Weekending Snaps

August 31, 2015
Happy Monday friends! You may have read on Friday that I'm starting a new job today so I spent the weekend preparing - you know the important things like shopping and primping! Here's what we got up to this weekend... 
//Standard Friday night date with sushi & movie. We watched Some Kind of Beautiful with Jessica Alba, Salma Hayek & Pierce Brosnan- which I'm not sure I even saw a preview for before seeing it on iTunes this weekend. It was surprisingly cute! I'd rent it again! 
//Got a much needed cut on Saturday! Hello 70's blowout! 
Olive Connection Brookline
//Checked out a new store that just opened. Olive oils from around the world and flavors that I couldn't get enough of!! So excited to go back and spend more time tasting and buying!! 
Boston Public Market
// Spent the afternoon in the newly opened Boston Public Market. Half farmer's market, half gourmet eatery! We wanted to test everything so we split a lobster roll, some chili & the most delicious grilled cheese sandwich ever...none of it is pictured because it didn't stand a chance! 
{not my nails}
//Got a much needed gel manicure in the new OPI color - Be There In A Prosecco
//Found my dress for a black tie wedding we have in late September
//Took some old school photos at a friends house warming 
//Found some more of those fun folders I mentioned in my post last week
And just like that we flew through the weekend and are ready for another week!! I hope you all have a wonderful Monday and link up below to share your weekends with us! Please bear with me as I'll be getting my head around my new schedule! 

Friday Favorites | Last Of August

August 28, 2015
Happy Friday everyone! We made it through another week and the last Friday of August is here! Today is a bittersweet day as it's the last day for me at my current job and Monday I'll be starting fresh on a new career path with a great company!! There will be a few growing pains around here (mostly for myself as I get situated into my new routine- blog post anyone?!), but I've been busy writing and have so many great ideas and posts ready to roll!! Enough rambling for right now, let's get to some favorites with Amanda and April

Favorite New Read

Having just finished The Royal We - which by the way is totally worth all the hype that it got - I was in the market for a new book. Thankfully this review of Everybody Rise came out and I knew I had to read it!! It's also been picked up to be made into a movie by the same producer as Devil Wears Prada! Have you read it yet?!

Favorite Song

It's been out for quite some time, but I can't stop listening to Fight Song, but Rachel Platten. I feel like it's perfect for anything going on in your life...wanting a new job, getting over a break up, thinking of making a change - it totally works to get you excited!!! I also love that my oldest niece and I jam out to this when we're together! 

Favorite Drink

I discovered that I liked Moscow Mules last year - late to the party on that one. I stumbled upon this recipe for Moscow Mule Jello Shots - YUM! 

Favorite Blogging Articles

I add a lot of blogging related to my pinterest board, but hardly have time to read it, but these two posts were quick and easy to get through! If you struggle with what to charge for sponsored posts, then read this! Easy rule of thumb!  Similarly I have a Google+ page, but have apparently been using it the wrong way!! 

Favorite Links

//New month means new wallpaper on my screens - love the flamingos! 
// Which celebrity has the best street style
// Listen to Rachel Zoe go through her resume - you never know where your passion will lead you! 

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend and I'll see you back here Monday for weekending! 

Dress Up Your Work Space

August 26, 2015
Shopping for school supplies was hands down my favorite part about going back to school. I didn't mind having to go back because that meant busting out the new pens and notebooks and starting fresh. So even though most of us aren't going back to school, I think our office spaces could use a refresh all the same! Working in an office environment it's easy to feel like our space doesn't have much character, but adding a few fun prints, new office supplies and even some fun stationary to leave notes for colleagues or yourself is all you need to feel like September is the start of a new working adventure for you

I've been doing a little back to school shopping and picking up some things for my desk to keep me feeling inspired and be productive. My friend Jackie purchased some fun Lilly Office products that I can't wait to start using! 

