Closet Envy | Pinterest Edition

December 23, 2013
Happy Monday everyone!! Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend and are ready for this Christmas week!  If you're working (like me this week) hope it's an easy week for us all!! 

With the start of a new year upon us…I always feel like I need to start fresh and clean and the first place I tackle is my closet!! Unfortunately (or fortunately for my husband) my closet options are sort of lacking…we have one each and then that's it for storage - so it definitely forces us to be creative!! I have lots of hidden gems I forget about all the time that are stuck under our bed…
Sad truth is…all closets in the city DO NOT look like Carrie Bradshaw's!!  I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to my love for closets!! (follow me here) It's not unlike me to stand in front of my closet for 10 minutes and then growl out in frustration that I have nothing to wear!! Obviously I do…but since it only stays organized for about 2 weeks after I clean it - things get a little untidy. So for 2014…I hope to stay organized for 3-4 weeks! It's a marathon not a sprint ladies! 

So I'll leave you with this dream closet…I think we can all agree that a two story closet would be just that - a dream!!

So tell me ladies - Do you have a way you organize your closets?!

Thank you for reading!!


  1. I would die to have a closet like one of those! But... instead I have to take over every closet in every bedroom. Haha!

  2. I would die for a bigger closet! I always feel like I have nothing to wear because its so hard to keep things organized in a small space. Shelves do help and soon I'm going to put up crystal knobs(from anthropologie) to hang up necklaces, etc. I have so many ideas pinned on my organization board on pinterest, it's just finding the time to accomplish it!

  3. Ugh, Pinterest gives me such closet envy! I need to do some closet reorganizing like you wouldn't believe! Best of luck on your resolution, I'll probably be right there with ya! :)

  4. Pinterest kills me with the closet envy -maybe someday?

  5. Stop! A staircase in the closet? I find stuff I hid under the bed all the time! It's fun rediscovering all those fun gems. Cleaning out the closet can be fun it's almost like shopping in your own closet?

  6. We're trying to figure out how to do our closets for our new house, and I truly can't decide! It's my dream to have an island, but I don't know that we have the space. :(


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