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Weekending | Fall Things

Happy Monday friends! We had a nice, but quick weekend! Saturday morning we headed out to see Gary's family in the Western part of the state and it was Sophia's first longish car ride. I'm happy to report that except for one mild cry session that was due to us stopping for coffee - shame on us for stopping the car - she did great! On the way back she was even better, but I think this was due in large part to it being night time and dark out - so we know what to do next time! 
 Her little pom pom hat is from Gap Kids! 
I was finally able to wear the hat that I bought during the Nordstrom sale and I absolutely love it! AND I finally have some pictures of us with Sophia outside of her carrier! 

 My scarf was another NSale purchase that I was finally able to wear! 

Western Massachusetts is absolutely beautiful in the Fall - one of the best places to go leaf peeping and to do all the fall things in my opinion! We took a leisurely drive before stopping in and seeing Gary's parents and then heading home. I was even able to sneak in a little outfit session & can't wait to share that post this week!  Hope the week is a great one for you all!

How was your weekend? Link up below to share! 


Friday Favorites

Happy Friday friends! First and foremost, my thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by Hurricane Michael. 

This weekend we're taking Sophia on her longest car ride so please say a few prayers that there are no severe meltdowns! I think the week was even faster than I anticipated because of Columbus Day, Gary working from home and going to a work event on Thursday! 
Absolute favorite this week is Sophia turning 2 months old on Tuesday! Not quite sure where the time went, but she's a little doll. She's 11 pounds and 11 ounces of goodness and has these little rolls that are just too much to handle. I have 3 weeks left of maternity leave and each day is getting harder and harder knowing I wont be with her all the time. Thankfully I'm leaving her in the capable hands of her daddy!

I took my first Pure Barre class in what was almost a year of not working out and it felt incredible! I haven't felt my legs shake and burn like that in quite some time and the soreness I felt the day after was the best! Hoping to make it to at least one class a week! When I head back to work I plan on hitting the gym during lunch for at least 30 minutes that way I don't have to spend time before or after work thinking about working out! When do you guys find the time to work out?
We had a couple days of seriously gorgeous weather and I'm pretty sure it was the last hurrah before the cold starts. It was my only chance this year to break out my white jeans! 
With heading back to work in a few weeks, I've been thinking of how I'm going to be organized and actually use the planner that I've had for a few months. I follow Fashionably Kay on IG and her planner game (is that a thing!?) is just so fun! I bought some fun stickers from the Happy Planner to jazz up my pages and hopefully get me excited to actually use it! I think being able to have my work, appointments and blog stuff all in one place will be helpful. 
It only took me 8 weeks, but I finally created Sophia's newborn photo book. I had this on my "to do" list for so long and I'm happy to finally check that one off! I used a lot of their idea pages just to make it easier on myself and filled in the photos on my own. I also printed off a few of my favorite photos to add to our gallery wall that I'll share once they arrive. 

That's all from me today! Hope you have a great weekend friends. 

Cozy Fall Finds

I have to admit, that recently I'm all about the cozy clothes! Whether it's a comfy pair of joggers or a cozy sweater - I will wear these clothes going out and staying in. The beauty of cozy fall pieces is that even though they appear to be like loungewear, they really can be worn outside the house! Hey, if someone can wear a pajama top outside, I can most certainly wear some joggers! Some of my picks for cozy fall clothes are below!
I've mentioned these joggers from Gap before and I loved them so much that I actually bought them in two colors! I never do that, but I wear them all the time! I just saw that they added a few more colors, so why not add another to my collection! 
I'm probably a broken record about this cardigan at this point, but not only is the material incredibly soft, it's actually a really great wardrobe staple for me. I haven't worn it as a long cardigan yet, but I love how it looks draped. Bonus for me is that it's nursing friendly! Here's how I've worn it recently. 

So these slippers are definitely for the home. Even though you're toes are out in the open, these keep your feet nice and toasty and will be perfect as the season changes into winter! I love them! Note: they appear to be purple in the link, but you'll see they are actually cream in the description. I have the M which is a 7/8.
This T-shirt screams fall and not just because it actually has the word "Fall" on it - would look great with a cozy open cardigan and jeans!
Airplane mode on Saturday's and Sunday's - especially before coffee! 
I've actually never purchased anything from Madewell, but I really love the colors in this sweater and I think it'd be perfect for fall! 
So this may be the most "extra" cozy piece, but it's made out of sweatshirt material, but looks so dressy! 

This dupe on Amazon of another great pullover is a fraction of the price and just as comfortable and cozy!

I got this hooded pullover last year and have worn it non-stop - even when I was pregnant! It's stretchy and so comfortable! 
Pregnant here with Sophia 20 weeks :)

What are some of your favorite cozy wardrobe pieces to have?

