Fall To Do's & Recent Finds

September 28, 2018
Happy Friday friends! My parents have arrived from Florida and will be here for the next 10 days and I can't even tell you how happy that makes me! Not only have I missed them so much, but Sophia has already had so many changes since my mom left, I know they are just as happy to spend time with her! With the start of my absolute favorite season, I wanted to share a few things I'm excited to do with Sophia in tow. Of course she'll be far too little to remember any of this, but it's her first fall and that needs to be documented!

Apple Picking & Pumpkin Patch || Gary and I have gone apple picking since we started dating and we're both excited to introduce Sophia to this Fall tradition. We wont be venturing too far out this time around, but hoping to hit a little farm near the city this coming weekend - weather permitting. We're no doubt going to have a lot of apples, so I'll plan on making my sister's delicious apple pie. 

Little Monkey

Little Unicorn

Little Lion - she is a Leo after all!

Trick or Treat || Our neighborhood has a really great block party for Halloween and all the kids take to the street and go house to house to get candy and show off their costumes. One of the things I do while Sophia eats in the middle of the night is browse costumes on Amazon and I think I've narrowed it down to three. Which one would you choose?
Thanksgiving last year and little Sophia was already cooking!

Thanksgiving Festivities || Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday and I'm so excited to have Sophia experience her first one - even though she won't be enjoying any of the food! We'll be celebrating at my sister's house this year and once again my parents are flying up for the occasion. If I haven't mentioned this before, my parents are going to be moving up to Boston in January of next year and to say we are all thrilled to finally be reunited would be an understatement!
Something Navy Collection || I wasn't planning on shopping the Something Navy collection at Nordstrom, but after seeing this cute beanie, I decided it would be great for winter and here in New England you can always use a winter hat! I went with Light Heather Grey, but it comes in 3 other colors. 
Circle Leopard Buckle Belt || Popped into Gap and saw the cutest belt & it's currently on sale for $21! I will be wearing it all Fall long!

Perfect Doormat || If this is not the most perfect Fall doormat - I don't know what is! Now I need to convince Gary to be okay with being "basic" LOL! 

I hope you all have an amazing weekend! See you back here Monday for a little weekending!

First Fall Weekending

September 24, 2018
Happy Monday friends! This was probably the first weekend that Gary and I had to really enjoy being in the city with great weather and our little Sophia! I also got the new iPhone X Max (basically the same size as the 8 PLUS) and took a ton of photos because the camera is just insane - hello front facing portrait mode! Here are a few snaps from our weekend!
Zoomed in on her sweet little hands holding onto Gary!
I promise we have a stroller, she just likes being held way more and I can't blame her!

Saturday we ventured to the public garden, esplanade, Charles Street and even made an attempt at Newbury - but we didn't want to push our luck with her not being fussy so we decided to save Newbury Street for another day!

We had a true Sunday Funday with breakfast at one of our favorites - Tatte Bakery & then if you can believe it ended up walking over 10 miles throughout the day. The weather was just so nice it made no sense for us to be at home! 
I wore my new favorite wrap cardigan because it finally felt like fall and of course my foldable flats that are still going strong two years later!

It wasn't a weekend filled with too many frills and we certainly had a very early bed time both nights, but it was a really enjoyable weekend and I felt very content come Sunday night! How was your weekend? Link up below to share it with us!

Why We Love the DockATot

September 21, 2018
Hi friends! I shared our one month favorites and said that I would elaborate more on our favorite item of them all, the DockATot. I'm sure if you've been on Instagram you've seen lots of parents posting pictures of their babies in DockATot's and for good reason - it's without a doubt our most used baby item! I was lucky enough to receive the DockATot Deluxe which is for infants ages 0-8 months, from their team & have been using it exclusively for the last 6 weeks! Gary and I were both really excited to start using it because of how portable it is - Sophia can literally be in any room of the house with us and sleeping comfortably. When we went to my sister's house a couple weeks ago, I took it with us just so she would be comfortable sleeping, mind you we were only there for 4 hours! If you've seen me posting on instastories you already know much we love having her near us and it's perfect for having her laying near us while we're watching a movie! 
Ready to seize the day!
Sleeps just like her mama!
Day 2 at home & she's snug as a little bug!
Designed in Europe, the deluxe is available in 14 patterns. I found that regardless of your style, you'd be able to find a pattern that matches your decor and aesthetic. You can also see the attention to detail with which it was made and designed, super sleek and modern! I went with the carrara marble pattern & love how it looks!  I also love the little top handle it has, which we use to keep the BabyShusher in there as her white noise during the day. 
She loves to get her stretch on right after a nice nap!
Cleaning the DockATot is really easy, not only because it's 100% cotton and all natural, but we've -  had to wash the cover a number of times because you know, newborns like to spit up 😂
Someone fell asleep on the job!
Our little love right after waking up & giving some serious side eye! 

