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What's in My Diaper Bag

We have gone through 3 different diaper bags in this last year, which may sound a bit crazy, but finding one that checks off all your boxes was harder than I thought. At first I opted for a traditional Skip Hop bag that I really loved, but wasn't as functional as I hoped. I then went for the tote savvy insert for my Louis Vuitton Neverfull and while it did work, I always felt like I was missing something for Sophia and I think this will be a better option when she's a bit older. I finally settled on the backpack option not only for it's functionality and how much it could store, but also because there is nothing better than being hands free / being able to carry your child and still have your bag with you! 
I'm an over packer by nature, so it should come as no surprise that I'm ready for just about anything with what's in our diaper bag. I also like to have the majority of things ready to go, with the exception of food so that I don't have to think and can just grab and go!
  • Diapers, Wipes, Changing Pad & Creams || What diaper bag doesn't have diapers?! I also have a separate pouch so that I can easily grab wipes, cream & Vaseline. I like to have the separate pouch for when we're at a restaurant or I can leave my entire bag with someone else & just take the necessities in the bathroom for a quick change. I have the skip hop changing pad that I leave in the car, but for our diaper bag I use this plain amazon basics one
  • Sunblock, Hand Sanitizer & Bug Spray || Probably overkill, but I keep all three with us because inevitably on the weekends I don't know where the day can take us, especially if we will be outside for longer than I expected and need to reapply sunblock. I love BabyGanics products and have used them from the start. 
  • Pouches, disposable place mats, extra bib & snack container || I love pouches for on the go / restaurant eating. Even though Sophia can nibble on the food we're eating now, I like to make sure she has something of her own to eat. I love these disposable place mats to place food on & this snack container is clutch for keeping her snacks in place and not spilling all over the place. 
  • Wet wipes, pacifier wipes & stain remover || I'm a self proclaimed germaphobe and wipe everything down where ever we go. I am pretty brave and wear white with Sophia frequently, so the Tide To Go pens have come in handy more than once. I still keep the pacifier wipes in my bag, but we don't use them as often anymore, but it's good for wiping down her water bottle as well.
  • Extra bottle, formula dispenser & sippy cup || Sophia loves her sippy cup & since we're slowly weaning from formula to milk, I still keep two bottles worth of formula with me just in case. This is the best organizer that I've found. 
  • Toys || Got to keep the baby entertained! I love this Baby Einstein musical toy and have two - one for the house and one for our diaper bag! I keep one book & Sophie the Giraffe in there as well. 
You can find all my favorite baby items on my Amazon Shop Page!

Along with a backup pair of clothes, this is pretty much set to go at any moment. Is this too much or do you think I'm missing anything? 

Sophia's Birthday Weekend

What a weekend! I first want to thank you all so much for the birthday wishes last week! The last few days have been so full of love and happiness, all for our lovely Sophia! I am waiting on the professional photos from Sophia's first birthday party, so below are iPhone snaps and highlights of the most fun weekend!
pastel balloons in the crib for the birthday girl
First birthday outfit
I'm sure that Gary & I were more excited than ever waking up on Friday to see Sophia's face when she saw the kitchen we got for her birthday! It's perfect for her now and will grow with her as she gets older! One of the coolest moments ever!

Even though the majority of the day was getting ready for the party the next day, we did have a great birthday lunch with my parents and sang Happy Birthday once my cousin and his family got to town! Clearly Sophia wasn't sure about her first taste of dessert! 

 Milestone Sign from Etsy
  "One" unicorn banner
When your best friends' conference schedule happens to coincide with your daughter's first birthday, it's a good day! P.S. I got a spray tan, but it was really dark in the room as I look doubly tan!

I felt like I was planning a mini rehearsal dinner for Sophia's first birthday. We celebrated with our family and friends at Maggiano's in the city. It could not have been a more perfect day and I really can't wait to see all the photos! For as emotional I thought I would be, there were so many laughs and good times that the tears were thankfully at bay (for the most party) and I could bask in the amazing celebration!

The party continued with a BBQ at my sister's house on Sunday. It's rare that all the cousins are in town, especially my cousin and her family that live in Italy, so it was wonderful to catch up even more. The busy weekend took a toll on all of us and we all couldn't wait to relax and snuggle Sunday night.  I can't believe the weekend we've been planning for a few months has come and gone, now it's time to enjoy the rest of the summer!

