Current Skincare Favorites

March 30, 2016
Skincare Essentials for every season
These last few months I have been in skincare heaven. What I mean by that is, I haven't used a skincare product that I haven't liked. Even though that makes coming up with an actual routine a tad more difficult, I think I've found my groove with products that are helping keep my skin clear, looking fresh & giving me a great glow. 
Skincare Essentials for every season
In the shower using the Kiehl's ultra facial cleanser is amazing - I use it with my clairsonic three times a week and the other days I exfoliate with my trusty St. Ives Facial Scrub - I will never not buy this product! 
Origins Mask Kiehls facial cleanser
Once a week, usually on Sunday's I like to give my face a little extra loving and put this Origin's Clay Mask on. I purchased this back in August and still have a good amount left. The mask comes out pink (so fun) and then before completely drying leaves you with just a little tingle that goes away after the first or second minute. Is it weird that I love how tight the mask gets on my I know it's working! 
After shower skincare
I was interested in trying micellar cleansing water because of all the reviews I kept seeing on it and I wanted to see what all the hype was about. I like to use this right after the shower because it picks up any extra makeup I may have missed and really does a great job of cleansing my face. You really get the super clean feeling with this stuff! I spotted Neutrogena's Hyrdo boost in a magazine and took a picture because of how much it reminded me of the belief aqua bomb I tried in a Sephora play box. It might not be an exact dupe, but it's really close!! Speaking of Belief, I've been using the moisturizing cream on nights when my skin feels extra dry. It's very light and you get an extra burst of hydration as soon as it's applied on the skin. 
Night Skincare Essentials
Before heading to bed it's a two step process - the first around the eyes. I've already raved about Kiehl's creamy eye treatment with avocado, but I'm here to shout out from the roof tops how much I love this cream!! I'm not sure at what point the dark circles started to appear, but I haven't been able to really find anything that works as well as this cream. It's pricier than most creams, but a little goes a long way, so it will last. The overnight mask from Origins is incredibly light weight, doesn't feel heavy on the skin and smells incredible! It keeps your face hydrated throughout the night and you end up waking up like you just had a facial - but without the redness! I think the product that's taken everyone by storm is the Ultra Repair moisturizer by First Aid Beauty. I only use this on my hands and it has saved me this winter and I even keep one at my desk! 
Skincare Essentials
I'm a fan of switching up my beauty products, but I feel like I've found a ton of great products that will continue to be in my rotation for quite some time!!

Have you used any of these products? What are some of your skincare favorites?

A Guide to Staying Organized

March 29, 2016
As much I love "how to" posts, most of the time I leave them feeling even more confused on how to actually implement changes - I really hope that at the end of this, you'll feel like you can take at least one thing away to help how you organize your ever growing to-do list. I also want to mention that this post is not sponsored in any way by Wunderlist, I just really love the service & have found that it has helped me immensely. 
How to Stay Organized
A few months ago I took a time management course through work, while most people tend to dread these, I actually love training's because I find that I can take something away not only for my professional life, but for my personal one as well - winning!! The basis of this course was on the fundamentals which Stephen Covey came up with and most of the course was taken from, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. So what did I learn in the training and how did it help me with my organization? My key takeaway was to define ALL of my roles in life. What does this mean? This means I now look at my time in chunks and the things I have to do within each role I have. 
My roles are: 
1. my full-time job (which in and of itself involves marketing, business development & events) - I keep all tasks related to this role in outlook - it's complete and separate from my personal life. 
2. my home life - this includes my role as a wife, daughter, friend & sister 
3. my blog 
4. my wedding & event planning business
5. my writing for a stylist's blog 

You'll notice I also use Wunderlist to hold links for things I want to purchase, my 30 before 30 list & just a running list of things I want to get done around the house (this is shared with Gary) - another bonus to Wunderlist is that you can share with a business partner, friend or spouse. So let's say you're going on a trip, add in all the things you want to do in that city, or have a running list of things you want to buy for the house...the list (haha so pun-ny) could go on and on! 
How to use wunderlist
Within each to-do you can go a little deeper and add a note for yourself, even attach a file that goes with the to-do, set a reminder or give yourself a due date. If you add a reminder or due date, you will get an email from Wunderlist (or notification - depends how you have it set up) that your task is due. 

