Still Weekending in Iceland

October 30, 2017
Hello from Iceland!! We are still enjoying Iceland so I'll be back Wednesday with a trip recap! In the meantime I hope you've seen some pictures on Instagram!! 

Two Fall Eye Shadow Looks

October 25, 2017
It's been a long time since I've done a makeup post here - I think the last one was actually a tutorial on how I fake false lashes!! Ever since discovering shadow sticks and how easy it is to create any type of eye shadow look - I've been almost exclusively using them! I thought it would be fun to share a couple easy looks I created using only shadow sticks! What I love most about using eye shadow sticks is how easy they are to apply and blend - there's no need to use a brush, you just swipe, blend  with your fingers and go!  I've come to really love Bobbi Brown Shadow Sticks, but NARS is coming in very close with the color selection and how creamy and rich the colors are! Fair warning - I took selfies for this so you're going to see a lot of my head!!  Here are my favorite colors for the different brands I've tried and a few that I will be picking up soon to try! 
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Bobbi Brown Favorites 
Shadow || Pink Sparkle || Golden Pink || Goldstone || Dusty Mauve

Other favorites & new buys
NARS Belle-lle || Laura Mercier Burnished Bronze  || NARS Sukhotai || NARS Oaxaca
For those of you that are no fuss makeup fans then I can't recommend shadow sticks enough - so easy to use! Here are two of my current fall eye shadow looks! 

Copper & Dark Green

This has become my go to look for the fall. I start with the NARS belle-lle (copper color) in the crease & then use GoldStone (green) from Bobbi Brown on my lower lid. I blend the the copper color into the dark green and it gives my eyes a nice pop! 

Dusty Mauve & Copper
If I had to pick my absolute favorite combination this would definitely be the one. dusty mauve from Bobbi Brown was the first shadow stick that I picked out and I've talked about it on the blog a few times! It's the most versatile color and depending on the color of your eyes it will change the appearance of how mauve-y it gets! The dusty mauve goes into the crease and then I blend it down. I apply the Copper color to my lower lids and blend that into where the dusty mauve starts. 

I also apply a grey eyeliner to my top & bottom lash lines to complete the look. Using only these shadow sticks, it takes me about 2 minutes to complete my eye makeup and the best part is how long they stay on. It's long wear to the max - I can go through an entire work day, workout at lunch & have an event at night and not need to touch up my eye makeup at all! I will admit that I do not like using the super dark colors because those are a little harder to blend, at least they are for me. I like to stick to colors that are not matte, have a little bit of shimmer to them and are creamy in consistency so that I can blend with my fingers & also blend it away if I mess up! 
Do you like to use shadow sticks? How long does your makeup routine take? 

Weekending & Weddings

October 23, 2017
Happy Monday friends! I hope wherever you live was as beautiful weather wise as it was here in Boston this past weekend! I think I may have uttered these exact words at least 10 times this weekend- "is this really October weather!?" I walked the equivalent of a marathon between Saturday & Sunday - which is basically a successful weekend in my book! 
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In Flight Essentials

October 18, 2017
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Can I admit that I'm a pretty antsy flier? I feel like I'm constrained to my seat & can never seem to get comfortable - no matter how short or long the flight is. Forget trying to sleep on a flight - this is something I've never mastered and wish more than anything that I was the type of person that could easily fall asleep anywhere. Our flight to Iceland is about 5 hours long and overnight so I'd love to be somewhat rested when we arrive since we have tickets to go straight to the Blue Lagoon. So before I get into my in flight essentials - I'd love to know if you have any tricks for sleeping on a flight, specifically for those flights over 4 hours! 

Fall Color Crush with accessories

October 16, 2017
Hello new week!! We had a pretty eventful weekend with brunches, hair appointments (for me) & making our way to a new far that has it's own brewery on site - nothing like fresh apple cider.  I have been gravitating towards the same colors this season and wanted to share my color crushes with you, in the form of accessories! 

