Friday Favorites | The Last for October

October 30, 2015
Happy Friday friends and happy last Friday of October!! I'm so excited for November - it's truly one of my favorite month's of the year!! Linking up with Amanda and April for some favorites! 

Favorite Recipe

100% making this Creamy Lemon Skillet chicken this weekend! The recipe sold me when it said everything in one dish!! 

Favorite DIY

Lisa shared this seriously amazing DIY for making your own candles from wine bottles and it was brilliant! I loved rewined candles, but the price tag is not always fun - this is one I will be trying soon! 

Favorite Funny

We have all heard Adele's new song Hello at this point...if not listen to it here. Well leave it to Ellen DeGeneres to do a spoof of the song and this will seriously leave you giggling hard! 

Favorites I've got my eye on 

The absolute last things I need in my closet right now are boots and bags - but for some reason that's all I seem to gravitate towards!! I saw a girl at the gym wearing this coach bag in a burgundy color and then went to the website and saw they have it in a beautiful olive - yep I can see Gary rolling his eyes already! And these Sorel wedge boots - I seriously need to keep my eye on them because I will scoop them up when they go on sale - they are practical for cold weather, rain & they are cute! 

Favorite Links

+ How perfect would this be for a side dish at your Thanksgiving table?
+If you want to swoon a little bit this Friday take a listen to the song Phillip Phillips wrote for his bride - so sweet! 
+15 things every woman should know about money before 30

A quick side note - we recently set up a Pinterest account for our Bespoke Boston Weddings business and if you like seeing beautiful wedding inspiration - feel free to follow :) 

Almost a New Month, but a Different Outlook

October 29, 2015
This post is going to be a little different for me, but I hope you all will enjoy it just the same. We are about to enter into the month of "thankfulness" - you know November! I like to think I'm pretty thankful for things year round, but with the craziness of every day life, I rarely stop and think about my blessings, and I don't mean in the #blessed way, but I mean in the truly blessed to be alive and healthy way. 
I think sometimes I unintentionally "stop" and do it when I capture a sunrise or beautiful and peaceful street - but day to day it's hard. 
Sunrise over Boston Harbor
Living and working in the city you see a lot of sad situations. I was on my way home from work recently and saw a family with two small children, both of whom were in wheelchairs. My eyes immediately started to well up with tears for obvious reasons, but more so because there were things that day I was so annoyed with and probably could have handled better, but it was nothing compared to what people face every day. It usually is an encounter like this that sparks something in me, be it empathizing with them, feeling for them or whatever that emotion, I feel it and for a few days after have a hard time shaking the feeling of needing to improve myself. This time instead of forgetting that feeling, I wanted to actually do something about my outlook. 

I like to think of myself as a genuine and kind person, but I can be better.
I like to think of myself as a supportive and caring wife, but I can be better. 
I like to think of myself as a good sister and daughter, but I can be better. 

There are things I know I can improve upon and rather than worry about to-do lists for this next month I want to focus on bettering myself in the ways I mentioned above and focus on things that I have to be thankful for. I think if I can make this a priority for myself - it will be second nature going forward.

I want to challenge myself to do that because I think it will make the weight of those to-do lists and never ending tasks (that I willingly add on myself) less of a burden! 

So rather than wait until the day before Thanksgiving to share what I'm thankful for - here's a few I am always thinking of! 

~The ability to get out of bed every morning and greet the new day
~My health and the health of my family
~My ability to work and do things I'm passionate about
~The ability to come to this space every day and speak to you! 

Hope you have a great Thursday! How do you stop yourself from forgetting the blessings that you have?


Three Outerwear Staples

October 28, 2015
I've been living in New England for a little over 6 years now and after this past Winter I would like to think of myself as a true Bostonian, that means I talk about weather all the time, get moderately excited about working from home during snow days & most of all - I am prepared regardless of how cold it is with my outfit choices! I wanted to highlight three outwear pieces that I've built up in my closet and if you're planning a visit to any cold weather place or happen to live in a cold weather state- these will keep you warm and looking pretty chic! 

