Currently | Weekending Edition

February 27, 2017
Happy Monday friends! Well, the last weekend of February has come and gone and I thought I'd share what's been going on lately via a little currently post! 
salad, kale caesar, sweet green
Eating || Trying to be really good these next two weeks before my birthday and our vacation and eating relatively clean. Loving the Kale Caesar salad from Sweet Green
Watching || We had some good old fashioned movie nights this weekend and watched Arrival & Hacksaw Ridge. Not necessarily my go to for movie choices but both were really great films. I was especially surprised with how much I liked Arrival with Amy Adams - definitely had a bit of the Interstellar feel to it. 
Reading || Well you know I'm always reading something these days - right now it's A Window Opens and I'm about a third of the way through - it's definitely entertaining. 
Enjoying || Over the weekend Jackie & I participated in a Unicef fundraiser which involved a workout class taught by Kelly Brabants. You might have seen a little snippet of what the class involved on my InstaStory - remember when I said that CrossFit was the hardest workout I've ever done, well I take that back this was equally as hard but way more fun!! You can see a little bit of the class here. She promised we'd be sore & she wasn't kidding - I was walking all sorts of funny on Sunday! 
Wearing || Flats!! There will probably be one more brush of cold weather, but I've been enjoying my flats that haven't seen the light of day since October! 
Listening || to Chained to the Rhythm by Katy Perry - have you seen the video? So bizarre, but totally Katy Perry-esque. 
block suede heels
Buying || all the things for our trip! I spent the weekend shopping around for clothes that I can wear multiple ways during the trip - I'll still over pack #CantHelpIt! I honestly have bought two new pairs of shoes especially for the trip that I've already worn - including these block heels from Target - under $30 & extremely comfortable!!  
Needing || A new pair of jeans! My favorite jeans from Ann Taylor started to rip this weekend so it's time for a new pair. Pictured above - my second favorite pair, but not really the ones I want to take for California. You know how you just have a pair of jeans that fit you like a glove, well those were my Ann Taylor ones, so I need them stat! 
Loving || My new concealer that I picked up on Friday. It's my first Bare Minerals makeup product and after only a few uses I can quickly say that it's on par with NARS creamy concealer. Not too heavy, but has enough coverage to hide those dark circles & brighten up he under eye area! 
Oscar Favorites || Of course I watched the Oscar's on Sunday & paid the most attention to the red carpet since we were at a viewing party for the rest of it. I can't say that there were far too many picks for best dressed for me....way more misses than hits for me! Who was your pick for best dressed? 
What fun weekend things did you get up to? Did you watch the Oscars? Link up below to share! 
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Weekly Favorites

February 24, 2017
Happy Friday friends!! Closing in on the last few days of February and I'm totally okay with this month going by so fast because March is just about my favorite month of the year - hello birthday celebrations, trip adventures & anniversary love!! It's a full month and I wouldn't have it any other way!! Sharing a few favorites from this week! 
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Spring-Like Weather||

Snagged this photo from my instastory - yesterday was just pure perfection weather wise! I wouldn't mind if this was the weather every single day of the year, but I think I'm living in the wrong state for that! The streets were packed with people & everyone was just happy!! 

Oscar Party Apps ||

Our neighbors are hosting an Oscar's Party this Sunday and we've been told that the best app wins something!! This is actually my first ever Oscar's Party & I'm pretty excited since once again we don't have to travel anywhere!! Although the red carpet and opening monologue are undoubtedly the best parts - I have to figure out what to make. So if you have any ideas of anything Best Movie themed send it my way!! I'm thinking Indian-spiced roasted chickpeas  with Shrimp on the Barbie - I guess I've decided on Lion as my movie! 

Best Nail Polish ||

essie nail polish, gel couture, long lasting polish

essie nail polish, gel couture, long lasting polish
Have you guys jumped on board with Essie's Gel Couture Nail Polish yet? If not, I would just like to let you know that I have thrown out or given away all of my nail polishes - that's over 40 or so colors that did not last half as long as the Essie Couture line. It didn't matter what top coat I used, it just never worked, so I decided it's better to invest in something that will last rather than getting gel manicures that unfortunately have started to ruin my nails. I do want to try SNS Dip Powder, but it hasn't really taken off in Boston yet, so I'm waiting for salons to start offering it more widely! My current collection includes 4 polishes & I just picked up this one that I'll be sporting all spring! 

