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Six Year Anniversary

This weekend, Gary and I will be celebrating our six year wedding anniversary. While we were in Florida a couple weekends ago, we went back to our wedding venue and had a little walk down memory lane - literally since we went inside the room where we said our vows, walked around where we took our photos and even recreated one of them! We're in a completely different place than we were a year ago - we've added to our family, taken on new commitments and with that comes another set of challenges and excitements for our marriage. We've been together for almost 9 years, which means I was 23 when we started dating - absolutely mind boggling to me! 
I convinced Gary to participate in a little Q&A and here's how our answers compare - short & sweet!
What's one quality of mine you discovered during marriage that you grew to love?
Gary:Your amazing planning abilities. You are great at planning out vacations or just a day around Boston for us.

Biana: I never realized how handy you were and how much you love fixing things. You've done so much in our home and really made everything so efficient, especially the kitchen!  
What do I do to make you feel better after a bad day?
Gary: You always suggest a walk around the neighborhood and chat about life. 

Biana: You always manage to make me laugh - whether it's doing "flying baby with Sophia" or telling me one of your jokes, you try really hard to get me out of my funk and talk me through it. 
What's your favorite memory from being married the last 6 years?
Gary: The week we took off to move into our condo, unpack, and build everything in only a few days. We were literally building our life together. 

Biana: There are a ton to choose from, but our road trip through Ireland is one of my favorite memories. Driving in the car singing, me dancing, & picking out Sophia's name - all things I'll always smile about! The moment I drove (for 1minute) on the other side of the road and you getting it on video and asking me if I saw the car that was parked...for the record, I did! 
Who would you pick to play me in a movie?
Gary: Rose Byrne or Kristin Davis
Biana: Funny enough, I think Gary kind of looks like Tom Cruise from certain angles, but he'd actually play himself. Maybe one day I'll share his reality show days...
Six years flew by in a flash and I imagine that's just the way it will be from here on out. Typically, our gifts to one another are a big trip that we take - this year things are a little different and our trip is coming in May with someone in tow and I don't think either one of us would have it any other way! 

To my partner in life & adventure - love you mucho & forever 😘

Spring Nail Polishes to Try

Happy Monday friends! It's been a couple years since I rounded up some of my favorite nail polishes and as someone that always has her nails painted I have amassed quite the collection of my own polishes. While I do tend to have gel on my nails the majority of the time, it's during the spring that I really start to crave a weekly polish, so I opt to do them on my own more frequently. I wanted to share a few of my favorites right now! 
  • Essie Gel Couture "Wearing Hue" || This is my newest and currently most favorite color! It's light pink and iridescent. When it's applied it actually looks more white on the nails. I've been itching to transition away from the darker hues and this is the perfect one! 
  • Essie Gel Couture "Pinned to Perfection" || If you like Mod About You from OPI, then you'll like "Pinned to Perfection from the Essie Gel Couture line. It's a pastel pink that screams spring! 
  • Sally Hansen Insta-Dri "Sand Stone" || If I don't have gel on my nails then I've probably done my nails on my own, which means I have about 10 minutes to get it done. This nail polish line stays on the best for me (apparently my nail beds are a bit oily). This is a really nice color that I feel professional wearing and isn't too bold for work. A few sparkles which catch the sun nicely!
  • Sally Hansen Insta-Dri "Petal Pusher" || The perfect pink that isn't too milky when applied. Again, I really love how fast it dries and doesn't streak at all! Also, the bristles on the brush are really great at getting a full on your nail in just two swipes!
  • OPI "Stop It I'm Blushing" || I tend to get this color year round and mostly in gel, but it does come in regular polish, the infinite shine (lasts up to 7 days) and also dip powder! This is the ultimate pastel peach and screams spring to me! It's what I have on my nails right now!
  • Butter London "Living Coral" || This is the pantone color of the year and if you're headed to a spring break vacation or looking to bring your tan out, this is definitely the color to try!
  • Smith & Cult "Exit the Void" || I haven't tried this brand before, but so many of my friends rave about it. The periwinkle color is exactly what's missing from my current stash! 

What colors do you like for Spring?

