~Weekend Happenings~

December 16, 2013
This past weekend is one of those that you want to bottle up and have forever! It was equal parts relaxing and entertaining! Being able to get two workouts in and run errands was awesome! 

One of my favorite things about Friday night, especially when it's super cold out is sushi at our favorite neighborhood place with wine and a movie when we get home! 
~Look at all the deliciousness~

The hubs surprised me with tickets to the Boston Ballet's rendition of The Nutcracker on Saturday night. I remember going to see The Nutcracker as a child and teenager and I definitely have a better appreciation for the art now. Not to mention the men and women who dance are 100% pure muscle!! 

~Beautiful Boston Opera House~

Sunday night I attempted these crab cakes. They were good and husband approved. But I decided to not include the mayo and we added more cracker's to help the crab cake take it's shape. 
First attempt ~ not terrible! 

I am ready to tackle the week ahead. Sure to be a busy week before Christmas at work…so did ya'll do anything fun?! 


  1. How fun! The Nutcracker was so impressive, I agree!

  2. Sushi, wine and a movie is the ultimate best night! The Boston Opera House is so gorgeous!

  3. That sushi looks so good! I've been to the Nutcracker once when I was about 10 so I would love to see it again! Convincing my husband to go with me will probably be another whole story haha. I might have to try those crab cakes, yum!!

  4. The pics of you and your husband are too cute! That's nice you guys are able to schedule a regular date night! It is harder to find the time once you have little ones! lol

    1. right?! that's why we try to do as much stuff as we can now - before we have little ones!! Thanks for reading!

  5. sounds like a pretty good date night to me! and so much fun you got to go to the ballet - i want to make it there one day to the one in ATL.

  6. That sushi looks so delish! I'm currently craving! xo


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