Weekending with Mom in Town

July 30, 2018
Happy Monday friends! Coming to you from my first day of maternity leave and already not sure what to do with myself! Thankfully my mom is here and keeping me company! Here's a little rundown of our last few days while waiting 😂
Bow Sandals, coffee & some flowers!
Thursday night we went out for a little date night at one of our favorite restaurants, Sip Wine Bar & Kitchen followed by an advanced screening of the new Mission Impossible movie! Their arancini is melt in your mouth delicious! Perfect possible last date night before baby!

We celebrated my sister's birthday on Saturday with the best summer lunch - a lobster bake! It was such a relaxed day with my favorite people!
 How cute is my sister's dress?! It's an Amazon find for under $20 and comes in 4 different colors!
Spent the morning on Sunday with a little last minute pampering - much needed pedicure and manicure. Gary was busy finishing our latest kitchen project - a low profile microwave above our stove.
To say it looks like it was made for the space would be an understatement! The fan works just as well as our hood did at ventilating & it gives off the perfect amount of cooking light. Pretty low key weekend around these parts, but it was just what the doctor ordered!

How was your weekend? P.S. I'll take all the recommendations of how to naturally get baby to start making her way into the world...I think she's pretty comfortable! 


What's in Our Hospital Bags

July 25, 2018
Much like our baby registry, I relied heavily on other mom's suggestions of what to bring to the hospital - for me, Gary and the baby. Thankfully we're very close to the hospital, so if anything is forgotten, Gary can always go back to get it! I'm an overpacker by nature so perhaps some of this is excessive, but I honestly have no clue what to expect, so better over prepared than under!
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What's in my bag 

I'm packing a weekender bag and I feel like the more space I'm given, the more I'll bring. If I was really trying to limit myself, I'd probably pack everything in my LV Neverfull, but I'm nervous that I wouldn't have what I needed. 
  • Grippy socks & cheap flip flips for the shower (leaving these at the hospital)
  • Boppy Pillow - for me & visitors 
  • Packed a couple night lights -mainly for the bathroom so that we don't have to turn the bright lights on in the middle of the night
  • Toiletries - a lot of this is for going home / photos
    • Makeup Remover Wipes
    • Visine because I know my eyes are going to be so red
    • Lip Balm 
    • Travel shampoo, conditioner & moisturizer
    • Hand held mirror
    • Hair brush 
    • IT CC Cream & blush
    • One shadow stick 
    • Mascara / eye liner
  • Robe, nursing tanks & nursing bras - I purchased them all from Amazon and I'm bringing one of each to the hospital.
  • These PJ's for the next day / when visitors are there
  • Leggings, slides & top to go home in - I want to be as comfortable as possible and I've heard that you're pretty swollen after so the slides are a must. 
  • Towel & our own pillows
  • Some heavy duty underwear

What's in Gary's bag

Gary definitely had the easiest packing job and everything fit into a backpack for him.
  • Tasked him with bringing all our chargers (extra long so that they reach from beds) and electronics (iPad & Phone) 
  • The folder with all our important information
  • Toiletries
  • Snacks - he is ravenous all the time so this is very necessary
  • Change of clothes / clothes to go home in - as I mentioned we're really close to the hospital so I'm sure he'll be able to go home, shower & then come back to get us. 

What's packed for baby

I decided on the Skip Hop Chelsea Diaper Satchel for her diaper bag and once I get the hang of what I really need, I plan on doing a "what's in the diaper bag" post! I'm 100% sure I packed too much for her, but to be fair I have no clue how much she's going to weigh, so the girl needs options!
  • Packed our own diapers and wipes - I know that I'll end up using most of what the hospital provides us with, but I like these water wipes more than what they showed us they use. 
  • I have a special swaddle & hat for some photos
  • Two newborn onesies and two 0-3 month onesie depending on her weight 
  • Socks, mittens, extra hats and some pacifiers in a little ziplock bag
  • Extra blanket for the way home
  • Brought her baby book to get her hands and feet stamped - we'll see if I remember this  
  • Car seat is an obvious one, but Gary will bring it back once we're ready to go home. 

Is there anything I'm missing? Anything I should leave at home?

Weekending with a little reading

July 23, 2018
Happy Monday friends! I'm certain that this weekend went by in record speed, but I'm so excited for this week! We've got a midweek date night planned and then my mom is flying up here for the month. I guess you can say we're officially on baby watch! I was half expecting this weekend to be a complete washout, but thankfully Friday and Saturday were pretty pleasant! We stayed in on Friday night and watched I Feel Pretty which was hilarious. Unlike other Amy Schumer movies, this wasn't vulgar and had such a positive message - definitely worth the rental! 
Saturday was one of those days you wish you could have year round! Perfect weather, no real plans & an impromptu dinner at Jackie and Tom's! 

