Fun Holiday Activities in Boston

November 30, 2016
Boston Holiday Fun
As soon as Thanksgiving is over it's as if my brain does a little reset and I'm in the holiday spirit. I think Boston has a little of that mentality too because the holiday markets & activities start popping up every single weekend!! A few people have asked for me to share some fun activities to do around the city during this time of year - so I thought I'd list out my favorites along with some new things coming to the city this year! 

Weekending | Thanksgiving Edition

November 28, 2016
Restoration Hardware Boston
Happy Monday friends!! It feels good to be back after the long weekend & feels really good to be kicking the holiday season into high gear! This Thanksgiving weekend was perfectly relaxing with a lot of to-do's marked off the list!! Here's a few snaps of it all...

Black Friday Shopping Sales ||

November 25, 2016
Happy Friday friends!! Hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving and are still in a bit of a food coma!! This is going to sound a bit crazy, but what I love most about the invention of the internet (yep totally went there) - is the ability to shop online and not have to wake up crazy early to get the good stuff!! I'd say about 75% of my holiday shopping happens online and today I plan to do a lot of it! Here are some of the sales I'm loving - hope you snag yourselves something good too! 

Ann Taylor || 50% off Sitewide and In Store

Banana Republic || All of my suede shoes (I have 4 pairs) come from Banana and they are so comfortable! 
50% off one regular priced item CODE: BRFIFTY & 40% off the rest of your purchase CODE: BRFORTY

J.Crew || 40% off with CODE: HOLIDAY & an Extra 50% off FINAL SALE items

Nordstrom || Take an extra 20% off selected sale items 
My tech gloves have bit the dust, so I'm scooping these grey ones up! 

ShopBop || CODE: GOBIG16
Finally going to score myself a pair of OTK boots
Spend $200+, get 15% off; Spend $500+, get 20% off; Spend $800+, get 25% off

See you back here Monday for Weekending!! 

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Gift Guide $25 and Under | Friends & Co-Workers

November 23, 2016
For the last three years or so, I've done a Yankee Swap with my girlfriends and then I have one at work as well - I find these gifts to be the hardest to buy because I'm often given a budget and I feel the need to pick something that works for a variety of people's styles. Last year I found a really unique print of our office from a seller at a fair and this year I decided to scope out UncommonGoods for the same reason - a one stop shop of sorts for unique and handcrafted gifts - hopefully the one gift that everyone keeps stealing because they love it so much...that's my goal with every Yankee Swap! 
Gifts under 25 from uncommongoods
The budget we were given this year for both Yankee swaps was $25 - keeping that in mind that really did help narrow down my search! I wanted to pick out items that I would actually want to keep in a Yankee Swap. Do you ever buy something and secretly wish that you could swap and bring home your own item?! 

Weekending | The Thanksgiving Tag

November 21, 2016
Happy Thanksgiving week friends!! I battled a cold the entire weekend, so in between a little shopping, visiting with Gary's family & spending time with my parents I was trying to recover so that I wouldn't be sick for my favorite holiday!! I decided to partake in the Thanksgiving tag that Jenn had on her blog last week! 
Boston Parks

3 Year Blogiversary Favorites

November 18, 2016
Happy Friday friends - this week felt extra long, but we made it to Friday!! Yesterday was my 3 year blogiversary!! I honestly can't believe that for three years I've been coming to this little space and sharing my life with you all! I also can't believe that I've made so many friendships (taking a trip with two friends who started out as blogger pals is just one example) with so many bloggers! Is it sad that I really don't remember what I did to occupy my time before blogging...I mean I was always working and planning our wedding right before I started this, but before that - not a clue! I thought I'd share a few of my favorite things over the last three years!

Blogging Favorites - in no particular order||
  1. Co-hosting a link up that has been going strong for 2 years! Weekending is officially in my vocabulary now!! 
  2. Creating a 30 before 30...I'm about 4 months away from this big birthday and I've been crossing things off here and there. Not sure I'll get it all done, but I'll try! 
  3. Starting the B~Inspired Series - it's evolved a bit over the last 2 years and I can't wait for more exciting features next year! 
  4. This blog created the outlet for me to start one of my dream jobs - being a wedding and event planner! I was able to start writing for Wedding Party - 18 posts later, I started Bespoke Boston Weddings & Events! 2 years later we have coordinated weddings, have styled shoots and bridal pop ups under our belt & vendor relationships that have been a dream - oh and three weddings booked for next year already! :) 
  5. Can I just say YOU...every single person that I have gotten to know - because truth be told we all know each other in a weird way!! I love that there is someone that I can reach out to when I have a question about where to stay in a city or what they though about a certain product to asking about the fit of a shirt and knowing that you all will tell me the truth, because we're all friends! 
So what's next for B~Loved?! Over this last year I've taken a step back from 5 posts a week to 3 and that is ultimately where I feel the most comfortable in terms of juggling everything! With that being said, I do hope to continue to grow this little space! 

  1. It's high time that I created a media kit - it's been on my to-do list for the longest time and I'm happy to report that I finally downloaded a template from etsy that is going to make it so easy to complete this task! Maybe even this weekend!! 
  2. Having a clear focus on social media - specifically Instagram for the next 6 months! 
  3. I also want to incorporate more videos specifically makeup tutorials! As always if there is anything that you want to see - please let me know! 