One Shoulder Love ||

I love off the shoulder tops, but unfortunately they never really fit me that well and I feel a bit constricted since I use my arms a lot when I talk!! I picked up these one shoulder tops from Ann Taylor over the weekend and I'm so looking forward to wearing it during a night out / our upcoming trip!! Under $25 - that's a win! 

Blogilates ||

I can't remember where I first saw Blogilates mentioned but with over 400 videos of exercises, I've got some catching up to do! Most of the workouts don't require the use of weights so you can do them anywhere and quick too - 15 minutes or less...I can get behind that!!  

Hope you all have a great weekend!! See you back here for a little weekending!! 
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Why I don't wear heavy earrings anymore

February 22, 2017
So the title of this post is rather long & probably a little weird, but I wanted to share with you all why I don't wear heavy earrings anymore! Let's just get this out of the way - over the summer my left earlobe split in two...I know it's weird, totally freaky & kind of gross BUT it didn't hurt and had been on the verge for over 4 years!! When I was in college I distinctly remember putting on a sweater and getting my fingers stuck in my hoop earring and pulling down hard! That's what started a very long but I promise, not painful process! Even though I knew I shouldn't be wearing them, I continued to wear heavy earrings - statement earrings if you will! Year after year my left earring hole began to get lower and lower until finally in August it just sort of split. 

The Process of getting it fixed || 

When I started my research to get my earlobe fixed I realized three things:
  1. This is the most common cosmetic surgery that women get - we wear heavy earrings and that causes our earring holes to stretch. 
  2. It's an expensive "surgery" to get because it's not covered by insurance (at least it wasn't covered by mine) & is considered elective surgery since it's cosmetic! Cue the tears!
  3. There is a consultation fee & unfortunately does not go toward the price of the procedure - I actually asked about this with every place I called and it did seem like standard practice not to have it go towards the price which, for lack of a better word, sucks! 
From August to November I didn't wear earrings at all - mostly because I didn't want to wear one earring! Also, having long hair, I was able to hide that I didn't have my earrings in - not a big deal I know, but as someone that has worn something in her ears since the age of 2 it was a little bit of an adjustment!
{photo of the day it actually split :(}

When I got back from our trip to Florida in August I immediately started researching doctors that could fix my ear and fast! Funny how I thought it would be a fast process - I called around to about 5 different offices getting quotes & began to get so upset with how much it was going to cost, but it's my ear, it had to be fixed!! After a full day of research I found Dr. Jaimie DeRosa on Newbury Street. While most doctors weren't able to get me in for a consultation for up to three weeks, I was put on the cancellation list at Dr. DeRosa's office & had an appointment booked for that same week! 

The consultation was just that - nothing was actually done, which was sort of a bummer because I just wanted it fixed at this point, but the "surgery" was scheduled for a week later. Don't worry - there are no pictures because honestly I wouldn't even want to see them, but for the purposes of being thorough...
  • My ear was numbed with cream about 10 minutes before the procedure
  • After it was numb she injected another shot into my lobe - if you've had any work done on your teeth it's very similar to a Novocaine shot --> it could even be the same thing, I forgot to ask! 
  • Then it's a breeze - she quickly sewed everything up and I was out the door in 30 minutes! 
Did it hurt? During the procedure - No. After, yes I certainly felt a little tugging as the ear was healing as you would with any scar healing. 

I came back a week later for the stitches to be removed. After that you have to wait 6-8 weeks for the earlobe to fully heal & then I went back for my ear to be re-pierced! I then wore the little studs that she gave me for the next 4 weeks for my ear to readjust to having something in there & around Thanksgiving I finally put on my first pair of real earrings again! 

So if you're still with was a long process, almost 4 months! Much longer than I anticipated, but I'm so thankful that I did my research and found a great doctor to do the procedure. Not sure if this even needs to be said, but this was in no way a sponsored post, just look at my credit card bill for proof 😢 I really thought my doctor did an amazing job, was careful with the procedure & I felt like her entire staff made the process as painless as possible! 

What I learned from my ordeal - the heavy earrings aren't worth it!! They've always hurt my ears, but I would continue wearing them because they "looked pretty" in pictures and with my outfit! It took almost 30 years of life to realize that it's just not worth it! My bauble collection has gotten a bit of a makeover in the last few months & my best friend Rachel along with my sister knew how much I had missed wearing earrings so for the holiday's they both gifted me with some new gorgeous smaller earrings, including this pair from Tory Burch that I wear almost every day. 

