Getting Excited for these few things...

August 30, 2016
While I'm not exactly ready for Summer to be over, we do have a lot of fun coming up in the next few months which led me to this post - a few things I'm excited about!! 

Weekending | Last of August

August 29, 2016
Happy Monday friends!! I can't begin to tell you how excited I am for this week...WE'RE MOVING! I didn't let packing stop me from enjoying the weekend - here are a few moments of fun captured!  

Early Fall Wish List

August 24, 2016
We got teased with some cooler weather yesterday and my thoughts immediately went to the crisp Fall air that's coming - shame on me since all year we dream about warmer temps, but I've had my fill of the heat, I've got a pair of new boots that are just asking to be worn and I'm ready to enjoy my favorite season! Since I don't partake in back to school shopping, I decided it would totally be appropriate to indulge in a little "it's a new season" shopping! That should be a thing, right?!
Quilted Vest || Felt Hat || Long Cardigan || Wrap Around Apple Watch Band || MAC Lipstick "Blankety" || KS "Elisa" Necklace" || Leopard Flats || Olive Skinny Jeans || Dark Wash Denim Jeans 

Weekending | The Bridal Pop Up

August 22, 2016
Photo via VS Photography || Flowers by Floral Lab

Happy Monday friends!! I can honestly say this weekend was a blur! From Friday evening until Sunday to about 4 PM it was all about our Bridal Pop Up Event!! I can't thank you all enough for all the well wishes throughout the weekend - this blogger community is so amazing! Quick shout out to Kate from Green Fashionista who came through on such a great item to add to our swag bag literally two days before our event!! If you like pretty details & on because this post is for you! 

Friday Favorites Round Up

August 19, 2016
Well hello there friends!! Between gearing up for our Bridal Pop Up this weekend (Sunday) & a few weeknight outs - it's been quite the week and I'm so excited for the weekend. Here's to hoping it's a success and we can make this an annual event!! Here are a few favorites from the week & linking up with Amanda
Signs by Posh & Prep - one of our amazing vendors this weekend! 

Shake Shack's 100th Restaurant Opening || 

On Monday night Gary and I went to the grand opening of the newest Shake Shack in Boston in the Seaport! Before heading to the opening, we stopped by the Envoy Hotel to take in some views...and drink some wine!! It's usually jam packed, but I guess the trick is going on a Monday! 
If you haven't had a shake shack burger're absolutely missing out - they are so good!! Also really good...their cheese fries - now I think it's okay I forgot to eat lunch that day! 

Favorite Dinner ||

So that truffled mac & cheese might not look pretty, but I assure you it was decadent and delicious!! Wednesday night my friend Heather and I decided to have an impromptu dinner and met up at Smith & Wollensky! Their outdoor patio was perfect at night & we didn't even realize that it was restaurant week - that was a nice surprise! 

Professional Photos ||

We got the professional photos back Keen Photography and I can't even tell you how happy I am with how the photos turned out from Carolin! She did such a great job dealing with the craziness of the hour and taking all the photos we wanted - and then some! 

Favorite Celebrity Look || 

I love this effortlessly put together look from Sarah Hyland  - from the bronzed makeup to the colorful heels - I love it all!! It would be so easy to recreate too! 

Favorite Links ||

|| We're going to Nashville in a couple of months and this guide could not have been more perfectly timed!

|| This makes me want to get my mom and dad on snapchat 

|| I think I can master the "S" wave

|| This is slightly terrifying news about water bottles

|| As soon as we move - I'm making this salad

That's a wrap on the week friends!! Hope you all have an amazing weekend and I'll see you back here Monday for some weekending action! 



August 17, 2016
In almost three years of blogging I've never done an actual confessions post so I thought why not?! The truth is, this entire year has been one of the busiest that I can remember, and I feel like I need a little brain dump to let some things out! Let's start right now...I'm actually eating a freeze pop as I write this because it's so hot in my apartment! 

I Confess...

Weekending | Quick Trip to Florida

August 15, 2016
Happy Monday friends!! I'm back from a long weekend in Florida celebrating my grandmother's 90th birthday!! I couldn't believe that it had been over a year since the last time I went back home...does anyone else wonder at what point your hometown stops being your home?! Regardless, I saw some friends, met their babies & fit in a lot of family time! Here's a few snaps from our pseudo vacation! 


