Happy New Year

December 31, 2014
2015 is upon us and I for one could not be more excited for this next year!!! I am wishing you all a wonderful and prosperous year and can't wait to see how you all celebrated on Monday for Weekending!!! 

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Top 14 of 2014

December 30, 2014
I love this blog for many reasons, but one of the best ones is getting to look back on the entire year and seeing everything that I've done! I did a look back last year and wanted to do it again with 14 of my top moments from 2014!! 

14// Running in 3 races this year, two more than my goal for 2014!! 
13//Flexing my interior design muscle and making our our apartment feel like home
12// Legally changing my name and finally having a middle name - monogramming commenced!
11//Taking part in two very cool group fitness exercise classes in Boston  
Yoga at Fenway Park
 Pilates in a park

10// Celebrating one year at my job and in my role and feeling 100% fulfilled

9//Making so many incredible friends from blogging and feeling like I have a friend in every state...you guys also have a personal tour guide for any trips to Boston you may have!! 

8//Seeing one of my best friends get married and going to Charleston for the first time

7//Making a surprise trip to Florida with my sister to celebrate our mom's birthday and see our grandmothers!
6//Paying my credit card off in full...this was probably the best personal accomplishment of 2014!!

5//Going back to the University of Florida 5 years after graduating, seeing Amanda & Pamela and witnessing a Gator win...one of the only ones of the season! HA! 
4//Growing this little blog of mine and being able to start writing for a wedding blog! 

3// Getting my dream business off the ground with my first wedding client signed and so much more to come in 2015...lots to share with you in the next few months! 

2// Seeing the Eiffel Tower in all her glory and crossing that off my Bucket List
1// Celebrating one year of marriage with my best friend!! 
It's been an amazing year and I'm so excited to see what 2015 has in store!! What was your top moment of 2014? 

P.S. If you like to look at pretty blingy rings - check out my post on Wedding Party from yesterday!! You know since it's engagement season and all! 

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Weekending | Christmas Edition

December 29, 2014
It's hard to believe that Christmas has come and gone, but something about cleaning the house and packing up the decor from the holiday makes me ready for 2015!! I fee like the celebrations have been happening for the past two weeks and I'll be a little sad when January hits, but before that happens here's a recap of my extended weekend!! 


We celebrated Christmas at my sister-in-laws house and it's always a big holiday on the Perez side!! The pup Henry wasn't left out and was going to town on treats from his stocking!! 
I had to sneak a photo or two with all my favorite guys!  
After all the festivities we headed back to Boston and set our sights on some major cleaning!! I was able to enjoy one of my Christmas gifts and dove right into the Elements of Style book with an adult juice box as my SIL likes to refer to it!! 


We watched both of these movies this past week and if you're going to see one of them please see Unbroken!! It could have easily been titled Incredible! I probably felt every single emotion during the film - stellar performances from everyone in the cast and if you're wondering if I cried, I was a blubbering mess, pretty much on the verge of tears for two hours!! I'm a hard pass on This Is Where I Leave You...just couldn't get into it! 


My husband and family went above and beyond for Christmas! I'm excited to start using a lot of these products in the next few weeks to have reviews for you, but one of my favorite gifts was a gold bar necklace with our wedding date that Gary surprised me with! 
Yep, he made an etsy account and everything! 
The other is this beauty!!  I fell in love with the color first and then the leather, which is like butter!! 


After getting this hand held spiralizer from Gary I was finally able to make zoodles and tried Skinny Shrimp Scampi with Zucchini Noodles recipe!! It was every bit as delicious as having it with pasta, but so much less guilt!! Probably a good idea after all the food consumed from Wednesday through Friday! 
Skinny Shrimp Scampi with Zucchini Noodles
There are only 3 more days in 2014 - so don't forget to...
How was your weekend and celebrations? 

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Christmas Wishes

December 24, 2014
Merry Christmas Eve to you all!! I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating with friends and family!! As of 3:00 PM today I will be away from the blog, but you better believe I'll be back on Monday with a ginormous Weekending post - so stop by!! 

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What to Wear | NYE Style

December 23, 2014
We have a little less than a week to go until New Years Eve and outfit planning is in full force. I've already mentioned that we'll be getting a little fancy this year and making our way to New Jersey to celebrate, but I still haven't figured out what I'll be wearing! I'm torn between a choosing a dress which is super easy to pull off or a jumpsuit, which will more than likely pose a problem throughout the evening!! I've rounded up my top picks in both categories and need your help deciding!! 

