Father's Day Gift Guide

June 05, 2019
Celebrating Father's Day this year is going to be really special since it's Gary's first one with Sophia. With that, I have a few surprises up my sleeve to make it a fun day for him, but wanted to share some gifts that would be great for the father figures and dad's in our lives!
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  • Yetti Insulated Mug || I'm sure this is on every single one of my gift guides for men because you just can't go wrong with a great coffee mug. I actually got one at a work conference and we're always fighting over who gets to take it to work in the morning!
  • Apple Watch Band || One of my favorite gifts to give are different types of bands for G's apple watch. For anyone that is a bit more fashionable and likes to change the style of their watches - this is a great gift!
  • Adjustable Weights || Someone that's into fitness and doesn't really go to the gym would love these weights. We have these and I love that I can use them as well because they adjust from 5 pounds to 52! Perfect for an in home gym!
  • Sneakers || I find that guys just don't buy shoes as much as women, which is probably for the best since we definitely don't have the space for someone else to have a shoe addiction in this relationship! 
  • A sentimental gift || With this being G's first father's day, one gift will absolutely be sentimental. I think anything personalized is the way to go.
  • Baseball hat || I absolutely love when Gary wears a hat on the weekends. Something about the relaxed look is just my favorite! 
  • Toiletry Bag || Perfect for the traveler and yet again another gift that guys just don't seem to upgrade or get for themselves! 
  • Pullover || These pullovers are great! Another item that G has and always wears! Really great for here in Boston and for temps that are bit chillier in the mornings or evenings! Easy to pack for weekends away too!
  • Speaker || For the tech and amazon lover, perfect to upgrade that Alexa!
  • Sunglasses || While a nice pair of sunglasses is a wonderful gift, I think sunglasses that can take a beating would be juts as great. These come in 5 different colors and for the price you can even get two for a really great gift!
Have you already picked up your Father's Day gifts?


  1. We have the same adjustable weights! And I stole Mike's yeti mug from him... it's the BEST!!!!!! Great selection of things! xoxo, R

  2. That yeti mug is gold! during the winter I heat up leftovers in it and bring them to work lol. Multi-use mug for sure! These are great gifts and I might have to pick up that pullover for J!
    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams 

  3. I have really needed some ideas so these are great. Mr. Nine loves pullovers too so he’d love that UA one.

  4. Some of these things i want for myself lol!!

  5. I've actually bought an Echo and a Yeti mug for my dad over the last couple of years so obviously I think these are great ideas haha! Shopping for Father's Day can be so hard!

    Rosy Outlook

  6. A great gift guide! I don't know what dad wouldn't want everything on this list!

  7. Brandon LOVES his YETI mug and we use our Echo on a daily basis!

  8. My brother in law has personalized coffee mugs for each of the kids and they are the best! We got my dad a new swimsuit, which is a tradition, and some water shoes that can be worn all the time.

  9. watch bands and yeti mugs- great ideas! Hope Gary has a wonderful first Father's Day- so special and I know you'll make it fun!

  10. I want one of those Yeti coffee cups for myself!!!

  11. I love the hat.

  12. You're right that a Yeti mug is at the top of my list to get my dad for Father's Day - I got one for my birthday, and it's just the best!

    Just sayin',
    Karly @ What Karly Said

  13. These are great ideas! We have given the Yeti mug as gifts.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  14. I can't wait to hear about the surprises you have in store for Gary! You can't go wrong with Yeti pieces or watch accessories <3
    Green Fashionista

  15. We swear by those Yeti mugs! They're the best!

  16. These are such great suggestions! My husband already has and loves a few of these things. I need to start shopping!

  17. My husband would love all of these, even though he already has some but about time for an upgrade on his sneakers. I love the grey and white pair you picked out.

  18. I love that Under Armour pullover. I think B would love that!


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