On the eve of Thanksgiving...

November 27, 2013

With Thanksgiving tomorrow, I thought it would be fun to write out what I'm thankful for. It's easy to get caught up with day-to-day life and get lost in yourself, but this time of year makes us all strive to be a bit more humble and really cherish those precious moments with our family and friends. Without further adieu~

I'm thankful for...

~my health - because without it I wouldn't be able to enjoy this life! 
~my loving husband who inspires me every day
~family - my incredibly wonderful and special family
~friends - those I talk to daily & those that I'm able to pick up with where we left off
~work and the ability to work
~my new found creative outlet in this little ol'blog!! 
and about a dozen other things...

Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving!


~Good Reads~

November 26, 2013
I love to read, but before we get too serious, the stuff I read is fluff, it's chic lit. Much like my choice in T.V.shows, I read to escape! I find that the holidays, vacations and long weekends are the perfect time to indulge in some reading!! Ever since I bought my Kindle I find it easier for me to take it with me on the train & not having much storage in our apartment, space is no longer an issue. Not to mention, some of the books are cheaper in the Kindle edition :) I hate to spend too much money on books, so I always check with my friends to see what books they have on their Kindle that they can loan out to me…yet another perk to the Kindle! 

These are some past books I read in record time!! I guess not everything I read is chic lit - The Trump Card I highly recommend! 

These are a few books are on my must read list.

Are you reading anything good these days!? I'm always on the hunt for a new book! 

Thanks for reading!


~Dress it Up~

November 25, 2013
Happy Monday ladies!!! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Ours was very low key and just what we needed during this time of year. The next few weekends are jam-packed with work, family and friends holiday and birthday parties. With so many events, buying dresses can start to get expensive…that's where Rent the Runway comes in.  Obviously RTR has been around for a few years now, but now with such a wide selection it's hard not to see something that can work for any occasion. The upside - no clutter in your own closet!

Below are some ideas for each of the events that I have coming up!

This red dress is chic enough to be worn to any holiday event, but specifically your work holiday party!

I love this asymmetrical BCBG dress ~ with a pashmina would be perfect for a cocktail party.

You can't go wrong with a black dress with purple accent!

Now I don't normally go to friends holiday parties dressed as if it's a cocktail party, but this year I have a friends birthday that she's hosting at a restaurant - this is the perfect chance to dress it up a little more than usual! 

I love the illusion this red dress creates!! Sliming waist ~ sign me up!!

This Nanette Lepore dress screams fun to me!! 

This DVF dress is quite the stunner! 

I haven't ever rented anything other than a car…have you ever used Rent the Runway before? Did you have a good experience? 

Thanks for reading ~

~Five on Friday~

November 22, 2013
I'm excited to link-up with the lovely ladies of The Good LifeA. Liz AdventuresCarolina Charm & Hello Happiness! for their 5 on Friday! 

Starting this blog is by far the highlight of my week!! It's been a dream/goal of mine for a few years now and to finally have it come to fruition and have a few comments already makes me so excited!

I ordered our first Holiday Card ever from Shutterfly. I was really impressed with their selection and I can't wait to get ours next week! I've ordered a ton of books and photos from their site and have always been pleased with the quality...so lets hope this one turns out just as great!
Not our card!

I'm really excited to start decorating for the holiday's. I like to wait until the day after Thanksgiving to really amp up the decorating and gift wrapping. Thankfully with a faux tree it can stay up right into the New Year! 
Doesn't that fireplace look so inviting!?!?

We are headed to Western, MA for the weekend to celebrate a Faux Thanksgiving with my husband's family. It also happens to be my in-laws anniversary so an added bonus to celebrate with them! One of my favorite things about getting out of the city...is just that - getting out the city and enjoying the country! There are also trips to Target when we go out there ;)
Taken last time we went hiking in Western, MA

This bag...just because it's on my lust/want list and I'm trying oh so hard to save and save to buy this pretty lady!

Hope you all have a wonderful and enjoyable weekend! 


TV's Guilty Pleasures

November 21, 2013
I’ll admit it – I LOVE watching t.v. It helps me unwind, forget about the day and just relax. Nothing gets me more excited than a new episode of the Real Housewives or Scandal. In my opinion, Bravo has the best shows out there – although my husband kindly refers to it as the Women Fighting Channel!

Here are a few of my current favorite shows... 

RHOBH ~ I would like to be Lisa Vanderpump when I grow up! 

Scandal!! Enough said...

The Voice 
Between Adam & Blake's banter and the true talent that is exhibited on the show - it makes Monday's that much better! 

The Good Wife has been on the air for a few seasons and although this season started out a little slower than previous ones, it's packed full of secrets, lies and deception! 

White Collar - Matt Bomer makes this show pretty amazing!! 

The Mindy Project is a new favorite of mine ~ she's all out hilarious and from MA so that makes it even better!! 

Are any of these shows on your must watch list? Am I missing any shows that you watch?


Fabulous Face - 10 Minutes or less!

November 19, 2013
Anyone who knows me, knows I have a true love for make-up. Whether it's watching YouTube tutorials or testing new looks on friends - I love it! There are certain products that are tried and true favorites of mine and those are the ones that I use on a daily basis. My routine is quite simple and honestly can be done in 10 minutes...7 if I'm running late!

Erase Paste by Benefit
BB Cream by Garnier
MAC Studio Fix Powder plus Foundation 

I am always on the hunt for a great bronzer, blush and mascara - so these are always rotating for me! 
Snow Bunny Bronzer - Too Faced
Bella Bamba Blush by Benefit
L'Oreal Power Volume
*Not since Dior Show have I found a mascara that I love so much!! 
Urban Decay - Naked2 Palette 
This is definitely a favorite of mine! It has every color combination I need and is really easy to transport! 

There you have it, 7 products that help me have an easy morning makeup routine! What are some of your favorite products?


Thanksgiving Tablescapes

November 18, 2013
Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday. You share the day with your loved ones and eat - I mean what's not to love?! This year is especially exciting as it's my first Thanksgiving with my husband and my parents are flying up from Florida. 

While I haven't had the honor of hosting a family holiday yet...this year I'm helping my sister with decor. 

Thanks to Pinterest the possibilities are endless and below are some of my favorites! 


Are you planning anything special for the holiday? What do you enjoy most about Thanksgiving?

Thanks for reading, 


Starting off...

November 17, 2013
After two plus years of reading blogs and learning so many wonderful things from all corners of the world ~ I thought it's time to do this!!

I read a quote by Marissa Mayer, CEO of YAHOO! in Glamour's “Women of the Year” Issue-
Do something you don’t feel ready to do— that’s when you stretch and grow and learn.”

It resonated with me and I hope with some of you (although I am almost positive no one is reading yet...maybe my husband!)

So I'm starting this blogging journey off – and I can't be more excited to finally put pen to paper (errr...fingers to keyboard) & share my thoughts!

Thanks for reading ~