Friday Favorites | Happy Halloween

October 31, 2014
Happy Halloween and more importantly, Happy Friday!! I've been battling a cold all week, but I'm happy to report I'm on the mend and we can go to a friend's Halloween first in a few years!! My Halloween costume...well nothing short of a miraculous find on Wednesday, for $3!! I'm linking up with Amanda, Christina and Liz to share some favorites from the week! 

Favorite Recipe

I have been itching to get a spiralizer to turn some of my vegetables into noodles and once I buy one, this will be the first recipe I make!! 

Favorite Workout 

I have to give a shout out to my girl Amanda on this one who so generously outlined a week's worth of workouts at home. These are going to be on heavy rotation in a few weeks when the weather drops to a frigid temps! 

Favorite Halloween Make-Up Videos

Angela Lanter is one of my favorite Bloggers and this month she's really out done herself with some of her Halloween Make-up tutorials. My favorite is the sexy leopard that she did a few weeks ago! 

Favorite Look

Kate Hudson looked gorgeous on the red carpet this week! Can I please have that lace dress for every single wedding I have coming up in the next year?

Favorite Links

+The 6 brushes you need for make-up
+Cindy Crawford's daughter is a stunner and channels her mom in model moments
+21 life lessons The First Wives Club taught us - side not this is a must see movie! 

Hope you all have enjoyable weekends and see you back here Monday for some weekending fun!! 

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Leather-ed Up

October 30, 2014
When I was a teenager, my mom had this amazing cognac colored leather skirt similar to this one. At that age, I think I was 15, I thought it was really out of style and I didn't know why she would want to to pull off a "biker chic" look. Looking back, my mom was totally in style and I would give anything to have that leather skirt in my closet right now!! Bearing that in mind and certain price points I want to stay in - I've rounded up my favorite faux and real leather pieces!

Leather Skirts

Whether midi, short, flared or pencil - I'm all about the skirt! 


Great options! 

Leather Leggings

I for one, have not been bold enough to try this style yet, but I absolutely love how it looks on these ladies and if I find the right and flattering pair, I'm all over this look!




Great Options! 

Leather Tops

In keeping with the leather theme - little accents in my top is where I feel most comfortable adding the look. Although some of these all over leather looks are fierce!!






To me, leather just doesn't go out of style- really wish I would have known that back when I was 15! I think that there is a fine line between leather chic and just plain cheap, so it's important to feel the quality of the item you're buying!!

How do you feel about leather accents? Is there a piece of clothing you'd feel more comfortable sporting this trend in?

Linking up with Natalie and Annie

All images not linked came from Pinterest and have no direct source.
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Chic Fall Wedding Decor Ideas

October 29, 2014
Happy Wednesday all!!! I'm over at Wedding Party today sharing some pretty great ways to incorporate this Fall season into your wedding without being to theme driven!
Check out how pumpkins, apples and even beautiful pastels can work this time of year! 

What would you have loved to see in a Fall wedding? Do you  have a favorite time of year for weddings?! 

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Quick and Easy Go-To Juices

October 28, 2014
Yesterday I posted a picture of a fresh juice that I made for Monday morning, but before I get into why I love fresh pressed juice so much, I should explain why we started juicing! After watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead on Netflix last year (it should still be on there for you to stream); Gary and I decided that we needed to incorporate juices into our daily lives. It really helps with detoxifying your body! We went out and bought the Breville Juicer (same one he uses in the documentary). It's a bit pricey, but we had our 20% off coupon as well as some credits to Bed Bath & Beyond, so it ended up costing us a penny...yes that's correct! I also found this one from Amazon and also this one from High Fashion Home for a bit cheaper. 
Once we knew all the benefits to juicing - we started to incorporate it into our mornings at least twice a week. We've fallen off here and there as it does get expensive buying fresh produce so often, but when I think of eating an apple or drinking fresh apple juice with no additives, I'd always prefer the fresh juice option.

We don't really have a set recipe but we like to include strawberries, apples, carrots, oranges, cucumbers, kiwi and kale. Anything that can produce a lot of juice!!

Here are a few we've tried:

We don't add any milk or anything aside from the vegetables and fruit that we are these are not smoothies, but strictly juices! 
I haven't been on an all juice cleanse and I'm not sure I can replace all my meals for one day - let alone for three, but I loved some of the Blue Print Cleanse juices so we've made the green and red juice as well! 
I usually drink one for breakfast two to three times a week, instead of having eggs or an English muffin. It's what works for me, but in no way do I expect it to work for everyone! 

Are you a fan of juices? What are your favorite ingredients to include?
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Weekend Snaps

October 27, 2014
Happy Monday!! Another weekend in the books and it was a great one!!

{Eat, Drink}

My Friday night started out just right with a pomegranate margarita!! 
We had dinner at Rosa Mexicano which happens to be one of my favorite Mexican restaurants, so I was entirely too excited when my sister invited me out with her friend from college, Jen, who was visiting from Texas!! It was pretty ironic we were taking a native Texan to a Mexican restaurant, but if it got her seal of approval - it has to be good right?! The guacamole made at your table is amazing and the Tostatdas de Jaiba (crab) was so good!! 
With my sister and Jen after dinner!!

{And Be Married}

Saturday we headed to Bristol, RI to see our good friends tie the knot!! Had to take a selfie in the car!! 
They got married at Linden Place Mansion and the grounds are absolutely stunning!! 
Pre-wedding selfie with my handsome date! 
How beautiful is the ceremony space - it was so lovely and romantic!! So many candles!! This was later transformed into the reception space. It was also home to one of the most original ceremonies I have ever seen...including an ode to tacos!! 
Making their grand entrance as husband and wife!! 
With the new Mr. & Mrs!! 
Their cake was funfetti and the little chairs were an ode to their theme - UP! 

{Catching Up}

Sunday was spent reading and getting inspiration from the stack of magazines that started to pile up! 
Making homemade pizza for dinner!! 
And making fresh juices for the start of the week!! 
This one has carrots, cucumbers, apples, strawberries and oranges in it!  
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a wonderful start to your week! 

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