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January 29, 2014
Happy Wednesday dolls! Since I wasn't blogging when I planned my wedding (March will be one year) I decided to start recapping some of my favorite things throughout the process all leading up to our one year anniversary!! Hopefully this will help some current brides out there or even some ideas for the bride in your life!! I used Etsy for a few special things and had exceptional service with each of the shop owners. There is something really special about having handmade / one-of-a-kind items for your wedding day.

~The Veil~
A tad unconventional in this sense, but I knew I wanted a very full look for my veil - think Priscilla Presley marrying Elvis. My mom and dad got married in the 70's and I was always obsessed with my mom's veil!! Sadly, she didn't have it when we moved to America or I would have definitely worn hers! 
I wasn't able to find anything decently priced at any bridal stores - so I went in search of the perfect veil on Etsy! I decided to go with Veils of Art. Working with Olga was very easy and she sent a couple of swatches to me so that I could match my dress exactly. She has an online website as well and like I said is very reasonably priced!!  
Final look:
Photo Credit: Gwen Tundermann

~Personalized Handkerchiefs~
Gary and I both decided that we wanted to get large canvases for our parents after the wedding, but I wanted to be able to give both sets of parents something at the rehearsal dinner. I had seen the idea of personalized handkerchiefs floating around for a while and really loved the fact that color, words and everything would be my own.  I used 4myangels boutique and Melanie was very easy to work with. In fact, you basically put the personalization into the order form and that was it! 
sample on website

~Wedding Cards~
I loved photos of brides and grooms reading their respective wedding day cards and wanted a cohesive look for ours. I searched Etsy for a very simple but classic look and found Stefanie's shop, marrygrams. There are so many options to choose from and not only for weddings!! As a side note- I didn't want Gary to forget to write a card for our wedding day (not that he would have) but being the overly detailed bride that I was, I purchased one for me as well! 
This was the card Gary gave to me...

I had never heard of a "toss" garter before, but apparently it's a thing! I was lucky enough to wear the same garter that my sister wore on her wedding day 10 years prior and wanted it to stay in our family...I have two nieces!! If you've ever searched Etsy - you know there are a TON of options for garters! I didn't want anything too fussy and I certainly didn't want to pay an arm and a leg for something that I wasn't even keeping! I found PartyGurlShoppe and for only $3 I knew it was a steal!! As an added bonus it was almost identical to the one I already had! If you are planning a bachelorette party I highly suggest checking the site out as there are so many cute ideas! 
Both garters! 

~The Bridal Hanger~
I was actually gifted a bridal hanger as an engagement gift from my best friend, but for that same friend I ordered a bridal hanger for her wedding which was three months prior to mine! As with garters, there a ton of handmade options for wedding hangers. I wanted to find something reasonably priced with great reviews. I found Morgan's shop Snooty Bride and was instantly sold! She has a ton of top notch reviews and the delivery time was impeccable.

bonus: currently on sale! 

My love for Etsy has not subsided and I'm sure I'll continue to purchase from the site. Did you use Etsy for anything for your wedding?

~These opinions are my own and I have already paid and used these items. I have not been compensated for my review~


  1. Love the hanger. And you looked beautiful!

  2. I'm always so amazed by all the shops on etsy; those people are all so talented!! I love the custom hanger, and now I kinda want one for my closet, just to display cute clothes. :-)
    XO - Samantha
    PS...missed you yesterday!!

  3. Love this post! And LOVE your veil :)
    That hanger is a great idea, I am the maid of honor in my bff's wedding this May and that would make a great gift for her!!

  4. Yeah keep all your bridal finds coming this way! I am obsessed with those hangers. I have a feeling Etsy is going to be my top bookmarked page in the next coming year :-)

  5. I love all of these finds- thank you so much for sharing!
    I love etsy, my garter, pillow and basket and the jewelry for bridesmaids so far has been from etsy

  6. I got my veil on Etsy too and I just love the hangers! I think the hangers are the perfect gift for brides.

  7. You're so brave to shop online for a veil - but you really lucked out, it looks amazing!!

  8. love these! good call on the veil! XO

  9. We used Etsy for our programs and it was kind of a nerve wracking experience! The lady was super helpful when we placed our order and then we didn't hear from her for THREE weeks. Literally no response. I emailed her multiple times, called and called her and finally got through to her. It was 2 weeks before our wedding and I hadn't even seen a proof yet. Luckily she got them in time (very last minute) and they turned out amazing but talk about stressful! Glad you had a good experience with everything! Definitely going to remember that hanger website for when my friends get engaged :)

  10. This is a great post! I used Etsy for so many items from my wedding! Garter, goodie bags, straws, even the table runner for our head table! Such a great resource! xoxo, Lindsay

  11. I love that you found your veil on etsy!! Who would have thought?!

    love from LA.

  12. love those wedding cards!!

    Etsy is so great... there is literally everything you need on there!!

  13. Your veil is gorgeous. I got married in March also. March 7th will be 5 years for us!

  14. I love Etsy! I used it for quite a few things for our wedding planning too! Love the items you are sharing here! Your veil looks great! :)

  15. Good ideas for wedding planning, we are having a celebration for our marriage this year as we had a very small ceremony with close friends last year and want to celebrate with everyone this year and now that my daughter is born. Thanks for your ideas!

  16. The garter toss is done pretty frequently, but I decided to skip it! I know i still have my garter though I have no idea where it is...
    And not everyone wears veils these days but I think yours suited you so well!

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