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Currently Ordered | Amazon Edition

October 13, 2017
Life before Amazon Prime, waiting way too long for little things to arrive. Life after Amazon Prime (and sometimes same day delivery) like going shopping without having to step foot in a store or multiple stores because all of these things are so random! Here are some of my random recent purchases! 
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Luxe Box Review

October 11, 2017
It's been a few years since I cancelled all my beauty subscription boxes - I was a fan of BirchBox, GlossyBox & even the Sephora Box, but was getting so many sample size items that I wasn't able to finish any of them and it ended up getting thrown out or given to my sister & mom! 
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Weekending Fun

October 09, 2017
Hello, hello friends! If you're one of the lucky ones to have an extra day off, I'm a bit jealous!! Between this weekend's wedding fun & all the baby snuggles we got while visiting our friends - I think I'll have enough fun memories to make it through Monday! 
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Gary & I decided to meet after work and change up our little Friday night routine! We checked out Buttermilk & Bourbon - a New Orleans style tapas restaurant! I haven't been wowed by a restaurant in a while and the food here was so delicious! Each room has a different New Orleans theme and they even have an extra room in the back called the voodoo lounge! We decided to get a few things to leave room for the beignets - best decision I made all week! 
Restaurants in boston, where to eat in boston, tapas restaurant, new orleans style food, what to do in Boston
 Gouda Mac & Cheese - yes just as delicious as it sounds! Fried pickles are always a must for me! 
Restaurants in boston, where to eat in boston, tapas restaurant, new orleans style food, what to do in Boston
 The fried chicken thighs were actually "Nashville Style," but whatever style they were- they were incredible!
Restaurants in boston, where to eat in boston, tapas restaurant, new orleans style food, what to do in Boston
Hands down best part were these melt in your mouth delicious beignets! 
Gary's cousin was married this Saturday and gave us the best excuse to put our fancy clothes on!  With his family being all over the east coast, we rarely get to see everyone, so it was so it was fun to laugh, dance & enjoy the few hours together! I think the last time we were all together was at our wedding four years ago! Also, those gene's run deep in Gary's family - everyone looks alike 😂
Our friend had the most perfect little boy a few weeks ago and we couldn't wait to get our baby snuggles in!! Such a sweet little guy & can I just say - heart explodes seeing Gary holding that little nugget 💓
I can't say that fall has arrived at all here in New England because it's been so warm - but that hasn't stopped me from wearing all the fall colors!! I scooped up this belt I've had my eye on for a couple months! I've wanted the gucci GG belt for a while, but I don't wear belt's that often so when I spotted this one & it was finally on sale - I went for it! It's also reversible, tso you are getting a pretty great return on investment with two colors! 

Hope you have a great start to the week! Link up below to share your weekends with us! 


5 for Friday | Recently Read

October 06, 2017
Happy Friday friends! After a ton of wedding coordination this year - Gary & I are actually attending a wedding as guests...I'm pretty excited! We're also doing our best not to fly through Game of Thrones which is oddly addicting --> seriously what were we waiting for! If you're looking for something good to read, then I've got some books to your list! 

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The Sunshine Sisters: I love me some Jane Green! Something about her writing is very comforting! If you read the Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo then there is definitely a bit of similarities between the two books. A mom that wasn't nearly as good of a mother as she should have been & on the cusp of death she has asked all three of her daughters to return home. The sister's were once close but as the years passed, their relationships with each other & their mother has been almost non-existent! I shed a couple of tears while reading & was excited when the book finished with an epilogue! My favorite way to end a book! It was a great read to curl up with - especially once the weather starts to cool off! 
The Identicals: I only found Elin Hilderbrand this year and she has quickly become one of my favorite authors. This book brings together two of New England's most loved places - Martha's Vineyard & Nantucket! What's funny is that if you talk to anyone that lives around the Boston area- they have a serious preference to which place they prefer and Elin does a great job of weaving those feelings into the book. Harper & Tabitha Frost are identical twin sisters that no one can tell apart, but  could not be more different. For more than a decade the sisters have not spoken and they switch islands for the summer for reasons that are quickly explained in the book. There's gossip, scandal & lots of love - the makings of great read! I throughly enjoyed the book & definitely devoured it in 3 days! 
Waiting on You: I've read a few Kristan Higgins books and they all read like a Hallmark movie - which to me you sometimes need in your life! I didn't realize that this was part of a series, but I had already read the other two books about different characters in the town. So if you think you might like a little romance in  your life read the Blue Heron Series by Kristan Higgins because this book sort of gives away what happens with the other characters in the New York town. This was my favorite "relationship" in the books that I've read by her & probably the most relatable main characters yet. Overall it was a light & fun read - perfect if you're looking to add a little romance into your book reading after some thrillers! 
Just One Day: The only way to describe this book is delightful. I felt like I was taken back to my college years. The summer I spent studying abroad in Rome, felt like I was getting to know who I was without my parents & my friends and it seemed that Allyson was having the same experience. Allyson has always done the right thing, but a chance meeting with Willem gives her what she believes to be the best 24 hours of her life. I'd say this is less about a love story and more of a coming of age story told from Allyson's point of view. The book ends and I felt myself wanting more - lucky for me the author wrote Just One Year - all from Willem's point of view! The book was a solid 300+ pages, but I flew through it because I just needed to know what happens! Not quite sure if it's a YA novel, BUT I do know that all of us have felt a little bit like Allyson at some point between high school and college! 
Just One Year - As soon as I finished Just One Day I knew I had to read the book from Willem's point of view. I felt like you got to know Willem a lot better than you got to know Allyson - you understood about his relationship with his family, specifically with his mother. Things just seemed to happen to Willem, maybe it was the author continuing the notion of "happy accidents," but it did get annoying that he was always in the right place at the right time! If you've ever seen the movie "Sliding Doors" this definitely gives you those vibes - the what if's - the feeling that Allyson and Willem just keep missing each other. Without giving anything away, you don't get the epilogue that you were hoping for, but you do get a 3rd book!! 

