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March 30, 2020
I typically start my posts off with a Happy Monday and today is no different, so I hope the weekend was not like Groundhog Day for you and you guys got up to something a little different than the week. We have been doing our best to stay positive, but admittedly it's hard with no true end date in sight. I typically don't shop that much online, but these are different times and I found myself ordering things I wouldn't normally because of really great targeted ads or being influenced by others. A little retail therapy is good for the soul! 

  • Sophia has pretty much been impossible to get into her stroller, so we decided to get this little push car buggy which should be here this week. I am so excited to hear her say "oh wow" when she sees it and hopefully this means we won't be walking at a glacial pace around the neighborhood now. 
  • This casual jumpsuit with pockets is perfect for lounging around the house but still looking put together for "work!" Also comes in a shorts version and cropped playsuit set. The material is super comfy! 
  • These dot markers were great in theory, but I think Sophia is a little too young for them because she just wants to eat them! We'll try again, but for those of you with older kids it comes with some activity sheets too! I purchased this roll for all the paining and coloring we've been doing! 
  • I was convinced by Lindsay to purchase the Olive & June "everything box" especially since my nails could use a little TLC from gel and dip manicures. I'm really excited to get this set and try my hand at doing a really great manicure with the non-toxic polishes. 
  • Totally targeted on Facebook by Kid Made Modern website and I bought the arts and crafts supply library. It's 1,000 arts and crafts for kids. I will say that the most of these activities are too advanced for Sophia, but they have pipe cleaners, pom poms, fizzy sticks and felt - so we can do some cute crafts while we're quarantined. I also feel really bad that Sophia is missing out on projects that she would do at daycare so I really want to do fun things with her. 
  • Took advantage of the Nordstrom 40% off sale and purchased the Longchamp tote that I have been wanting for years. These seem pretty indestructible, which is perfect for me. Hard to tell if these Quay sunnies will work on my face, but I'm excited to try them. I also purchased some Native shoes for Sophia and sized up so that they would be good through the Spring and Summer. She loves them and didn't want to take them off even during nap time!
Have you been doing a lot of shopping during your time quarantining? 

My Go To Air Fryer Meals

March 25, 2020
Admittedly one of the silver linings to being hunkered down is all the cooking at home we've been doing. The air fryer has been getting quite the workout these last two weeks and I've been experimenting with all the meals we're eating. I wanted to share some of my go to favorites and a couple that I hope to try soon. I purchased this cook book and loosely follow the recipes. Also, sorry for the poor quality photos - I took them from my stories, so they aren't the best quality. 
Making fish in the air fryer is probably the best I've ever had, especially salmon. That's actually my favorite thing to make. I season it either according to the Skinny taste book or with whatever sounds good. 
I tried to make my own fries, but honestly the easiest is taking frozen fries of any kind for the crispiest fries, which are my favorite. I set the air fryer to 375 and pop them in for 16 minutes. Perfectly crispy every time.
Air fryer chicken from Mix & Match Mama was a huge hit in our house. I tend to overcook chicken, but using this recipe it comes out perfectly and not overdone! I'm a huge stickler about overcooking meat / chicken, so when the 22 minutes were up and the chicken was done I was shocked that it was cooked just right.  
This entire meal was made in the air fryer!
A lot of frozen items at Trader Joe's are great in the air fryer. Some favorites are the turkey meatballs, teriyaki cauliflower and frozen sweet potatoes. Really any vegetables are prepped so nicely in the air fryer. Frozen shrimp, yep you read that right - frozen, right into the air fryer, sprayed with a little cooking spray and pop them in for 15 minutes at 330 degrees!

Here's a few that I am excited to try

Do you have an air fryer? What's your go to recipe?


Athleisure is the New Work Wear

March 23, 2020
Happy Monday, friends. I'm going to be honest, these last few days were really tough for me mentally and emotionally. I imagine a lot of you are feeling the same way and while I'm typically overly optimistic, this is a very uncertain time, but I look at Sophia and she has absolutely no clue other than she gets to spend way more time with mom & dad - so for that I am grateful! So even though we're working from home, there is a bright side of already being in gym clothes and that is if I have 30 minutes to spare (during Sophia's nap or after she's down for the night), I throw on a quick HIIT workout or something to get the heart rate pumping, but that's a post for another day! I've been giving my athleisure pieces a lot of wear over the last 11 days, so much so that I took advantage of some of the sales going on and ordered a few new pieces.  
  • I am so excited to get this sweater in the mail - I think it will look great with jeans this spring too!
  • I just did a huge closet clean out and got rid of a ton of things I'm not wearing or were just too old, so I was excited to update my other knotted top with this longer sleeve and comfy version
  • I've had my eye on this sweatshirt for a while (I assure you the bags under my eyes are courtesy of Sophia) and then this fun pink one is just a great Amazon find! 
  • Joggers are actually my favorite type of pants to wear - I have three and am always looking for more. These are still fitted enough to work out in and these are great for lounging!
  • My favorite amazon leggings have been clutch these last 11 days - thankful that I have a couple pairs! I also have two pairs of these Zella leggings and the high rise is my favorite style. 