One Big Favorite

August 12, 2016
Happy Friday friends!! I'm currently in Florida celebrating my grandmother's 90th birthday with my entire family!! She's my one BIG favorite today and everyday!! 
Wishing you all a great weekend and hoping you stop by Monday for the Weekending Link Up! 
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Office Inspiration

August 10, 2016
With a few weeks left before our move and our current apartment looking like a warehouse - I can't wait for the extra space! Having an extra room means so much - 1. finally a separate office space 2. when we have guests visit they can actually have their own room, not our living room 3. I will have my own closet in our bedroom - all pretty epic things if you ask me! 

Monday Musings

August 08, 2016
Happy Monday friends! Today seems fitting for a bit of a brain dump - a few weekend moments and some Monday musings. 

Friday First Impressions

August 05, 2016
Happy Friday friends!! My week started out in the best way possible with a great company outing and is rounding out with seeing my cousin and her kids that are visiting from Italy!  From this weekend it will be jam packed and while I hate to see time fly by so fast, I love so many of the events coming up! 
I wanted to share a few first impressions of some new products I've been using non-stop - a new little series I started last month. 

Benefit | Dew the Hoola - matte liquid bronzer

Through Sephora's Play Box, I tried out the matte liquid bronzer - the first time I've ever actually tried a liquid bronzer and I was intimidated. What I liked is that it's the same color as the hoola bronzer I've used in the past, but I didn't really know if I should try contouring with this liquid one - which I'm awful at- or if I should apply it all over like I normally do with my other bronzers. I opted for mixing it in with my current skin tint by NARS and it created the prettiest finish. I didn't use a brush to swipe it on - I prefer to use my fingers - and it didn't add a layer of cakey-ness or the extra makeup feel. It was a winner! 

Kat Von D Lock-It line

I've only ever tried one of Kat Von D's products and funny enough it was through another Sephora Play Box - her ink liner which was super intimidating to apply, but went on really easy. When Influenster sent me her newest Lock-It line I was intrigued, but also a little nervous since the makeup looked like it would be really heavy and cakey. When I think of Kat Von D - I think of heavy makeup because I think she has a few things that are strong enough to cover up a tattoo - I'm happy to report, that with this line, the makeup is anything but heavy! 
For the last two weeks the créme concealer is the only that I've been wearing. Light 5 Neutral & Light 3 Warm are very thick & provide full coverage under the eye area (or where ever else you're trying to highlight or conceal) - to maintain the airy makeup look I used my sephora airbrush sponge, that I like way more than the beauty blender - and dabbed it underneath the eye area until it was blended. I didn't use the concealer brush that they sent because I don't like using brushes under my eyes, but I imagine you'd get a similar effect. 
The key was definitely setting everything with the setting powder. I've never used a loose powder for setting my makeup before - only pressed ones and now that I've used loose powder I'm never going back!! The finish is so much nicer - for me at at least and you don't have any weird white residue after. I really liked the setting brush that it came with as well. Both brushes were sturdy, but the loose powder brush has long and tapered bristles and is super soft on the skin. I'm excited to try it in a different way once I get the courage to contour. 

I thought I'd share a photo from last weekend before heading out - I used all of the products mentioned in today's post and the makeup stayed put! 

JBL Pulse Speaker 

We've been on the hunt for a bluetooth speaker & of course anything techy, Gary researches and found the JBL Pulse! We've had it for a few weeks now and are loving it! It's kind of like having your own mini party - you can choose the light show that you want it to play - or none at all and the bluetooth range is pretty stellar. I love how portable it is & we're actually taking it to Florida next week for a party we're throwing for my grandmother!! 

Have you had any great first impressions lately? Hope you all have a great weekend and hope you come back Monday for weeknding! 

Blueberry Fun + Face Mask DIY

August 03, 2016
When I put together my summer bucket list, I thought we'd get to cross off a few things, but with only one item left, I'm pretty proud!! I mentioned earlier this week that we went blueberry picking at Boston Hill Farm in Andover - it was pretty late in the season so I didn't think much would be left to pick, but we ventured into the areas that people didn't go to and found some truly delicious and fresh blueberries! Keep reading for some of the ways - besides eating, that I've used them up! 

Weekending into August

August 01, 2016
Happy Monday & Happy August friends!! Another weekend down and more importantly the start of a new month!! Something about starting a new month on a Monday makes things feel balanced...hopefully that's not just for me!! We had a really full and fun weekend - here's what we got up to!