What are you currently reading? Hope you have a great weekend friends! 

My New Nighttime Skincare Routine

October 04, 2017
Since turning 30, my skin and I have been at odds. From annoying breakouts to fine lines becoming a bit more prominent, I was struggling to find products that worked for me. Earlier this year I had a facial and as much as I would love to have regular facials, that just isn't in the cards, so I needed to find something that would provide me with similar results. I went from only using cleanser & moisturizer to feeling like I needed an arsenal of beauty products to keep everything pesky about my skin at bay! I've been so happy with my skin recently that I wanted to share the products that have been working for me, hoping I didn't just jinx myself! The best part is feeling happy about going makeup free more often now! 
Alanna Mitchell Skincare, vitamin c, nighttime oil, serum for the face, vichy moisturizer
This post may contain affiliate links. Meaning that any clicks/purchases may result in a small commission at no additional cost to you.

This entire routine takes me 5 minutes or less - I add in a 10 minute mask once a week, usually on Sunday night's when I have a bit more time! Just as an FYI, my skin is normal to dry - depending on the time of year. Three out of the four products I'm currently using are from the Alana Mitchell Skincare Line. The company reached out and asked me if I wanted to try some of their new products and I was hopeful that this "something new" would be what my skin was craving! The entire line consists of these three products, plus vitamin C moisturizer that I use every morning, a masque and two cleansing pods. Something I've never done is used skincare products from the same line - my M.O. has always been using what I have on hand - basically mixing and matching skincare products. Using all these products together could definitely be attributing to seeing results so there must be something to that! 
Alanna Mitchell Skincare, vitamin c, nighttime oil, serum for the face, vichy moisturizer
  • Foaming Pumpkin Cleanser || This is probably my favorite part of my routine! This cleanser is amazing at removing all of my makeup and even my eye makeup with mascara still on! It smells so good and the pumpkin extracts make this pretty perfect for fall, even though I will be using it year round! I used to loathe removing my makeup after events, but I actually look forward to it now because I know that I don't need an eye makeup remover, cleanser and about a dozen cotton balls to get everything off! A little goes a long way (2-3 pumps is all you need) and I've never had an issue with skin irritation. It doesn't have an over powering smell and is natural, organic, & paraben-free and artificial fragrance-free.
  • Night Facial Oil || After I pat my skin dry from the cleanser I add the facial oil from the same line. I have seen a slight difference in the appearance of some dark spots and attribute it to the retinol in the facial oil. Using 2-3 drops from the applicator I'm able to use it all over my face and neck - there is a bit of an orange tint to it which scared me at first because I thought it would stain my face, but thankfully it absorbs without any color. There is a light citrus scent, but not overpowering & 11 different oils. What I love about facial oils in general is that it's not the final product before going to bed - you can add a moisturizer and eye cream to complete the nighttime routine or you can simply use the oil and still get the results you want. I have found that other oils can be a bit greasy, but that's not the texture you get with this! 
  • Anti-Aging Eye Cream || I actually use the eye cream both in the morning and at night! I mostly use eye cream preventative - trying my best to keep the crows feet at bay for as long as possible. Using it before putting on my makeup helps to keep the concealer from creasing and makes my under eye area appear even brighter!
  • Vichy Idealia Moisturizer || This cream smells amazing! I prefer a heavier cream at night because I want it to really work magic on my skin! When I wake up I can actually feel the hydration from the moisturizer on my skin - it leaves my skin feeling bright and really rejuvenated after working 8 hours in the night. I really like that it has blueberry extracts - those antioxidants work magic! I made a blueberry face mask last year and this reminds me of that without having to remove it after 10 minutes!  You can get 20%off this on Amazon with the code 20GLOWVICHY through 10/10/2017. 
The few minutes that it takes to go through this routine is actually really relaxing before bed. A little hand cream and chapstick and I'm ready to go! I had a post idea for reducing the appearance of dark circles with makeup, let me know if that's something you'd be interested in seeing! What does your nighttime skin routine consist of? Do you favor one product over others? 
Although this post is not sponsored by Alana Mitchell, I was sent complimentary products to test out and all opinions are my own. 