We made our way to City Tap House in the Seaport. I have to say we scoped out the menu prior to going and I had my heart set on one thing, but unfortunately they had changed their menu and it was no longer an option, they did however accommodate my crab craving with this incredible crab mac & cheese!  Pretty sure our eyes were bigger than our stomach's because between that, the seriously oversized pretzel and burger we were stuffed- we split everything so maybe it wasn't that bad! 

A walk along the harbor and I was spent! But worth it to be outside and soaking up that fresh air!

I wanted to share a few recent reads that really didn't quality for their own post, but if you have a rainy day or week (like we do) ahead, these are some to check out! 
Big Sexy Love || Definitely thought this was a cute read! Olive and Birdie have been best friends since college, so when Birdie has one dying wish that she needs Olive to do for her, there's no way Olive can say no. Headed to NYC on her first trip ever, she meets a cast of characters that help her overcome a lot of her fears! There are a lot of references to things happening today, so it's very relevant and pretty laugh out loud funny! You can't help but root for Olive!
Anything You Can Do || Lucas and Daisy have been enemies since the day they were born and now both doctors back in their hometown they are vying to be the only doctor in town at the small practice. If you've seen Hart of Dixie, their relationship sort of reminds me of the doctor and her neighbor - love / hate! I think you know where the story is going, but it doesn't take away from being a good summer read! A little racy at times, but nothing that will make you blush!
The Design || So this was definitely racier than expected, but I've come to realize that most of RS Grey's books have a little bit of this thrown in there! Nothing too vulgar, but still wanted to warn you! Cameron has known Greyson for quite some time - he's older, owns his own architectural design firm and happens to be one of her sister's best friends. Greyson has done everything in his power to keep Cameron at arms length because of his undeniable attraction toher, but he decides to give her a job at his firm anyway. Cameron is not shy about sharing her feelings to Greyson and he can't resist her any longer. My favorite part was that there wasn't one, but TWO epilogues! Talk about giving you serious closure after reading a book!
Matchmaking for Beginners || I don't know why it took me such a long time to get through this book, but it was a little dull at times. Marnie and Blix are the most unlikely duo of friends, especially when you find out that Marnie is the ex-wife of Blix's grand-nephew. Blix leaves her Brooklyn brownstone to Marnie and the family is not at all happy with that! Blix saw something special in Marnie from their only one encounter, but Marnie just doesn't know what that really is! I really liked the nod to Jacksonville, FL in the book which is my hometown! It was so-so for me and I was happy that I read it for free from Kindle Unlimited! 

How was your weekend? Link up below to share! Wishing you all an easy week ahead!

Friday Favorites

July 20, 2018
Happy Friday friends! This has felt like the longest week, but I'm working from home today and then one more week at work before I'm on maternity leave! No doubt next week will crawl by as we patiently await the arrival of Baby Girl! We have a few tentative plans for this weekend, but the weather isn't looking too promising so we'll see what we end up getting up to! 
Here are a few of my favorite things from this week! 
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      I mentioned in my Amazon Prime Day post that we purchased the WaterPik and oh my gosh have we loved using it these last few days. We both agree that it feels like we're leaving the dentist's office without having to suffer through going to the dentist! They come in 6 different colors, but unfortunately the white one is out of stock right now. 
      The folks at Batiste sent me their new Dry Conditioner to test out. It's the first one they've put out and is exclusively at Ulta, but it's supposed to help your dry ends get moisture without looking greasy. Different from dry shampoo, you don't want to get this anywhere near your roots, you want to target the middle to ends of your hair and see it work it's magic. I've mentioned that the ends of my hair have been particularly dry this summer and this has definitely helped liven them up a bit. 
      We finally put up our Gallery Wall in the living room! The set came with 9 frames, we used 6 in the living room and the other 3 in the nursery for prints that I bought from Etsy. The sizing of the frames is 8 x 8 - I purchased the prints through shutterfly and they have that size available so it was really simple to fit in the frame. As for the hanging process itself - Gary said it could not have been easier. I'm not kidding when I say that entire thing took 15 minutes. The reason it was so easy...this gives you a full template to align everything and then all you have to do is put the nail through the proper spot on the paper and hang the frames! Could not be happier with how it looks! 
      I know that the Nordstrom Sale has been all over the place, but I'm not a card holder so with today being the first day of public access, I finally get to shop for a few things. A few years ago I scored my amazing trench coat for under $100 - I still wear it and probably will for years to come! I also stock up on leggings and a few other goods. I've got my eye on these studded mules in the grey suede and these Zella Leggings that help to keep everything in place! This BP reversible scarf is under $20 and I know I will get so much wear out of it come the fall and winter! You can't have enough scarves up here! Looks like the wide brimmed hats are pushed to the side, because these baker boy hats are everywhere - this one is under $20 and it's in a dark olive - one of my favorite colors for Fall! Did you guys buy anything from the sale?
      Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

