Most Used Baby Items | The First Year

July 24, 2019
We're nearing Sophia's first birthday and I cant help but think of everything that helped us survive this first year - my mom included, but unfortunately she's not for hire ;) From items I said I'd never order (wipe warmer) to things we couldn't have lived without (hello DockATot) I have broken it down to everything we loved. Lots of these things would be great registry items to add or gifts for friends that are expecting! I separated each item out into their own categories & I've also linked the posts that I wrote with our favorite items during the months!
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For Comfortable Sleep 

  • DockATot || You can read about my love for the dockatot here! This is without a doubt our most used item for the first 6 months of Sophia's life! We carted her everywhere in that and it was the best lounger / sleeper ever! When we transitioned her into the crib, we also used this so that she was a bit more cozy. Used every day from the day we got home from the hospital until almost 7 months and there is a size up in this as well, we just didn't get it. REGISTRY MUST HAVE! 
  • Sound Machine || Every single book, blog, advice column will say that your baby needs a sound machine to fall and stay asleep. We took the Taking Cara Babies class and she recommended this one. $20 and still going strong! We also got the baby shusher which was a miracle worker for the first 3 months of Sophia's life. Someone actually created a machine that makes the "sushing" noise so you don't have to. I'd stick this into the docktot and peaceful sleep was had by all! I actually have a hard time falling asleep without a sound machine now! REGISTRY MUST HAVE!
  • Halo Bassinest || We had Sophia in our room for the first 6 months and while the Halo was incredibly large and heavy, it was wonderful being able to reach over and calm Sophia in the middle of the night or easily have access to her for those middle of the night feedings. There's a little light, it plays music and also does a gentle movement to help soothe the baby. REGISTRY MUST HAVE!
  • Sleep Sack || Some babies love to be swaddled, others don't! Sophia was a fan and we had a variety of swaddles, but the Halo Sleep sack when she was was our favorite. It transitions from a swaddle as they get older as well - so we used this with the one arm out technique then both arms and then just a regular sleep sack as a blanket. REGISTRY MUST HAVE!

Feeding Time 

  • Bumbo Seat || We started using this as soon as Sophia was able to sit up on her own. Besides the obvious use of using this as a pseudo high chair, putting toys on the tray can keep them occupied for 10-15 minutes, long enough to get the kitchen clean or take a shower! This 3 in 1 grows with the baby. Really great if you don't want to have a full high chair or have a smaller space like we do.  REGISTRY MUST HAVE
  • Bottle Sterilizer || I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have made it 11+ months of pumping if it wasn't for easy clean bottles. Thankfully my friend gave us her Dr. Browns sterilizer, but we would have registered for one if she hadn't. We put everything in here and of course it takes other bottles and parts as well. It's a must have and something we use every single day! REGISTRY MUST HAVE!
  • Sippy Cups ||  We had quite the time trying to find a bottle that Sophia liked for milk, so I won't go into detail about the ones that worked for us. I didn't think babies would be picky, but alas they are, so get a few different ones to try and go from there. However, when it came to sippy cups, she had already mastered the bottles and took to the NUUK sippy cup like a champ. I love the little handles on this one and it seems to fall out of her hands far less often. 
  • Happy Baby Pouches || Once we started foods with Sophia, I really wanted to try to make them myself, but when we would go out I love using these pouches. At first I would hold the pouch for her, but she's hands on now and can maneuver them herself. I look for the ones that have the least amount of sugar and the bonus is that any of them that she doesn't finish, I do because it's literally a smoothie! Sophia's favorite is "Pears Spinach and Kale"

Play Time 

  • V-tech Crawling Bear || Probably one of the best toys ever because seeing Sophia "talk" and crawl right alongside this bear is the highlight of my day! She laughs and I think seeing it crawl really helped her learn to do it at as well. 
  • Skip Hop Activity Center || From the time she was 4 months old, we have loved sitting Sophia in this activity center. A perfect place for learning and exploring. The colors are bright and fun, but it also grows with your child all the way into a play table. She's currently in stage 2 of the cruise and interact - perfect for pulling yourself up, standing & playing!
  • Sophie the Giraffe || This is such a popular registry item that I actually got three from my baby shower. I don't know what it is about this rubber teether, but I've yet to find a baby that doesn't love it. REGISTRY MUST HAVE!
  • V-Tech Sit to Stand Learning Walker || Around 6 months we purchased this for her and it has provided endless excitement/entertainment. I wont get into the fact I've memorized all the songs, but they do make them catchy! There's a reason there are over 5,000 almost 5 star reviews for this - it's the perfect learning toy. The play panel is removable so you can have them play just with that and I'm certain Sophia pulled herself up for the first time on the walker. Endless amounts of fun! 
  • Goodnight Moon || We have many favorite books, but the one we read probably 5/7 days out of the week is Goodnight Moon. I actually have it memorized and it's my favorite one to end our night time routine with. In lieu of cards for my baby shower, we asked that people bring their favorite children's book and write a note on the inside for Sophia.