My mom was with us for the first few weeks and couldn't get over how functional, portable and overall amazing the DockATot is. She was raving about how nice it was to be able to have an eye on Sophia at all times, but keep our hands free to do other things! She already mentioned how we'll need it to grow with her, which is great because the Grand is for 9-36 months and with how much Sophia loves the Deluxe we'll be looking into the larger version to help make the transition from our room to her crib a little easier! 
No pictures please!

I feel like we'd be lost in terms of where to have her sleep during the day if it wasn't for the DockATot. I love not having to have a monitor to watch at all times because she's cozy next to me on the couch and I have my eyes on her! I plop her in there before our morning walks so I can get ready and I just ordered the toy arch so that she can have something to focus on! If you've been thinking about registering for this or have seen it on your friends registry, it's an item that will be used immensely - you just can't go wrong!

What did you have your baby sleep in those first few months?

A look back at the week

September 17, 2018
Happy Monday friends!! We had a really great weekend here, but I wanted to share the entire week and a few things that we got up to! 
Sophia is my new favorite shopping buddy! We go for tours around the neighborhood and while she may not realize it, she's letting me get all my errands done! Seriously, this wrap is a game changer!
I can't say that our Saturday nights are that much different, we've just added a baby to the mix and an earlier bed time! I was in bed by 9:30 on Saturday night and loved it!
 Cardigan Wrap Sweater  (nursing friendly) || Leggings 
We enjoyed a ton of snuggles during the week, especially when the weather wasn't cooperating! We even matched one day this week - please excuse the clearly crazy eyes I have going on in this photo!
We enjoyed a trip to a neighboring town and had to get some Shake Shack! They have a great outdoor mall area, but we got there before the stores opened so it was nice and quiet for us!
I picked up a new lip stick for Bobbi Brown - the color is "nude reality" - a very matte finish that I love. I also picked up the IT Cosmetics CC cream but the newer version that is oil free and a matte finish! I love the original, so I'm excited to see how this one stacks up! 

 I loved weekends before, but now I seriously live for them because Gary and I are able to enjoy the time with Sophia together! How was your weekend? Link up below to share it with us! 

Weekly Buys & Finds

September 14, 2018
Happy Friday friends! I hope that everyone has had a wonderful week. I'm actually surprised with how fast my maternity leave is going by, each day and week seems to pass by alarmingly fast. I go back to work on November 1st and I'm trying to soak up all the time I have with Sophia. We're (i.e. me) are getting a bit more eager to go further and spend more time outside, so that's exactly what I've been trying to do. Alternating our route and what we do, but she likes to stay on the move so whatever it is I have to keep her moving! I wanted to share a few of my recent buys & things I've found that have piqued my interest!

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Boba Baby Wrap Carrier || I should have mentioned this in my Newborn Essentials post, but after using the Boba Wrap for a solid week, I'm hooked and in love with it. I'm actually writing this post right now with Sophia wrapped up in it and silently sleeping on me!! It really lets me get things done - i.e. I was able to address and stuff all her announcement cards this week, eat lunch and I figure it counts as a workout walking with that extra weight! If you're an expecting mom or need a gift for a shower - this is great because you can use it immediately unlike with other carriers where you have to wait for them to be a certain size. 
Softspun Joggers || I stopped into Gap this week and spotted these Softspun joggers and after feeling them couldn't not buy them. They are were on sale and come in 4 colors - I got the light grey. I am still debating if it's going to be appropriate to wear them outside, but if I can wear leggings then I don't see why these joggers would be any different!! So cozy! 
TopShop Hobo Bag || So the last thing I need is another bag, but I just love the look and price. I've heard a few people say that the quality is really nice, looks really roomy and will be perfect when I return to work. 
Faux Fur Slippers || My Ugg slippers have seen better days after 3 years of constant wear and while I really like the look of these UGG open toe slippers, I don't really want to pay $80 for them, so these dupes from Target are perfect for $20! 
iPhone XS || I'm part of the Apple Upgrade program and with that I'm able to upgrade my phone with new releases, so I was pretty excited to see the new iPhone XS features, especially the camera. I should be getting my new phone next week! I have a good excuse of being up at 3 AM to submit my preorder since I'm usually up at that time anyway feeding Sophia! 
The Good Place || We stumbled upon the show The Good Place on Netflix. It's not new and originally aired on NBC. There are only two seasons, each episode is about 22 minutes and it's actually really funny. A good watch if you're looking to watch something on in the background while doing other things as well.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

One Month Favorites for Baby

September 10, 2018
Happy Monday friends! We had quite the weekend with our first outing on the train and to Target - there was only one mild meltdown, so we'll call that a success! Not only was Sunday the Jewish New Year, but it also happened to mark Sophia's one month birthday! I've been keeping a list of favorites that have gotten us through this first month and probably given us just a bit of our sanity. Unfortunately there is no miracle buy for sleeping through the night yet, but I'll actually get to that later in the post!
This post may contain affiliate links. Purchasing through them help support this website.

