Sophia is 1.5

February 10, 2020
Where does the time go? It seems like I just wrote about Sophia turning one and here we are right smack dab in the middle of 1 and 2! I keep a running list of things Sophia says, does & just little moments I don't want to forget. She has grown up so much in the last few months and I am loving how much of a personality she has. She is one tough cookie, knows exactly what she wants and isn't afraid to let us know it! 

Toddlerhood is not for the faint of heart. She has started throwing mini tantrums - I say mini because it lasts for about 2 minutes until we redirect her attention. I understand she's frustrated and trying to communicate with us, so I'm pretty patient, but I sometimes can't help but laugh because she will literally be set off by the most random things and then done crying in a minute - it's a mind trip is what it is! 

Aside from that, she's a little love! She is kind, helps put things away, brings us things we ask for and loves to clean up. She will snuggle up and watch a show and she absolutely loves rubbing my ear when she's tired! It's one of the cutest things! 

Do I even mention sleep?! Sophia was sleep trained and then she got a cold and we went out of town and it all went down hill over 7 months ago. I am going to be doing it again in April and hopefully it works way better this time. I have put WAY too much emphasis on sleep and I think I've frustrated myself more than anything. Every child is so different and what works for one will not work for the other so we are adapting and learning as we go. 

What She Says || Sophia has quite the cute vocabulary and can even speak a few words in Russian. These are a few of her favorites that we hear quite often!
  • Mama
  • Daddy
  • Uh-oh
  • No, no, no
  • Hi
  • Hot
  • This
  • More
  • Milk
  • Stuck
  • Duck
  • Buh-Bye
  • Says 1 & 2 in Russian
  • Says "here" in Russian
  • Yay
  • Oh Boy 
  • Oh No
  • Up

Milestones ||
It certainly feels like Sophia learns something new every single day. Every time she says a new word, we look at each other and say, did she know that yesterday?! Her learning tower has been a fun addition for her because she loves being on our level. She learned so quickly how to climb up on her own! 

One of my favorite things is that she loves to listen and dance to music on Alexa. When we come out to the living room in the morning she just points right at Alexa and says "More!" Then once it's on she starts swaying and stomping her little feet - she also learned how to semi jump!
I'm so incredibly impressed how much she understands in both Russian in English - it's amazing! I also find it incredible that she feeds and loves on her baby dolls that same way we are with her - rocking them and giving them a little fake milk bottle.

She hasn't quite figured out how to give kisses, but I love that when I ask for one, she leans her head in to me for a kiss. She also will run up to you with the biggest smile on her face and then just smile and continue on with what she was doing. 

Her favorite thing is to help unload the groceries. We bring them all in and she takes them out one by one and hands them to us - it's honestly the best help!

Favorite Books || Hard to say if these are Sophia's favorites that we read to her or one's we really enjoy reading because they're just so cute. 

Favorite Toys || There are times she's really great at independent play and then other times she wants us around to engage with her. Either way, I love seeing her imagination running wild!
  • Hedgehog for motor skills
  • Baby with stroller is one of her favorite toys - she just pushes it around and says "baby" the whole time!
  • Leapfrog Fridge Set 
  • Block set with extra big blocks
  • Activity Table, but really she just loves to move this around the entire house
  • We bought this kitchen for her first birthday and she absolutely loves it!! She's getting tall enough that we'll be able to take it to the next stage and get some room back too! My favorite is that when I say, can you make mommy some coffee, she goes and does something that resembles making coffee 😂
  • Color wonder markers and paper - this will only work on special paper and doesn't color on anything else. We learned that the hard way with crayons that she started drawing with on our wall!

Favorite Shows || I was weary of having too much screen time, but she really only watches about 25-30 minutes of TV and not even really paying attention to it. It probably holds her attention for 5-10 minutes at most and then she just goes to play occasionally stopping to watch, which is completely fine with me. 
  • Any of the Super Simple Songs via Youtube - she knows them and dances to them
  • She loves Princess Sophia (Netflix Kids)
  • Chip & Potato (Netflix Kids)
  • Trying to get her onto Peppa the Pig, but so far no interest (Youtube)

This time has flown by. I look back at pictures of her from this time last year and can't believe she was ever that little. Pretty grateful we live in the day and age where everything is digitized and I have so many memories to look back on. Every stage is fun and trying, but this stage has been one of the best ones because she is really working hard to try to communicate and coming into her own. It's truly incredible seeing her grow!


  1. I can't believe Sophia is already 1.5! I'm sure you are thinking the same thing, but where does time go?? This is such a fun post and I'm sure you will love looking back on this in a few years. How cute does the kitchen sound?! And I love that she makes your coffee haha! Happy Monday!

    xo, Rachel
    A Blonde's Moment

  2. I can just feel her sweet little personality through your words in the pictures. She is such a doll and doesn’t each stage get more and more fun!

  3. She is so precious!! I remember that stage and the tantrums. Sounds like you are handling it so well! It's like they know what they want to say but don't have the words yet.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  4. Adorable! Time is flyyyying! Love how she's the perfect blend of you and Gary, and oh my toddlerhood is not for the faint of heart <3

    Green Fashionista

  5. I'm loving seeing her grow up.. she's just so beautiful & its going by so fast.
    So curious - are you all planning on teaching her Russian or is she just picking up a few words? I know they say to teach them other languages so early while they're brain is so much like sponges.
    So its your 6 month warning to plan for that 2nd birthday :) LOL

  6. Time is flying- I cant believe Sophia is 1.5!! She gets cuter by the day and looks so much like you :) Darling girls!!

  7. she is just precious Biana! Those leapfrog fridge toys werer my kids faves too.

  8. She is such a doll! I can't believe she's 1.5 already. That is just crazy!

  9. Time literally is FLYING!! I love her little tongue out grin!!! XOXO, R

  10. Awe, she is your mini-me! I bet this is such a fun stage, even with it's challenges! And, how cool is it that she already knows some words in another language?!


  11. Oh she is so beautiful! What a gorgeous smile, and such an amazing vocabulary already bless her heart! xo

    Makeup Muddle

  12. She is just too cute and her smile is amazing! It is amazing she can say so much!

  13. Happy one and a half Sophia! This is SUCH a fun age while their personalities really take shape. But I get how frustrating it is with the communication - we really struggled with that recently. She is so stinking adorable though and hopefully will be a very big Peppa fan soon!

  14. She is getting so big! It is so cute when they add on to their vocabulary. I feel like for a straight year, Zoe came home saying a few new works every day. And now she never stops hahahaha. This is such a fun age, and dont worry mama...those tantrums are only going to become more frequent as she nears three. They weren't joking with the term threenager. Settle in! Zoe loves the leap frog fridge toy still, especially as she is really learning her letters right thanks for the suggestion!

  15. She is so cute. And she has a quite good vocabulary already.

  16. I can't believe she's already a year and a half! Mason's favorite things to say are uh oh and oh no-- very dramatically, lol. I've wondered about the color wonder markers-- I used to be a lot better about only letting him have crayons when supervised, but we definitely have crayon all over everything now.

  17. Time flies so fast indeed. She's super adorable!

    Jessica |


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