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Summer Work Staples

My Summer work wardrobe isn't drastically different from the rest of the year except I add in some bold colors & can finally leave the tights at home! I wanted to share a few wardrobe pieces that I wear on repeat all season long!

Tie Front Pants || My favorite type of pants to wear year round are ankle length pants. The tie front on these Leith ones is just a nice added touch without having to add a belt! They pair perfectly with flats or heels! I have two pairs!

Sheath Dress || I have a lot of after work events in the Summer and I find that a really nicely cut sheath dress works for any occasion. I can throw on a cardigan or blazer if needed, but on it's own it works! I also really like it to be a fun pop of color - it's Summer after all!

Open toe wedge || I love a good wedge heel, but even better with a little peep toe! 

Leopard Print Ballet Flat || If you need a the most versatile flat for any occasion - I can't recommend these leopard flats enough! They are the ultimate Summer work shoe and I pair them with just about every outfit I wear to work!

Elastic Belts || I'm not one for a lot of belt wearing, but I opt for thin belts with my pants. I think it ties everything together and really polishes off the look. 

Linen Skirt || I had these stretchy skirts when I first moved to Boston and for some reason haven't replenished my closet with them since. I love how easy they are to wear and could easily transition from work to weekend wear! I also really love this pleated linen skirt which I just bought in Navy!

Eyelet Skirt || I get the majority of my work skirts from Ann Taylor because the fit just can't be beat. The little eyelet detail is perfect for Summer!

Wrap Dresses || I lived in these last year because I was pregnant, but I also loved them before then! I tend to go a little more bold with the prints just because they're so fun! I add a camisole underneath for a bit more coverage. This style on Amazon comes in 45 different colors and styles! 

Sleeveless Blouse || My favorite type of top to wear with pants and skirts is this type of sleeveless blouse that you can throw a light cardigan on in the office! I have this in grey and can't tell you how many years of wear I've gotten out of it!

What are some of your summer work staples?


10 Year Boston Anniversary

Happy Monday friends! A few weeks ago I went down the rabbit hole on Facebook and saw a post that reminded me of my move to Boston ten years ago on this date! An entire decade ago! That's honestly so mind boggling to me to look back on how much has changed in that time. It sounds like so much time, yet as we all know, time goes by so fast so it feels as if I blinked and found myself here 10 years later! What's even cooler is that 6 of those 10 years are all captured here on my blog!
FB Photo from June of 2009!
When I first moved to Boston, it rained for almost the entire month of June. I was doing my best not to take that as a bad omen! I moved with no job, two friends (that's being generous) and during one of the worst recessions. Finding a job was my job and I often found myself sitting on a bench in the Public Garden crying because I had found out yet again that a company passed on me because I was "too green" or they decided to go with the candidate that had a connection - it was seriously disheartening. Until one day it wasn't and I got a job offer and was able to move out of my sisters house, who had graciously let me live with her (and my niece, nephew & brother-in-law) for 8 months while I made the transition - ie, find a job
How has Gary literally not aged?!
I often think about where I am now because of that decision to move to Boston and the chance I took on myself. All the friends I've made, the jobs I've had - I think about Gary, who I met almost a year to the day after moving and my sweet Sophia. It makes me realize that every time I sat on that park bench and cried, it was absolutely worth it. 
I walk through the Public Garden all the time, I see the bench that I cried on so many times (because it was always the same bench!) and I stop to think about myself at 22. While I certainly don't miss that time in my life, I know the courage and guts that girl had should never leave me. Thankfully, I think I have more tenacity than ever! So to the people out there wondering if they should take the leap of faith - I'm confident my answer will always be yes!

Summer Bucket List

Happy Friday, friends! While it's not officially summer, I do feel if we don't take advantage of every weekend from here until September, then we'll blink and the summer will fly by. Considering we didn't do too much traveling last year at this time because I was pregnant, I'm really looking forward to day trips & lots of fun activities with Sophia this year. One thing on my list that I checked off last weekend was cutting my hair. Not a big thing for most, but after 9.5 months with no hair cut, it was time and we chopped off 7 inches!! 
Denim Jacket || T-Shirt || Cargo Pants || Espadrilles  not pictured, but I live in them!