Getting Around 

  • UppaBaby Stroller || My love for the Uppa Baby Stroller runs deep! We have the "Vista" in the Gregory color scheme and it's pretty much been used non-stop! It's heavy, but it has so much undercarriage space, we've often joked that we bought it as a way to lug groceries and other things home instead of carrying the baby. Uppa Baby has an incredible customer support program and they do regular "Tune Ups" free of charge so this item can last you for years - as it should. It also transitions from one child up to three! REGISTRY MUST HAVE!
  • Baby Wrap Carrier || I am pro baby wearing all the time if possible! I'm pretty sure that I wore Sophia from the time she was 4 weeks old until 5 months - I felt like a mama kangaroo and she was in her little pouch! I absolutely LOVED being able to walk around, get things done around the house, have her sleep on me. There are tons of wraps out there, but Boba wrap is such an incredible quality for a fraction of the cost. REGISTRY MUST HAVE!
  • Nuna Pipa Car Seat || I did a ton of research into car seats and we ultimately decided on the Nuna Pipa for a few reasons, but the main one was that it could be baseless and used in any car at any time. As people who frequently take Ubers and at the time were using Zipcar we liked not having to rely on a base. It's certainly not the lightest car seat out there, but it was the one that worked best for us. 


  • Diaper Warmer || Sophia was born on the 9th, I ordered this warmer on the 13th, two days after we got home from the hospital! Nothing worse than those middle of those night diaper changes and a cold wipe! One day of hearing a sad cry and I was done for! I definitely didn't think it was a needed item and but returned the other wipe warmer as soon as this one arrived!
  • Baby Bath || I registered for this amazing PUJ bathmat, but quickly realized it wasn't conducive for bath time after 3 at home baths. I quickly ordered this $18 tub from Amazon with over 3,800 reviews and absolutely loved it. The sling was great for when she was an itty bitty baby and then once she was able to sit on her own, we plopped her without it then she transitioned to the toddler side and we're on our last legs with it. For an $18 product to last almost the entire year of her life is an incredible return on investment! 
  • Baby Nail File || I remember the first time I had to file Sophia's nails - I was a wreck. I was scared to hurt her and forget using nail scissors or clippers - I still haven't got the nerve to try that. The electric nail trimmer / file is the way to go and the bonus is that I've used it for at home manicures for myself! She's a fan of manicures like her mom so it's a fairly easy process for us! 

I could probably go on with about 20 more products we couldn't live without that first year, but then we're getting into an obscenely long post! I tried to think about things that we used repeatedly that  made life a little easier, which is all you can ask for in this first year! What was your most used baby product from the first year?
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  1. I cannot believe it is almost Sophia's first birthday. Where has this year gone?! This is a great list I will have to keep for the future. I have heard so many people rave about DockATot and how it's a total game changer! Glad to hear you guys love it, too! Happy Wednesday!

    xo, Rachel
    A Blonde's Moment

  2. What a great list! Mnay of these cool items were not around when my kids were babies :)

  3. Keep that walker around... it's the gift that keeps on giving!! My kids still play with it (read: fight over it)!! XOXO, R

  4. You have so many of our favorites too! Sound machine is a MUST!

  5. No baby here yet but still LOVE reading your posts about baby gear haha! Everyone seems to love the UppaBaby stroller! I really just can't believe it's almost been a year!!

    Rosy Outlook

  6. All of these are total must haves for sure! We lasted a few months without the dock a tot and caved and got the bigger one. Riley LIVES for it lol!

  7. Yes to the Vista everything!!!! I know it's expensive, but totally worth it! And we have that bathtub and love it, too!! I was so sad when he moved out of the swing haha!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  8. What a great idea for a post! I would’ve given anything of some of these products been around when the boys were babies! Have a wonderful Wednesday beautiful lady!

  9. What a great list! We loved many of these things (Halo sleepsacks are the BEST!) but so many of them have come out since my girls were born so I will be adding them to the list for this third babe!

  10. I need to get a sound machine for myself. I've been running my phone all night on Hulu for thunderstorm sounds. I just need to get a machine.

  11. This is super helpful!! I'm not pregnant... yet :) But when the times comes I'll be sure to reference this!

  12. Yes to all of this! So many musts! I might need that adorable bear!

    <3 Shannon 
    Upbeat Soles

  13. Time flies, doesn't it! I'm gonna have to save this post for the future. You have a great roundup. The nail file sounds like a game changer.

  14. I can't believe she is almost a year old. These are all great baby finds.

  15. Bookmarking this for the future ;-) :-) Miss Sophia is getting big so fast!

    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams 

  16. So many great things! We used the Halo Sleepsacks religiously for both babes and we loved them so much! Gave me peace of mind that they'd never be cold and also that they wouldn't smother in a blanket.

  17. The DockATot was 1000% our most used and loved baby product. So many good ones on this list, I still dread cutting Bella's nails LOL

  18. I really just love the name "DockATot" haha. And it sounds like it was super handy!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  19. We still use the sound machine every night, and Zoe still likes pushing around the vtech sit to stand. Probably the most used toy ever!


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