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A Touch of Fall

Now that the crisp weather has made it's way to New England, it's time to start adding fall touches around the house. I like to keep things seasonal rather than decorating for the holiday's. Less about skeletons for Halloween and more about pumpkins and acorns that can last through Thanksgiving! 
Fall decorations, fall decor, pumpkin decor, thanksgiving decorations, pumpkins, doormats for fall

  • This gold wreath would look so pretty on an island with a big vase / candle in the middle!
  • Without having to commit to the storage of actual pillows, these pillow covers are perfect to get you through the whole season
  • Cozy throw blanket is a must - I really love the unexpected muted fall colors here 
  • I've tried to steer clear of burning candles this last year because I didn't want any scents to be too overwhelming for Sophia, but I'm ready to start burning some fall candles - starting with amber and spiced orange ones
  • These fabric pumpkins are too cute and I know that Sophia would have fun playing with them too! They would look great placed around a mantle or in our case on the media console!
  • Adding a few of these branches to our fig tree isn't something I've done in the past, but I like that it would give the plant some color!
  • We have these string twinkle lights and I put them in small vases - it's a little touch, but I love the look of the copper lights
  • I have a little succulent in our entry way, but this would be a fun addition to the kitchen
  • My favorite way to add a touch of fall is with a new doormat for the season. Target always has such fun ones and I love this Happy Fall one!

Do you decorate for the season or the particular holiday? Have you started adding fall touches to your house yet?

Weekending || Soccer Games & Bridal Showers

Happy Monday, friends! I have been living for the weather we have been having recently and we are trying to spend as much time outside as possible before the dreaded "W" word comes back...that's winter for anyone not following!

It was my youngest niece's birthday on Saturday so Sophia and I went to cheer her on at a morning soccer game! I may have a budding soccer start on my hands - she was all about the kids playing and kicking the soccer balls! There was tons of playground time and now that she's walking - the swings just wont cut it anymore and she's all over the place!

Sunday I attended my good friend Tess's bridal shower and she honestly looked like a model bride!!  I also got one more wear out of the best dress I bought this summer! All the guests were able to cut their own bouquet and take home beautiful flowers to enjoy after the shower! Can't wait to celebrate all over again in November! 
We rounded out the weekend with my first ever block party - an end of summer bash! It was a jam packed weekend and I'm definitely ready for the next one as I head into my busy season at work! Wishing you a wonderful week ahead!

Four Books to Read Now

With my last book post back in April, I was off my reading game this summer, starting books and not really liking them, so I paused and decided to binge on some Netflix! Now that I've had that fix, I have returned to finding books that I really like and bring you four that you should absolutely add to your "to be read" list! 

The Way I've Heard It Should Be (Kindle Unlimited) || This book follows four women in a very wealthy suburb of Manhattan and the intricacies of their lives - not quite as perfect as it may seem from the outside. I think everyone can relate to a character in this book in some way which makes it such a great read. Danielle, the outsider that married the older divorced man with kids. Laura, the picture perfect mom that has enough help to make her life easier, but it doesn't really. Olivia with two great girls and an adoring husband that misses her old life back in the city and working. Gretchen, the oldest one in the group that is dealing with a husband that's unhappy and a teenage daughter in dangerous territory. I read the follow up to the book Second Chances not even realizing there was a first book. You could read both or just read one. 
A Life Worth Living (Kindle Unlimited) || I randomly cried reading this book, which was unexpected since I thought the twists the author wrote in would be enough to leave the tears at bay. Leah & Eve are twin sisters and that's about as far as their similarities go. Eve is self involved, loves to put on a show for her "Friends", doesn't really have the motherhood gene in her and rarely pays attention to her husband or twin daughters. Leah on the other hand is caring to a fault, wants to have a family more than anything and will do anything for her sister. An accident changes everything for these women and you wonder which will take the life worth living. I found myself eagerly awaiting how the author would finish the book - twists were good and unexpected! 
Love and Other Words || It's been a while since I've really been into a book and felt captivated by the writing. I finished this in a day - not sure how, but it happened! Macy and Elliot were friends growing up since Macy & her dad had a vacation house where Elliott lived. They grew up together and with that their relationship evolved from friends to more than friends, until one day Macy abruptly ended it all. Eleven years later Macy & Elliot run into each other and it makes Macy question her seemingly great life of just "okay-ness" It's told in alternating chapters between then and now and when you finally get to find out why Macy is the way she is, everything falls into place. I loved it and I even shed a few tears! Really great read! 
Maybe Later (Kindle Unlimited) || This was such an unexpected and fun read. Alternating between email, chat and some in person conversations, I found myself flying through this book to see what Jackson and Amy, his virtual assistant would talk about. There was definitely a rated R element to the book, but it was tastefully done and not thrown all over the place so you could actually get into the characters stories. Jackson is a tough and grumpy CEO who hired a virtual assistant that pushes him to open up and in turn Amy gets more than she bargained for with Jackson. It's a bit like You've Got Mail with a little Sleepless in Seattle thrown in, so fans of Nora Ephron will love this!