Faux Fur Vests

Chicwish Faux Fur Vest
I can't even tell you how difficult it was for me to find a faux fur vest that I liked last year. It was hard to find one that was nice, didn't look cheap and more than anything wasn't too bulky! I actually ended up finding two - one from Chicwish (under $45!) and one that my mom got me from Betsey Johnson. 

Here's how I'm looking to style them this year! 

All images via Pinterest

Shearling Vests

These are my newest obsession! Slightly different from the faux fur vest - I think these look great when you're trying to put together a more casual look! These are some I've got my eye on! 
Suede in this cargo color is my favorite! 
A nice leather and shearling mix! 
The longer draping in the front of this Graham and Spencer one is beautiful! 
Of course if you're not sure about the trend Forever 21 has you covered with an under $35 option! 

Winter Jackets

My opinion of winter jackets has changed drastically since moving here. My biggest concern is how warm I am, only after that do I think of style. Thankfully with brands like Andrew Marc you don't really have to sacrifice comfort or warmth for style!
My current winter coat is this pack-able puffer from Tahari and I bought it last year in an olive/beige color! I'm slightly obsessed with it, but it's not quite long enough for those seriously cold and miserable days- enter in the need for another coat! 
Andrew Marc has a section on their website for coats $250 and under - which if you've shopped for a great coat, you know is a great deal for a luxury brand! I've got my eye on this "Karen" coat that hits right below the knee and has a larger neck that can be popped up so it keeps you warm.  

I also really like the "Carissa" for when I need to be a bit more dressy and don't really want to wear a down comforter outside! 
Can't forget about the guys! Last year I actually picked up this coat for Gary (it's in the photo above too)- he loved that he could zip it up as vest and have the coat open on warmer days or completely bundle up. But back to the ladies...
A little faux fur always takes the look up a notch! Also, if you're in the market for some leather - Andrew Marc is having a Halloween sale starting tomorrow - up to 70% off black leather!! 

What's your go to winter outwear style?

Linking up with Jenn & Jessi for what's hap-pinning

Thank you to Andrew Marc for sponsoring this post. All opinions expressed are my own!  

Weekending | Taking it Easy

October 26, 2015
Happy Monday friends!! I got my wish from Friday - a truly laid back and relaxing two days...sadly that makes for a rather uneventful weekend, but quite productive...including booking a trip of a lifetime, but more on that later! 


//It should come as no surprise that Friday night was a sushi date and movie kind of night! We actually ended up watching a movie from a little while ago, Mr. Brooks. It's with Kevin Costner & Demi Moore - a thriller and a bit dark, but really good! 
// Can't tell you the last time I worked out on a weekend, but it felt good to go to a great spin class to start my Saturday
//Stepped up our dinner game with this mussels and linguine dinner. I can't say we followed an actual recipe, but I purchased the mussels from Trader Joe's and we followed the directions to a T and then added some linguine and  made our own garlic bread and voila - perfect dinner for a weekend. We felt so fancy! 
//Took my own advice and updated my blog footer - really easy and followed this tutorial
//Spent Sunday getting started on holiday shopping! We have so many great local stores with so many unique gifts - I'm really excited to put these together! Also made a stop into TJ Maxx and as per usual their stationary/home office section was amazing! Bought some new goodies! 
//We booked a trip!! We're heading to Dubai & India next year! One of our good friends is getting married in India and we're making a great vacation out of it and stopping in Dubai on the way back! I'm excited and also a bit nervous...but I have time to get ready for 18 hours on a plane! 

Hope you have a great start to your week! Link up below to share your weekends with us! 

Friday Favorites Round Up

October 23, 2015
Happy Friday friends!! We made it! This was quite the week - lots accomplished, but not nearly enough sleep...I plan on catching up with that this weekend!! Here are some of my favorites from the week and linking up with Amanda and April for some fun! 