Spring Wishlist for Charleston

I'm headed on a girls trip with my mom and sister at the end of the month to one of my favorite cities, Charleston! The weather will no doubt be a bit warmer than it is here in Boston, but I already got a taste of that with Florida's weather - so my mind is on Spring clothing! Here are some of the items on my wishlist and what I'm hoping to take on our trip with us! 
  • I'll definitely be taking my ruffle shorts and chambray shirt with me! You already saw it paired in my post earlier this week. The shorts run TTS (true to size) and the ruffle really adds a little flair to them! They also come in blue which I'm very tempted to buy! A really great chambray shirt is so versatile! I like to pair it with my white jeans or maxi skirts. My beloved white jeans from loft are showing their wear, so I'm in the market for a new pair. I will more than likely get the same pair from loft because they don't show through any of the imperfections and they are really 
  • This Zac Posen 3D printed purse is absolutely stunning! I am in love with all the colors and it would match everything! I've never seen anything like it and that makes it all that much more appealing to me! 
  • I must be having a moment with colorful things, because I have been wanting a rainbow colored ring for quite some time. The one from BaubleBar is continuously sold out (of course it's available right now), but I found this one on Amazon $10 less and looks exactly the same! 
  • I have one pair of Sojos sunglasses that I absolutely love - really trendy pink mirrored ones. So when the YSL heart sunglasses took off, I looked for a more affordable option. These heart sunnies come in 24 different shades, but I'm leaning towards the tortoise frame. They are only $10.99 and there is a 10% coupon you can apply! 
  • Espadrilles are my absolute favorite shoe to wear in Spring and Summer - I pretty much lived in them during the end of my pregnancy. I find them to be so comfortable and perfect if you do a ton of walking like I do! I love these from Sam Edelman
  • The body con ruched dress is one of my favorites! I have it in grey and actually wore it while I was pregnant and then again a few times after pregnancy! It looks really great with a denim jacket and I think the pink lemonade color will be the next one added to my closet!
  • I love two tone earrings and these BP ones are light enough that they wont pull on my ears - which after this post you know I need!

Speaking of Charleston - it's been about three years since the last time I went, so if there are any must try restaurants or things to do - please share them in the comments! What's on your Spring wishlist?

Weekending in Florida | Photo Diary

Happy Monday friends! Coming off of a seriously incredible long weekend in Florida! I'm going to let the photos do the majority of the talking, but the main reason for this trip was so that Sophia could meet her great grandmothers! A wish I had when I was pregnant and I'm so grateful that it came true! Here's a photo diary of our weekend!
Flew in bright and early on Thursday and Sophia's first flight was a success! She was an angel baby and slept for about an hour and then played the rest of the time! 

Sophia met her cousin Vienna for the first time and I think they'll be fast friends! 
Friday was our first full day and we certainly made the most of it! Our first stop was to see my grandmother's and oh was it just the best first meeting ever! While they may not have completely comprehended it, I will say that the smiles on their faces was everything I dreamt of and more! These photos will hold the memories that I wanted for Sophia!
 There are four generations in this photo!
Sophia's first time on the beach was a success - although I'm not sure if she was a fan of the sand, much like her mama!

I could just eat her up and she's not having any of it!

Friday night Gary and I went out to dinner at One Ocean Resort where we were married 6 years ago this month. It was really surreal to be back and we recreated on of our favorite wedding photos. The restaurant, Azurea was incredible and the staff went above and beyond to make sure we had a memorable evening! 
 These are shorts are going to be worn all Spring and Summer - love the ruffle!

Saturday we spent the first half of the day in St. Augustine. It's funny because anytime I'm back in Jacksonville, I very rarely have time to do anything, but this trip we really packed it all in! The last time Gary and I went to St. Augustine was when we were searching for wedding venues 7 years ago. We walked up and down King Street & through all the shops. There was actually an early St. Patrick's Day parade which made it that much more exciting. It was another beautiful day and Sophia was loving the sunshine so we decided to have lunch outside at A1A Ale Works - right on the corner King Street before the Lions Bridge!

Sunday was my birthday! From a play date in the morning to dinner with friends in the evening - it was an all around perfect day! There are two things that I just haven't had in the longest time since Boston doesn't have these restaurants and that's bang bang shrimp from Bonefish & cheddar bay biscuits from Red Lobster. Both were consumed on my birthday because why not!?  Starting out my 32nd year incredibly grateful for all of life's blessings! 

Wishing you a wonderful start to the week!
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6 Month Baby Favorites