      Amazon Prime Day Purchases

      July 17, 2018
      Happy Tuesday friends!! I don't normally post on Tuesdays, but Prime Day is still going strong so I thought I'd share a few things that we have either purchased that are currently part of the Prime Day sale or items that I have purchased that are on their way to me now!
      Amazon Prime Day

      • If you have been wanting to try Kindle Unlimited - now is the time to try it. You will get 3 months of unlimited books for $0.99 (after that it goes up to $9.99 / month. I've read about 20 books since signing up for Kindle Unlimited a few months ago and it's definitely worth it in my opinion. 
      • We absolutely love our Alexa Echo Dot (on sale for $29.99)! There are custom playlists that are available through Amazon as well as games you can play when people come over, or if you're like me and Gary, just play randomly! She can tell you what's new to TV and tell you the weather! I love ours so much we ended up buying them for my dad and brother in law as gifts as well! They would make a great stocking stuffer...I know it's only July but thinking ahead!
      • Waterpik Water Flosser || I absolutely loathe flossing and I know I don't floss as often as I need to, but my parents switched to a waterpik last year and have said that their teeth and gums have never been better! This one has close to 12,000 reviews and is $40 - thinking of giving it a shot since I wont have to do much work!! Also, I went to the dentist last week and while your gums are always more irritable while pregnant, I felt like mine were extremely sensitive so this should help with that!
      • We received this Rock-N-Play sleeper from our baby shower & while we haven't used it yet, I don't think I've seen a single registry post without this item on it! 
      • Bought these headphones for my mom last year and I can tell you they were not the current price (over $150 off)!! She loves them and the best part is they are compatible with our Bluetooth speaker set up at our house when she'll be up here in a couple weeks!  
      • This bathing suit is not technically part of prime day, but when it's $9 I feel like it has to be added to the list because I couldn't get it in my cart fast enough! Bought the fun palm print one - but it comes in 5 other patterns. 
      • Our scale broke and let's be honest I'm being weighed weekly anyway, so the last thing I want to do is get on a scale right now, but I know that I'll be itching to find out my progress here in a few weeks so I scooped this scale up. You can actually track your progress (and up to 16 other users) utilizing the app as well. 
      • This drying lotion for those pesky pimples really does work wonders! I have had mine for quite some time and always use it right before bed one I feel a pimple coming. 
      • The baby monitor we picked out, which also works with Amazon's Alexa is part of prime day. Our home security system is through Arlo which is why we decided to go with this baby monitor so everything was easy to add on and we can each have our own monitors through our phones. I love that it can play lullaby's and has a built in light to it, it can also tell you the temperature in the room and warn you if it's too hot or too cold! Pretty neat stuff!

      What prime day deals did you guys score?

      Weekending | 37 Weeks

      July 16, 2018
      Happy Monday friends! Somehow we've made it to the middle of July and only 2.5 weeks from my due date! I have a very hard time keeping still, albeit walking a bit slower, but we were out and about pretty much all weekend! Here's a bit of a photo dump of our weekend!
      I decided to take a more scenic route home from work & stopped through the Public Garden on my way to meet Gary for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. It wasn't too hot out which meant dinner outside was perfection!
      Ann Taylor Sunglasses 
      We both know our days of leisurely running errands and having nothing to do are numbered, so we are fully taking advantage of that! Including target runs, pizza nights & watching as many movies as possible!
      One of my favorite things to do on Sunday's in the Summer is heading to SOWA Open Market! They have such a great variety of food trucks and local vendors, you can always find something good! Also gives us a chance to walk back through the South End and see the pretty brownstones.
      I've definitely reached the point where I'm over buying clothes for "right now" and opting for pieces that will fit after baby is here! I found this great dress on Amazon for under $21! Still rocking the bow flats because they give my feet a little extra support with all the walking I do! 

      While I love being out and about during the day, it's nice to have an excuse to just relax at home at night! I'm looking forward to a hopefully quick week at work and another fun weekend on the horizon! 

      Anyone else excited for Prime Day? It's starting today around 3:00 PM EST and running through tomorrow, so I'm planning on sharing my purchases in a post tomorrow - because 2 day shipping is everything!
      Have a great start to the week friends!