What's your go to self quarantine outfit?!


Five Minute Makeup routine

March 18, 2020
My day to day has certainly changed this last week and even though I'm working from home not really going anywhere, I still want to look put together since any of my meetings can turn into video conference calls. I shared a quick five minute makeup up routine on Instagram over the weekend and wanted to post it here as well. It's simple and makes me feel put together even if I'm wearing leggings & sweatshirt!
  • I start with the Aveeno Moisturizer - it's a staple for me because of how light it is and not greasy at all. 
  • The Too Faced peach perfect foundation is a really a great alternative to the IT cosmetics CC cream that I was using for years.  Even though it's a foundation, it's light to medium coverage so it doesn't feel heavy, plus it's buildable so you can add for more coverage. Bonus, it smells really good!
  • I will never not use the Becca cosmetics brightener under my eyes! It instantly makes me look like I had 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep, which I assure you is not the case ever! 
  • Huge fan of the Too Faced multi-sculpting concealer. The doe foot applicator makes application easy and once again it provides such great coverage without looking cakey. 
  • My favorite bronzers are by Physican's Formula and after my butter bronzer ran out I had this glow booster one ready to use. It's light enough to give you the right amount of glow without looking like you have a bad tan!
  • If I have to say one product I didn't know I needed until I used, it would be the Glossier cloud paint  cream blush. It is quite possibly my favorite beauty product ever. So easy to use and a little goes a long way. I've had this blush since October in the color soft peach. I'm tempted to buy all of the colors, it's that good!
  • The laura mercier cream stick is so easy to swipe and blend over your entire eyelid, then you're completely done. My current favorite color is "nude rose" from the new line.
  • You can finish with your favorite mascara, but I always swipe a little mascara primer to give my lashes more volume!

Are you still putting makeup on during the work week?


How We've Been Staying Busy

March 16, 2020
Happy Monday, friends. I know we are all feeling all over the place emotionally and these are very unsettling times. It's been overwhelming to watch the news, but at the same time necessary to know what's going on. Our schools are closed until April 7th, restaurants in the state are only allowed to do takeout and there are no gatherings allowed with more than 25 people! With all the social distancing we're having to do - it reminds me a bit of having a newborn again and having to stay away from people as much as possible. We're working from home for an undetermined amount of time and with Sophia home from daycare, I wanted to share what we've been doing to keep busy and hope that you also share what you've been doing to give me more ideas, because I realized I am not a super creative when it comes to activities! 
All the organizing || This time has really forced me to look through all of our drawers, closets and toys and clean / organize. It's perfect timing since spring is right around the corner and I will be done with all the spring cleaning. All the junk drawers are being purged and bags for donations have been put aside - it feels really good to tackle this a little bit at a time.  

Playtime || Similar to those newborn days, I've been purchasing a few things last minute from Amazon. Sophia is still a little young to get the matching card game, but I still got it for her! This kitchen is still coming in clutch and the thing that has kept her attention the longest. 
Gary started doing puppet shows and he's a natural. We have these hand puppets and were even joking that we would live stream it on Instagram for people to watch! He's oddly good at it! Also, we aren't sure how this happened, but we ordered a xylophone for Christmas and somehow got a piano, so we also brought it out. Puzzles are also really cathartic and this oversized one is fun for us all.  

Spending time outside || There's something about being told you can't really go anywhere that makes me go a bit stir crazy, but I'm a homebody at night! I'm grateful that the weather has been somewhat mild so we could enjoy some walks and sidewalk chalk shenanigans outside!

A little self care || I had every intention of getting a pedicure before our trip that is now cancelled, so I gave myself one at home & also taking this as a chance for some sheet masks every other night!