Favorite Recipe

It's been a while since I've made zoodles and what better way to get back on that train than with this Creamy Sun Dried Tomato + Parmesan with Chicken Zoodles recipe

Favorite Purchase

Yesterday I highlighted a few things on my wishlist and wouldn't you know Ann Taylor decided to have 50% off everything in store and online until Sunday night (code: FALL50) so I scooped up the blouse and this skirt in a solid burgundy - sensing a color pattern here! 

Favorite Book

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I downloaded Leave Your Mark and I flew through that book in between commuting and my trip this past weekend - did I love it, No...but I thought there were a few chapters with valuable information that can be taken into whatever career you're in. After dozens of people talked about The List I scooped up a kindle version for myself. I'm excited to dive into a book that is non-fiction and not dark like Girl on the Train or Gone Girl! 

Favorite Blogging Post

I'm ashamed to admit I have never given much thought to my blog footer at all - after reading this post I've got some redesigning to do! 

Favorite Links

//All you need is 15 minutes to do this spot cleaning
//New emojis have been added to the iPhone library and now we can share those tacos, cheese and of course champs
//If you work in a cubicle or even have your own office here are some fun ways to dress up your space
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 

On My Radar

October 22, 2015
You know what happens when you actually sit down to read a magazine uninterrupted for two hours - you end up wanting a lot more things than you anticipated! Since we flew American this past weekend, I didn't have any TV to occupy my time like I usually do on Jetblue flights so that means I actually read through - cover to cover - two magazines! The result - a lot of items that are on my radar right now! With Pinterest and literally everything online I hardly ever actually earmark things in magazines - forget about actually tearing something out - well that changed and now I have a wishlist for Fall & Winter! 


So the first item is actually not something I saw in a magazine, but actually on has a magazine so I'm not cheating! It's this Remi & Reid reversible tote. The last thing I need is another tote, but for this price tag and 10% off I can justify it! But if I need to justify it, it's actually buying 3 bags in one because 1 & 2 it's reversible so you have two different tote options and 3 it comes with a mini pouch inside that can be converted into a cross body so it's the perfect travel bag as well! 
I saw Leandra Medine who is the founder of Man Repellar, sporting this Fossil watch and immediately felt drawn to it. I think the rose gold color along with the gray leather band is a great combination and I'm all about it! Then I dug deeper into the watch collection and liked the navy watch as well - so clearly a decision has to be made! I also didn't realize that Fossil had such a great line of watches...I know living under a rock over here! 
Boots No7 Protect & Perfect Serum - This is a cult classic in the UK and supposedly reduces the look of wrinkles - they've updated since 2007 and it still continues to be a top seller! 
Bow Tie Blouse//
I love the look of silk blouses, but adding a tie to it sort of takes it up a notch for me. I can't decide between this plaid one from Ann Taylor or this beautiful blush one. I feel like with the blush one I'd wear it all the time because it would go with more, but the plaid is sort of fun and different for the corporate world! 
Moroccan Oil Dry Shampoo// I have yet to find a dry shampoo that I have liked enough to repurchase - I know that everyone swears by Batiste, but sadly it didn't work for me. I feel like there is now hope with the dray shampoo for dark tones from Moroccan Oil. 

Sally Hansen 18K Gold Cuticle Eraser// I actually already picked this up because I find that when I get a manicure at a salon the reason the nail polish stays on longer is that they actually do my cuticles! I haven't been able to try it yet, but the packaging has me very hopeful! 

Maybelline Brow Drama Pro Palette// I really only fill my brows when I remember too...which isn't that often, but the reason I don't normally like to do it is because I feel like they look caked on. After I saw the pretty ad in the magazine I went to YouTube and saw this review and was pretty sold on getting the palette. 

What's on your Fall/Winter wishlist?