What’s the story behind your blog name?
A lot of people think it’s Beloved Boston…but it’s actually just B separated from the Loved! My oldest niece couldn’t say my name, Biana, when she was younger so she started calling me “B.” Back at school the nickname B-Love came about during a girl’s night out and B~Loved Boston was born back when twitter first came out (2006/7) and I created the handle and used it for all my social media! So when it came to picking a blog name it couldn’t have been easier to just stick with B~Loved Boston and I didn’t have to switch anything. But I do think that BeLoved would be really fitting for a wedding business J

I’m coming to Boston – what should I do?
I created a section on my blog just for this reason! Check out some of my recommendations here! If you need any more recommendations feel free to email me!

How do I say your name?
Be-Ah-Nah like Rhiana with a B!

Where do you like to shop for clothes?
I really love Ann Taylor and J.Crew for work and for everything else I like Nordstrom!

What type of camera do you use and who takes your fashion photos?
I did a full review of my current camera the Samsung NX300 and you can read about my thoughts here. Gary has been awesome and will take my photos when I bribe him with food!

What’s your day job?
Without going into too much detail, I am in Marketing & Events for a Financial Services firm in the city.

How long have you lived in Boston?
I moved here right after graduating from college in 2009…so it’s been a while!

What did you study in school?
The first year of college I was set on finance because that’s what I thought I should study, but turns out I’m not the biggest fan of math – especially accounting! So I switched to Criminology because I thought Law School was the next best thing and have minors in Mass Communications and Business. I was planning on going on to Law School, but graduating during one of our worst recession’s I decided getting a job would be a better option! So happy with that choice!

If there is anything else that you want to know send me a message at blovedboston23@gmail.com

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