Our Road Trip Adventure | Montreal & Things I Learned

May 29, 2019
Happy Wednesday friends! Picking right up with the Montreal portion of our trip. On Thursday we made the quick drive to Montreal from Quebec and got right to sightseeing in Old Port Montreal. Maybe it was the time of day or maybe we just got lucky, but around lunch time there were about 10 people total at the ferris wheel and that's including us. With a ticket you're able to enjoy the views for 20 minutes, which is plenty of time for photo ops!
We strolled around the Old Port for a couple of hours waiting for our Airbnb check in later that afternoon. So much history in such a small perimeter and once again I felt like we were in Europe. 

 Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal is one of the most visited monuments in North America - we didn't go in, but it's almost as impressive as the one in Paris.
If you're looking for a great cup of coffee, I can't recommend Tommy Cafe enough! Probably one of the best lattes I've had!

The next morning we headed over to the Botanical Garden and were pleasantly surprised for two reasons. The first was that the garden and exhibits were all free that day because of a garden show and the second was that the tulips were still in bloom, it just looked like an endless garden full of tulips! That was probably my favorite part of the entire trip! Even though the weather was a bit raw, we did spend a few hours strolling while Sophia napped.

 My little carb lover!
After a quick stop for lunch back in Old Town, we headed to the underground mall or underground city Downtown. We asked the waiter to take a photo and this is the best we got - me mid bite!

The underground city is a series of interconnected shops, hotels, businesses and other things that is designed for visitors and people who live in Montreal to combat the harsh winters! Pretty genius if you ask me - you can live, work and shop underground and never have to go outside...a little like a perfect bunker!
On our way out of Montreal we stopped at Premiere Moisson to pick up some pastries! The one we went to was a larger market that had different sections for meat, grocery items, seafood and pastries. I got a fresh baguette to take home and devoured the chocolate croissant before we made it back to the car! If I had to pick a favorite stop - it's absolutely Montreal! I actually want to go back for a weekend trip and go to all the delicious restaurants that we couldn't experience this time around. 

Things I learned ||

  • If you're travelling and want to order food to where you're staying, similar to Postmates or GrubHub, I downloaded Foodora for us and we had dinner delivered one of the nights we were in Montreal. 
  • We stayed in Airbnb's because I wanted to have a separate space for Sophia to sleep while we watched TV or did other things. It ended up being way more cost effective than having suites in hotels. 
  • If Sophia was a tad bit older, we probably would have gone out to dinner more, but I was pretty strict with having her stay on schedule, so that didn't leave a lot of time for dinner out. 
  • Even though you have to show your passport to enter Canada - you don't get a stamp which really bummed me out since I wanted Sophia to have her first stamp!
  • We figured out when we got to Montreal, that our phone plan actually allowed us to use our unlimited data with text and not have to worry about roaming. Prior to that we were using WiFi wherever we could - should have checked that before we left!
  • Everything was planned out around Sophia's naps - mostly when we would do the longer parts of our drives. She's was a great on the go napper and this really helped us see all that we did. 
  • Since this was our first trip with our car, we had no idea what to expect for chargers in Canada, but were pleasantly surprised that there were plenty of car parks with electric vehicle parking & charging. We found Tesla super chargers along the highway drives & Gary used an app called ChargePoint to find available ones in the city. Tesla also has a feature where you plan your route based on charging, so you're never left with little charge. Definitely something that took getting used to since we've never had an electric vehicle before. 
  • This portable drying rack and musical toy were life savers during our trip. 
  • I'm really into Parenthood right now on Netflix and it's not available in Canada, so I downloaded a few episodes onto my phone before we left so I could watch them. On the flip side, Netflix has other shows that aren't yet available in the US so I did take advantage of that as well.
As much as I love traveling, it's certainly a different type of vacation with a baby. Memories made, but I'm happy to be home! I think we'll have more day and weekend trips in our future since Sophia was such a rock star on the road!