Recipes || I really only have time to cook on the weekends, but now that we're home during the day and working, I can experiment! I've been using our air fryer a ton and honestly it's the best kitchen gadget we have right now. I'm going to share a few of our favorite air fryer recipes soon!

I hope that our city has taken extreme enough measures early enough so that we can help stop the spread and save lives. Hope everyone is staying healthy & sane! Please share any toddler activities that you've been doing so that we can try them too!

Friday Favorites

March 13, 2020
What a week! We had a work from home day on Monday, I took Tuesday off for my birthday and went to work for one day then was told we are to work from home / a remote location until further notice, so there's that! It's definitely scary and while we're not panicking, we have stocked up on essentials, food for all of us and hoping everyone stays as healthy as possible. Even with all that, it was still a good week and really not hard to come up with my favorites!
totally unprompted - she cracks me up!

Gary and I went to dinner at No.9 Park for my birthday. It's the flagship restaurant for chef Barbara Lynch and one that we've both wanted to try for a long time. Boston is also hosting Dine Out week right now, so it was perfect timing. We both had different things from the pre fixe menu and tasted almost everything that way! 
Jackie gifted me the most luxurious lipstick I will ever have! The new Hermes Rouge Matte Lipstick in the color "Rose Zinzolin" and unfortunately they have been so popular that they are on back order every where right now. 
I took a little time to do some brainstorming and work at my favorite cafe - such a little treat to have this in our neighborhood now! Also, will probably seeing refuge here after working from home for the foreseeable future!

Links & Other things ||

Have a wonderful weekend, friends. We're going to be praying for nice weather so we can practice some social distancing, but not be cooped up inside. 

Into the 33rd year

March 11, 2020
Yesterday I celebrated my 33rd birthday! I took the day off, treated myself to a morning workout, had lunch with my mom and Sophia and even snuck in a little shopping. Later that night, Gary took me to dinner and it was a day full of celebrating. I think the last time I felt this excited about a year was when I turned 30. Thank you all so much for all the love and birthday wishes! I thought it would be fun to do a little list of things I wish I would have known / told myself at 23!

Jacket // Skirt (similar) (similar)  // Heels // Bag

  • Don't rush time! Everything will come at the right time for you!
  • Comparison is the thief of joy! Your life is not the same as anyone else's and your journey is just that - your own, so stop trying to live someone else's life. 
  • Save more money - you'll need it for a down payment on your house one day! 
  • Keep the sunscreen on - you'll thank me when you go on your honeymoon and get burnt on the first day and have a tan line that lasts an entire year! 
  • You have a ton of time on your hands right now, do something with it. Learn how to code, photoshop, take photos - really anything. The creativity that you're seeking is in you already - just figure out what you like to let it out!
  • Dating is supposed to be fun. Don't look at every guy like you're on the Bachelorette.
  • Call your grandma's! They aren't always going to be able to talk on the phone and you're lucky to have them right now, so call them, listen to their stories and visit when you can.
  • If you can stop biting your nails, that'll save you a ton of money down the road on fake nails & manicures.
  • Listen to your mom. It's this innate thing that happens and they just know it all. And when you become a mom, you're still going to ask your mom for her opinion, but somehow you'll know what to do! That's just the way the universe works.
  • Everything somehow manages to work it's way out!

Is there anything you wish you could go back and tell yourself at a younger age? Cheers to 33! 


Weekend Things

March 09, 2020
Happy Monday, friends!! It's beginning to feel a lot like Spring here in Boston and we are all very happy! This weekend was a full one with lots of goodness and a few pre-birthday activities! 
On Saturday we had Sophia's first swim class. Let's just say she was much happier outside the water rather than in! I think she was nervous and unsure of what was happening and really wanted me in there with her. Unfortunately I had to leave right as the lesson was starting which didn't help matters and we'll just call this one a wash (pun intended) and try again next weekend!
Loved the wallpaper in their bathrooms. Wearing this H&M sweater

Between work, travel and kids my girlfriends and I aren't able to get together as much as we'd like so the fact that these 6 ladies made the time to see me for a little pre-birthday brunch on Saturday, was just the best! I was excited to try out Rochambeau and funny enough we sat in the same spot where I sat for my 28th birthday when it was a different restaurant! The food and service were great - a little slow, but I also felt like they weren't rushing us. 

We had a nice and easy Sunday with a lot of family time! Sophia is loving the sink we bought her and it keeps her occupied longer than any of her other toys right now! The last photo sums up our weekend - fun and silly! Wishing you all a healthy and happy week ahead!