Behind the Scenes| Wedding Planner's Day

October 02, 2017
day of wedding coordinator, boston wedding planner, bespoke boston weddings, wedding planner in new england, the knot wedding planner
Happy Monday and happy October friends! Our busiest month for Bespoke Boston Weddings has just finished & I thought it would be fun to share what a day in the life looks like when we have a wedding! This is going to be a bit different from normal "day in the life" posts because I'm going to combine a few different types of weddings that we do & as you all may have guests - every single wedding is different! 
Since starting our business, I think our LBD collection has grown quite a bit - we normally opt for a classic black dress. Our on-site time can range from early in the morning when the bride starts getting ready to going straight to the venue to start with the prep. 
As a wedding coordinator, your goal is to ensure that everything goes according to the timeline and the bride, groom and their families are relaxed and not worrying about any of the details. Even a slight delay can throw off the start of cocktail hour, the first course being served and even when the dancing starts! While we might not be there when the hair & makeup professionals start on the bridal party, that's really when our day starts - since the timeline starts with them!
Once we arrive to the venue, it's really not as hectic as movies will have you believe - it's a well oiled machine because we work with the venue staff and coordinator in unison to get everything ready! We've gotten to know the couple & know exactly how they want everything set, where people are sitting & how they expect things to be laid out- so that is exactly what we do! 

Church ceremonies often mean we meet the couple wherever they are getting ready and coordinate the on time departure (doesn't that sound like an airline attendant) to the ceremony, usually via limo, bus or trolley. This involves making sure the bride and groom don't accidentally run into each other in the hall - especially if they aren't doing a first look! One thing I have perfected- getting the boutonniere's on the groomsmen in a matter of minutes! 
Lunch is normally eaten on the run to make sure we stay on schedule! 
If the ceremony is at the venue, then it's normally later in the day & we have more prep time to make sure everything is in place! What's great about having a duo during your wedding day is that about 20 minutes before the ceremony one of us is typically with the bride & the other is with the groom prior to the ceremony. Jackie & I have perfected our texting code words - lot's of MOG, FOB's being thrown around! Thank you Wedding Planner for the fun lingo! 
We are lucky to work with some incredible vendors & we also get introduced to new and amazing industry folks including B.Darling Florals & live event painter Vesna. Being asked to find a live wedding painter was one of the coolest vendor recommendations we've ever researched! The painting(s) are actually completed that night & can be taken home right away! 
Sometimes there is a larger gap between the ceremony and reception & we'll work alongside the photographer to make sure everyone is present for the photos before cocktail hour. We are really there to do whatever needs to be done - like a wedding concierge of sorts! One of my favorite memories is holding a bride's veil off the side to make it look like they are blowing in the wind! 
Once the reception starts, introductions are made and speeches are given - we can relax a bit with the timeline because the fun of eating, drinking & dancing begins for everyone! We can stay through the entire reception or head out after the dancing really begins - all of this is decided well in advance of the wedding!
By the end of the night we've basically walked the equivalent of a short race & are ready to wind down! So I might not technically be getting a workout in, but I'm sure hustling through the day! 

Where we find ourselves to be most valuable is for the little things - making sure those details that we discussed leading up to the day of your wedding aren't forgotten, that your guests actually take their wedding favors that you have put hours into making, that your grandmother and grandfather can see your first dance & most of all that you don't have to worry about anything other than having a great time! I hope this was a fun read for a little behind the scenes of what we do when we coordinate a wedding - granted this is about 1/4 of what actually happens! 

Did you have a wedding coordinator for your wedding?