Friday Favorites

February 07, 2020
Happy Friday, friends! Made it through another week and already February is flying by. Over the weekend we checked out a new restaurant that just opened near us. We've been wanting a really great Italian restaurant and Bar'Cino is a welcome addition to the neighborhood. We went early enough that it wasn't very busy and perfect for eating out with Sophia. 

New Netflix Show || The Stranger 
If you're looking for your next bingeworthy show, then you must watch The Stranger. I got sucked into it on Monday and basically finished it in less than 4 days! It's a British mystery / thriller and while certainly you had to get over the really weird intro and first few minutes, it really took off after that. It begs the question of if your lies affect other people - this stranger believes they do.

Jessica Simpson's Open Book Tour Style ||
Jessica Simpson's new book was released this week and she's been doing a ton of press for it and with that has come all of her amazing looks! I really can't wait to read it, but I've been loving the little snippets she's been revealing! My favorite of her looks, the amazing look where she was channeling  Elle Woods!

Papyrus Sale || Papyrus is going out of business so I stopped into the store during lunch and stocked up on some beautiful cards for pretty much everyone's birthday and baby shower I have this year. The cards were 50% off, plus an additional 30% off if you bought 8 of them. Set for the year!

Around the Web ||

  • If you're into the Home Edit, then this is a fun read on how we can organize our own homes
  • Found this post on traveling to New England on Refinery29 so interesting - I don't think I've ever read a piece like this
  • Bought these jammies for Sophia for Valentine's Day - only $9! 
  • This looks like the best soup for a cold day

Wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead!


  1. I'm shook that Papyrus is going out of business! You've convinced me that Boston has all of the best restaurants and I am not eating well ;)

  2. Papyrus closing makes me sad. The food is so yummy.

  3. Your little love bug looks so cute! And that food looks so yummy. I just adore Jessica Simpson, even more so after this book. Have a great weekend

  4. Omgggg Jessica Simpson with a strong comeback!!

  5. Jessica is looking HOOOTTTT
    The Stranger ... Check - going on my list

  6. That Elle Woods look... pure JS magic!!! We sell her line at work so all the girls in the office have been chatting about the book!

  7. I'm sad about Papyrus and I hope I can get over to the mall before they close since their online store is still full price. Those pjs are precious for Sophia.

  8. I have been LOVING all of Jessica Simpson's looks, too. She looks so darn fabulous!

  9. I want to read Jessica's book so bad! Supposedly she's revealing lots of secrets!! Have a great weekend!

  10. I watched the interview with Hoda and Jess... I bet the book will be juicy! That food looks freaking delicious. And I'm so sad about Papyrus. I love stationary stores. Sigh. Have a fantastic weekend!

  11. Yum! Your food looks amazing. I am always down for some good Italian. My sister recommended The stranger as well. I have to check it out! I'm hoping to read her new book as well, and she has been killing it with her looks! Hope you have a great weekend!

  12. Those meatballs! YUMMMM I have watched several interviews with JS recently, I definitely want to read her book.

  13. Jessica Simpson is killing the fashion game on her book tour! I seriously can't wait to read it. Thanks for the new show rec, sounds like a good one! Also love your striped Love sweater!



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