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Weekend Rewind

Happy Monday, friends! We had a nice low key weekend thanks to the cold weather, but no complaints! I'm also looking forward to an extra day off today with Sophia to do a few holiday things - so keeping the party going!

Friday after work our neighbors had a cookie decorating party! Sophia isn't really big on sweets or so I thought because she practically inhaled the cookie and slice of pizza and then was out like a light - successful evening if you ask me!!
We purchased a new rug during Black Friday & Sophia loved rolling around with nothing in her way!!
Gary had an event on Saturday so we had a little girl's afternoon - Target trip & a little lunch at Chipotle. This was the first time I ordered a kids meal for Sophia and for $3.95 you get so much...truly impressed!

Our friends came over on Sunday for a little brunch and toddler time! Linda and I had the girls 2 months apart and they are just getting to the cute age of playing together. After a fun weekend with all of us in Portland earlier this year, we're planning a trip for 2020! They also gifted Sophia this fun series of books and I have to say - they are my new favorites to read to her! 
The weekend ended the same way it began, with another cookie making get together and some Marvelous Mrs. Maisel binge watching! Really looking forward to a fun festive week ahead! 

Gift Guide for the Guys

Back with a gift guide for the guys today. If I haven't already gifted this to my husband, dad or brother in law, then you can bet it'll be a gift they get this year! 
  • Yeti Mug || This is a staple gift to me. I don't know many people that wouldn't love to get it and in fact, it's one of the gifts that I ordered for our holiday gift for my colleagues one year. It comes in so many different colors and really is one of my favorite things to give year after year - to different people of course! 
  • UGG Slippers || One of those gifts that men just really never treat themselves to. Getting a nice pair of slippers is a gift that keeps on giving! I like the ones that aren't completely open in the back, but are still easy to slip on and off. 
  • Sunglasses || Love Ray-Bans for a sleek and handsome look! Gary has a few pairs of sunglasses, those he wears around Sophia, ie the ones he wont care if they break and then a nicer pair that he wears to work or for daytime events.
  • Wireless Earbuds || I personally love my airpods, but if you have a guy on your list that isn't really into brand names, these wireless earbuds are just as comparable to Apple Airpods. 
  • Tile Mate || My friend exclaimed that this is the perfect "Dad" gift! Gary got some last year as a gift and graciously gave me two (one for my wallet and one for my keys). I've thankfully only had to use it once to find my keys at our house, but it's a "peace of mind" thing to have! 
  • Subscription Box || I like subscription boxes because it's the gift that keeps on giving. Birchbox has a great men's grooming box and you can do a 3, 6 or 12 month gift for them. 
  • Mini Blue Tooth Speaker || Never know when you're going to have to be the life of the party or need tunes - this little speaker is a fun and manly color! 
  • Weekend Bag || Gary has one way to bring stuff on overnight trips - a suitcase! Need to change that with these sleek duffel bags. 
  • North Face Gloves || Gloves are like socks, one always ends up missing at the end of the season! These are some of the best for those cold New England winters!
  • Multi Tool for Grill || Honestly the hardest person on my list to buy for is my brother in law, he has everything and coming up with ideas that I think he'll find useful is tough! One thing he loves is to grill - this is a great 3 in 1 tool! 
Do you have a go to gift for the guys?

Thanksgiving Weekending

Happy Monday, friends! Can we just pause real quick, because this is the last month of the year and the decade! We're getting ready to start a new decade and that is pretty exciting to me! We had the best Thanksgiving, made quite a dent in our holiday shopping and had some really cozy nights in! 
Sophia looks like a little grandma here and it just cracks me up! 
Gary and I alternate the holidays and this year we celebrated with his family. Sophia was such a little love & pretty much wore herself out running after my sister in law's dog! We don't get to see them as often as we'd like, so it was nice to spend some quality time with everyone! 

 Notice the sock tucked into my pants...very glamorous! 

Saturday I was invited to check out the new Saturday drop in program at Galoop Children's Classes in Chestnut Hill. There is an imaginative open play space and art center for kids to play and let out all their energy! This is going to be so perfect as it starts to get colder and we go stir crazy in our own house! Sophia had the best time exploring and playing with all the toys we don't have! Cecilia, the owner and program director really embraces the fun of being a child and she's so passionate about all the programs that they offer for parents and caregivers! 
That day I got a much needed cut & color! I went a little lighter than normal, but I absolutely love it! 

Sunday before the snow, Sophia and I went to my sister's house to visit with the newest edition, their new puppy, Ziggy! I mean just look at his little face, he's so sweet and cuddly! I'm so happy that Sophia loves dogs because we will be seeing a lot of Ziggy! It was the best way to cap off a fantastic holiday weekend! I've also been watching so many Hallmark Movies - they are so much better this year, super cheesy, but better!
Wishing you a great start to the week!