June Amazon Purchases

June 29, 2020
It's that time - the June Amazon Purchases post! The theme this month was all things summer! 
  • Bloom Daily Planner || I normally have a ton of daily planners at work, but I've used up all of the ones I had at home so I bought this daily planner that has been awesome. I actually use it for more of my to do lists for a couple of days rather than just one day. 
  • Fashion Sunglasses || Needed a little something fun for my summer sunglasses. 
  • Toddler girls denim jacket || Nothing cuter than a toddler denim jacket. It's perfect for those chilly mornings or evening strolls we take.
  • Toddler Pillow || Sophia has been loving pillows recently and when she plays around in our bed she always lays her head down and says "night night." So I bought her a pillow for her crib, but she has yet to really sleep on it, just likes to play with it and rest her babies on there. 
  • Bathing suits || 
    • Just purchased this Color blocked  and Striped bathing suit for an upcoming trip and also after realizing that I only really had one bathing suit that I liked. 
    • Swim trunks - Decided to get Gary another of pair of swim trunks and these from Amazon look great for only $15.
  • Little black dress || This little swing dress is so nice and loose fitting. I actually paired it with a belt bag and it elevates the dress really nicely.
  • Romper || Easy, breezy and perfect for running around without getting hot.
  • Portable chair || I scooped this chair up for a couple of reasons, mainly to give Sophia a nice and easy place to eat when we aren't at home. Perfect for the beach and also for a condo that we will be staying it that doesn't really have a table set up. 
  • Bubble Solution || I swear we go through bubbles more than anything else in our house - she's in a real bubble phase!
  • Ice pop molds || I wanted to make my own fruit pops for Sophia (and us) to enjoy on those really hot days. Gary found these and liked that they were push pops rather than just the regular molds so hopefully that means less mess. 
  • If animals kissed goodnight || Such a sweet book to read at night. Sophia actually asks for it almost every night - one of my favorites to read to her. 

What's been some of your favorite Amazon purchases this past month?


  1. I see some fun festiveness in here. Make sure you come link-up with our Red, White, Blue and YOU link-up today! Happy Monday!

  2. That portable chair is genius! That will come in handy so many times!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  3. Ohhh, so many great things! I LOVE the swimsuits!!!!!

  4. I love the sunnies. My favorite posts.

  5. That ruffled striped swimsuit is SO CUUUUTE! I'm heading over to add that to my wish list! Blue and white stripes are just classic!

  6. I love the ruffled swimsuit and I cannot wait to see Sophia in that jean jacket, too cute!

  7. I understand the bubble phase!! And I really like that planner and those sunglasses. Excuse me while I flip over to my amazon all. Lol.

  8. This daily planner looks so cute. Happy Monday Briana. xx


  9. I'm tempted to get Jacob those popsicle molds for his tonsil surgery... except we have a set of like 50 "traditional" popsicle molds and Mike was like NO MORE AMAZON PURCHASES. LOL!!

  10. I love that color block suit! And, how sweet is that pillow for a kiddo?! Great finds as always!


  11. We got Serena the same pillow recently, and she LOVES it! We brought it on our trip, so I loved that I could throw not just the case but the pillow itself in the wash when we got back. Win-win <3

    Green Fashionista

  12. That little chair for Sophia is perfect! I may need to get those for gifts for friends with kiddos

  13. Great finds! Visiting you from the hello monday link up. laurensparks.net

  14. Girl, we are on the same mom wavelength, lol! I just got my ice pop molds over the weekend and Aviah and I already made two different flavors! I love making my own food and snacks as much as possible. She loves that she can create her own mixes. I have to thank you for the reminder that I need to buy a new outdoor seat for a Ariah. We actually had that brand's outdoor highchair, which she's recently outgrown. I didn't know they make these little seats. I'll have to get her one because lately she's been sitting on my lap and lunch has been rather messy, lol! I always love these posts. You find the best and most unique things. PS: I also LOVE those bathing suits!


  15. So many cute clothing finds! And that little chair is GENIUS!

  16. Zoe has had that pillow for almost 2 years. She loves it! She has regular pillows in her big girl bed now, but she still sleeps with that one either in place of the big pillow...or hugging that one. Its so cute. Nothing is cuter than a toddler in a jean jacket! Love that color block swimsuit and black dress too!

  17. I am digging the bathing suits and the dress. That chair would have been amazing when my girls were younger.

  18. That planner is super cute! I need to tell my brother and sister in law about that chair - looks like it would be perfect for them to have!

  19. OK I"m going to need ALL these swimmies!!! So cute and such a great find!

  20. So many cute items! I love those suits!

    <3 Shannon


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