A really great glider || There was a split moment where we weren't sure if the glider was going to fit into her nursery with everything else in there, but we found a way to make it work and oh my gosh I can't imagine not having this. Not only is it essential while I'm feeding her, but it's nice to have in her room to rock her to sleep. We spend so much time in her room that having a comfortable seating spot for us is great! 

Vitamin D Drops || Breastfed babies need to have Vitamin D Drops daily as a supplement since it apparently isn't in mother's milk. Our pediatrician recommended one brand, but with the first try and then the second try, Sophia literally spit it out. I tasted it myself and knew why - it was disgusting. I texted with Amanda and asked what she had given her son and she recommend these D Drops that don't have any taste to them at all! 

Wipe Warmer || I was totally that person that said I am not registering for a wipe warmer because when we're out and about her wipes wont be warm so she needs to get use to it. Well not even two diaper changes after coming home and putting wet wipes on her and hearing her little cries did I decide to rush order a wipe warmer! We went to Hiccapop Wipe Warmer and love it - it has a little light that is perfect for those middle of the diaper changes and it's not too warm for baby. 

Postpartum Belly Wrap || I wasn't sure about getting a waist trainer for after baby, but after taking to my mom and learning that she used one with both me and my sister & my sister used one as well, I decided to get it. The one I ordered had three in one - so you had the waist, tummy and pelvis trainer and it told you exactly when to start using each. I stopped using them about 3 1/2 weeks in but I definitely think that it helped pull everything in. 

White Noise Sound Machine || We have two different sound machines, but find ourselves using this small portable one the most and especially at night. The best thing is that it's on continuously so you don't have to worry about it turning off in the middle of the night. It's also rechargeable via USB so no need for batteries! 

BabyShusher || Probably the coolest invention ever is the BabyShusher! It literally just makes the "shhhh" sound so you don't have to and it's actually as close to what babies hear in the womb as you can get. There are two settings - one for 15 minutes and one for 30 minutes and we always have it with us when we're trying to get her to sleep. It helps soothe her when she's crying super loud and it keeps us for having to make the "shhh" sound. It's so good, that we had it given to us twice for our shower - we kept both and I keep one in the diaper bag! 

BabyConnect App || Gary and I use the BabyConnect App to track all of the feedings and diaper changes. You can also track medical progress - weight gain and such, mood & a slew of other things. It has come in handy quite a bit - especially for the pediatrician when she asks about certain metrics that we need to be tracking and we have all the information right there. The app also grows with you as the baby grows, so when we have a babysitter or someone watching Sophia, we can share information with them as well.

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones || You may have seen on my instastories that when we're watching TV at night we usually have Sophia next to us but also have our headphones one so that we don't disturb her. These were purchased long before she was born, but have come in so handy since! We have two pairs and since they are wireless and bluetooth they work with all the TV's in our house so it doesn't matter what room we're in, we can still be near her but enjoying TV while she's sleeping! Originally I bought them for when we travel - especially overnight flights to drown out the noise!

Taking Cara Babies Class || I first saw this class on someones Instagram page and decided to look into it. The class is called, Will I Ever Sleep Again and it's taught by Cara who has developed a slew of tips and tricks to help get your baby to sleep better at night. You can start implementing things once they turn 4 weeks old because before then newborns really should be waking up every 2-3 hours to eat at night and bulk up their weight. Gary and I took the class together and would watch the sessions while I was feeding Sophia. Each "tip" is about 15-20 minute so we flew through the 8 tips in a couple days. What I love most about taking this class is that I can go back and watch the sessions for up to 4 months after & I also have Cara's tips / schedules as Sophia get's older and her schedule changes. Cara is a former neonatal and delivery nurse and her husband is a pediatrician....so for what it's worth I trusted that she knew what she was talking about. Not to mention, the reviews are stellar! P.S. not an affiliate link - we both really loved the class!

Boudreaux's Butt Paste || About a week in a half in, Sophia got a little diaper rash and after trying all the natural products, aquaphor & vaseline, nothing was working so we tried this butt paste and wouldn't you know it cleared right up! There's definitely a reason this is a best seller and I've already replenished one large tube!

Swaddles...lots of them || We still use cloth swaddles and on occasion mix in the velcro ones. So far I have to say I really like the cloth Aden & Anais swaddles because they have so much stretch to them.  I think we'll start using the velcro ones sometime this month, but she was just too small to put into the other ones and it felt like it didn't contain her as well. I use them for sleep, as an extra loose blanket when she's in her stroller and I've also used them as burp cloths when we're out. 

DockATot || I have an entire post dedicated to this so stay tuned! 

Amazon Prime Membership || You may have noticed that most everything on this list has been ordered from Amazon and that's because I seriously don't know what we would do without two day (sometimes next day) delivery! It's a lifesaver for diapers, wipes, household things especially when I wasn't getting out much those first few weeks!

These are just a few things that helped make the first month a bit easier! Would love to know what some of your essentials are!