~Five on Friday~

November 22, 2013
I'm excited to link-up with the lovely ladies of The Good LifeA. Liz AdventuresCarolina Charm & Hello Happiness! for their 5 on Friday! 

Starting this blog is by far the highlight of my week!! It's been a dream/goal of mine for a few years now and to finally have it come to fruition and have a few comments already makes me so excited!

I ordered our first Holiday Card ever from Shutterfly. I was really impressed with their selection and I can't wait to get ours next week! I've ordered a ton of books and photos from their site and have always been pleased with the quality...so lets hope this one turns out just as great!
Not our card!

I'm really excited to start decorating for the holiday's. I like to wait until the day after Thanksgiving to really amp up the decorating and gift wrapping. Thankfully with a faux tree it can stay up right into the New Year! 
Doesn't that fireplace look so inviting!?!?

We are headed to Western, MA for the weekend to celebrate a Faux Thanksgiving with my husband's family. It also happens to be my in-laws anniversary so an added bonus to celebrate with them! One of my favorite things about getting out of the city...is just that - getting out the city and enjoying the country! There are also trips to Target when we go out there ;)
Taken last time we went hiking in Western, MA

This bag...just because it's on my lust/want list and I'm trying oh so hard to save and save to buy this pretty lady!

Hope you all have a wonderful and enjoyable weekend! 


  1. welcome, girlie! i'm fairly new to the blog world as well!!! :) yay!! loving that christmas decor. great inspiration!! i can't wait to finish decorating!

  2. stopping by from the Link Up, I'm starting my Christmas decorating next Friday & I can't wait!! Your Christmas card is beautiful! Congrats on starting up the blog!! It's a fun hobby & great to meet wonderful new women!!

    1. Thanks so much!! it has been so much fun and such a great creative outlet!! Can't wait to see what your decorating looks like!!

  3. Congrats again on starting your blog! And I'm with you... Can't wait to start Christmas decorating!

    1. Thank you!! Do you find that American's are more into than Europeans?!

  4. Welcome to the blogging world! I love Shutterfly products to... the books make the best presents!

    1. thanks so much!! Could not agree more and the calendars as well!

  5. Congrats girl, I can't wait to start decorating for the holidays, it's so much fun!!

    Sincerely Miss Ash

  6. I hope you finally get that bag!!! You've only been wanting it forever!
    Shutterfly does have great cards. We ordered from there a couple years ago. I ordered ours this year from Snapfish... mainly because that is where all my photos are. But we got a great deal! Can't wait to see your card in the mail. XO.

    1. Oh girl ~ that bag is a big LUST!!! I can't wait to see your card either!! :)

  7. You'll have to share the card with us- can't wait to see it!

  8. There is NOTHING better than sending Christmas cards... especially as newlyweds!! :)

    You have GOT to check out minted.com... so many beautiful designs to swoon over!!


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