Benefit's Brow Bar Review

January 22, 2014

I have a confession to make - I'm a brow snob!! What does that mean exactly? Well for me it means going to professionals to get my brows waxed! We are all pretty familiar with Benefit's products, but some of you may not know that Benefit also offers a wide array of services including brow waxing, threading and spray tanning (these do vary by location). Personally I go for the brow wax and have gone since moving to Boston four years ago! They recently opened up their full store location on Newbury Street and it does not disappoint! 

I waited about two months in between the last time I went, to show you just how clean they make your eyebrows look. Please don't be scared...

You'll also notice I have a very high natural arch on my left brow...if I showed you my license pictures you'd die!! 

Eerily similar to Brooke Shields look...
The wax they use smells good and does not burn or sting in any way. All these ladies are professional aesthetician's and really take pride in their work. They give you a little touch up after to make sure you aren't too red and off you go! 

I like the look of full brows and think it compliments my face shape. Camille Belle's eyebrows are pretty much my idea of perfect! 

Here is my final product about a day later- again so weird to take a photo of a mirror!

If you're in the Boston area - any of the girls at the Newbury Street or Downtown Crossing location do a great job - I've been to Cristin a few times and she's great!! 
If you are interested, please visit Benefit Cosmetics to see if there is a brow bar near you!! 

So ladies - what's your go to for eyebrow maintenance? Have you ever been to a brow bar before?

p.s. Benefit Cosmetics did not provide me with a free eyebrow wax or anything free for that matter - all opinions are my own!! 


  1. I'm a brow snob too ;) I've always wished we had one here, I'd love to visit one. Your brows look great!

  2. It is so hard to take a selfie pic like that right? Your brows look fabulous! I definitely need to hit one up....I'm just so impatient with the whole waiting till they grow out party :-)

  3. I always feel awkward taking selfies in the mirror - I don't know how people do it so naturally!! But your brows look amazing!

    1. Kim K is the queen of all selfies haha!! Thank you!

  4. I've only had them waxed onced but I liked it!

  5. They look great! Mine are so naturally sparse :( I need to grow them out for a longgg while before going to get them done, it's just so hard to let them go! Haha I want to compulsively pluck ;)

  6. You have perfect eyebrows!! They are naturally shaped so pretty. Your type is our favorite to wax, ha ha!

  7. They look great. I go to Benefit as well :)

  8. I'm so happy you posted this!! I've been "growing" my eyebrows out for the last month so I can go to the Benefit Brow Bar! My eyebrows have been so overplucked and I don't even know what their natural shape is anymore.. they really need some professional help. Your eyebrows are perfect!

  9. It's gorgeous! I've always wanted to get my brows done at the Benefit Brow Bar. ^^

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    Hope you join! ^^

  10. Girllll, you're making me so jealous that I don't live in Boston... I am in need of an eye brow makeover!! :)

  11. You have great brows!!! I'm a total brow snob too. I love the Anastasia brow wiz and I actually use hairspray on a spooly brush to set my brows. I know, so weird. :-)
    XO - Samantha

  12. I may need to go down to Boston next weekend! I just started looking for a new place to get my eyebrows done, and it is a serious struggle around here. Your brows look so good!

  13. omgggg your brows look amazing. i've never gotten mine professionally done, but if lived in boston i would TOTALLY go to your girl.

  14. great review! i'm into a full brow too -- love cara delevingne's brows!!

    thanks for stopping by my blog!

    love from LA,

  15. Great review! Your brows look fantastic! :)

  16. I've never heard of a brow bar! My Ma owns a beauty salon and she's waxed mine since I was a teenager. Nothing too special... my brows are pretty boring. Lol :) Thanks for sharing though! You eyebrows looks great!

  17. i have thick eyebrows…but they certainly don't have your fantastic shape! i'm jealous! found you via the linkup. new reader! yay!

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    Have a great day dear

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