Sophia is going to be 7 months in a few days and I'm still in shock that time has gone by so fast! We've had a lot of firsts with her in this last month and I wanted to share a few favorites! Some of her milestones include sitting unassisted for much longer periods and playing with her toys. She sticks everything in her mouth, but her favorites tend to be electronics and paper! We took her to the aquarium for the first time and she was in complete awe of the fish. She also had her first real snow experience with a sled and all! She is learning and growing so much and so fast - it's incredible and makes me want time to slow down, but I know that's just never going to happen. She's babbling a ton and her giggles are quite possibly the best sound I've ever heard in my life - we try to record them every time. 
  • Smilo Heat Sensitive Spoons || Over the last month or so, we've introduced food three times a day - purees is a better word for it. I love the Smilo heat sensitive spoons since it turns white when it's too hot for baby. 
  • Bath Toys || Bath time is probably my favorite time of day with Sophia and she absolutely loves splashing around. We've added some farm animals and toy boats into her bath routine and of course they just all end up in her mouth! 
  • V-Tech Crawling Bear || My mother in law gave Sophia this crawling bear over Christmas and we're just getting to use it now. She's totally amazed by the movement, the sounds and the colors. She has started reaching for it when it crawls away and I'm hoping that will help her start moving and crawling as well. Even though I want her to stay put for as long as possible, it's fun to see that new stage starting! 
  • Skip Hop Activity Center || We have been using this activity center since the start of the year and call it Sophia's command center. What started as a few minutes of play has grown to about 30 minutes at any given time of self play. She turns on her own, plays the keyboard with the lights and just really enjoys standing in there. I do watch for her feet and making sure they are flat and that she's not on her tip toes, but she seems fine right now. She's almost at the point where she's too heavy to be seated in it and then it will convert to the cruise and interact stage. This was one of the best items off our registry that we got. 
  • Bumbo Multi-Seat || Another amazing item off our registry that we've been using for the last few months. Once Sophia started to sit a bit better we began putting her in the bumbo to learn to sit. Now she's a pro and this is what we use to feed her. I love how portable the seat is and there is a little removable tray for feeding or play. We don't have a ton of space for a high chair, so this basically serves the purpose for us and it can be tied down to any seat. 
  • Tote Savvy Bag Insert || As much as I love our diaper bag, I've realized that I like having my tote bag with me more. I love my tote savvy bag insert that fits into my Never Full and has everything in it's own little place. What's great is that I can take it out for the weekends and use my other bag organizer during the week for work. There are tons of pockets and basically converts any of your tote bags into a diaper bag!
We're going on our first flight tomorrow and while I'm pretty nervous with how she's going to do, it's thankfully not a long flight and we'll all deal as best as we can! 

Spring Bags on my Wish List

Happy Monday friends! No secrets around here that I absolutely love my bags, but trendier ones I try to have a good budget and not overspend. Here are a few that I have my eye on for this upcoming new season!
Red Studded Cross Body 
I spotted this in the ZARA store a couple weekends ago and love the quality and design of the bag. Has elements of the Chanel Boy Bag without the HEFTY price tag! I love it in red, but also comes in black. Also, I may have a told a little birdie that I'd love this for my birthday!! 

Ainifeel Leather Quilted Chain Bag
One of my favorite bloggers, Amanda, was sporting this bag in a variety of colors and once again it gives the Chanel feeling without the price tag! I adore the Grey Blue color! Classic & I think it could be dressed up or down. 

Senreve Leather Belt Bag 
I'm still trying to figure out how I feel about the belt bag trend, but I LOVE the idea of having my hands completely free! The tricky part will be making sure that all the essentials fit in the bag! 

Top Shop Faux Snakeskin Hobo Bag
I'm always loving a good hobo bag! One that I can fit everything into and last year I picked up a similar one from Top Shop in just a classic cognac color, but this faux snakeskin would work for any season!

Bucket Bag 
Probably the trendiest bag on the list - it's strap is long enough to be cross body and I love the lucite handle if I want to hold it regularly. Also comes in a pretty orange!

Animal Print Cross Body
Even though this bag isn't necessarily spring-y, I can't say no to a good animal print bag. It would certianly punch up any work outfit! 

Are there any bags on your wish list currently? 

What to Read to Stay in the Know

Happy Wednesday friends! Being inundated with daily emails is one of the main reasons I signed up for Unroll Me a couple years ago, but there are a handful of "in the know" reads that are musts for me daily. I work in marketing for a financial services firm, so staying up to date on current events is pretty integral to my role. That being said, I don't have the time to read through the Wall Street Journal and other news sites and really need my information to be bite sized and have enough of it that I can carry on a conversation if asked about it. 
  • The Skimm || I'm sure that you've heard of the Skimm, but in case you haven't this daily email is like sitting with your girlfriend over a cup of coffee and hearing the the world news in a way that makes sense and actually sticks with you. 
  • Morning Brew || I'll be the first to admit that even though I work in finance, reading about the markets is not the most exciting thing to me - enter in the Morning Brew. These writers keep things light and fun and the best part is I finally understand what's happening without my eyes glazing over! Described as a daily business briefing for millennial, it's the best one I read for staying up to date for everything from startups to politics. 
  • The Hustle || The newest daily email that I've started reading, it's much heavier on the text than the other two, but packed with loads of important information. Admittedly I don't read this every single day, but if my commute is a bit longer than I definitely skim on my way to work for any headlines that I find appealing. 
  • The Every Girl / The Every Mom || These two sites are what I need for a daily dose of inspiration. While there isn't necessarily a new blog post that sparks my interest every day, for the most part I really enjoying reading the career profiles on both sites and feel instantly motivated. Whether I'm searching for my next show to binge watch or my next read - these two sites are daily fixtures for me. 
What do you like to read to stay in the know?