//Saving money will be worth it when I'm drinking my coffee & tea out of this cute mug
// I think we all know I have a thing with pens, but these cute bando sweet talk pens give my notes an extra flare
//I can't even tell you how great it is to see the entire week in note form with this Lilly organizer. I've actually been using it as more of a blogging editorial calendar for the week to stay ahead of the game. 
// I have a thing for folders and these are seriously too cute - I have similar ones with flamingos that I found at TJ Maxx! The brand is Robee and you can find all their stuff on Amazon too! 
// I'm all about sticky notes - for my planner, for my computer screen and just to have on hand to remind myself and of course these Lilly ones are the cutest! I can't wait to start using mine! 
// Self proclaimed stationary and notebook hoarder over here - so these poppin medley of soft cover notebooks is right up my alley! Think of the possibilities - a different color for every project!! 
So many supplies, so little time!! 

What are some office supplies you just have to have?


Geo Print | The Perfect Sight Seeing Outfit

August 25, 2015
When Pamela, Amanda and I were in Charleston a few weeks ago we realized that we all packed some sort of geo print to sight see!! With all of us deciding on a different way to wear the trend (maxi & skirt), we thought it would be fun to highlight how we each interpreted it. I went with a romper that I scored from Marshall's two days before our trip - price tag $10!! You just can't beat that!! 
The reason I loved this romper was that it was light weight, breathable and you couldn't see me sweating through it - since it was arguably the hottest day there.  Funny enough I usually find that when I wear shorts they ride up, but this romper stayed in place and since we were sight seeing all day the bathroom breaks were limited so that whole issue of taking the romper off didn't come up much! 

What else made this outfit so perfect was the cross body bag and the gladiator sandals - that I literally tore through. Not having to lug a bag with me on my shoulder was the best thing I did for myself. My Anne Klein Fit Watch nearly had to be recharged every night with how much walking we were doing and again I can't even tell you what a great investment this watch was because it matches all my outfits effortlessly without looking like I'm wearing a fit watch! 
Bracelet & Necklace Gorjana
I snagged the purse during the last sale that Gigi New York was having and sadly they are no longer making this bag - but this one is another good option. 
To me a great sight seeing outfit in the Summer is light weight, easy to pack and breathable. The shoes are always important since you'll be doing a lot of walking and of course you want a purse big enough to hold the important stuff, but small enough that you dont feel like its a nuisance - which is why a cross body is always my first choice. 
And because I love a good outtake - I leave you with this beauty - not even sure what I was laughing about but it must have been good! 
What do you find yourself gravitating towards when you sight see?
P.S. the coloring is a bit off in the pictures - I promise I'm not actually orange! 

Weekending| Getting Out of Town & Talking about Hair

August 24, 2015
Happy Monday friends! It was truly a relaxing weekend over here - celebrating my mother in laws birthday out of town and really disconnecting - well sort of, still shared some photos on instagram and of course snap chat! Rather than bore you with pictures of sitting by the pool, watching movies and eating lots of burgers, I thought I'd share a few hair products that I've been loving and one to steer clear of!

The Good//

Toni & Guy Heat Protectant Spray
Toni & Guy Heat Protectant Spray

I first got introduced to Toni & Guy products from my Glossy Boxes and I'm so happy that Target started carrying their products because I really have had great experiences with them. I don't normally blow dry my hair in the warmer months, but have needed to on a few occasions - this heat protectant spray is amazing. When I used it to blow dry my hair it left it incredibly silky and smooth. On the flip side when I used it to let my hair air dry and then give my hair a little curl I felt like it did a good job keeping the curl, which is usually a problem for me. 

Toni & Guy Leave In Conditioner

I had never used a leave in conditioner before this product and I don't know what took me so long. I use it once or twice a week when I know I'll be doing something with my hair the next day so that it has a little extra product in there to hold. Same as the Heat Protectant Spray, it leaves my hair incredibly silky without being too heavy! I'm almost out and will be repurchasing! 

Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Anti Frizz Serum

After I ran out of my Garnier Fructis Morrocan Oil I wanted to try something new so I picked this serum up. First of all can we talk about the smell real quick - it's amazing! The fact that it actually does what it claims is just and added bonus because I love how it makes my hair feel! I think you're starting to sense that I like having my hair feel silky and smooth and this product delivers. You also can't beat a price for under $5!!!

