B~Inspired | Lauren Sherman Owner Pure Barre Boston

October 05, 2016
Four years ago a friend of mine asked me to take a new workout class with her. She said my legs and arms would never burn or shake as much as they did with this workout and I wouldn't be able to sit / walk for the next day or so. Obviously with a description like that why wouldn't I want to try that workout! She and I went to the newest (and at the time only) Pure Barre location in Boston on Newbury Street and I was immediately hooked! I signed up right then for the new client special and haven't looked back since! 
This is the eighth installment of B~Inspired - a series that was started to fuel my own passions. The women featured have shown that hard work, determination and a little bit of creativity can propel you into your dream career! I hope you enjoy this Q&A with Lauren Sherman, owner of not one, but two studios here! 

Name:  Lauren Sherman 
Business / Current Position: Owner Pure Barre Boston and Co-Owner Pure Barre Brookline
Location: Boston
Educational Background: BA in International Relations from Boston University
After graduating from college you moved to Los Angeles to pursue your career in Event Planning – what did you love most about that change of pace from Boston to Los Angeles? 
Los Angeles feels like vacation-land compared to Boston! Fewer people in LA work typical 9-5 jobs, which results in a more laid back atmosphere. The fact that it’s 80 degrees and sunny everyday helps, too!  
I'm sure many people think being a Pure Barre owner is just about the best job out there, but what would you say is the hardest part of being a studio owner? In the same vein, what do you love most about owning your own studio?
The hardest part is trying to shut down my brain and find some sort of work/life balance. I eat, sleep and breathe my studios, so I'm constantly working, thinking, and brainstorming how to make it perfect for everyone. The thing I love most about my studio is the people. Clients and staff become friends that feel like your family.
Going from corporate jobs to being your own boss must have been a difficult transition. What did you do to prepare for that? Did you take any extra steps while still employed to make the transition easier?
I just jumped right in, and learned what I needed to learn as I went along. It was an adventure for sure, but a fun learning experience. 
What does a typical day for a Pure Barre studio owner look like?
I teach some classes, I take some classes. I write some emails, I slay some dragons. I put out a few fires. No two days are ever the same, which is something I love about being a studio owner. 
I've been fortunate enough to take your newest class offering Platform, taught by you. I loved it! Why do you think Pure Barre wanted to introduce this new program? Are you finding that people are interested in the higher intensity workout?
So glad you liked it! Pure Barre introduced Platform to give clients the chance to add a cardio element to their routine. We definitely have some Platform junkies who love the heart-pumping aspects of the class. It’s fun, intense and fast-paced, and is a great way to jump-start your metabolism, burn calories, and build up endurance. 
I've been hooked on Pure Barre since your studio opened in 2012 and then again when you opened in Brookline! What advice do you have for someone that hasn't taken a class before and why should they?
Pure Barre isn’t your average workout, and it’ll feel challenging at first. Keep at it and the results will start to speak for themselves. Above all, have fun! The instructors are there to help you reach your personal goals. 
What is a quote you live by?
Worrying doesn't empty tomorrow of its troubles, it empties today of its strength.
What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs? 
Don't underestimate how much grit and determination it will take. It will be hard. You will want to give up. But it will all be worth every moment of stress and doubt.

If you could have dinner with one woman - who would it be and why?
Can I pick two? My grandmothers were two of the most intelligent and inspiring women I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. One lived all over the world with six kids. The other cracked codes during World War II, among other incredible accomplishments. I know they had so many more stories and words of wisdom than I ever got a chance to hear. 
I ask all my B~Inspired ladies this question. What has been your most inspired moment?
During a particularly rough time when it felt like my studio would never open, my dad said to me: "If it was easy everyone would do it." That gave me the strength and determination to keep going. I've told myself that over and over again, and it has kept me going during the hardest of times. Anyone can accomplish great things. Believing in yourself is the hard part!
I did a fun comparison in this battle of the barre's post 2 years ago - it's still one of my most viewed posts!! Have you taken Pure Barre before? What's your favorite workout?


  1. Great interview and some great advice from an inspirational person! I can't imagine going through the process of opening your own studio, but in the end it all seems worth it!

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  2. Fabulous interview and wonderful inspiration!! Lauren sounds like an amazing person and of course was interviewed by the MOST amazing woman in Boston!!

  3. Great interview! Love hearing from such an inspiring woman! I still haven't tried pure barre yet... Need to get on that!

  4. I'm dying to try pure barre but the closet studio to me is about 30-35 minutes away. I'm so jealous of all the people who get to do it! Loved the interview!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  5. Very cool! I've heard so many great things about barre but haven't tried it out at a studio yet! I have several friends who are totally addicted though!

  6. I have always wanted to try a Pure Barre class, but it seems a bit intimidating! Makes me want to do it even more though, now!

  7. I love that quote about worrying! What a great thing to keep in mind! Lauren sounds like such an inspiration and you are lucky to get to take her classes!
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  8. I love the cardio option that PB brought in with platform! It really got my heart rate up when I took those classes!