Once you define your roles, staying organized is so much easier - rather than having a to-do list that is a mile long, you now have tasks broken out within your specific roles. Sometimes those blend together, but most of the time it's clearly defined. 
how to use wunderlist
For my pen & paper lovers don't you worry, you can still print out your entire list so that you can feel the satisfaction of crossing things off - tell me I'm not alone here! 
Make the most out of your notebook

Let's take it to stationary! As much as I love having notebooks for all different facets of my life, this starts to get really cluttered and I end up with 10 half full (albeit cute) notebooks! My action plan was to condense to only two notebooks! I know I can't believe it either! I section out the notebook (blog, bespoke & other)This means when I go into a meeting I'm always carrying the same notebook with me. No need to shuffle through papers for past notes & this also means I have one folder for each of my roles. These are my favorite to use for work & these I use for home/business stuff
Tackling your inbox

While this doesn't actually deal with organization - this little tip will help with your time management. I've recently implemented the "one-touch" rule to my emails. That means, I only look at my personal (anything not 9-5  related) e-mail during certain times in the day AND if I read an email I immediately need to have an action with that e-mail. That can be responding immediately, trashing it or marking it unread to go back to again (not suggested, but it happens). This way e-mails get answered on my terms and I never go to bed with any unread - this makes me uneasy! The bulk of my blog emails get answered during my commutes - it's currently the most time I spend without something else taking my attention. 

Wunderlist syncs with your phone or iPad so you can get to your list whenever and wherever you need it! While I realize this system doesn't work for everyone, I would love to know what tips & tricks you have to staying organized!

Weekending | Last one for March

March 28, 2016
Happy Monday friends!! I wouldn't say that it felt particularly Springy here, but we're used to that! I loved having an extra day off, but it flew by almost faster than a work day, what's up with that?!! We got so much done - taxes are filed, blog posts were written & a little shopping was done. Here are a few highlights -
Pure Barre Platform//
I took my first Platform class on Friday and it was amazing!! I burned 500 calories in an hour & had one of the most intense workouts ever!! It's Monday & I'm still a bit sore! My only gripe is that my studio doesn't offer it at the most convenient times, so I'm sad I wont be taking it as often! 
Will Walk for Food//
We had brunch Saturday with our friend's who recently got married in India and took them to our new favorite spot, Brownstone. I ventured away from my usual eggs Benedict & had the frittata of the day - so good!
I also finally made baked queso tacos from Jenn's blog & oh my word were they incredible!!  I can't even wait to make them again!
Bully Boy Distillers//
After stopping by the corner store on Friday night, I noticed these super cute and colorful bottles that had "Bully Boy- Boston" labels on them. We googled to see where the distillery was and it was close to where we were going to brunch on Saturday so we booked the last two tickets ($10 each) for the early afternoon tour - I'd say it was meant to be! While there isn't a shortage of breweries here, I had actually never been to a distillery before this past Saturday. 
The distillery is in what you would call "an up and coming neighborhood" and we took a bit of a gamble walking there...let's just say it's a good thing we were greeted with a cocktail because we were both still a bit on edge. The tour itself was only an hour, but plenty of time to taste test the 6 liquors that they offer. I love being able to find new things to do in Boston! 

Sunday we made our way to my SIL's house for a little Easter brunch. I didn't snap any photos of the food, but I'll just say I didn't end up eating dinner because of how much good food we ate! 
My kind of greeting, the Bloody Mary kind! 
On the traffic filled ride home, Gary and I were busy dreaming up a few places we wouldn't mind going for some of the Summer weekends :) I mean what else are you supposed to do in traffic?
How was your weekend? Link up below to share it with us! 
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Friday Favorites | Long Weekend Ahead

March 25, 2016
Happy Friday friends! Coming to you live (well sort of) from the couch this morning and I'm oh so happy!! We have a few things lined up for the weekend, but what I'm most excited for is getting things done today that I would normally do tomorrow!! Linking up with Amanda to share some favorites from the week! 

Favorite New Soup

I have been roasted red pepper soup from Au Bon Pain at least twice a month since it came out and I know they will take it away as soon as the cold temps leave, so I had to find a recipe that came close to it. The gouda (which is my favorite cheese) gives it a sharpness while the roasted red peppers are just sweet enough.  If you're a fan of tomato basil soup - I think you'll like this. 

Favorite Spring/Summer Dress

I have two wrap dresses (one seriously needs to be retired), BUT I find them to be so figure flattering and easy to wear. When I saw this one from BCBG at Nordstrom I needed it!! With a camisole it's totally work appropriate and for any afternoon weddings, baby showers or any event this would be the perfect dress! 

Favorite Home Tour

Does any one else get sucked into Home Tour's on The Everygirl? I've had my eye on a campaign dresser for a while now and I love how this one is styled! 

Favorite New Show

Leave it to Shonda Rhimes to make another show I can't wait for on Thursday nights! Last year they came out with a trailer for this and they had a totally different cast, but I'm kind of happy with the people they chose to have instead! 

Favorite Links

//Loved this read on how to have multiple THRIVING careers at the same time
// Color correctors for any problem area are all the rage - find out which one suits you here
// One of the coziest and chicest office spaces

Hope you all have a great weekend!! Enjoy the holiday if you're celebrating! See you back here Monday for Weekending! 
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Loving Lately | March Favorites

March 24, 2016
If you're looking for a mixed bag of favorite products over the last month, then you've come to the right place! From apps to yogurt, I'm sharing a few things that made me happy so far in March. 