It's crazy that I can look back on practically every single important moment over the last 3 years and know what we did & who we spent time with, not to mention all of the trips! Thank you all so much for reading, commenting, asking & answering questions and being one of the greatest support systems out there! Hope you have a great weekend and I'll see you back here Monday!! 

Thanksgiving Day Style

November 16, 2016
Little known fact about me - Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday out of the year!! I love that it's all about family, friends and enjoying life's little moments! My parents always fly up to spend the week with us and I love making a few new apps to share with my guinea pigs! A large part of the afternoon is spent around the kitchen - talking, baking & catching up and for that reason I like to be comfortable, but still dressed up - it IS possible! The key to any great Thanksgiving Day outfit is comfort and to make sure the clothes are loose enough to hide that food baby we have after our second helping of green bean casserole! 
What to wear to thanksgiving

Weekending + A Giveaway

November 14, 2016
Happy Monday friends! When your days are packed with holiday shopping and you have cozy nights at home - I'd say that equals a pretty perfect weekend! 


Sephora VIB Sale | For the ladies on your holiday list

November 11, 2016
I think we can all agree this week was a doozy, but it's Friday and today the Sephora VIB sale is live for all the Beauty Insiders!! This is as good a time as any to stock up on goods for yourself, gift sets for friends and family & try out some products you've been unsure about!  Everything is clickable in the collage below! 

Finding the time

November 09, 2016

Finding the time - something that seems to be evading me and I'm sure most of you as we get older. They say we have as many hours in the day as Beyonce, but as much as I'd like to believe that she gets it all done, we don't all have the luxury of having a personal chef, assistant, trainer, someone to run to the grocery store and Target for us...although do we really want someone to take Target away from us?! 
Send Handwritten Notes with Bond

Weekending Tidbits

November 07, 2016
Happy Monday everyone! Did you make the most of the extra hour gained this Sunday? I definitely feel like I did!! It was an extra long weekend that started off with the wedding of our friends Meg & Mike! It could not have been a more perfect Fall day and funny enough when Gary and I were first dating we attended a wedding at the same country club - so it was pretty fun being back as a married couple!! 

Friday Round Up

November 04, 2016
Happy Friday friends! Our friends Mike and Meg (I celebrated her bachelorette in New York City) are getting married this evening and it's just the perfect way to start a weekend, in my opinion! This week was all over the place - from visits with friends during the week to events after work, I'm excited to kick back and relax! Here are a few favorites I have from the month of October & this week! 


Full Size or Travel Size | Beauty Products

November 02, 2016
I was putting my makeup on the other day and was thinking how long I had used that particular eye shadow palette - was it 2 or 3 years...I've lost track, which can't be good! That led me to think about beauty products that I use up almost too fast and other's I wish I could get in a sample or deluxe size. Here's a look into what I'm currently using and what I wish I could use up so I can try something new out! 

Foundation || 

I use foundation every day, currently using this HD Makeup Forever one, same one I used on my wedding day and loved it. The coverage is buildable, so I start with a little and then mix in more if I have a not so friendly visit in the form of a pimple! I'll always opt for the full size version of foundation because of how often I use it. I also like that I can sample the colors for the higher end foundation in the store so it's less of a guessing game when you pick one up at the drug store! I have yet to nail the right color with a drug store brand, although I've come close! 

Mascara || 

I'm a huge fan of mascara - I usually have two in my drawer at work, one in my purse and a slew of others at home. The size of these mascara's - all sample / travel size!! I love having a variety and while I have my tried and true favorites like this one from Lancome and this one from Benefit - I always opt for the travel size because of these two facts. 1 - I like higher end mascara, but the price tag isn't always one I want to pay - so going with the travel size, I get to use the mascara I love without the hefty price tag! 2. I rarely feel like I get through an entire tube of mascara before it dries out, I don't want to waste makeup, so for that reason I only buy full sizes of drug store mascara (Maybelline Lash Sensational is my favorite) and travel size version of the higher end mascaras. If you want to see how I fake false lashes check out this post from last summer

Blush ||

I have never completely finished a blush before - I've gotten close, but then another favorite comes along and I lose patience. With that being said, I do think most blushes come in a great small size and I've been able to get more use by having one with me in my bag for touch ups after work and one at home, and when I mean one, I really mean I have 3 or more at home! Previous post on my top 4 blushes can be found here

Bronzer ||

Oh man do I love bronzer! I know that I don't apply bronzer the "right" way because I don't use it to contour my face, I use it to give me color!! I will always get the full size versions of a bronzer because of how often I use it! 

Face Masks ||

For the longest time it felt like every subscription box I was getting only had face masks, but the bright side (literally and figuratively) was getting to test out so many different types of masks. From clay and overnight masks - I would spend a week to two weeks at most using up the samples and then I was on to the next and happy about it!! As much as I love my Origins Rose Clay Mask, I've had it since last summer and barely made a dent in it. Sticking to travel sizes for masks is definitely my preference!  

Eye Shadow Base ||

If I could get an endless supply of eye shadow bases I would - this is by far the one makeup product that I use THE most!! Whatever palette, the one shadow that always gets used up first is the base! With that being said, I've actually never bought an eye shadow base on it's own, which is kind of silly now that I think about. I finally picked up MAC's Brule color which I've seen in YouTube beauty videos for years and I can't wait to start using it!!
Which beauty products do you like to have full size and which ones do you like in travel size?