston
Happy Monday friends! Another wonderful summer weekend gone by way too fast, but I think we're being rewarded with amazing weather! This weekend gave me a great idea for the next part of my "Boston Series" with date ideas in the city! These are great if you live around Boston or if you're visiting for a weekend and looking for something fun to do with your significant other! Two previous series posts are Boston During the Day and Best Brunch Spots in Boston!
What to do in boston, date ideas for boston,bloved boston
Picnic in the Park || This one's easy! Get a pizza, pick up your favorite sandwich or you could even pick up sushi to go (my favorite) and eat it at the park! I really should get a picnic basket and try to make it a little bit more festive! My favorite parks for this are the public garden & anywhere on the esplanade! 
What to do in boston, date ideas for boston, bloved boston
South End Chocolate Tour || A couple years ago Gary & I took this tour and had the best afternoon walking and tasting chocolate from restaurants and stores in the South End. I did a full review that you could read here, but if you're a fan of chocolate and want to see one of the best neighborhoods in the city, then this is a fun afternoon! 
What to do in boston, date ideas for boston, bloved boston
Boston Wine Tour || Similar to the chocolate walking tour, we did a walking tour with City Wine Tours and had the best time in a smaller group setting. At the time there were only a couple of neighborhoods to choose from, but now they have so many other possibilities. We went with the Back Bay & were excited to learn that each stop had a little food for us to sample as well - probably smart you'd want to carb load us before sending us to the next stop! 
Paddle Boats on the Charles || If it's a nice day, the paddle boats are so much fun!! Pack some water because it's a workout!! Funny story for this little date that Gary planned - we were both pretty excited to get out there in the paddles and then I realized we had to paddle back - let's just say it took twice as long and poor Gary had more of a workout than he was expecting! 

Castle Island & the Beach || Since Boston is on the coast, we are surrounded by water, so when you want to head for the beach you can actually venture to South Boston's Castle Island which is a great little day date escape. Just keep in mind, it's a city beach so it's rocky! 

Blue Man Group || This show is worldwide now, but there is a set theater here in Boston where they perform and this is such a fun date night idea! Located in the theater district you could always have a dinner before the show! Fun tip - you can get reduced tickets for the day of the show at a couple of ticket booths in the city - one is in Faneuil Hall and the other is right next to the Boston Public Library, just go early in the day so that you can get tickets! 
Red Sox Game || So baseball is not even close to my favorite sport, but I'm always up for a date to Fenway Park! You don't even have to spent a ton on the tickets to get a good view, but you must get one of the Fenway Franks - they are specially made only for Fenway Park!

Gary and I are always up for exploring, so I'm interested to know what you favorite thing to do on a date where you live? What about when you're on vacation?