What are you currently reading?

Fall Outerwear Favorites

Living in New England, I feel like I'm in a constant state of putting my jackets away for the warmer months and pulling them right back out. The beauty with a lot of these fall outwear favorites that I have, is that they work for the spring and early winter here as well. You get a pretty great return on investment with outwear here, so I never feel guilty adding to my collection or even upgrading my current pieces! Like I say, better to be prepared than scrambling to find something in the moment! ← I definitely don't say that, but maybe I should start!?
  • Utility Jacket in blush || One jacket that is seriously missing from my closet is a great utility jacket that is functional. I have a pretty stellar rain coat material utility jacket, but I want one that I wouldn't feel silly wearing if it wasn't raining. Can't beat this one that comes in 6 colors and is only $32! 
  • Trench Coat || Without a doubt the chicest thing I own is my trench coat! I absolutely love wearing it and think it looks great for work but also dressed down with jeans and booties! If you can find one with a hood, even better since it can double as your rain jacket!
  • Heavier Cardigan || There is something to be said for a cozy cardigan that can be worn at home and to spend time outside. The barefoot dreams cardigan is definitely pricey, but for something that delivers both warmth and comfort, it's a price I'm willing to pay!
  • Suede moto jacket || I have a few moto jackets and I think there is something so cool about taking a really feminine outfit and edging it up with a moto jacket - the juxtaposition always makes me happy!
  • Denim Jacket || Hands down my favorite denim jackets are carried by H&M. For some reason the denim is so much softer than other jackets I've found and I find myself wanting every type of style they come out with.  
  • Quilted Jacket || To me the quintessential fall jacket is a quilted one. Doesn't it just scream, you can find me at the cottage with my horses! This same brand on Amazon also has a quilted vest that is perfect with fitted long sleeve t-shirts! 
  • Fitted Blazer || I certainly wont be buying the designer version of this fitted blazer, but I absolutely love the style and cut. I think it is so classic and sharp -  perfect for a date night or work! 
What's your favorite Fall jacket to wear?

Recent Amazon Purchases

Happy Monday, friends! Pretty low-key weekend for us, but already making headway on that Fall Bucket list with a visit to the farm. It's been a couple months since my last Amazon post, so here's a roundup of the randomness we've been buying and loving!

