Weekend Madness and Oscar Picks

March 03, 2014
Do you ever have one of those weekends where you're sure that you need another weekend to recuperate?! Totally me today! 

Friday after work we headed to a restaurant we discovered not too long ago. SIP is located near the theater district and has a seriously delicious selection of menu items.
As per usual we devoured everything before I even thought about taking a photo of it - except for the Kobe Meatballs...We split the Kobe Sliders & Miso Glazed Salmon with Lobster mash - so delectable and I highly recommend for dinner out or for late night snacks!! Not only do they have a great bar selection but their sushi options are also prefect!
After dinner we headed to see the Brett Dennen show. He's a very interesting character with happy music!! If you like indie/folk music that puts you in a good mood - check him out! 
The club we saw him at was set up in such a way that everything was general admission and we scored some great seats on the second level! 

Saturday and half of Sunday was spent with the three most adorable little munchkins in the whole world!! Gary and I babysat for my sister and brother-in-law while they enjoyed a date night!! 
Right in time for movie night!! 
This was a total glimpse into my future as I was the one woken up at 2:30 AM by my precious 3 year old niece exclaiming that she had to "potty" -looking over at Gary who was completely passed out I quickly realized that I would be the one in charge of feedings and diaper changes when that day comes!

I apologize in advance for the abundance of picks - but there were just so many!! 
On to the Oscars! The glitz was in full force last night at the Academy Awards! The ladies were ON-POINT!! I was obsessed with so many of the looks especially Charlize Theron. She was statuesque and hands down my pick for best dressed!! 

A pretty close second for best dressed Kate Hudson in Atelier Versace. The cape, the hair, the color of the dress - flawless! 

If you remember in my post picking out what the stars would wear - Jessica Biel actually wore the stunning Chanel dress that I thought Naomi Watts would wear. 

Two best structured looks: 
Jennifer Lawrence in Dior - Totally redeemed herself and the diamond draped onto the back - Yes!!
Amy Adams in Gucci - I also picked blue for her and think the color looks flawless on her skin

Cate Blanchett in Giorgio Armani & Maria Menounos in Johanna Johnson
These two ladies can do no wrong in my book and Maria always looks like she was destined to be on a red carpet! 
Lupita Nyong'o was etherial in Prada - the headband was all the talk of the night, but can we pay respect to that body and those arms!! 

Some more of my favorites
1//Olga Kurylenko 2//Sandra Bullock 3// Jenna Dewan-Tatum

Best Dressed Couples:

Ellen was hilarious as usual and Jared Leto wins for not only best hair (hello perfect ombre) but also for sweetest acceptance speech!

Did you guys watch the Oscars? Do you have a best dressed? 



  1. Looks like you had a fun weekend! I always make a big spot with pillows and blankets for the kids in the evening. They love it. Charlize looks amazing! Happy Monday!

  2. Loved Jennifer Lawrence and Sandra Bullock! And that first gif is hilarious!


  3. His acceptance speech to his mother.....so sweet right? Girl you totally nailed it on all those looks....Rachel Zoe better watch her back because she has some serious competition ;-) I loved Ellen's opening with Jennifer Lawrence. Like can she be any cooler hanging out with Bradley Cooper..NBD love her! Oh that glimpse into the future....those men sleep so soundly don't they? xoxoxoxo

    Meet @ the Barre

  4. Sounds like a great weekend! I love the dresses this year too! Lupita Nyong'o was by far my favorite!

  5. Miso Glazed Salmon with Lobster mash sounds amazing!

  6. What a fun weekend! Sounds like you need a day off to rest up after all of that though! ;)
    Love Lupita's dress and Charlize looks amazing - I am always a sucker for white though, and I think Maria Menudos looks stunning (quick question - why is she there walking the carpet, shouldn't she be interviewing? lol)

  7. You are so right, they were ON POINT. Amazingly beautiful gowns!

  8. What a fun weekend!! I recorded the Oscars and will be getting caught up today...sick people don't get to stay up late and ogle over pretty dresses, and speeches. Lol At least I'll be watching commercial free. :-)
    XO - S

  9. Brad & Angelina were definitely the best dressed couple in my opinion! I've never been a big Angelina fan but she is simply gorgeous and I'm liking her more and more! Really everyone is so gorgeous!

    My husband always tells me we're going to be in trouble because I don't wake up for anything once I'm asleep! :)

  10. SO many good looks last night! I think this was one of the best dressed award shows.. everyone looked good! My favorites were Kate Hudson, Sandra Bullock and Angelina Jolie! I saw Dallas Buyers Club and I had noooo idea until last night that was Jared Leto!! He definitely deserved the win and I was so happy when Matthew McConaughey won.. I've loved him since How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days!

  11. Maria Menounos looked so good! And I just love Kate Hudson so much

  12. there were so many beautiful dresses last night! i agree with all of your picks :)

  13. brett dennen is the best! i saw him in concert years ago, almost had forgotten him! now need to listen to him all week :)
    love your oscars picks! Xo

  14. I completely agree with your pics for the best dressed! Charlize killed it! She was all like "That's fine I'm not nominated for anything, I'll just look better than everyone!" ;) Those meatballs look amazing, I want one!! Glad you had a great weekend!

    <3, Pamela

  15. You had a great weekend! I agree with all your best dressed picks from the Oscars - it was so hard to decide this year as there weren't any real train wrecks that made others stand out! I also agree with your analysis of Jared Leto - I think he is the cutest!


  16. The women looked amazing last night! Kate Hudson knocked my socks off and even my husband said Jennifer Lawrence looked beautiful. Lupita looked gorgeous in the baby blue. Amy Adams' navy blue looked amazing on her. I wouldn't have thought navy would be a good red carpet color but it looked great on her!

  17. I am bummed I missed Jarod Leto's acceptance speech I need to You Tube it!

  18. What a fun weekend! Seriously your best dressed pics are spot on with mine! Charlize Theron and Kate Hudson's dresses were to die for! They looked fabulous! I also thought Ellen killed it!!

    <3 Shannon

  19. So many good looks - you're right, the ladies were definitely on point!!

    But Kate Hudson was def. my favorite - GORGEOUS!!!

  20. Loved Ellen as the host for the Oscar's! She always cracks me up!

  21. You nieces and nephews look so cozy for movie night. I think Kate Hudson and Maria looked stunning.

  22. Love your picks for best dressed; especially Charlize. She is always my favorite. Your weekend sounds fab! We have a Sip nearby and it's fabulous!


  23. Loved Lupita's dress too!! And, yes Ellen was ah-Mazing as always:)

  24. Ok so love your best dressed pics but also your Jared Leto love...best speech ever. Glad you had a nice wknd with the kiddos - either the best birth control or puts you into the fast track for wanting some of your own. Usually nothing in between! And I need those meatballs like now


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