  1. You are a rockstar with that babe and all that road tripping!! What a fun adventure. You guys crushed keeping her on routine :-). Also, what Canadian shows did you like on Netflix? I used to do the same thing with parenthood when I was in the US LOL. Download a few episodes!

  2. Montreal looks like a pretty city! I love the ferris wheel pic and that's great there weren't a lot of people in line. You have one of the cutest little travelers by the way! Great idea to download things beforehand and I'm glad it all worked out with having chargers available. Sierra Beautifully Candid

  3. Montreal looks like it was absolutely gorgeous! All of those tulips are BREATHTAKING! Glad you guys had so much fun!

    Rosy Outlook

  4. Aw I'm so glad you guys had a great time in Montreal! Sophia looked like she was a good little traveler. Good to know about the electric cars! I've never driven one/rented one before.
    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams 

  5. You guys are absolutely amazing! I love this adventure you had with sweet Sophia! That last picture of her behind the wheel is my favorite!

  6. It looks like you guys had the best time! We were planning on going to Montreal for my 30th birthday, but had a newborn instead, lol-- it's definitely on our short list to visit soon though!

  7. Look at all those gorgeous flowers! And I never knew about the underground areas or the Notre Dame replica. Boooo to no passport stamp, that's how I feel on cruises too. Love the idea of getting a separate room for lil' miss. We bring a white noise machine for Serena when traveling which works great as well if you're all bunking up in the same room <3

    Green Fashionista

  8. Montreal is beautiful! The tulips and architecture! Good for you for staying on schedule and planning ahead for her naps and whatnot. Traveling with kids is doable with the right equipment! I am so sad she didn't get her first stamp!

  9. You guys are pros! Now for the next trip!! XOXO, R

  10. Your family is so cute! And this trip looked like so much fun! I'd love to go visit botanical gardens because those tulips look so pretty!

    - Avalon from www.simplyavalon.com

  11. I can't get over what a cute little family you are! I was super bummed that Canada didn't give passport stamps :( I was so excited to start filling my new passport!

  12. An AIRBNB is a smart idea with a little one.
    I love the tulips... that's awesome you hit it on a free weekend too!!!
    I always love all the sweet pics of Sophia!

  13. You need to frame that first photo of you girls - precious! Parenthood is the BEST!

  14. I can only imagine how it is traveling with a little baby. Love the photos and glad you had a wonderful time.


  15. So picturesque!! You guys got some great shots! And Sophia looks like she is just the perfect little travel companion!

  16. Montreal magic - city of cafes, restaurants, music, film, nightlife, festivals, shops of all kinds. That's Montreal now.

  17. I've never been to Montreal and it looks so quaint! I didn't know they had a Notre Dame replica! That field of tulips is beautiful! Your daughter is such a cutie!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  18. Your trip looked lovely- and I dig that there were so many chargers along the way for your Tesla! That's perfect!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  19. I loved following your trip on IG! Ryan and I love Montreal, and we had a blast being able to visit when we lived in northern NY! How fun that you got to go on the ferris wheel...we never did that!

  20. These are all great tips for sure. I have always wanted to go to Montreal. I love the tulip garden. It seems like the best trip!

  21. Such a fun trip for y'all!!! And your makeup looks flawless!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  22. beautiful!
    good life!
    Like your blog, thank you for sharing

  23. We prefer AirBnBs now that we have a kid, too. Your trip looks so fun. I've always wanted to go to Quebec City and Montreal. Those tulips look amazing!

  24. Montreal has been on my list for so long. It looks especially beautiful in the spring when everything is in bloom!! It seems like little miss enjoyed it, too. That first picture of you two is so gorgeous!! I'm impressed that you were able keep on a schedule, but I respect that so much! Makes life easier for you and for her!! I'm sad that you didn't get a passport stamp. I'm definitely disappointed how they seem to be going by the way side, too! :(

  25. I cannot believe how beautiful it is there - you're right, it looks like Europe! And, an underground city system? Sounds pretty genius. Glad that you had a good trip!

    Just sayin',
    Karly @ What Karly Said


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