  • Oval Non-Slip Bathmat || I was researching bathmats to give Sophia a little more traction in the tub and liked this one because it was oval instead of square like the other's. Comes in 5 colors, but none really match our bathroom so the dark green won out! 
  • Nespresso Capsules || This 30 pack of Nespresso capsules includes three of the flavors that we always repurchase from the store. We were running low and couldn't get to the store, so Amazon to the rescue! Also comes with three other flavors if those are more of your favorites. 
  • Refillable Coffee Capsules || We had both the Nespresso machine and the Keurig. The only reason that we kept the Keurig was because Gary liked to have fresh ground coffee from it. We recently bought this to do the same thing in our Nespresso and now we have more counter space!
  • Ruffle Bodysuit || I got this ruffle bodysuit from my fall fashion post and really love the look. I will say it's probably best to size up because it's really tight, but no complaints with the quality considering the price. 
  • Long sleeve midi dress || This is an absolutely must purchase - the quality for the price is incredible and it's true to size. Works for so many occasions and I'm really debating on getting another color!
  • Tote bag || I don't think I've ever gotten more compliments on a tote bag before this one! Maybe it's the bold color, but for $15 you really can't go wrong! If orange isn't your color, there are 43 other ones you can try! 
  • Leggings || These are truly the best leggings that I have ever purchased! It's incredibly soft, yet keeps you sucked in all the right places and not see through at all! I like the ones with pockets on the sides and have the black as well as navy ones!
  • Air balloon pump || Probably one of the most random things I've bought recently, but I knew I was going to be blowing up a ton of balloons for Sophia's birthday so i made it easier on myself and bought this pump. I figured it would be good to have on hand for work stuff as well as any celebrations we may have. 
  • Revlon One Step Hairdryer || This was one of my amazon prime day purchases that I am so excited to have! I only use it once a week because I don't like adding too much heat to my hair and this gets really hot! Make sure to use a heat protectant and don't get too close to your scalp. It dries and styles my hair in 15 minutes. 
  • Snack Catcher || Sophia is a little Houdini when it comes to snacks and opening containers. We have tried them all and these seem to be the best at not having the easiest lid for her to open! 

What's been in your Amazon cart lately?

Fall Bucket List

I feel like I blinked and it's Friday again! For being a short work week, it's been jam packed with activities, school work & conferences! It absolutely feels like Fall here in Boston and I am ready for my favorite season! I know it's not officially the start until September 23, but why not get a jump on all those bucket list items we want to do! We were able to make a pretty good dent into our summer bucket list so I think Fall will be even better! With being able to cross visiting the sunflower farm off the list, here's a little fall bucket list.
2019 Fall Bucket List

  • Update the Fall Wardrobe || Trying to step out of my comfort zone with clothes and be a bit more daring with the outfit choices! Starting with this pleated midi skirt from TopShop that's currently 50% off. I paired it with this black bodysuit, but later in the season I think it wold look really cute with some booties! 
  • Apple Picking / Pumpkin Farm || It's not really Fall until you visit the farm and get those apples and pumpkins. We tend to go in early October, but this year I want to try to go to pick some apples earlier in the season and then make it back to another farm for the pumpkins!
  • Weekend trip to Maine || I'm cheating here since this is already planned, but without a true getaway this summer, we planned a trip with our friends and their daughter who is 3 months younger than Sophia and are going to be exploring Portland for a long weekend.
  • Halloween Fun || Sophia was only a few months old last year for Halloween, but this year we're going to actually go explore the neighborhoods near us because they go all out. Deciding what she's going to wear will be the most fun. Last year she was a little lion, this year I'm thinking BamBam because I love how her hair looks in a high ponytail!
  • Girls Trip to NYC || I'm planning a trip to New York with two of my girlfriends and I'm so excited! Lots of shopping, eating & exploring will be done! 
  • Fall picnic in the park || I didn't get to do this over the summer, so I really want to pack a nice picnic and enjoy the crisp weather 
  • Go leaf peeping || One of the best things about living in New England is the leaf peeping that can be done in the Fall. I really want to do a day trip along the Kancamangus Highway to see all the beautiful colors! 
  • Read a more books || Self explanatory, but I've been in a reading slump, so I really want to start back with more reading during my commute & before bed!

What's on your Fall Bucket List?

Day Trip to the Sunflower Field

Feeling refreshed starting this short, but jam packed week! We enjoyed the holiday weekend by checking out one of the most beautiful places in the area - the sunflower farm! There's nothing quite like seeing a field of sunflowers in full bloom! Colby Farms is absolutely breathtaking and I'm so glad we were able to check this one off our summer / fall bucket list! A couple years ago Gary and I went later in the season and this year going the second weekend that it was open was the best! You could definitely see the excitement in Sophia's eyes when we got there and she had no fear going up to the flowers even though there were tons of bees!  
About 45 minutes north of Boston and $10 will get you into the field and then you can roam until your hearts content!

 Impromptu cousin photo!

After the sunflower farm we made the quick drive up to Newburyport for lunch at Lexie's which had some of the best burgers ever.

It was the most perfect day for a day trip & a great way to end the summer!