Sparkle & Color 

NYE Dresses
NYE Dresses
Let's pretend for a second that these model's aren't 5'10, so these dresses would probably fall a little longer on me. I'm loving the pink color of the Lulu's dress and even though it's easy to fall back on black, adding a little sequins dresses it up even more! 
Then there's this Target dress that is $17 and almost too good to pass up and just have in your closet just in case! 

Jumping in on the fun 

NYE Jumpsuits
My favorite out of this bunch is the red v-cut jumpsuit from Forever21 for only $27.90!!
NYE Jumpsuits
My absolute favorite rompers that I found were this one from Nordstrom and this one from Lulu's! The red sequins really does kick it up a notch, but going to the bathroom can prove to be rather difficult!! 
If none of these options work then I have a few possibilities in my closet, but sometimes you just want something shiny and new to ring in a new year!! 

I also participated in The Sequin Notebook's Holiday Card Swap and although I totally failed to snap a picture of the cute cards I sent to my partner, I did receive the gals card and it's beyond perfect!! Totally fitting of their bubbly and sparkly personality! 
I also got a super cute penguin card from Jennifer!
Which one NYE style would you go for? 
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Weekend Happenings

December 22, 2014
Happy Monday lovelies!! I'm sure a lot of you are already enjoying this week off, if so, lucky ducks!! Remember I mentioned last weekend was the calm before the storm, this weekend was the first wave! 
My weekend started out a bit early because Friday afternoon I attended my department luncheon which was held at Blu Restaurant! We were all taking the views in thinking we were transported into NYC which I guess isn't that far off from the Boston skyline! 
That night our friend was having a little welcome back party at Highball Lounge. I've been to Highball a few times and each time I love it more and more! The bartender was on fire, quite literally...I joked that he was the best mixologist I've ever seen! 
Aside from your childhood games being readily available you can also write on the glass windows, which obviously I had to leave a shameless plug on!!  
My new favorite place in Boston has to be Assemble Row. Outlet shopping and nice restaurants all in one place = one happy girl!! We tried out Earls Kitchen + Bar and instead of the usual italian style calamari they make it a little more Mediterranean with greek yogurt and olives - so good! The Santa Fe chicken salad was equally amazing!
We made a pretty brilliant discovery at Trader Joe's this weekend and that was their French Truffle chèvre - out of this world good cheese!! This little package didn't make it past Saturday night since it served as our midnight snack later that night!! 
Gary and I were party animals Saturday night and after our first stop of the night on one side of Boston we made our way to say Happy Birthday/goodbye to my good friend Jess as she makes her way across the pond!! Sorry for the dazed looks on our faces, but a bright flash in a dark lounge makes us all appear a little drunky!! We had an amazing night at Bastille Kitchen and actually can't wait to go back and try some of their food! 
My sister & BIL had us over on Sunday to celebrate Christmas/Hannukah and one of the gifts I got my niece was her first sewing kit. Let's just say it was the blind leading the blind reading the directions!! 
And just like that it was Sunday night and I was able to end the weekend with a nice glass of wine in the new stems my sister gifted us for Christmas!! 

Don't forget...

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday and link up with Meghan and me to share your weekends with us!! 

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Friday Favorites | The Last One Before Christmas

December 19, 2014
TGIF all!!! We made it to another Friday and there is only one more before 2015...isn't that crazy!? In case you missed last week's recap I mentioned what a great workout Flywheel was. Well I wanted to try out another spin studio here in Boston and to say I'm obsessed would be an understatement! I signed up for a few more classes and look forward to having my butt kicked!! Imagine doing push-ups on a bike while still spinning...that's what the class was like!! Ok....now that we have that out of the way - let's share some favorites with Amanda and Christina!! 

Favorite DIY

Favorite Workout

I have to admit, if I'm not taking a class at the gym, it's hard for me to follow a routine, so this HIIT workout was a nice change of pace from my regular cardio and weight training. I had the main studio in the gym all to myself yesterday morning so I was able to do everything in one place which would have been the same if I had done it at home...minus a lot of space! 

Favorite Hairstyle

I stumbled upon this tutorial for a French Braid into a messy bun and I'm totally intrigued. This past summer I learned how to do a fishtail braid so maybe my next one will be a french braid...baby steps!! There is a YouTube video tutorial to help!

Favorite Look

This is actually from a premier last week but I just love how mod Reese Witherspoon looks! Totally channeling her inner Elle Woods!!  

Favorite Links

+You've been puppied - the cutest 15 surprise puppy videos
+ Some last minute & budget friendly DIY gifts - for any time really!
+ I found my wrapping inspiration for next year 
+DIY envelope liners for any occasion

For all my Boston area friends, I'll be at Assembly Square on Saturday for their Super Saturday event! Let me know if you plan on going! You can check out the details here! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and come link up with us on Monday for Weekending! 

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