5 Things I Loved In September

Happy Friday friends! Hope you've all had a great and productive week! I actually can't remember the last time I got 3 posts up in one week but that's what an extra set of hands (or 6 will do)! September seemed to breeze on by and there were some new things I tried & really loved so I thought I'd round them up in one blog post!
Dip Manicures || I have wanted to try a dip manicure for the longest time, but finding a nail salon that knew what they were doing  proved to be very hard! Last year I tried it and hated how my nails turned out - they didn't even last 3 days - clearly the tech didn't know what they were doing. Thankfully the nail salon I go to most often hired someone that specializes in dip manicures and I'm happy to say that he did an amazing job!! I love how they look, it doesn't feel heavy on my nails and more so they are holding up so well. I think I'll do it a few more times and then give it a break and go back  - similar to how I was with gel nails!
Amazon's Jack Ryan || I know that I mentioned this a few weeks ago, but it was one of those shows that Gary and I could not get enough of so it's worth mentioning again! Jack Ryan is amazing and if you have Amazon Prime, do yourselves a favor and watch it! Hope you love it as much as we did!
Honey Mustard & Cape Cod Chips Fish || Gary made this recipe for us twice in September! It was delicious and a nice change to our usual dinners and made us feel a little fancy at home! I'd imagine if you don't like fish, you'd be able to do this with chicken as well. 
iPhone XS Max || Every single photo in my last few posts has been taken with my new iPhone and the camera alone was worth the upgrade for me. I'm part of the apple upgrade program and this was a no brainer to upgrade for me! There are so many features that I have yet to figure out, but aside from the camera I really love the animoji feature and Face ID recognition - if you had the X then you already had the face ID but this was new to me. I adjusted really quickly to not having a home button either! 
Urban Decay Heat Palette || I had somewhat given up on palettes since I love my cream eye shadow sticks, but when I saw the colors of this one, I knew it would be great for fall and I have been using it the entire month of September! I absolutely love the smokey eye that I can create with these orange-y hues and then also use the colors ounce / chaser if I want a more minimal look! Wild Thing is most definitely my favorite color of them all! 
What were some of your favorite things in September? 

Fall Shoe Guide

Hi there friends! Hope you're all having a great week. I'm staying at my sister's house and enjoying some more time with my parents and loving the extra hands for help with Sophia! I had the chance to hit up Target yesterday and picked up the cutest booties and it got me thinking that I need to update a lot of my fall shoe options! Here are some that I've purchased and have my eye on! 
This post may contain affiliate links. Purchasing through them help support this website.

  • Picked up these Dylan Microsuede Booties yesterday in gray, they also come in taupe., 
  • I don't own a single pair of short heel boots and I love the color and style of these Cole Haan ones - bonus is that their shoes are always so comfortable! 
  • I've mentioned that I really wanted a pair of wedge sneakers and I finally found a great affordable option on Amazon that looks identical to the pair I was eyeing at Nordstrom, but these are only $34!
  • I don't think there is a single pair of shoes in my closet that I have worn as much as my short rain boots - they are the perfect shoe for commuting in the rain and look great with jeans, skirts or dresses! 
  • These are probably not everyone's cup of tea, but I do a lot of walking around while I'm in the office and I love a nice flat - the tassels give it a little something extra!
  • I have a pair of foldable ballet flats that are animal print, but I wear slides pretty often as well, so this would be a great pair to add to the collection! 
  • With how much wear I've gotten out of my OTK boots from two years ago, I think I need a pair in a color other than black! 
  • My H&M block heel mules have seen better days, so I want to change them up for these BP ones
Are you planning on making any new shoe purchases for the season?

Weekending | The Last of September

Happy Monday & Happy October friends! I have exactly one month left to my maternity leave and it's very bittersweet! Hard to believe that our little one is so close to being 2 months old! This is definitely a picture heavy post, but I'm loving my camera on my iPhone so much that I just can't help it!
Since my parents were with me on Friday, I had a chance to get out on my own and enjoy sometime at where else, but Target! Of course everything I bought was for Sophia, but it was nice to stroll around and relax a bit! I also stopped into Sephora next door and picked up this Summer Friday jetlag mask that totally lives up to the hype and the Kopari coconut lip balm another product that lives up to the hype. 

My mom almost pushed us out of the house to go to dinner and have a little date night! We tried a new to us restaurant and it was probably the worlds fastest night out because we left at 5:00 and were back by 6:15, but it was so enjoyable. No surprises that the majority of our conversations revolved around Sophia! I also texted my mom about 5 times asking if Sophia was sleeping, crying, etc?! 

Saturday was truly the most beautiful day outside - the first true fall day that called for sweater weather! I convinced (begged) my mom to stay with us one more day before heading to my sister's house and we ventured out to Newbury Street! I'm loving my new TopShop bag for this season -it's the perfect cognac color & is so roomy! 

Since my mom was with us for one more night, we snuck out for another date night and this time met up with Jackie & Tom for a quick dinner! It was so nice to be out and about if only for a little bit of time!

 The wrap cardigan & top shop bag are making another appearance!

Sunday we headed towards my sister's house to drop my mom off, see the kids and head to the Boston Hill Farm. It was such a fun filled fall day full of apple picking, pumpkins and cider donuts! Sophia slept through the entire thing,but I know next year she'll be running through the fields! 

This was a weekend for the record books and I'm excited for October and all the fun to be had! How was your weekend? Link up below to share it with us!