About Me

Meet Biana:
A Southern girl living in Boston with a passion for fashion, beauty and life!! I created B~Loved Boston as a creative outlet to share my inspirations and finds! Here's a little Q&A to help you get to know me a little better!

Hometown: Jacksonville, Florida

My style in a few words: Classic with a hint of glam

Favorite Color: Carolina Blue

Favorite Movie: Legally Blonde - I mean is there anything better!?

Go-to drink: Peach Bellini

Favorite Sport: College Football any day of the week - GO Gators!!

Guilty Pleasure: Reality TV and BRAVO!

Can't live without: My husband, family & good food!

Thanks for following along with me!!


  1. Hey Biana, I look forward to checking in and seeing what else you will add to your blog! I have a love for DIY projects as well as all things pretty and girly. I'm also obsessed with pinterest lol


  2. New follower! Love your blog, can't wait to catch up on some of your recent posts! :)

    xx em

  3. Hi Biana, love the blog. I'm a healthy living blogger but also a beauty consultant. Always looking for fashion/beauty bloggers to give free products to do a beauty review. Please email me if you're interested.

  4. Thanks for the comment Bianca! It's nice to "meet" you! I see you're a southern girl living in Boston and I am a southern girl living in Miami! :)

  5. I wish I was better at DIY stuff! maybe I will learn a thing or two from you!

  6. was getting so frustrated there was no boston love out there for beauty-related blogs but glad to see i'm wrong! looking forward to keeping up with your blog, biana!

  7. Okay, we can be friends. College football and Reality TV? I'm in! Cute blog, love.

  8. Such a great wedding photo!! Love it! So nice to meet you! :)

  9. Nice to meet you! Hope you're liking Boston, I live in MA too. I also love football and what an adorable wedding photo :)

    Arica, xxo

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  11. Hi Biana!

    Found your blog through Lindsay's "Not a Mom" blog. Can't wait to check in and follow along to all your cute posts/ideas!


  12. Hey! We swapped :) I'm originally from central NY and spend time between NC and FL - let me know if you need any tips to stay warm :D


  13. Hi, loved meeting you both today at lunch. Had to let you know we bought one of those olive oil plates you told us about.


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