Trader Joe's already made meals

Coming up with weeknight meals that don't require more than 20 minutes of cook time and prep is hard, so for the last two weeks Gary and I have been picking up already made meals from Trader Joe's and then adding a fresh veggie on the side. We love that they are portion controlled, not in the freezer section and take under 10 minutes to heat & serve. One of our favorites is the Greek style chicken, with orzo, spinach and feta! I was planning on doing a Trader Joe's favorite post, let me know if that's something you'd be interested in! 

Fage Greek Yogurt

I have been a Chobani fan for a long time, but with all the extra sugar in some of their yogurts, I wanted to find a better option. Recently I've been buying the bigger portions of Fage Total o% and then adding some fruit & honey for flavor. Keeps me full until lunch! 


I first mentioned Wunderlist last March and ever since taking an organization and time management training last month, it has been at the forefront of my mind! I have a full post on how to stay organized with all your different roles planned for next week so stay tuned on how to utilize this on-line app! 

MAC Lipstick

You may have seen on my Instagram on Tuesday that I picked up a new MAC lipstick shade. I am almost out of Snob (super pretty pink) & have been using Kinda Sexy (brown orange) non-stop so I wanted to pick up another color - Angel it was! It's a light, nude pink that's perfect for every day wear! 

J.Crew Sales

At my previous job, I was working in the same building as the mall...which you can imagine was terrible for my wallet, but great for my closet! Because of my new office location, I'm hardly ever at the mall anymore, so when we stopped by J.Crew a few weeks ago I was pretty excited to see their jewelry on sale! I picked up the above bracelet & pretty necklace (not pictured) - total price for both $25!! 


I, along with everyone else, have been loving the fringe trend. But for me, I can't wear it...I think it looks sort of wonky on me, so I opted for accessories!! I picked up the above sandals for Spring & Summer and I also scooped up this fringe cross body (under $30!!)

What have you been loving this month? 

Three Years...A Little Wedding Wednesday

March 23, 2016
Somehow I blinked and three years of marriage managed to fly by! Each year has been even better than the first and life with Gary is exactly what I had dreamed marriage would be like. I think if you know anything about me, you know I love weddings (thankfully my side business allows me to keep this love going) without getting sappy here, I thought I'd share some of my favorite things that we did for our wedding! 

The First Look//

He looks pretty happy :)

This is a personal decision for a lot of couples, but knowing that we were going to be signing the Ketubah (you'll see this later) it made sense for us to have a first look and take all the group photos before the ceremony. I remember this moment like it was yesterday...coming down the stairs and holding back tears (barely... the ugly cry came out) Telling Gary that he could turn around and then seeing his face!! That moment is etched into my memory forever and I'm so happy that we had a first look! 

Dancing The Horah

Traditionally after walking into the reception, the bride, groom & all the guests start dancing immediately to the Horah!! The chair lifting, everyone smiling & cheering - it's so much fun! Our Horah lasted close to 10 minutes! The look of pure fear on my face...makes me laugh!

Signing our Ketubah

Gary and I looked at about 30 Ketubah's before finally seeing one that encompassed everything we wanted written. A Ketubah is signed before the actual ceremony & outlines the rights and responsibilities of the groom to his bride. It's more symbolic than anything else. It's a piece of art that is displayed with pride in a couples home...ours is still not framed!! AHHHH! On the must do list for this year!! 

The Elevator Kiss

Pinterest was really taking off as I was planning my wedding and I remember this picture of a couple in an elevator and I really wanted to recreate it!  I think we ended up riding up and down the elevator like 4 times to get it just right! 

The Details//

To say any wedding is a labor of love would be an understatement. I was involved in every single detail of the weekend, from the rehearsal dinner to the brunch the day after - there wasn't one thing I didn't plan for...including torrential down pours on our wedding day!! That's why having a Plan B & C is needed haha! Here are a few of my favorite details! 
One of my favorite elements was that each table had a place in Boston that was special to Gary & I. We both designed the signs with original dates they were established and then for our sweetheart table had our home: established 2013! 
Everyone that came to the rehearsal dinner received a cake pop (chocolate from groom & white chocolate for the bride) & my favorite touch was the little stickers I ordered from Evermine
I actually sketched this cake out for pastry chefs at One Ocean Resort and they totally brought it to life. I ordered the crystals from Amazon and my mom shipped the top layer to us after we got back form our honeymoon. 
Gary may or may not ask me to take this little tidbit down, but every year on our anniversary we recreate our first dance! We talk about our year, we try to nail that dip & we do it with the same big smiles and laughs we shared on 3/23/13!

Thanks for taking a look back with me!! 

Gary... thank you for being my my partner in life, my biggest champion & soulmate! 

All images via Gwen Tundermann Photography