Happy First Birthday, Sophia

Today is a big day! My sweet angel baby is ONE!! I honestly can't wrap my head around this fact, or that an entire year has gone by since she came into this world, but Sophia is the greatest gift of my life. What's truly amazing is that her first year of life is documented not only on this blog, but through social media and videos / photos we have. I'm so grateful to have all these memories that will pop up and remind me of her first year. 
Everything is still so fresh - all those memories of bringing her home, being on maternity leave and feeling all the emotions, experiencing all her firsts - it's all so precious.  While life is certainly not perfect, Sophia has made every single imperfect moment worth while. She turns my day around just by looking at me and smiling - she's my guiding light without even realizing it. She is truly my heart outside of my body and I know that my love for her will deepen as she grows! Her little personality shines with each passing day and I catch myself looking at her, sometimes in complete awe that she's really my daughter - she's a strong force and I'm already so proud of her. While it may seem like we are the ones teaching her, she's taught me more these last 12 months than I ever thought possible. 

Her first year was filled with so many firsts, for not only her, but Gary & I as well. While I am a little sad that her itty baby stage is passing by quickly, I'm excited for the next stages. The newborn fog is real and when you're in the thick of it, it can seem like it will never pass, but suddenly the middle of the night feedings go away, everyone gets more sleep and the fears you had slip away and you get to enjoy this precious little baby. 
We created an email address for her a few days after she was born to send her emails here and there, but especially on important days, like her birthday so when she's old enough to have an email, she will open it up and be filled with letters from us that tell her our thoughts and feelings in that moment. It's something small, but only for her. 
I wanted to take these photos to celebrate Sophia's first year in the Public Garden where so many of our monumental life moments were captured including our engagement & maternity photos. Thank you to Julie from Young at Heart Images for capturing this beautiful time in our lives. 

One of my favorite photos because it looks like she's telling someone off!! 😂
My darling girl, it will be years before you read this (if ever) but I hope you know how loved you are. You smile with your whole face, your laugh comes from deep in your belly & your amazement of all things in this world is what makes you truly incredible! 

“On the night you were born,
The moon smiled with such wonder
That the stars peeked in to see you
And the night wind whispered,
“Life will never be the same.”
Because there had never been anyone like you…ever in the world.”
On The Night You Were Born by Nancy Tillman

Dress // Wedges
Photos by Julie Young

Wednesday Wants & August Goals

About a month ago I shared a post about things I'd been saving in my phone as "to buy later" items. Here's this month's list!
Dagne Dover Work Bag || I really like all the compartments of the Dagne Dover bags and think they are made for the woman who needs to carry everything with her at all times. 
Lightweight Quilted Jacket || Although I really can't think about Fall clothing since we are having pretty perfect weather here right now, I do need to update my lightweight quilted jacket and I really like this one from Amazon. It comes in a ton of different colors and styles. 
Fridge magnets for Sophia || Sophia is all over the place, especially loving the kitchen so I wanted to get some magnets for the fridge to occupy her and that were also somewhat educational. These magnets from Leap Frog have more than 2500 really great reviews!
Kate Spade Wristlet || I have been looking for a wristlet to wear while out with Sophia and for quick errands for what feels like months and haven't found anything that can fit everything I need - slim wallet, keys, phone and lip gloss. Finally after watching a video and reading a few reviews it looks like this one will be the winner!
Pout Pout Fish Books ||  I picked up the original pout pout fish book a couple weeks ago and honestly, I read it almost every night to Sophia because I absolutely love it and think it's adorable. There are a ton in the series and I can't wait to get more for her. I actually get the story stuck in my head for hours after reading and end up singing them to myself 😂

Goals ||

I've been thinking about some things I really want to accomplish this month and this is my favorite place to hold myself accountable. 
  • I've been terrible about buying coffee and lunch out practically every day for work. While I won't be cutting this out cold turkey, I'm leaving this as a treat once during the work week. 
  • Make sure I send out all thank you notes for Sophia's birthday before the end of August. I can't stand not getting this done, so I know this one will definitely happen. 
  • I want to try out 3 new workout classes --> sort of cheating on this since I've already got one done.
  • Clothes clean out for Sophia. Looking through everything from the first year and seeing what can be stored, donated & sold. Some stuff she didn't even get to wear and it still has tags on - baby clothes really need to fit for more than one wear!!
What's on your August to do list?


Happy Monday, friends! We are in full swing of first birthday madness over here! We had a great weekend, fairly low key but lots of fun! 
 On repeat - these jeans & top!
Saturday we embraced the "cooler" 80 degree weather to soak up some time outside and headed to Chestnut Hill for lunch and ate at one of our favorites - Oath Pizza. 

I did a little shopping at the Container Store and stocked up on some all organization items! I picked up the home edit's divided lazy susan for Sophia's food pouches, the Poppin blush gel pens that write so nicely, and this file organizer.

Our friends had us over for a BBQ on Sunday and we got to meet their newest edition! Babies everywhere and I'm reminded of how much space you get when you move out of the city...a swing set in the backyard - yes, please! I'm also going to put Sophia's hair in a ponytail every chance I can get!
This is definitely going to be an emotional week for me since Sophia turns one on Friday. I'm sure I'll be crying randomly throughout the week, so I am truly hoping that this is the slowest week yet and I can embrace my little baby a while longer!