  9. The quote about worrying is too good. I need to write that now and remember it! Lauren sounds like such an inspiration. So awesome that you get to take classes with her and great job on the interview, Biana! I loved this series!

    xo, Rachel
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  10. I love this series idea! (Um, may need to do something similar)...PB is no joke, and I think it would be so fun (and I am sure hard) to run one!

  11. This is such an awesome interview! Lauren seems awesome! Years ago I came super close to opening a barre studio myself when I was really unhappy at work but I thought it would be more of a fad workout and fade out but man was I wrong. I'm kicking myself now! <3, PamelaSequins & Sea Breezes

  12. Waittt I've been going to pure barre the last 2 months! Why have we not been going together!? I'm with you though, I'm totally hooked! It's the best workout of really feeling like your toning without jumping around like a crazy person haha love this interview!! See you tonight :)
    xx Tess | Sequins are the New Black

  13. I have been wanting to go to pure barre for so long now! I heard so many amazing benefits and how wonderful it is! I love this post so much! This makes me want to go try it out even more!

  14. This was so fun to read! I usually go to Barre at my gym but I need to try it at an actual studio!


  15. I love this series of yours :) & now you have me halfway convinced to finally take the plunge and start going to Pure Barre!

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    Green Fashionista

  17. Looks like a fun class! Great post!

  18. what a great and inspirational interview with lauren! i mean pure barre is the best and i clearly just need to go more often :) so great you've been hooked for so long! love that quote on the sign she's holding haha. too cute

    xoxo cheshire kat

  19. Pure barre studios really do feel like family! I love the owner of the Wilmington studio. Such a great interview!

    Southern Style

  20. Great interview! I have been wanting to take a barre class forever but I'm scared. I know I would be terrible at it and everyone would laugh at me. haha Like when I played sports in school and you did bad, the whole class would be laughing at you. Yea, I have issues. haha

  21. What an inspiration! Lauren has achieved so much and she gets to do what she LOVES! Such a fun interview, Biana!
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  27. I think that owning a studio like Pure Barre that focuses on people's health and happiness would be so rewarding! I love what her dad said about if it was easy everyone would be doing it. So true!!! Lauren sounds awesome! I have always wanted to join a barre studio but haven't wanted to shell out the money because none are really that convenient for me. Maybe after baby...who knows!

  28. I have ALWAYS wanted to try Pure Barre! We finally had one open here earlier this year but I still haven't tried it! If it makes you hurt that bad then it must be a great workout... guess I need to give it a whirl!

  29. this is so awesome! love that quote, and i agree about what her dad said. so true. i have only done one barre class like a year ago, and i swear, my legs are still sore ;)

  30. I still haven't tried a Pure Barre class, but I think that I need to give it a go. I love what her dad told her when she was trying to open her studio because it really is true, if it was easy then everybody would be doing it!

  31. I love when you do these interviews! So great to be inspired by other hardworking women! :) Love the quote she lives by!

  32. I hate going to barre, but loving having gone! If you know what I mean :)

    I love ModernBarre and BarMethod in Wellesley, both are great!


  33. This was another great interview as always- one of my favorite blog series! My husband always talks about how different the culture is in LA in terms of it being so laid back. The platform classes sound so intense, it's cool that there are different types of barre for people who love it, but might want something a bit different sometimes.

  34. I love this post! It's so inspiring to hear success stories from other women our age! I'm a HUGE Pure Barre fan! I go faithfully 4-5 days a week and couldn't imagine my life without it! I've tried so many workouts and this is by far my favorite! I love the mind-today connection I get from each class.

  35. This is such a fun series! I love Barre and haven't been in months but really need to get back into it!

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    <3 Shannon
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  37. You know I love this post! Pure Barre has made such an impact on my body and mental health. She seems like such a rockstar!

  38. Wonderful post.Love that quote about worrying. I really have to try a barre class

  39. "I slay some dragons." ME EVERYDAY. I LOVE her!!! I do love the idea of teaching workout classes and taking some everyday... congrats on your success!!

  40. Such a great read, lady- and barre is soooo hard, but a great workout!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  41. I love her attitude "I slay some dragons."! Ha! She's awesome. I've only taken ONE barre class and O-M-G, you're totally right. It burned SO bad, I could hardly walk that day or the next two! I really would like to be a member - maybe next year!

  42. I'm dying to try a Pure Barre! Wish I lived closer!!

  43. This is such a great interview, girlie! I love the questions you asked and Lauren seems like such an amazing, determined, and focused individual. I love the quote she shared and how real she is in stating the facts on what you WILL experience when seeking to become an entrepreneur. Often times, were told to just go for it and given the impression that as long as you have talent, your dent in the industry will be noticeable and effective. Sure it will, but it will take A LOT of commitment and determination to get there! Thanks so much for sharing, beauty, and I hope you're having a great week so far!



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