In no particular order, here's a few things I want to do this Summer! 
  • Day trip to Newport || A little under two hours of the city, you get to explore mansions, beaches & have great seafood. I can't wait to introduce Sophia to one of my favorite cities. 
  • Weekend or day trip to the Cape || The Cape is to New Englander's what the Hampton's are to New Yorkers. I wont say it's a quick escape out of the city because traffic is normally a nightmare during summer weekends. Hoping to find a great gem of a place to stay for a weekend later this summer.  
  • Visit the zoo || This one should be relatively easy to check off the list and hopefully one we'll do this weekend. 
  • Celebrate Sophia's first birthday || I don't know how it's possible, but in August we'll be celebrating Sophia's first birthday and in true planner fashion I already have a to do list a milke long! I'm pretty pumped about the theme, location & most of all - celebrating my sweet girl. 
  • Strawberry or blueberry picking || We went blueberry picking a few years ago and it was such a cute little adventure. Would love to check this one off with the babe. 
  • A few trips to the beach || Pretty self explanatory, but getting out to the beach should be a lot easier now that we have a car!
  • One weekend night away. just me and Gary
  • Family photos || Funny enough, I'm planning our family photos right around the same time we did maternity photos last year. I'd love to go back and have Sophia in all of the spots that we did our maternity photos! 
  • Continue on my mission of finding the best frose & lobster rolls 
  • Picnic in the park || For that random weekend day that we don't have anything planned and the weather is gorgeous, I'd love to do a picnic in the Public Garden & let Sophia explore!
What's on your summer bucket list?

Father's Day Gift Guide

Celebrating Father's Day this year is going to be really special since it's Gary's first one with Sophia. With that, I have a few surprises up my sleeve to make it a fun day for him, but wanted to share some gifts that would be great for the father figures and dad's in our lives!
What to buy for guys, gifts for men, best gifts for a dad

  • Yetti Insulated Mug || I'm sure this is on every single one of my gift guides for men because you just can't go wrong with a great coffee mug. I actually got one at a work conference and we're always fighting over who gets to take it to work in the morning!
  • Apple Watch Band || One of my favorite gifts to give are different types of bands for G's apple watch. For anyone that is a bit more fashionable and likes to change the style of their watches - this is a great gift!
  • Adjustable Weights || Someone that's into fitness and doesn't really go to the gym would love these weights. We have these and I love that I can use them as well because they adjust from 5 pounds to 52! Perfect for an in home gym!
  • Sneakers || I find that guys just don't buy shoes as much as women, which is probably for the best since we definitely don't have the space for someone else to have a shoe addiction in this relationship! 
  • A sentimental gift || With this being G's first father's day, one gift will absolutely be sentimental. I think anything personalized is the way to go.
  • Baseball hat || I absolutely love when Gary wears a hat on the weekends. Something about the relaxed look is just my favorite! 
  • Toiletry Bag || Perfect for the traveler and yet again another gift that guys just don't seem to upgrade or get for themselves! 
  • Pullover || These pullovers are great! Another item that G has and always wears! Really great for here in Boston and for temps that are bit chillier in the mornings or evenings! Easy to pack for weekends away too!
  • Speaker || For the tech and amazon lover, perfect to upgrade that Alexa!
  • Sunglasses || While a nice pair of sunglasses is a wonderful gift, I think sunglasses that can take a beating would be juts as great. These come in 5 different colors and for the price you can even get two for a really great gift!
Have you already picked up your Father's Day gifts?

Current Makeup Favorites

Happy Monday, friends! While we were away, I realized that so many of my current makeup favorites are new products that I've been using. While Sophia napped, I snapped a few photos and thought I'd share the new beauty products I've been loving. It takes me about 10 minutes to do my makeup whether I'm going to work or out for the night. I have my set routine and really don't mess with it! I'm still really enjoying this makeup case and it's perfect for travel, but I do use it to store my makeup every day. 

  • Summer Jet Lag Mask || I always start with the jet lag mask as a moisturizer and I'm so happy that they came out with a travel size! The perfect start for my makeup routine.
  • Physician's Formula Glow Primer || I'm almost done with this primer and the glow is not overpowering even though it has it in the name. If you like a dewey look to your makeup, I'd recommend trying this. 
  • Becca Under Eye Corrector || This is a game changing product! I have worn it without any other makeup and I've worn it under my concealer - both ways it pretty much eliminates your dark circles,  if you have them. It's worth the splurge and will last a long time! I can really tell the difference when I use it versus when I forget to put it on!
  • Too Faced Concealer || When I was looking for a new concealer I wanted Tarte's shape tape, but Sephora doesn't sell it so when they recommended I try the new too faced concealer I was all about it. It's full coverage without being heavy and doesn't cake under the eye. It's good for all over, but especially good to brighten up the under eye area. Using it with that the Kat Von D setting powder is the best. 
  • Soft Glam Palette || One of my gifts from Mother's Day this eye shadow palette is extremely pigmented and the colors are absolutely gorgeous. Dusty Rose, Rustic and Orange Soda are my three most used colors along with tempra which is the best base color. It also stays put throughout the day - doesn't budget at all!
  • Loreal Unlimited Mascara || Truth is I bought this mascara because I really liked the packaging, but as it turns out the mascara formula is pretty good. The wand moves in two positions to give you both volume and lift! For under $9 it's a great one to try with my go to voluminous primer! I also use another coat of this hourglass mascara for extra oomph. 
What are some of your current makeup favorites?