The Bad//

Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray

I got this on a whim because I really wanted to try the beachy waves hair style, but sadly this just fell flat for me - quite literally! Thankfully I only bought the travel size to test it out, but after following the directions to a T, my hair was left limpy and a little greasy - not the look I was going for at all! This is a hard pass for me! I've heard great things about other items in their product line, so if you've tried something that you've loved by Not Your Mother's - let me know! 

On My Radar//

Bumble and Bumble Sunday Shampoo

I've had this product on my radar ever since Kate sang it's praises a few months ago! It's a bit more than I would usually spend on shampoo, but using it only once a week makes me realize I'll have it for a while before needing to repurchase. Have you used the Sunday Shampoo? Did you like it?

Hope you all have a great start to your week and link up below to share your weekends with us!

Friday Favorites Round Up

August 21, 2015
Happy Friday friends!! I want to thank you all so much for taking the time to do the survey and thank you for continuing to read this little space of mine. I have a lot of new ideas thanks to all your feedback and you'll be seeing some tutorials and videos very soon! Lets get right to the favorites this week - linking up with Amanda and April

Favorite Breakfast Recipe

We usually have very basic breakfasts on the weekends, but lately I've been wanting to dress it up a bit - enter in these heart shaped scones! I've actually never made scones from scratch, but they look pretty easy, even for a novice like me! 

Favorite Purchase

I'm a palette lover - I can't get enough of them and when I spotted the Anastasia of Beverly Hills World Traveler Palette a few months ago, I couldn't stop thinking about it...so I scooped it up this week - as some of you may have seen on SnapChat (@blovedboston)! The colors are rich and pigmented and my favorite is definitely "intense gaze", with bellini coming in a close second since it's my favorite cocktail!   

Favorite New Show

I'm not going to lie, I've been watching ABC Family all the time recently and it's because their line-up of new (and new to me) shows during the last bit of summer has been so great! Including Kevin From Work that just started last week. Episode 2 is even better than the first and the quick humor and one liners always keep me interested in a show. Also loving Young & Hungry

Favorite DIY

I'm not even sure this would be seen as a DIY or more of smart use of space. I came across this article of how to make the most of your dresser space and love how they used the honeycomb wall shelf for the items that might be a bit harder to store on the dresser. Will be tackling this very soon! 

Favorite Links

+ A little shameless plug, but in case you missed my post on tips & tricks to make blogging more efficient check it out here
+ Are you a habitually late person, read these 6 tips on getting yourself to the places you need to be with time to spare
+ Which Nancy Meyers kitchen is your favorite? I'd have to say I'm pretty excited for the movie The Intern with Robert DeNiro and Anne Hathaway next month! Haven't seen the trailer - check it out here

Hope your Friday goes smoothly - see you back here Monday for Weekending! 

Answers Needed

August 20, 2015

Happy Thursday friends! I'm going to be super honest and say I've been having some major writer's block recently and it could be due to the Summer wrapping up, but in an effort to keep things fresh and exciting around here I've created a little (only 4 questions) survey and I would be really grateful if you could take it! 

Click Here To Take the Survey

Hope you all have a wonderful day and I'll see you back here tomorrow for some favorites!! 

P.S. comments have been disabled for this post :)

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Trending Lately | Laced Up Flats

August 19, 2015
I've recently become a shoe fanatic - it's really strange since I was never really into shoes, only purses - but that's since changed and basically my closet is about to bust at the seams with all the shoes that are currently in there, we wont even talk about boots... The one pair I haven't added to the collection are laced up flats - they almost look like point shoes a ballerina would wear - without the discomfort! I've rounded up my favorite inspiration photos and also found some I wouldn't mind adding to my collection! 

I was able to find the exact pair of faux snakeskin flats on Asos. I really like to keep price in mind when buying trendier pieces - so all of these have great price points! 
These might not be ballet flats, but I did just add these gorgeous Ann Taylor mule/wedges to my closet and I can tell you they are like butter!!! Slip them on and it doesn't feel like you are wearing shoes! You also can't beat the price I paid last week of $24...they went up slightly to $34 but still an amazing deal! 

To me, they are the perfect transition shoe - cool enough for the end of summer, but warm enough to keep you into Fall. 

How do you feel about these laced up flats - would you wear them?

all images via Pinterest