I've rounded up a few of my current favorites & one's that I've added to my own jewelry box! I've also found that there are lots of dangly earrings that aren't nearly as heavy as some earrings out there so even though they might appear heavy - I always check the weight to see how my ears will hold up!

Here's hoping I don't have to go through this with my right ear - knock on wood, so far so good! So there you have it - a little bit about my experience getting my earlobe fixed! Are you more of a studs in the ears kind of girl or statement earrings all the way?

That One Dress & iPhone 7 Photos

February 21, 2017
There are few times in life you get a good excuse to get super dressed up in a long ball gown & when you find a dress that makes you feel pretty fabulous - you keep it in your closet & wear over again as much as possible! I've had this JS Collection dress (exact dress isn't available anymore, but similar styles are still made) for two years now & have worn it 3 times, for a gown - I'd say that's a pretty great ROI! We attended a gala this past weekend and the views outside were so stunning I had to take the opportunity to take some pictures!

Still Weekending...

February 20, 2017
Happy Monday friends!! We had a full weekend full of celebrations and they're still going strong thanks to President's Day!! The link-up is live & I can't wait to share an impromptu gala photoshoot from Saturday! 

Hope everyone has a great start to the week!! 

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Friday Favorites | Long Weekend Ahead

February 17, 2017
Happy Friday friends! What a week!! Between going to NYC for a quick overnight trip on Monday night, Valentine's Day on Tuesday & an event on Thursday it's been a fun one and we're not stopping for the weekend!! It's Gary's birthday on Sunday and I plan on taking that extra day off on Monday to spoil him!! Linking up with Amanda to share some favorites from the week! 


Recently Read

February 15, 2017
what to read, books to read, 2017 must read books
Last month I shared six must read books and I'm back again with some more great reads and two I wish I would have steered clear of! These are quickly becoming my favorite posts to put together - mostly because I love finding out what everyone else is reading!!  

Warm weather on my mind

February 13, 2017
Happy Monday friends!! After a weekend full of cold temps & on and off snow, I have warm weather on my mind!! I want nothing more than to leave the heavy coat behind & put on some super cute sandals - actually at this point, I'd take a denim jacket as long as it meant that winter was over. I spent some time this weekend starting to think about my packing list for California & came up with a few Spring Wants! 
What to buy in the spring, nordstrom spring must haves

Five Fun Valentine's Date Ideas

February 10, 2017
Hello from snowy Boston friends! I didn't hate having a snow day yesterday - something about getting to work from home makes me super productive! Since Valentine's Day is on a Tuesday this year I figured a lot of people would be celebrating this weekend or keeping it a bit more low key so I thought it would be fun to share a few date ideas that you could enjoy! 
Get these Love Icon gummies from Anthropologie 

HydraFacial Review

February 08, 2017
Do you know that "beautified" filter on Snapchat that basically smooths out all of your imperfections & makes your skin look flawless? Well that's exactly how my skin looked after my first HydraFacial from Elite Aesthetics MD.  When the team reached out to me to come in and experience their "leave it to the experts" facial - I couldn't say yes fast enough. I wanted to share my experience & my thoughts on facials in general. 
MedSpa in Boston, Elite Aesthetics


Weekending | Pampering & Superbowl

February 06, 2017
Happy Monday friends! What a fun weekend - a little shopping & pampering, birthday celebrating & a whole lot of screaming at the TV sums up the weekend.
charlotte tilbury nude lipstick, gold lipstick

Friday Favorites

February 03, 2017
First Friday of February (how's that for an alliteration) is upon us! How was everyone's week? It seemed like I had something going on most nights after work, but I'm looking forward to a relaxing Friday night followed by a few things planned this weekend. Linking up with Amanda to share a few of my favorite things from the week! 


What I'm Listening To | Cardio Mix

February 01, 2017
I won't go so far as to say that I love working out, but when really great music is playing I can get into a workout state of mind. I've been spinning about 3 times a week and for the most part the instructors have really great songs, but for me, if the music is lacking I wont push myself as hard. I thought it would be fun to create my own mix that would be great for any cardio activity! Some are newer songs thanks to iTunes radio & other's are just pump you up songs! 
workout songs, playlist for cardio, treadmill songs, spin songs