      Summer Beauty Must Haves

      July 11, 2018
      I feel like singing "the heat is on" with this weather we've been experiencing here in New England and I hope I'm not in the minority when I say this, but sweating is not my favorite thing! I'm also not one to dwell on the weather and sort of have the "it is what it is" mentality so I prepare as best I can! Here are some of my summer beauty must haves for keeping my makeup in place, trying to maintain a healthy glow and keeping cool!  
      how to keep makeup on in the summer, drunk elephant serum, evian mist spray, urban decay setting spray, holy grail summer products
      • Evian Mist Spray || I won't go into too much detail on this, but it's my holy grail summer item! I make sure to have one on me at all times and it's perfect when you're feeling seriously hot and need to feel like you walked through a misting fan! I have misted this on my shoulders and chest as well as my face and it's the perfect little spark to keep me cool! I may get some looks while doing it, but jokes on the other people because I'm cool as a cucumber after I get a little mist! I understand this is just water, but there's something about it in mist form that makes it so refreshing! 
      • Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi Serum || I watched a few people on YouTube and Instastories rave about this newish Drunk Elephant product and I'm a believer! I have actually been using it every day for a bit of extra glow, but if you're more into fresh face makeup in the summer or looking for a little coverage for the pool / beach then you'll really like this serum. I mix in one pump with my moisturizer for a very natural glow. I've heard it being compared to the By Terry Cellularose Brightening serum for a fraction of the cost! 
      • Aveeno Moisturizer and SPF || This is my current moisturizer that I've been using in place of my primer and what I've been mixing the serum with every morning. It's very light weight, doesn't have much of scent and I like the SPF that is already included. My CC cream that I use every day also has 50 SPF so I definitely feel covered in that department. 
      • Oribe Hair Moisturizer || While this is certainly the priciest item on my list, I don't think my hair has really every been so dry on the ends. I was able to find a smaller travel friendly option for under $20 and with a dime size amount that you would have to use, it would last a while. I put this on pretty much after every hair wash and I've seen a difference in my hair's dryness - in that it's almost completely gone away. I think a few more hair masks and I'll be back to normal! 
      • Urban Decay Setting Spray || I don't think I've used another setting spray as much as this Urban Decay one. I have it in both a travel size and regular size! While I don't use it every day, on really hot days or days when I know I have something after work, I'll spritz some all over to keep everything in place. 

      WANT TO TRY 

      Supergoop Setting Powder with SPF || I've seen a ton of press on Supergoop recently and have been wanting to try their setting powder with SPF. It's meant to not only be a setting powder, but for keeping the shiny moments throughout the day at bay. I like that you'd be reapplying your SPF without even thinking about it! It also comes in four colors to match your skin color. 

      St. Tropez Self Tan Purity Water || One of my favorite YouTubers has raved about this self tanner that supposedly doesn't leave any stains on your clothes immediately after use. It gradually builds from 4-8 hours and leaves you with a very healthy and natural looking glow. I'm pretty much a self tanning novice, but this seems to be fool proof so I can't wait to try it.

      What beauty products are your must haves for summer?

      Long Weekending Recap

      July 09, 2018
      Happy Monday friends! Having the 4th of July fall smack dab in the middle of the week really threw me off, so I decided to take the rest of the week for a mini blogging break and do one big weekending recap! 
       4th of July sunset
      We had a pretty low key holiday because we both had to work on Tuesday and Thursday - I'm saving all the extra days I can! It was crazy hot last week so we were trying to do anything and everything that had AC but still got us out of the house! We saw Oceans 8 for a little date night, enjoyed a lobster roll for the 4th and then had a small BBQ at our friends house that evening! Our fireworks started at 10:30 PM - isn't that outrageous!? Needless to say, I was already in bed and didn't see any! 
       Fried Olives & Fried Green Tomatoes
      Friday after work we had a double date with our friends. Linda is a fellow Boston blogger & mama to be! They introduced us to Steel & Rye in Milton and it was my first time having fried olives, but I'd go back for those alone! Fun, laid back atmosphere with delicious food & great conversation - we ended up staying for almost three hours just talking and eating!!
       Sunglasses I've had for 2 years - under $13! 

      Maxi Dress (TJ Maxx) Sunglasses // Bow Sandals (come in red as well)  // Straw Bag (sold out) similar here
      Saturday we spent ALL the time outside we could running errands before a friends BBQ! We are relishing these last few weekends, just the two of us!
      We capped off the weekend with a surprise mini shower with Gary's immediate family at my sister in law's house. The desserts were insanely delicious & I couldn't get over the "happy pushing" sign! I'm gearing up for a bit of a hectic week at work so here's hoping it goes by fast! 

      How was your weekend? Link up below to share!