Wedding Wednesday | The Details

March 19, 2014
This is the final installment of my Wedding Wednesday recaps…thank you so much for following along! There's a highlight reel at the end of the post!! 

Our wedding - as for so many couples - was a labor of love!! You put so much thought, effort and let's not even talk about the money that goes into this one day - but at the end of it all, totally worth it!! I was hands on with everything for our wedding. I (at times Gary) chose everything down to the vases that the matches were stored in and seeing our vision come together the day of was worth all the late night stressing and over analyzing! Below are some of the details from our wedding.

Escort Cards
These were a lot of fun to create. I bought the cards from Michael's and used the template provided on  my computer. You'll notice in the corner there is a little image...that is the brainchild of Gary! He was able to find little cows, fish and carrot sticks (for the vegetarians) since the staff needed to know what each person was having. Our guests chose their entree's on their RSVP card and we all know you forget what you order- so this was our way of helping them remember and making sure the staff knew the correct dinner to bring out!  

Table Cards
We also DIY'ed our table cards. Since we both live in Boston but the wedding was in Florida we wanted to share a little bit of the city with our family and friends. So instead of having table numbers - we chose to name each table for some our favorite spots in Boston. Not sure if you're noticing a pattern, but my husband is very savvy with computer programs (PhotoShop) and was able to whip up these custom "Entering" signs that we had printed on hard stock cream colored paper purchased from Paper Source. 

Menu Cards
I searched high and low for the perfect menu card that would not break the bank. I chose to use a design from Exclusively Weddings. These turned out so perfect!! Some people say that menu cards aren't worth the money since no one will keep them - but to me it added another element of elegance to our wedding. Side note: Almost everything that was ordered I didn't see until the week of the wedding because it was shipped to my parents about stress! Thankfully we had FaceTime and my mom showed me everything! 

Custom Matches, Wedding Favor & Napkins
I may have gone overboard, but there were little things I wanted to give our guests. I chose to have custom matches and candles for each guest to take home. I think this is perhaps a little outdated in the sense that not many people still do wedding favors for guests, but it's one of those things we knew we'd have. Quite honestly, I over ordered for each and we use our candles and matches all the time!! Matches were ordered through For Your Party. The napkins were ordered from The Knot - I found they had the best deal and was able to have enough for cocktail hour and at the two bars we had set up…even had enough left over to take home!

I did not wear the shoes with the crystals during the day…just used the stickers for this picture! I purchased Gary's cufflinks from Sarah Chloe

We went with all white flowers. I wanted the color pop to come from the table cloths and the details. 

Cake Pops from rehearsal dinner & cake 
My friend put me in touch with a fabulous baker in Jacksonville that was able to make cake pops for our rehearsal dinner and I had the labels shipped directly to her business.  
The cake was my baby and I wanted it to be off center but classic…I ordered the crystals from amazon and the baker at the resort put it all together based off two photos I sent her. 

Here is a link to our highlight reel - if a picture is worth 1,000 words, then a video must be worth 1,000,0000!  Please excuse the final 4 seconds where I'm clearly in my own world dancing with my new hubby!!

Tips for the bride or groom!
1. Give each guest/couple a number that corresponds to the number your wrote on the back of their RSVP card - will make your life so much easier as there are a lot of people who don't know the correct way to respond back! "you're coming - great…who are you?! can't read your handwriting!"
2. If you're doing assigned seating (each guest is at a certain table but not necessarily a seat) then ask your venue to send you a blue print of their space with tables set up (if its a hotel, resort or banquet hall they definitely have this handy) - go to staples and blow it up to the size you feel you can work with and go from there - so much easier to visualize where the dance floor is, the bar, and where you can put your guests.
3. If you choose to have calligraphy for any part of your wedding - try craigslist'll often find a cheaper price than going with the stores! Just make sure to check their work prior to hiring them!

For those of you that have read/scrolled and repeatedly commented with such wonderful words to my wedding posts- Thank you!! It's been so much fun reliving the day and I seriously can't believe that this Sunday will mark one year of marriage!! 

Photo Credit (all photos): Gwen Tundermann



  1. Your wedding was amazing. I love your choice of all white flowers! The cake is so classic and pretty! Those shoes! Gorgeous! Have a Great Wednesday!

  2. We really are soul sisters ;-) I love every single detail of your wedding and the things you really focused on like the menu cards they are gorgeous!! How cute are the little decals next to the same for dietary choices!! I'm at work but can't wait to watch your video later....they always bring me to tears. xoxoxo
    ~Amanda|Meet @ the Barre

  3. The first part of your video is so previous with you coming down the stairs nervous/anxious/excited. So sweet!

  4. LOVED your wedding video! So cute and it captured so many great moments all in a fairly quick video for you to watch over and over. You guys seeing each other for the first time was so cute!!

    <3, Pamela

  5. I love this! I used those same place cards from Michael's for our wedding, too, and we also had custom napkins. It's all in the details if you ask me! You had a beautiful wedding day, and I hope you have an even better anniversary!

  6. Your wedding had so many gorgeous details - we did a lot of DIY projects for ours! :)

  7. I love all the little details, especially the cows, fish and carrot pics and the table names. How cute :)

  8. I loved all the details of your wedding!!

  9. I love the table name idea you had!! My cousin lives in Martha's Vineyard and for their wedding they did the same thing with places around the island that they loved, it was so so cute and really personal which I loved!

  10. So many gorgeous details! I love the different types of flowers with the all white-- it looks sooo beautiful! Also, I LOVE how you added the little picture for the different meal choices! We did different colors to distinguish, but I love how simple the little animals/vegetables look!

  11. You had so many gorgeous details, I wish I had been a guest!

  12. Gorgeous!!! Your cake is amazing and love the I Do stickers so cute!!

    <3 Shannon

  13. Such a cute idea to have the little cows or fish on the cards!

  14. Ugh, I started crying about 30 seconds into the video! Hahaha I'm always that embarrassing guest at weddings that starts ugly crying as soon as I see the bride.
    You looked so beautiful, and I love all the little details you chose. <3

  15. So many cute personal touches. Love your shoes and the Entering cities signs on the tables.

  16. You did such a wonderful job Biana (and I LOVE the Boston touches!!!!!!!) Wonderful job and thank you for sharing each step/detail, it is an inspiration for what I will do one day xo

  17. Loved your Boston themed table cards! And I never thought about looking for a calligraphy person on Craigslist.. I'm actually really mad I didn't do that! I wanted someone to do our invitations so bad but the prices here in Chicago were ridiculous, I just couldn't bring myself to have it done! I ended up hand writing them all.. you can imagine how fun that was!

  18. The crystals on the shoes are a beautiful touch. Also, what a clever idea to have the meal choices printed on the place cards---that probably saved a lot of hassle and made everything run smoother.


    Another Beautiful Thing

  19. So pretty! Love me some details, doll! Xx.

  20. Cake pop favors are such a cute idea!

  21. love weddings! this made me so happy! XO

  22. Great video! You look gorgeous!

  23. The selection of Boston Wedding venues involves all widespread what you need and also knowing what is your financial statement.

  24. I love the personalized shoes...such a sweet detail!

  25. YOU ARE HILARIOUS!!! Even without the video, your collections made your wedding look SUPER FUN .

    Videographer Adelaide & Video Production Company

  26. The cards that you used look wonderful! Kudos to Gary for that little image you used. It's a cute, personal touch your guests would probably appreciate. DIY-ing these is a good break from commercial ones many people usually see. It's refreshing that people spend time doing these things, since it not only shows their effort in making a lasting impression, but also showcases their talents in designing them. I hope you guys enjoyed the wedding! Take care!

    Faye Fowler @ Master Copy Print

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